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  1. Mutation Iron Mode Ranger Hardcore Plat I had a lot of fun with these, but several of them bugged out. Had to delete my profile, play offline, and keep my fingers crossed each time. That 5-minute cutscene takes a lot longer when you're holding your breath waiting to see if your screwed or not.
  2. Almost certainly a day one buy for me. Outriders was a lot of fun to play through and is easily my favorite co-op game in recent memory. At 40 dollars I am assuming that this is going to be a meaty campaign, so I really don't mind the price.
  3. Story and world exploration for me have been top-notch. I am taking it really slow and just got past the 1/3rd mark I would say. Really looking forward to what's to come. That said, this game has been pretty buggy for me. I have had several quests bug out, my map markers are not updating right, Aloy falls off of climbing points a lot, audio cuts out, etc. It's all minor things, other than the map that's a real issue, but it's adding up. I dont mind some jank in my games, but for a Sony AAA release I was expecting this to be a little more polished.
  4. Nope. I'm working my way through Horizon and Elden Ring, but AC:V is my next big game.
  5. This is not even close to accurate. Five or Six people is more than enough to do the world boss fates. As long as you have a healer and a tank then you should be fine.
  6. Just got the plat. Total play time 173 hours.
  7. While I won't deny that the DLC in this is a grind and boring, this video really exaggerates how long it takes. 50 hours is a ludicrous amount of time to spend on this. If you are efficient in your strats and have a partner then you can get all of them done in about 15 hours. Not short, but much more reasonable. So if you are looking to do this then don't be discouraged, it's very doable. Took me 4 days to get it done, Siege took about 6 hours, Onslaught was 2, survivors was 5, and predators was 3.
  8. Almost. They made the Insane Trilogy. Crash 4 was made by Toys for Bob.
  9. Just bought this today, been on my need to get around to list forever. Thanks for the updated guide.
  10. Who Do You Trust?Build up a certain level of trust with your partner. Resident Evil 5 was one of the first games I played co-op with a good friend of mine, and now over 10 years later we are going back through it. Though ironically I had to get this trophy solo.
  11. Only PS5. Will not be coming to PS4.
  12. Its the same for German games in some cases as well. For both of them I belive there is a local law that requires the game to cost some amount of money. I have heard people mention that it is an age verification thing, but since the details are in Japanese/German/Legalese its a bit hard get a clear picture.
  13. Wild Arms 3 Legend of Filgaia #139 Really loved this game as a kid, turns out I still love it now.
  14. None so far. That's the worst part of it. 30 seconds on their part would do a lot to alleviate some wondering, but they have not said a thing.
  15. I dunno. Not sure I trust Albert Wesker to be honest.