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  1. How did the team who puts out games on PSN with generic names like "Sniper" "Hunt" and "Darts" get the rights to put out a Popeye game?
  2. Well DS2 is $20 in the US and DS3 is $30. Maybe the EU prices are better then. Either way what I said stands. This site shows just how long it's been since either were priced that high.
  3. So just browsing through and I see Bandai Namco is trying to take advantage of newcomers who got excited about Elden Ring and want to dive into the Dark Souls games. Dark Souls 2 is $20 and Dark Souls 3 is $30. Neither game has been priced that high when on sale digitally in 4-5 years. DS2 is usually $10 and DS3 is usually anywhere from $10-$15. Heck Dark Souls 3 with the Season Pass is usually between $15 - $20. It's no coincidence that the Elden Ring gameplay gets shown off and the next time both go on sale they are much higher than normal. Really dirty of them
  4. Sony really needs to stop setting the goals for these so damn high. The last time they did this we failed to hit the stretch goals and this time we couldn't even make the second regular goal. Really sad as I would've like those avatars and themes. Also why go through the trouble of designing these rewards just to sit on them and never release them. So dumb.
  5. That's not a good reason. So what if they don't have a PS5. Make it cross-buy so they don't have to buy it again when they do get one. Those other indie devs do it. Making it cross-buy doesn't take away their option to buy the PS4 version. It just gives them both without having to pay twice.
  6. Hi General, I think that you should get both the PS4 and PS5 version when you buy the game. Many of these other indie games from those publishers I mentioned give both versions so you don't have to buy the game twice.
  7. Wow they couldn't make these games cross-buy? If Ratalaika, eastasiasoft, and Gamazumi can make their cheap, easy Platinum games cross-buy this dev should too
  8. Is this game coming to NA?
  9. Well I wouldn't count on it having the same trophy list. It will likely have a new one
  10. It's out on the US store too but did they mess up on the price? It's 15.99 on my EU account but on the US store it's $29.99. Why is it more expensive over here?
  11. Glad to hear it has a Platinum. Now we just need the trophy list to be added to the server. Hope that doesn't take another few months like the game did.
  12. Wasteland 3 season pass finally on sale. Time to pick that up
  13. Yes there always is
  14. God I hate this trophy. Not a single new page in my world in over 2 weeks. I'm at over 1,300 fish caught and only 7/10 pages.
  15. Man they just won't discount the DBZ Kakarot season pass or the Soul Calibur 6 season pass 2 will they. EDIT: Actually it isn't listed here but the Kakarot Season Pass is on sale finally. Bout time.