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  1. Ohhh gotcha. Will do, thanks for the tip.
  2. Wait I thought nothing was missable, how do you get locked out of the trophy? Want to make sure I don't make the same mistake. You have my sympathies.
  3. Everyone commenting here needs to email Rockstar Support and GTA Online Support about the issue. And if they ignore you then send even more messages, maybe even make it a daily routine. They will listen eventually if people keep pressing it, but if people get complacent and give up then R* wins and they have no reason to ever fix the issue.
  4. Yep had the same issue this morning. Very annoying.
  5. Yes that's correct. You have to do what you described for all 3 characters for Reports 100%, and then get all Fantastics on one character for that particular trophy.
  6. Sign me up. I've got the plat for R&C 1
  7. Sign me up. I have the plat for FFXIII, FFXIII-2, Lightning Returns, and FF Type-0
  8. Sign me up. I've got plat/100% in ACIV (including the DLC, not the standalone) and AC Unity
  9. Does anyone know what the "XP1" in three of the trophy images means? I would assume the 1 is in reference to this being the first DLC but I can't figure out the XP. Sorry if this is super obvious.
  10. Could we just put in like a checkbox for whether you own the DLC or not? For example, I've technically started the Bloodborne DLC but have not yet gotten any trophies. So I could check YES, that I have the DLC, even though I don't have the first trophy. That'll bump down the otherwise permanent 100% trophy rarity on Defeat Ludwig to something more realistic. I feel like this would appease the people whining that they don't want to play DLC, as well as the people who want a not-idiotic trophy rarity system. Would everyone check the box? Hell no! But it would help and it would stop the constant questioning at least...
  11. Boost like you've never boosted before
  12. It means score on the normal memories and time on the running memories, yes. And I think it should be fine to Shadow Gold on Normal (or Plus) instead of Hard. At the end of each level it tells you the maximum score, so you have to get all Shadow Gold plus secondary missions.