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  1. You know I can understand getting a bit annoyed at unexpected dlc for games that you thought were done, but you started a live service game and did not expect more trophies? Especially since by 2015 there would have already been a few updates with trophies. That's on you, 100 percent. And you may as well expect that this game will be getting updates well into the PS5 life cycle.
  2. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/113270-a-special-thank-you-from-obsidian/ Story DLC is coming sometime next year, likely Q1 but that is just speculation. Cant say I am to thrilled about that, I found this game to be very dull, but if you liked it then more is on the way.
  3. When it says to assemble a rail jack, is that a clan construction or something you make on your own. If it is a clan construction I am curious to see what happens if your clan builds it without your input. I am not able to log in right now to see how it works, so if anyone knows I would appreciate a heads up.
  4. Thanks for the vid, just got it done.
  5. I may have misread. I thought they were saying the guardians will now drop the memory fragments, but I was half asleep when I posted that. They were quick to fix the locomancer trophy so I hope they will be quick with this one. Its definitely something you want to get done now though if you can.
  6. Shaper will still be around, and his guardians will supposedly still drop fragments. So it wont be impossible to get them, but it is going to become a major pain in the ass to do. Much like breach stones and Abaxoth he will now be RNG and expensive. If you can get it done now I would recommend it, same with finishing the maps. I have no shot at that as I still need Perandus and a few others, but if you are close now is the time to push. I had someone tell me early today that they are removing shaper guardian maps, and maybe vaal pyramid, so doing all the red maps may be easier next league.
  7. Thought I would give you guys a heads up, there is another free to play weekend coming up on the 12th. The game will also have double XP for the weekend, so if you are like me and still need to get to 100 now is the time. The game will also be on sale for anyone wanting to pick it up. For those that may end up starting with the trial, like I did for the last one, I can confirm that trophies can get a little weird. Quest progression will not count, so you will need to redo any quests you do during the trial. Do X things still tracks, but you will need to do one more of X to get it to pop. Challenges do not track, you will still get the atoms for them, but you will not get any progress towards doing X challenges. That said there are more than enough, and the daily and weekly ones are infinite so you can still get the trophy eventually. Below is a link to the last inside the vault if you want to read it from Bethesda themselves. https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/7MJVLws9DRhH6OpzAXfLde/fallout-76-inside-the-vault-update-16-highlights
  8. If you mean in terms of trophies there is nothing hard. Its grindy, likely 100 hours to get all of the trophies, but nothing difficult. In terms of accessibility, it can be a little rough. DE likes to build the game sideways, in that once you get past the introductory stuff you will have a lot of systems open up to you. Open world, syndicates, pets, quests, k-drive, archwing, ect. Most of them only need a little bit of work to progress the star chart, its up to you if you want to dive into them or not. Consulting the wiki is more or less a must, as is build guides and the like. If you are looking to just get the trophies and be done then this is likely not the game for you. I have something like 500 hours on PS4, and another 1200 or so on PC. Its a game meant to be played forever, so it does not gel well with trophy hunting. That said if you are looking for something to sink time into then Warframe is not a bad option.
  9. When you clear the ones that are available your Lich will expand his territory and give you new ones. They may shift over time, but doing the ones that are up will immediately give you new ones.
  10. Yes. You have to shank him assassins creed style, but everyone else is free to damage him.
  11. Yes, it will happen. Warframe has several things in the pipeline they are working on. This game has shown steady growth since 2013, its not going away any time soon, so I would expect new trophies well into the PS5s lifespan.
  12. Yes, you need to do War Within to do most of the current endgame activities. It unlocks a new mode that you will need. I don't know why you would pass because of it though, it takes an hour, maybe two to finish the quest.
  13. Join a hunt from Konzu and set the game to public. Most people have the hunt on farm by now. You could literally stand there and do nothing and get the kill. Not the most team friendly thing, but it should be fine to do once or twice to get the kill.
  14. Other then a couple of spikes here and there Warframe is showing steady growth since it's inception. It's not pulling record shattering numbers, but it is slowly growing. It averages around 85,000 players monthly, higher when new content drops. https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#All Numbers Data.
  15. Drop chances are higher when there are multiple players, but the game gets harder as well. Maps can only be picked up by the current map owner. In terms of big ticket loot, you kinda need to work it out with your partner. Exalts, cards, ext are usually split, or stored by one person but shared when used. If you simply meant do each of you get your own separate loot drops then no, its free for all.