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  1. First off thanks for telling me i'm playing my games wrong. Good to know. Secondly people are complaining that a company is doing something that they don't like, its not madness it's literally one of the most common human behaviors. This is a trophy hunting forum, people are annoyed that they have to go back and do something tedious, hence they are expressing dislike. As you said, its all subjective, but the collective subjective opinion here is that NG+ months down the line when people have moved on is just a pain in the ass.
  2. So it seems someone has gotten it already. It has moved up to 0.1 on psn. Not sure if its the devs or someone glitched it, because it seems way to soon to be getting it.
  3. When you go down to red critical health you get a mercy hit. So he is sitting on 1 hp most of the run. He can take a single hit and his screen goes red. After some time you get that mercy hit back. He got very lucky in not getting smacked twice.
  4. This is a full run from start finish with a gold score. Not my video, just to be clear. The guy said he will be posting a guide with tips and what not in a day or so. Does not look to bad, just going to take some time. Looks like you can hit the score in about 8 min, so at least attempts should not take to long. Tips and Mini guide. Score breakdowns and patch/ring recommendations. Also has a link to a Reddit thread with pictures of all the ammo and gun locations on the map. Full credit to Abyx Gaming for these vids.
  5. Yup. Doing it without a guide is sure to end up in repeated deaths. Following a video its literally watch 5 min, pause, play game, pause, watch, repeat. More a 4/10 then the expected 6/10 I said earlier. Still really annoying to have to come back to a game that I "knew" was done.
  6. Can confirm nothing pops when you load into the full game. Edit- So I have done some testing now. Quest trophies can be done by starting a new character, no problem there. Trophies that count things, like getting 200 junk can also be done, maybe on the trail character, but on a new one for sure. What does not carry over is challenges. I had popped over 20 on my trial character. Loaded him up and did another, no trophy. Made a new character and had to do 5 more to get the first one to pop. Since these are account bound, if you end up doing all the easy ones in the trial then you are kinda stuck in the main game. There are daily and weekly ones, but they seem to be a pain. Have not hit level 10 yet, so I cant talk about the level trophy but I dont see it being an issue. Edit 2- 300 kills and level 10 also triggered no problem. Seems the only thing it messes with is the challenges.
  7. Just bought the game from amazon. Will let you know monday if they pop when I log on.
  8. None as far as I know. I think he is mistaken. Also just so you guys know, anyone who was running the Arc build by Enki, it has been nerfed really hard this patch. Probably best to move on to something else.
  9. I can tell you that if you have not played since Warmind then you will be drowning in things to do. There are several new game types, dozens of quests for guns, and a lot of stuff to grind in the triumph sections. If you like the gameplay loop of Destiny then you should have a good time. Also yes the lore tab may be better then dredgen or Wayfarer. It was not possible to do back when I did it, not all of the lore was in the game, but it should be easy enough now. Still likely to be grindy.
  10. Again, people are well within their right to complain about things they don't like. I don't have to be happy that gearbox is wasting my time. I don't have to be grateful for dlc to an old game. If anyone is on their high horse it's you, why should we only have to do things they way you want it done. Everyone who has had said something negative about having to do this dlc has expressed discontent with their own personal situation. They all started out polite, and were immediately met by hostility, condescending attitudes, and being told that they need to change the way they do things. This is a trophy hunting forum, a place literally meant to discuss trophies, and yet you all are running around gatekeeping who and how people should enjoy their games. Like I stated back in my first post in this thread, this happens every time 100 percenters show up. Someone has to come out of the wood work and be an ass, for seemingly no reason than to try and prove that we are doing it wrong. It gets old, and it just shows that you have a lack of maturity. Im done with this topic, you all have fun trying to belittle other people for having differences in opinion.
  11. Yeah, if you have Prestige Levi then you are good on DLC in terms of difficulty. Last wish is not to bad, and you can get a leg up due to power level. What is going to take a long time is the triumph seal. The two that are simplest would be Dredgen or Wayfarer. Dredgen needs you to play a lot of Gambit, like a lot a lot. You will need to be pretty good at it as well. Wayfare requires you to do a lot of different things, most easy but they will take a long time. All Escalation Protocol guns is 3 weeks min. All Osiris guns is a month min, and around 100 strikes. Braytech Osprey depends on when the right nightfall comes up, then you need to do it until it drops the gun. Took me 30 runs. This all assumes you have not done any of these things, as they are on weekly lockouts. If you have some done it will take less time. Finally you need to get all the sleeper node guns. I went through around 1000 resonant stems to get them all. You get two stems per lost sector run, and can get one gun a day. All in all it took me 2 months to get them all, but I already had about half of the stuff done, and I did not play for them exclusively.
  12. My bad. Will make sure to do it right in the future. People want to feel superior to others. We have the minority opinion. That gives them carte blanche to be assholes as they know they can get away with it.
  13. Yeah, lets take time to shit on people because they care about things I don't. WHooooooooooooooooooo!
  14. So do you actually have a reason for sounding like such an ass, or is that just your default personality?
  15. It is a double standard though. You play trash games for trophies and that's fine because it's YOU doing it. Someone else does not want to come back to a six year old game to get new trophies because it's tedious, but because it does not bother you it's silly. No ones being selfish, not like complaining is going to stop the DLC, but acting like caring about trophies is only ok if it is done to your standards is just as "selfish" as being aggravated that you have to go back and do tedious crap. I have seen a lot of people jump all over 100 percenters acting like they don't enjoy their games properly and blah blah. It gets old. Having a old as shit game, even if it makes sense, update with new crap to do is a pain. If you like it great for you, but others don't and your opinion is no more important then theirs.