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  1. Its also possible the devs are testing it and one of them have unlocked it.
  2. There is a second one coming with an undisclosed release date.
  3. So I have been asking some questions in the Discord for this game, which has Gunfire Games staff in it. It seems that they are working on another patch to fix more issues on PC. PS4 is one patch behind the PC, and instead of giving us two patches, they are going to roll the new patch they are working on, and the current one on PC into one single patch. Or so I am being told from someone who is saying they got that info from Gunfire. I don't want to read through two weeks worth of chat log to confirm, but I have no reason to assume he is incorrect. It makes sense, Sony charges a chunk of money for each patch and Gunfire is a smaller studio. All that to say it may be a while before this gets fixed. I have no idea when the new patch will be done, and then we would still have to wait for Sony certification which can take up to two weeks. May be until the end of this month.
  4. It was fixed on PC a couple of days ago. Sony certification can take up to two weeks. I dunno if they have said anything yet, but I imagine if they fixed it on pc then they will have it in the works for us. Could be a week though.
  5. Its coming next month.
  6. August 20th release date for all systems.
  7. Be aware, if you care about 100 percent as opposed to just the plat, the DLC for this game is significantly harder then the base game.
  8. Figured I would get some late night practice in, do a few solo runs. One Daredevil charm later and it's done. This is easily in my top three for most challenging trophy related things, right next to crushing survival on Uncharted 4 and the Plat for Path of Exile. Got both Dream Eater and Riphide, but I lucked out on the World bosses and got both Rhom bosses and the Ravager. Riphide was my tenth and my stomach sank when I saw that damn subway tunnel.
  9. Yes, they said they need to get it through certification with Sony/Microsoft. Which can take a few weeks.
  10. Bah, made it to the 9th boss and we got unlucky. So close.
  11. You're looking at the wrong hotfix, that is the one from May 5th, and is hot fix 1, aka the one that made it hard and the one we are currently on. This is the one from May 12th, and the one we are waiting to get on console. Reduced enemy health gain by 4% per world level increase Decreased boss health from 150% to 135% Added small exponential HP scalar per level DEVELOPER COMMENT: In the last update, we increased the base HP for all enemies by 4% and increased the base HP for all enemies as well. Players were having a harder time at early levels, so instead, we reduced the values and added a small exponential HP scalar per world level up. The scalar is small so that has almost no noticeable effect on enemy HP until about level 10. The values are also much closer to the original DLC release tuning for the first 10 or so levels. As players get into much higher world levels, this change will become more obvious.
  12. Congrats. Been playing with randoms today, starting to get a feel for it. Are you and your team still going to play for the fragments or are you planning to boost it. Im working on getting a team together, but in the mean time if you ever have a third slot I would be happy to join.
  13. No need to be an ass about it. He said pretty common, as in not guaranteed. Plus he is right, explosive shot is a nuke for that fight.
  14. Couple of questions for you if you dont mind, works killing me so I wont get to play till this weekend, and I would rather not beat my head against the wall anymore then I need to. Are you playing solo, with a team, or with randoms? I am debating on rather I want to try to get a group or just go solo. Any weapons or traits you recommenced looking for? Do you gain more hearts as you play or are you limited to 3 the whole time? What would your personal estimate be on the difficulty. I found the base game rather easy, once you got a few levels, but from what I am gathering this is really a nightmare. Good luck to you, hopefully you will have it by time I start.