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  1. More on very grindy than difficult. But you may die a lot during the early parts of the game because you don't have good accessories and crappy swords.
  2. Tried myself. I got S ranks on 3 categories on 1st play then S ranked the other category after repeating the same stage. Got the Rare weapon.
  3. Got the plat after 184 hours.
  4. Any tips on how to unlock the Old Nanami? What things to give her and how many days to wait before paying off the debt?
  5. After my multiple runs and have reached the sword room, I have not found any Red wells that would lead me to the Hidden Village or any of the Secret Night Labyrinth Forest. How can I trigger the red wells? Update: So these mystery and red wells will only appear after getting the true ending of the game, and that is marrying Nanami.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, I tackled Metatron with a normal persona (store bought and no fusion loop). It was an Arahabaki because it was my highest level persona with a Curse spell. And probably because of the longer loading time on PS4 as I have to go back to RV, select the request, go to jail, fight metatron, return, yada-yada. It wasn't really efficient when I did this because my objective then was to just earn enough character level to 90 because I planned to get the rest of bond exp from Snake King on Merciless. Here are my videos:
  7. I forgot to measure my time during Metatron grind but I think its more or less 5 minutes, and not using an optimal Persona (no 99 stats), not using the team mates that are effective against Metatron (I was levelling them up quite equally). With Snake King on Merciless, 5 minutes is my record time. Every time I went back to the RV, I saved and my time incremented by 5 minutes. I will try to upload my video tomorrow. Update on screen switching in Billiken statue: it's between 7 to 9 seconds! I watched again my recording of it and I'm playing on PS4 Pro.
  8. I am playing on PS4 and I have watched a youtuber (on PS5) grinding the Billiken statue and the load times between PS4 and PS5 is almost 4 to 5 seconds difference. 4 to 5 seconds exiting the Billiken area then another 4 to 5 seconds returning to Billiken area. These times is for PS4. But on PS5, it's just like 1 or 2 seconds only. I deliberately chose the Billiken statue because I have some movies and documentaries to watch on my phone while grinding. So there I was enjoying my movie time while mindlessly grinding the snail-paced bond exp. If I really wanted to be efficient then, I would have grinded my character levels to 90 and also gained bond exp via Metatron, then prepared my Alice, Lucifer and Yoshinitsu personas in preparation for Merciless and Snake King.... which is what I did after I'm done with my movies/documentaries. I entered Merciless at Joker level 90 and Bond Level I think at 90. But even at level 90s and with said personas on 99 stats, normal enemies can still 1 or 2 hit kill Joker. Yes, I died a lot during the very first mob fight, then on that Bircon horse minor boss inside the 1st sewer. That horse can 1 hit kill me with its charge attack, 2 to 3 hit kill with its rear kick. Used up a lot of revives and healing items just for this fight. Alice boss is hard on Merciless. Had to dodge a lot, used up many healing, revives and SP items. Managed to beat her with 1 single character alive. LOL After this, it's almost smooth sailing towards the Snake King. Some Minor bosses can be insta-killed by Alice's Die for Me skill. Slimes are very weak to Fire and my Lucifer has it. But if I'm playing on PS5 - I might have stayed in Osaka and grinded the Billiken until bond level 95 or until the trophy popped.
  9. I spent 5 hours last night rubbing the biliken statue and my bond level went from 54 to 78 while watching stuffs on my mobile phone. I will continue this later because I'm still not done with my movies to watch. After that, I will study that guide from Rozalin using Lucifer and freezing the Snake King. Thanks for the tip.
  10. So... which approach is recommended and hopefully faster for PS4 players like me? I am about to leave Osaka and been tickling the statue's feet for an hour now. Currently at level 50 bond.
  11. Hello. Ummm... how to effectively drift? Should I just keep pressing on R2 while turning or do I need to do something else or push other buttons? I have the driving aid enabled. Update: Got the plat. Drifting is by pressing the brake while turning at high speed.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Ac3dUd3- & elephantglass. Got the plat last night using Dokkalfar for my race, Belen as my Blessing and pure Finesse - Nightblade destiny.
  13. So this game is going to be free for November PS+ and I wonder what class is the easiest to use when it comes to attaining the platinum trophy. I have read post of the members here and would like to know if there are any changes or recommend a class as of even date.
  14. Good thing that I read the comments about the game here before I started playing it. Small fonts and BRs are not my cup of tea. Will delete the game now.
  15. Hmmm... I will give this one a try. Thanks.