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  1. I'm having the exact same issue here on PS5 in Australia, trying to edit the Sideplates will take me to the Payback menu then kick me from the servers.... **Edit** I just restarted my game and it fixed the issue 😂 such a weird glitch
  2. Thanks @Chico_Science for the help! That was surprisingly very quick 😂
  3. Hey guys, is anyone on here still helping with the taxi service? I have my hyper drive installed on permadeath and have already put 5 warp cells into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My timezone is AEST (Australia) so i understand the timing may be a bit tricky to line up but i can be up late if that helps.
  4. Theres some information about all the trophies that auto-pop in the FIFA 22 trophy guide with a full explanation in the comment section of the guide 👍
  5. I've found that holding down L2 won't do a back pass, only a flair or normal pass. The most consistent way i've been able to do a back heel pass is by tapping L2 whilst flicking the left analog stick the opposite way to where your player is facing as you press X. I was able to complete the objective this way after a few tries, hopefully this should help you out too 👍