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  1. It’s not been fixed, I literally got it yesterday (statistics said 47, challenges said 46) so had to start again! 😕
  2. I’m not playing it as much, just the odd time to get some more kudos and crowns ready for season 2. I’ve noticed that whilst it’s not necessarily harder to win, there are a lot more people now who just grab, push and shove and don’t even seem to be bothered about qualifying.
  3. Oh definitely, I’ve noticed I’m getting shoved round all over the place nowadays but when I grab on to someone they don’t even move!
  4. Definitely Team Tail Tag as I was on the green team, and when Fall Ball came up I instantly thought that this was meant to be have been patched. 😅 Oh well. Nowt to be sniffed at as at least it wasn’t Egg Scrambled (which, along with Hoopsie Daisie, has barely featured for days for me)!
  5. I literally just got three in a row (Jinxed, Team Tail Tag, Fall Ball) so not sure if thats actually a thing? If it is I’m just incredibly unlucky! 😂
  6. I don’t understand why thoughts like this exist. Do you think that little of yourself and your skills as a gamer that you have to class anyone who achieved the trophy legitimately (including myself) as cheaters before the “workaround” came to light? How do you think we “cheated”, because I’d like to know as it would have been less stressful. I’m not bothered about whether people choose to play or not play a game (I will say they are missing out as it’s fun!) but seeing comments like this really piss me off. And who is “we”? Do you speak for everyone, I think not...
  7. To be fair I’m surprised you’re team got in a position to not be last in the first place, that ball pushing at the beginning was giving me major anxiety!
  8. Is the trophy description for 'Squad Goals' wrong? It says "3 or more players" implying that a squad of three should work, but we're in one now and the trophy didn't pop for the winner...
  9. I’m starting to worry that the ‘Veteran Status’ trophy has bugged out on me. 😢
  10. I’ve won 28 games and the ‘Infallible‘ trophy, but still haven’t gotten the ‘Veteran Status’ trophy yet, so not sure when that is going to turn up! 😅
  11. Has there been the option of buying a legendary item for each of the four categories yet? 😓
  12. Haha that's why I'm a little concerned!
  13. Didn't even think of that one! I guess if I've ever been on the winning team there has always been more than one left! 😂
  14. I know a lot more people have got it, but the one I'm finding more difficult than this trophy is the "Qualify from a team game with a score of 1". The only team game I can see that happening in is Hoarders but it's completely random (i.e. you can't control the other teams battling between having 6 balls and 0 balls respectively. What are people doing to get that trophy? Am I missing something obvious?
  15. Erm speak for yourself. No bugs here, just skill. The team ones are more luck based depending on if you’re on a good team or not (specifically Egg Scrambled and Hoopsie Daisy) but all the single player ones are skill based. And you can tell because everyone who can’t qualify legitimately through their skill are resorting to pushing and grabbing, particularly against ones that have bought legendary items (ie have won quite a few episodes to get crowns). After getting the five in a row yesterday morning, I then continued in the afternoon to get another 4 in a row and to the final of the 5th. And that’s not be bragging, I just think people are VASTLY overexaggerating how hard this trophy is.