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  1. It seems like such a waste that they likely made those bonus avatars and what they just aren't going to give them to us now because some goals weren't met. That's really stupid.
  2. Sony really needs to fix this issue so free upgrades stop having problems. Microsoft has them beat in this area
  3. US version still isn't fixed. EU version worked fine but yeah they need to hurry up and fix the US side
  4. I loved Zombies as a kid on the Sega Genesis. Getting this day 1 digitally and probably get the physical PS4 copy from Limited Run as well. Never even knew of Ghoul Patrol but it doesn't look as good as Zombies from the video. Hope this has a Platinum and it's not an all bronze trophy list.
  5. Cool let's have another week of the same complaints
  6. Except there is nothing bad about this just because you don't like it. Also, the same people complain about it week in and week out. How many times do you have to have the same discussion? It's not going away so you're wasting your time
  7. Always funny to see people complaining about games like this. Clearly there is a market for it so get over yourselves. If you don't like it, move on.
  8. How do you even find Pantsu Hunter on the Vita Store? I can't find it by searching or in the A-Z.
  9. As if it could be any more apparent that they rushed this whole port. 5 trophies and asking $30 for barely any improvements? GTFO with this
  10. This is one of the most lazy trophy lists I've ever seen. 5 trophies for a $30 game. GTFO out with this.
  11. Can anyone confirm if they patched out the dev codes you could put in using a keyboard?
  12. I was still missing a few trophies on the PS4 version so I'd like to know this too. If I get them on the PS5 version will they pop on the PS4 version too?
  13. Still waiting for my CE from Limited Run to ship. Hope it won't be too long
  14. Really interesting that they got Wreckfest PS5 a month early for PS+ as it isn't set to actually release until June. Seen a couple people claim they predicted it when they know they are lying out their ass when the game was never set to release in May. I just hope getting it a month early doesn't mean it's unfinished.
  15. OK but the point still stands that it isn't happening as the PS Plus games release before then. They also just gave Subnautica out to all PlayStation owners over the past month as part of the Play at Home.