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  1. As a rule of thumb I slept once per chapter. This made it so sickness was never an issue and no one died. You may need to sleep twice in chapter 4, as this is where I really fell behind enemy levels, me at 19 and them at 30.
  2. I read his first post. His complaint that a single player game suddenly getting MP is unexpected, that if it had been done as a separate application like other games have then it would be have been nice, and that he is glad he had not gotten it yet. All of this is reasonable, and it was met with nothing but hostility and derision. Furthermore discounting and dismissing someone's opinion because they have not personally played something is very short sighted. I have never played a Forza game in my life, but I know I dont like them because I don't like racing games. Being d that a single player game suddenly has all the trapping of a MP game does not require intimate knowledge of the game. Thank you for proving my point. Your comment is unwarranted, mean spirited, and just goes to show that people here get a kick out of being an asshole to other people. Yes someone likes to play their games differently then others, does that really require you to put them down for it.
  3. It absolutely is about respecting opinions. I go for 100 percent because I enjoy doing it. I work 50 plus hours a week, so when I have time to play games I like have a game plan in mind. A game like GoT which is a single player game randomly getting mp/raid content is out of the norm. Some people are not going to be interested in that content, but still want to maintain 100 percent. In this case making it a separate list, such as with RE 3, is good for everyone. So when something unexpected happens there may be some grumbling, just like in any other situation. No one is making a petition, no one is demanding it be changed, they only thing that was said originally was this kinda sucks, it would be nice if they did X. Any one of the people to respond could have commented politely, disagreed, or acted like mature adults. Instead nearly everyone took time out of their day to tell the OP that he is pathetic, that he has issues and needs to address them, that he does not enjoy his games, and that people who play for completion sake are some how wrong. Which is the same shit these people always come out of the wood work to say. It's unhelpful, its childish, and it shows that these people are unable to accept someone who has a difference of opinion. If you are going to disagree with someone do it politely, if you are going to attack them because you know everyone is going to have your back and cheer you on as you punch down then you are just an asshole.
  4. It would still bee free if you own GoT. If you just want the MP mode then its 10 dollars and you don't need the base game.
  5. I love how fast all of you are to dogpile on someone and act like children because he has a difference of opinion.
  6. Any word on new trophies for Deimos? I know that the trackers are in the ingame profiles, but I have not been able to find anything about actual trophies. Would suck to hit the requirements and then not have them pop when they/if they go live.
  7. Its also possible the devs are testing it and one of them have unlocked it.
  8. There is a second one coming with an undisclosed release date.
  9. So I have been asking some questions in the Discord for this game, which has Gunfire Games staff in it. It seems that they are working on another patch to fix more issues on PC. PS4 is one patch behind the PC, and instead of giving us two patches, they are going to roll the new patch they are working on, and the current one on PC into one single patch. Or so I am being told from someone who is saying they got that info from Gunfire. I don't want to read through two weeks worth of chat log to confirm, but I have no reason to assume he is incorrect. It makes sense, Sony charges a chunk of money for each patch and Gunfire is a smaller studio. All that to say it may be a while before this gets fixed. I have no idea when the new patch will be done, and then we would still have to wait for Sony certification which can take up to two weeks. May be until the end of this month.
  10. Silent Hill 2
  11. It was fixed on PC a couple of days ago. Sony certification can take up to two weeks. I dunno if they have said anything yet, but I imagine if they fixed it on pc then they will have it in the works for us. Could be a week though.
  12. Its coming next month.
  13. August 20th release date for all systems.
  14. Be aware, if you care about 100 percent as opposed to just the plat, the DLC for this game is significantly harder then the base game.
  15. Figured I would get some late night practice in, do a few solo runs. One Daredevil charm later and it's done. This is easily in my top three for most challenging trophy related things, right next to crushing survival on Uncharted 4 and the Plat for Path of Exile. Got both Dream Eater and Riphide, but I lucked out on the World bosses and got both Rhom bosses and the Ravager. Riphide was my tenth and my stomach sank when I saw that damn subway tunnel.