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  1. Please skip creating flagging disputes against an innocent person.
  2. Considering you know a lot about how save games and CFW works why don't you enlighten me on the fact i found an account with your username on a Russian jailbreak forum last signed in June 26th 2012. I don't speak russian but this is pretty interesting : http://www.psjailbreak.ru/user/ScooloV
  3. He hid it so he could get back on the leaderboard, not to satisfy you. Please take the time to evaluate things going on around you, scouring leaderboards making claims for no reason other than bragging rights is a complete waste of time
  4. Ill also reitterate what has been said above in the fact that it popped well after the requirements were met due to the server tracking stats. The issue has been around in many other fifa games but because this happened to pop at a slightly over ambiguous time it's apparently hacked via game saves. Doesn't make any sense, like Roman has mentioned why would he bother hacking this when he could of just got the fifa 10 platinum alongside it and have all the platinums? It's an invalid and very nit-picked dispute that has more than enough substance behind it to have the flagging removed. This was a glitch due to the poor netcode and not a game save mod e.t.c. Roman is an extremely trustworthy and honest person, if one game was hacked then why not a few more? This is a totally wasted flagging dispute and someone just picking apart a profile for the sake of it.
  5. Yes, but it doesn't prompt you. If you complete the demo, you'll unlock Magitek Armor P in the coliseum to battle and capture in the full version of the game.
  6. Honestly, i prefer the character models like that. They are pretty awesome IMO. Save at the end just before the fight. You'll probably fail the first time unless you have loads of potions from the NPCs on the way to the end. Fight the boss using most of the potions and you should just scrape by and kill her. Then you've completed the demo in it's entirity!
  7. it's all about bragging rights. Taking a system and modifying it to do things that wasn't intended, will always be priority for someone who has the knowledge and skills. Whilst for us it ruins the true value of what we do, too them it's one big screw you. So yes, it's an ego thing. We managed to not stop but combat cheating on the main leaderboard so there is no reason we couldn't do the same for the Vita. It may seem a big issue right now but it can be stopped and eventually will.
  8. Yeah the game tends to be pretty glitchy if it's not updated. You can however use the cloud saving to your advantage for the other trophies. So if it glitches the first time around re-download your save and repeat til it's popped.
  9. It's not too tricky at all. That being said, i haven't delved to far into the SP because i've been helping people boost the multiplayer trophies. Racing games are my fortè so maybe it's slightly bias.
  10. Shouldn't be an issue at all, you'll just miss out on the daily rewards.