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  1. The rubberbanding was not noticeable at all. That is until I reached Sofia's race which was with the Jetstream. Not only do they handle like complete shit anyway but I'm in a maxed out Jetstream boat and yet she still keeps up until the monster truck section in the swamp. That's the only complaint I've had so far.
  2. Feather the break so you enter the slide at an angle you can control rather than by simply turning. Let go of accelerator, tap/feather the break and turn then instantly power on. Should give you more control over the angle of the car😊
  3. Fully upgrade the car and then you have the options to downgrade using L2 and R2 (or is it L1/L2) , make sure you down grade everything. Sometimes having more speed also helps so just tweak it until you have the required score. Don't worry about losing your upgrades you can always add them back the same way.
  4. It's better to have a backlog of games you look forward to than not having one at all imo. Having choice is the best thing we can all have, rather than have nothing to do. Nobody will ever not have a backlog when it comes to gaming, movies, TV shows etc. As soon as you finish one, another will pop up that you're interested in. That's the joys of having a hobby, something new will always pique your interest which is what keeps us coming back time and time again.
  5. Correct. No need to jump through hoops, just sign in on GB account then download and play on your main.
  6. The scroll must be opened and then return to the menu otherwise it doesn't track as complete. Took me 45 games 15 of which we tested just leaving and it didn't pop so definitely why.
  7. The newest DLC trophy for Hard Endless Wave 15 is easy enough to do. Was originally going to wait for a group but on a hit decided to try solo and got there first time now trouble. Using a level 25 Gunslinger though.
  8. Memed for getting Memed out of a discord. Irony in casefuls.
  9. Decent month in general. Shitty move on Sony to lock a PS4 original game to only being free on the PS5 upgrade but hey, ho...it is Sony after all.
  10. Literally spent 2 hours killing the last boss and raging only to find out that I could've cheesed him, Wonderful. Will say that the boss battle is complete bullshit compared to the rest of the games difficulty. Beyond stupid how that last battle is setup.
  11. Not seen many people really like the new hardware but IMO it's nice. I love that the design has fallen away from the typical console shapes. Plus the white panels are beautiful, would still love to see a black version though. Doesn't help most of us have had black consoles all these years and now the white looks wierd in an entertainment setup.
  12. Possibly getting Deranked by modders? It's been years since I've played but back then the game was riddled with them.
  13. Alright, I'm about to take a shot of whisky everytime one of these threads appear. Wish me luck.
  14. Here's a different view, I preordered a PS5 months ago, had it confirmed. Even paid the rest of it off, come launch day morning it was refunded and the retailer said sorry for making a stocking mistake. Then I spent all day fighting with bots trying to get a console I SHOULD have had in the first place. So yeah, I'm going to complain.
  15. Found this issue a few years back when writing a guide for NFS 2015. There was one infamous race a bunch of people were struggling with. I then found it was caused by the R2 trigger not fully compressing causing the car to max out at a slower speed than it should have. The only advice I could think of was to tell people to remap it to something else using the accessibility settings and switch it back once they're done. Taking the controller apart the spring that compresses was twisted, so I swapped it out with another spare I had here & touch wood... Its been fine for the last few years.