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  1. Well done on the community effort. Going to miss checking here everyday to see people's theories / fact checking!
  2. Also for most people as long as you can get around the track fairly consistently then it's only the last corner before the line you need to worry about because it can slow you down A LOT.
  3. That one popped on my 26th/27th online race so pretty much where it should have triggered.
  4. It's been happening pretty much since release aswell, mine popped up early in menu cafe after only doing a few sport races.
  5. This is the exact reason why I'm waiting until minimum the next patch. Out of the 12-13 I've done only one has been a car and the rest 5k credits. Which has now been made redundant when you can grind 1.2mil and hour on new events.
  6. Just did the same myself got a 2:25:33. Agree with everything you've said, the time limit is lenient but you still need to be careful not too overshoot the last fast straight because that's the lap killer. However unpopular opinion, S10 is still easier than IA-8 & S7 imo. Persistenance is key, even if you keep failing a track every step is progress.
  7. What trophies actually autopop to the Vita version? I'm on a backlog clean up and realised this was one of the first games in my profile, since I've done the PS4 version was going to clean it up.
  8. It would be nice to do that but my lack of concentration and willingness to commit after getting bored has ruined my completion percentage.
  9. Think it's less to do with input device and more the fact a lot of us play games like GT and other racers regularly enough to have the muscle memory.
  10. The biggest hurdle at the start for the super licenses is to learn the track and get confident at finishing it consistently. Then once you've learnt the track focus on each single corner and working on getting faster and more consistent. At least that's what I've been doing. The other thing aswell is to relax and don't get to frustrated, frustration causes mistakes which leads to more trouble.
  11. Mine appeared early hours this morning after booting up the old launcher. Trophies popped fine, all be it in a slightly wierd order.
  12. Still haven't got the new launcher yet, more than happy to autopop it the second time. Game was a nightmare to get the platinum for originally.
  13. Will be following this thread. Recently re-downloaded Sky Force Reloaded which is where I'm starting from and then moving onto Caladrius Blaze.
  14. Strange there's no given reason, hopefully It'll be replaced with something else. Quite surprised actually.
  15. 100 GBP is a lot of money. Plus the basic tier has one less game a month? The hell is that all about.