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  1. That's a different story. That wasn't released as a PSP game on PS+ but rather it's own standalone thing.
  2. It's very doubtful it happens to every game. Both this and Super Stardust Portable are Sony published games and so far not a single non-Sony game has gotten trophies. I don't see third party games getting them
  3. Well end of the month is here and still nothing on the PS3 or other Ratchet collectible they said we would get in November. Been a pretty pointless month in general for the program.
  4. Yeah this was supposed to be out last week but still not seeing the PS5 version in the US
  5. I made my PSN account in 2008 and people who did it after that got it so that can't be it
  6. For some reason that campaign isn't listed for a lot of us. No idea why some have it and others don't.
  7. It is so annoying seeing that stuff is registering for other people and nothing has for me. After all day I have no progress towards my level even though I earned rare trophies, bought a game, and started up several games required for the challenges. Yet someone on my friends list keeps having their level go up and is now halfway to 3.
  8. Is this confirmed dead already?
  9. I just thought the game didn't have trophies. Now I wish I bought it earlier this month when it was on sale.
  10. Looking at the map in game and I'll be surprised if there isn't more of Sumeru west of the top of the Sumeru map and north of the desert. It looks like there should be more desert there honestly
  11. This was already known weeks ago when PlayStation File Size posted them on their Twitter. Both Man of Medan and Little Hope are out now and free to upgrade. The other games already had PS5 versions.
  12. Both Man of Medan and Little Hope just had their PS5 versions release. The other ones already were on PS5.
  13. Confirmed there are 9 new trophies for the Desert. Reach Reputation Lv. 10 in Sumeru - Silver Light up the maps - bronze Unlock all teleport points in desert - silver open 60 chests in desert - bronze open 120 chests in desert - bronze open 240 chests in desert - bronze three quests related trophies that are silver, bronze, bronze Still no trophy for fully upgrading the tree. Makes me wonder if there is another part of Sumeru coming and they'll add the trophy then
  14. I know it's not possible to fully upgrade them yet as I've done everything you can do currently but I was saying I wonder if they'll add trophies for them. When Inazuma first came out they had a trophy for fully upgrading the tree and statues but you couldn't earn those trophies until months later. This time around they didn't do a trophy for them right away making me wonder if they just decided not to at all of if they have another batch coming
  15. I mean the EA page says they are shutting down so is that a mistake?