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  1. If I can do TMNT by platinum games should I be fine with this?
  2. How bad is the platinum? Do I need any dlc for it?
  3. I have a session set up for TMNT the ps4 version for tomorrow evening. We need one more. Please join it shouldn’t take long.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Wish I still had it. :( 

    2. VoidVictory


      Me too. Is there anybody out there that does?

  4. I have seen a lot of posts on this site, but yours is filled with some great ideas!
  5. Can different regions play together?
  6. Thanks for the tips! Please keep them coming!
  7. Any tips to attract gamers? Good times (popular times to boost),etc.?
  8. Set up sessions for TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

  9. How bad is the completion?
  10. Any guides?
  11. When does it show?
  12. At what screen does it pop?
  13. How long do you think it takes to do 500 Jason matches?
  14. Can someone please respond?
  15. Is the 500 matches glitched?