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  1. I'm trying to do the faction/personal XP boost as described in the guide but I can't seem to perform brutalities at all in kustom Kombat mode. It works in player vs player mode but need the danger modifier to make it quicker. Just me or did they nerf that method? I didn't see anyone else say it no longer works
  2. just posting my experience with the trophies: not all that bugged for me. I did get a few progression trophies "early" based on the contract (ie, assist trophy at 990ish, KO trophy at 980ish, etc). But for the most part, all of the trophies haven't been frustrating to get. Just finishing up my daily contract grind. Should be done next week.
  3. not too sure what I was doing wrong for the character brutalities with danger/brutality modifiers, but the brutality modifier worked with the stage brutalities and that's how I did the grind. Thanks for the tip.
  4. the Japanese servers strategy worked for me! I randomly ran across a lobby with 1-2 Japanese players who I sent friend requests to. One of them accepted, then waited for him to join a new lobby, followed him into new game (was control points game), I ended up losing and DING!, trophy popped up. Might not be a foolproof solution, but so far it's the best theory out there.
  5. I've messaged/friend requested about 15 people in the Asian region, never get a response. I'll keep trying though. What really would be nice is if Activision could just fix the bug. Ah well.
  6. another good tip if you are starting fresh is to try and join a clan that is close to levelling up. Use to search feature, and find a public clan with an open spot in any of the regions, and check their community points. You want one that's at level 1 and with 65 points. After 1 win, that should put you at 70 points which is what you need to get to level 2. Confirmed this when I was helping someone else get the trophy. He was brand new, we tried my theory, and 1 win later, he had the trophy.
  7. This is a pretty good idea. I'm going to give it a go. I'll post back if it works.
  8. Thanks for all the updates guys. Hopefully they get the server up and running eventually so I can sneak on and snag this trophy. I just installed this game too. Lucky for me I haven't earned any trophies yet so if they do abandon it, I'll just leave it and won't have to have a game on my list that has an unattainable platinum.