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  1. Why would it be free?
  2. Even this isn't working for me. Man I hate this trophy. I'm hitting play as soon as it starts and yet it keeps missing beats during it. EDIT: Well after like 10 tries I finally got a run of it to work.
  3. How in the world do you beat these scores? I can't even get close to the record score.
  4. Yeah it looks like they are putting Bioshock 1 and 2 up for sale individually and they'll have new trophy lists.
  5. Can the 100 exfills really be done by yourself? I've been boosting it by myself the past 2 days and feel like I should've gotten it by now. Especially given that I got quite a few while going for my 100 quick play matches.
  6. I believe there is still a time limit if you play alone is there not?
  7. Man playing public matches is killing my motivation to play this game anymore. Almost every match we are losing to a Predator player using Berserker class and the combistick. They just come down and kill the whole team in seconds. Out of 12 matches last night we lost 9 of them that way. I was hoping to make progress towards extracting 100 times or secure 25 Predator bodies while going for the 100 quick play matches but at this rate I'll barely put a dent in those other two trophies.
  8. What site is that?
  9. Has the guide gone live yet?
  10. Couple of really grindy ones in there. Also some that are going to require some good luck if you can't boost it like the hit 4 people with the Predator leap.
  11. Glad to see this still on the way. It was supposed to come out awhile back and be published by Telltale but when they went away this just vanished.
  12. So does Sony have like no rules at all when it comes to trophies? Even games before that had like 4 trophies were mostly Gold trophies so they hit that 300 points mark or whatever. This is just pathetic.
  13. Sometime Monday morning.
  14. What utter crap to not give this a Platinum especially after they just released the other 3 Doom titles and all of them had Platinums. Lazy list.
  15. There was a game that came out last March that just recently had it's trophy list added to the server so this is by far not the longest a game has taken.