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  1. Will this be implemented to all games from the past? As opposed to ribbons only being applied at some start date.
  2. What is with games now not having NG+ at launch? Far too many don't Thank you Sekiro for having it.
  3. Demon of Hatred, at least you can parry Owl and Isshin.
  4. Well I'll just keep going and see what happens, I'll be real pissed if you HAVE to do new game plus
  5. So... all the bosses have to be done in NG and then NG+, they can't be done in (theoretically) four different new game runs?
  6. I got the Shura ending on one playthrough and then am getting the others on new game (not new game plus) will I still get the all boss trophy? Also can I got to the second Hirata estate and beat the boss there (but not trigger the ending) and then proceed with the severance/return ending, make a save after the boss there and then load the save three times to get those three endings? Does going to the second Hirata estate void the other two endings?
  7. Two endings have the same boss so if you save load, you need three new playthroughs or ng+ runs
  8. Where did powerpyx confirm you can get the platinum with back up saves? You can definitely get all four endings but you need all the bosses and loading back ups would override the ending exclusive bosses.
  9. The endings could be tricky, if they are mid game or progression choices it maybe require four playthroughs.
  10. Id really suggest playing in the release order for the gameplay evolution. Recoded and 358/2 days are only movies in the ps4, unless you have the ds versions story is not hard to follow if you play everything only recoded’s story can be skipped it ties up one plotpoint amd is referenced only twice in KH3.
  11. When you say hardcore mode was a bitch... explain bc those two gold trophies are tempting how were the bosses in that mode
  12. How hard is hardcore mode? It has the normal save system but what else? A gold trophy for each playthrough is tempting
  13. Throwing my two cents in after spending months getting my ass handed to me and climbing up finally to 530,000bp no one cares if you boost, but disconnecting harms other players, it makes the games community worse and it doesnt even help you in the long run bc you’ll get the purple text name and especially in the dreaded 510-530000 range, people wont play you be super thankful this is boostable to begin with
  14. Danganronpa 1 Danganronpa 2 Danganronpa V3 Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa Another Episode Undertale Axiom Verge Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy Operation Babel the last two are by the Demon Gaze devs so if you like those then these teo are worth your time
  15. This damn game...