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  1. Hey Cj, could you take me off the list when you got time. Too busy with work to play these days so wouldn't be much help to anybody looking to boost. Thanks.
  2. The "Going supernova" trophy seems to be very hard to get after patch 1.02. If you have the disc version and have trouble getting this try deleting the patch. As of now digital version seems to be prepatched to 1.02.
  3. LOL. Ok if you need don't get enough people just give me a yell.
  4. You don't need 8 online players for that. During one of the later races you can just make all the AI racers follow you into the stadium and the trophy will pop. It's written in the guide somewhere and that's how i got it.
  5. Yes you can. Just log in with another user on second ps3 after downloading to both ps3s.
  6. The coins you get from the mini games are what you use to play the crane game. One of the prizes is a big monster which will be placed ouside. Once you have that monster look up and make a noise to get its attention if neccessary and you should get the trophy. There is also a second monster which is placed on the display shelf. That's NOT the one you need for the trophy.
  7. The grind isn't too bad if you enjoy the game. The annoying part is all the loading screens between giving a gift and switching characters. Not to mention setting up modules everytime you want to play a different song. I wish the interface was more like futuretone where the loading is almost instant. Extra 10 more songs or more would also be nice. Playing the same 30 songs for 80 to 100hrs gets a bit unbearable.
  8. You could try some Japanese 2D fighting games like Dengeki Bunko fighting climax. These games have stories for each character which you could try reading but they are not essential to finishing or enjoying the game.
  9. They changed vita to 3 activations.
  10. Thanks for the info. This certainly is a great find. The dollar amount (price) of a game is about the same as the NA store and the exchange rate is nearly 1 to 1.
  11. Where can you buy the Canadian psn cards?
  12. 8pm is fine. I'll send you a message 5 minutes beforehand with which mode and filters to choose.
  13. I don't think so. Hort_grade will be helping as well so we got enough people. Let us know what time. Between 6pm to 10pm is best for me.
  14. I can help friday night. You only have one version and don't need ranked match so should take only 10 minutes.
  15. I sent you a message to your ps account yesterday with the date and time. Let me know if it's suitable.