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  1. Has anyone played this on their PS5? I can't even find it in my library yet when I get on my PS4 it shows up in my library fine.
  2. There is like 3 different sales that went live today. Zombie Army 4 Season Pass 3 finally on sale for a great 10.49 price. Now to wait on that newest DLC that released to go on sale.
  3. Love to see this and I hope all of the games have them regardless of Platinum or not. Please give me Metal Gear Solid 1 with trophies and a Platinum.
  4. Yep all thee good costumes are going to get locked behind show bucks now which you have to pay for.
  5. If anyone didn't see the other thread if you have your PS4 try logging onto the store on there to see if it shows up as free. The PS4 version only showed up as free on there as the PS5 store and the webstore both wanted me to pay for it.
  6. Can confirm this worked for me as well in the US. PS4 version wasn't showing free on PS5 or webstore. Logged onto the PS4 store and it showed as free. Thanks for letting us know. Sony needs to fix their stores
  7. Can anyone who bought it digitally on PS4 confirm if it gave you the PS5 version like it says it should?
  8. Finally after years of waiting the Samurai Shodown Season Pass 1 - 3 and the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Season Pass are all on sale. First time ever for all of them.
  9. Why is this game cheaper on the EU store than the US? It's like a $10 difference between the regions.
  10. It's life changing
  11. I read somebody said they clicked on the credits thing that showed how much they had and when they did that they got their bonus money
  12. Amazing how it's 2022 and Sony still manages to fuck up trophies in their first party games. How do you remaster 2 games that each had Platinum and only give them 1 Platinum this time around? I would understand if you made an entirely new list at least that included both games but you gave Lost Legacy almost 50 trophies and no Platinum? Just wow Sony
  13. He claimed Bloodborne's PC Port was just sitting around finished. I'm so tired of this guy. The only thing I ever saw he was right about was FF7 being on PS+ and I actually saw someone on Resetera say that was happening before him so he probably just copied it from them.
  14. Of course it isn't outlandish which is why he's hopping on that wagon. He gets no brainer stuff right but the other stuff he puts out there that isn't so obvious never happens. Remember early last year when he said that if you haven't played Sekiro on PlayStation then you should hold off? Yeah he was teasing it was coming to PS+ and that never happened. Then he was teasing that Sony was going to announce a remake or a big game around Christmas. That never happened. Oh I suppose the announcement just got delayed right? How convenient. Where's that new Sly Cooper game he said was coming? It will never happen and then he'll say "Oh well I guess they decided to cancel it." "The cat is out of the bag on Xbox and Nintendo. You'll hear more in the fall." He said that last April and nothing came of it. Where is the Bloodborne PC port he said was pretty much done? Where is the new Infamous? Where is Bloodborne 2 from Bluepoint? Where is the Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver remaster? The guy doesn't know jack.
  15. He isn't a reputable leaker. He says stuff all the time that never happens. Just one of those people who throws shit at a wall and hopes it sticks.