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  1. Been very excited for this game since it was announced over 3 years ago.
  2. It's not a VR game btw.
  3. I'm shocked all three of these actually got Platinums. That's awesome.
  4. I still think Surf n Turf was the hardest to 3 star all the levels. This is pretty easy. The horde levels can be a bit challenging but so long as you keep an eye on your defenses and repair them you can pass them. Some levels let you use the money you earn to open gates for shortcuts but I kind of ignored those so that I would always have enough money to repair the walls.
  5. I finished the new DLC this morning. None of it was difficult to me. Just a bit grindy doing all the chopping and coal trophies.
  6. The DLC came out on Switch today and their Twitter account said it should hit other platforms over the next 24 hours. I don't think it has hit PS or Xbox yet.
  7. May 28th I believe so next week.
  8. Incorrect. This isn't the game that you're thinking of. Predator: Hunting Grounds was the game in the State of Play that is coming in 2020. This is specifically called Predator VR. This is a different game but I really can't find much information on it anywhere.
  9. Here we go again with the complainers..
  10. They still haven't put the season pass up on the US store. I'm waiting on that to get this new pack.
  11. Is this going until the end of the day on the 22nd or some unspecified time? I ask because even though I posted on the last day of the last one you had already closed it and I didn't qualify.
  12. Super Weekend Mode 3:30 minutes I see Iron Snout is releasing this week. Is that eligible for request? If so NA PS4 for that one.
  13. How do so many people have the Plat already when the game isn't even out?
  14. Thank god NetherRealm finally wised up with a trophy list. I might finally be able to get a Platinum in a Mortal Kombat game. Online trophies aren't fun and just ruin these things for me. I can deal with a grindy list but don't make me win so many ranked matches or play hundreds of matches to get a trophy. That just isn't fun and it is lazy trophy design.
  15. It comes out next week for anyone wondering.