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  1. Abusing the portal mechanic is getting a lot harder now people are adjusting to the game. I've managed multiple kill streaks but always died 12/13/14 since someone realises the portal trick. Snipers and shotguns was the mode easiest to streak on especially on smaller maps if you pick a corner with a friend or 2 and hold down the area.
  2. It was Rambo, a patch mysteriously appeared a few years later. Or was that DLC?
  3. 1 person because you need to play with a friend & win 50 online battles, everything else can be done solo. (it's also useful if a friend gets the devil's gift but that can be obtained in ghost battles)
  4. It's paid DLC, cost £3.99 in the UK PSN store lad. Basically a quick cheap way to unlock everything, completely rediculous if you ask me.
  5. You can do everything solo but you'd be making things much harder for yourself because bots in zombies open gates negating 2/3 trophies. You're better off playing with at least one other irl person, simply to make things considerably easier.
  6. Much appreciated. Still haven't started anything on my tier yet, real life duties keep a calling.
  7. Yeah I missed out aswell. I'll be following the thread so if it does get another set then I'll be notified.
  8. The game is pretty decent, although IMO 2015 is still the much better game. At this point I'm at endgame so 400+ grinding, collectables and activites. Most of the collectables and activites are alright but the Drift ones are annoying. Not because they're hard but the drifting in this game is really..questionable? In terms of gameplay it's still much better than Payback.
  9. The risk isn't elevated at all, obviously the more consoles you have the risk gets greater but other than that it's technically 1 in 100 million.
  10. A lot of modders get a hold of a hand full of keys & then they just generally randomly cycle them using a script / software until it works. It's pure pot luck if it lands on your CID or not. If there was a mass security leak of CIDs then we would have definitely heard by now because you know GDPR and Sony doesn't have the greatest rep for these sorts of things.
  11. Okay so I've decided on a list for Tier 1. It's not impressive by any means but it's a decent start. Hopefully everything is alright. Tier 1 - 1. Bulletstorm : Full Clip Edition (2.13%) 4% completed. 2. CarX Drift Racing (1.25%) 0% completed. 3. Kung fu Panda Showdown of Legendary legends. (0.70%) 0% completed 4. Transformers Devastation - (0.90%) 0% Completed. 5. Superhot (4.69%) - 5% completed
  12. Been lurking around here a while, would definitely be interested. Although my profile is shocking & skill levels compared to most of the people here suck beyond comprehension. Will have to hop back once I've decide on the 5 games for Tier 1, great idea 😁
  13. The DLC has a new list entirely. Assuming they've hit the points rank for the previous DLCs.
  14. Most of the trophies came in a days play aswell. Which is promising for everyone complaining it looks a grind.
  15. Only 5 was a hard choice 😁 The Simpsons Hit and Run The Getaway games NFS : Most Wanted XG III : Extreme G Racing (So underrated) GTA : San Andreas Honorable mentions : Midnight Club 2, Juiced, The Simpsons Road Rage, Black, Bully (Canis Canem Edit), Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex.