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  1. Stockinformer has a telegram channel but it's rediculously slow. Getting a notification ages after actual stock in. By the time the link is clicked they're all gone.
  2. Tips for the wins trophy & knocking out the Railgun collateral - Look out for a timed mode called 'instagib' it's a Free for All style game mode where the Railgun pretty much instantly fires. If you're decent enough at map control you can fly through wins, since the arena style maps are small you're more than likely to hit the collateral. (same can't be said for the sniper one mind.)
  3. If PSN is getting more and more like Steam with all the shovelware & the achievement limits, can they at least give us really good sales?
  4. You'll be fine to share it, the games last update was over a year ago & a lot of the exploits current have been around since before that.
  5. It won't sync until the games out of beta, you're in a for a long wait. Just play the game now, nothing bad will happen.
  6. Definitely Orc Slayer. That 'game' was horrendous in everyway possible and I'm stupid because back in the day I stacked it 🙄
  7. Yeah he done the Disgaea games, just search his name on YouTube and a bunch off stuff will pop up. Pretty sure I've caught him in twitch a few times with some more obscure stuff aswell.
  8. Seeing a couple of replies about using completion percentage to personally vet users for boosting sessions is rediculous. My completion is low but I've helped 100s of people boost games like Rocket League, Fall Guys & Doom Eternal so on and so forth. The best option for vetting is to have a feedback system, you can't discriminate a user for not having the same ways of playing when they can possibly carry you quicker or help more than waiting for someone with a higher percentage.
  9. Abusing the portal mechanic is getting a lot harder now people are adjusting to the game. I've managed multiple kill streaks but always died 12/13/14 since someone realises the portal trick. Snipers and shotguns was the mode easiest to streak on especially on smaller maps if you pick a corner with a friend or 2 and hold down the area.
  10. It was Rambo, a patch mysteriously appeared a few years later. Or was that DLC?
  11. 1 person because you need to play with a friend & win 50 online battles, everything else can be done solo. (it's also useful if a friend gets the devil's gift but that can be obtained in ghost battles)
  12. It's paid DLC, cost £3.99 in the UK PSN store lad. Basically a quick cheap way to unlock everything, completely rediculous if you ask me.
  13. You can do everything solo but you'd be making things much harder for yourself because bots in zombies open gates negating 2/3 trophies. You're better off playing with at least one other irl person, simply to make things considerably easier.
  14. Much appreciated. Still haven't started anything on my tier yet, real life duties keep a calling.
  15. Yeah I missed out aswell. I'll be following the thread so if it does get another set then I'll be notified.