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  1. So I'm having issues with two of these trophies and I'm wondering if anyone else has managed to do them. Never Over- Stop a final round with a laser strike From the Grave- Get a kill after you Die EDIT: Never mind I finally figured out how to get both of these.
  2. So I'm trying to get Gold in all the weapon challenges but I can't figure out the best way to get gold on the Sniper Rifle, Auto Rifle, and Rivet Rifle. Can anyone who has done it provide some tips?
  3. Hi so I haven't started this yet but I was wondering if the Hit 25 things with Lightning trophy was glitched or something? I see that's the only trophy that no one has earned yet. Can anyone who's played this share some insight?
  4. So a 1.01 patch is out now and I started the game. Thing is no trophies are unlocking. Did they break the game? Never mind closing the game and restarting it seemed to fix it.
  5. They haven't been added to the server yet. Sadly the game doesn't have a Platinum.
  6. If anyone wants a EU PS4 version of the Ultimate Edition I've got one I'm selling.
  7. I have a US Spider Man Season Pass code for sale if someone is interested. Asking $18
  8. I tried downloading on PS4 again and that didn't work so I'm guessing it's something they need to do on their end.
  9. That's really no excuse. Rise of the Tomb Raider also has around the same amount of trophies and has a Plat. They could've had one and still given over 100. Quite a few games have actually.
  10. I can't believe they pulled this crap again. The game is launching as a complete product this time and they still didn't give it a Plat. There is no reason they couldn't have all of the new locations as a single list with a Plat and then have the Hitman 1 locations as DLC lists since you only get them if you own the first game anyway. And what they heck is up with the base game trophy list being the same as the first game? Really quite upset with this list even if there are 118 in total.
  11. Yeah it probably is. Then again I maxed Overcooked 1 playing solo pretty fast as well.
  12. Hello someone summoned me? =) Yeah I played this last week and if you liked Overcooked it's very similar except instead of cooking you are maintaining a ship. I played it solo and found it to be around the same difficulty as Overcooked that way. The characters don't have the same charm but I do recommend it.
  13. Really glad they listened to feedback about adding trophies to DLC this time around. Already 100% it again. Some of the new levels are challenging but nothing I wasn't able to do after a few tries. Washing 150 plates/cups took the longest but even that was short. Hope to see more in the future.
  14. Agreed. Love a lot of the names. Looking forward to playing next week.
  15. Is there a guide anywhere for this game? Some of the trophies don't even tell you what you need to do and I have no idea how I'm supposed to beat 30 hard bots. Can anyone help?