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  1. I've just started the game now as my first FF game & a group of friends on PSN have all said their times have been towards the 80 hour mark. I'm expecting mine to be at least 10/20 hours more down to inexperience.
  2. I'll be signing up. Got a few vita titles lined up but making sure the onlines get done first. Ridge Racer & PD f 2nd come to mind.
  3. I'm not saying that at all, the trophy glitches are well documented. For your next set, remove all your armour & then collect the set. There's plenty of sets in the game for you to keep going, good luck man.
  4. Incorrect, all my armour sets were obtained whilst being the additional player of a friend. Last night we both earned the trophy, the only issue I had was finding the drifter armour helmet. In the end we settled for a quick earth speedrun & subsidised it for Leto's armour set instead.
  5. Sadly no, otherwise we would've backed up our save. Beating her was a pretty annoying feat but there's a really good alternate method that's hilarious to do. Suggested setup - Devastator Bow for the bleed damage, Hive Cannon for Corrosive damage, maxed out the cannon can deal a lot of damage quickly which allows you to skip a cycle or 2 before she switches form. (significantly easing the start of the fight, you can hit her with the bow bleeding and hive cannon before starting the fight, stay right at the clouded entrance and shoot from there. When the fight starts you'll already be dealing damage with the effects.)
  6. In terms of planning my account, I don't. Not necessarily unless it's a big milestone platinum wise (i.e 100, 150 etc) Still undecided what 200 should be, more than likely Crash 4.
  7. Is there a threshold of requirements weapon/trait wise before the scaling occurs or is it even something as small as a single weapon upgrade? I've played sub 2 hours & a mate wants to play with me, I'm under the assumption it won't make a difference since not much progress has been made?
  8. BL2 - Tiny Tina's one. Suprisingly, Driveclub & Bikes are really good with the amount of content you get. Also Rise of the Tomb Raider, should really go back and finish that considering it was very very good.
  9. x3, much preferred having to actually play the game than wobble around looking for collectables.
  10. I did the vita version completely offline without signing in to anything or being connected unless syncing trophies. I'm working on the PS4 version so I'll have to test it out when I'm back home.
  11. The 'die hard' trophy glitch that everyone is talking about isn't a glitch. I've played through the game with 2 separate people both being the host and joining & both players need to finish it flawlessly. Players need to finish the game as an explorer and librarian flawless for it to pop. The checkpoints only appear if you die in an area, hense why it works when you reload and complete those areas without dying.
  12. PS Plus games are not free. It's a subscription to access them and once you lose that subscription the access to the games end. If we kept the games then my opinion would be different. We don't call films on Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ free do we?
  13. As far as I'm aware there's plans to allow a private game to go ahead without 40 people aswell.
  14. Love the trophy tiles. Game looks really good aswell!
  15. Possible false-positive due to an advert redirect link or there used to be an issue where if a site pulls from passport.twitch via the API that produced a false positive.