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  1. See this is another response that would land that service advisor in hot water, by saying “we’re not allowed to talk about it” implies something is happening behind the scenes. What they should be doing is denying any knowledge; deny, deny, deny...
  2. I've worked in customer service before and I'll tell you know, this "Kevin" person would have been given at least a warning for sending that response to a customer, especially if it turns out to be true. If that screenshot got out to the wider community and is confirmed to have been true, Sony's stock price would fall even further than what it probably already has, which would be a disaster if it turns out that everyone has jumped the gun and this isn't happening for a while. We're explicitly told not to divulge any information to the customer until an official statement has been made in case that customer could then benefit from share prices etc.
  3. That’s not the case though is it, taking Avengers as an example? They didn’t “do the game twice”, they did it once and then booted it up on the PS5 and got all the trophies again in 1 second. Not the same as someone playing the PS5 game from scratch and therefore by default not being on the “fastest achievers”. I totally agree with the OP, however I also agree with others here that the list just isn’t needed anymore, and neither is the “first achievers”.
  4. My friend ordered two by accident (one of each version) and offered the disc version to me, which I gladly accepted. He got them on release day but I didn't go and pick it up until a week later (26th Nov).
  5. Glad I didn’t make it to the final two, would have been completely embarrassed there if I had! 😂 Congratulations!
  6. Haha thanks! Ngl up until 12pm was excruciating waiting to see if ApriIis was going to sync anymore trophies! 😂
  7. I think you've counted my 'Sly Minigames' trophies in that score, which I'm assuming shouldn't be (with the fastest achievers being 5-6 minutes)? I think my score should be 112.5.
  8. Thanks! Could I put my name down please, don’t mind waiting. 👍
  9. Neither have I, is there something I'm meant to do to get it to change? I've synched my trophies like 10 times now. 😂
  10. Wall Climb is very hard lol
  11. I really enjoyed this, and even though I got the platinum mid August, I still play this once or twice a week for an hour or so. It was cute, colourful and fun and made a refreshing change compared to the constant slew of massive open world games or war based shooters that it feels like have been non-stop for the last couple of years. Looking forward to Season 2. 😊