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  1. Amazingly, I'm at 311. I'm basically in Silver III tier.
  2. Decided to bag this one, albeit in a digital sense, since I enjoyed the PC/Steam version of the game.
  3. Fate is another one. ESPECIALLY if you're going at this game on EX-Hard or Canon.
  4. I have a big question on this. For the "End of the Apocalypse" trophy, will it pop up if I clear the game on EX-Hard only? Because I am inquiring whether or not I should do the "Canon" difficulty. Of course, the "Canon" difficulty will make every boss as strong as they were in the original manga series (for instance, Raoh at Lv. 99, Shin at Lv. 50, etc.).
  5. Lots of Alien and War-like stuff.
  6. Perfect! This is the answer I was looking for. Because I got the "Challenging" trophy in the base game, I should be safe in acquiring the platinum then.
  7. But that's DLC, though (Make It Possible, as it's part of the UEFA Euro 2012 DLC content)... And the platinum requires all trophies EXCLUDING additional content trophies. Are you saying that the platinum in FIFA 12 requires all trophies INCLUDING additional content trophies?
  8. He's Still on the Naughty List - Saints Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas Deliver a present to Zinyak in "The Santa Clawz".
  9. Sorry, but I've looked closely at the FIFA 12 trophies, and one of the unobtainable trophies is part of the DLC pack for UEFA Euro 2012. The platinum in FIFA 12 requires all trophies "(excluding additional content trophies)". Can you confirm that I can still attain the platinum trophy?
  10. Hey, folks. Which Story of Finals scenario did you like? And which had or continue to mightly struggle with? For me, I do not have a clear favourite. However, I have 2 that are downright HARD, even on Semi-Pro! the Chile-Australia match as Tim Cahill is stupidly hard! I can't win the match, no matter how hard I've been trying! (As of that post, I managed to beat it, thanks to a interesting bug...) And this one I'm dealing with as Iran (who's 2-0 down) and I have to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina!