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  1. Thought I would give you guys a heads up, there is another free to play weekend coming up on the 12th. The game will also have double XP for the weekend, so if you are like me and still need to get to 100 now is the time. The game will also be on sale for anyone wanting to pick it up. For those that may end up starting with the trial, like I did for the last one, I can confirm that trophies can get a little weird. Quest progression will not count, so you will need to redo any quests you do during the trial. Do X things still tracks, but you will need to do one more of X to get it to pop. Challenges do not track, you will still get the atoms for them, but you will not get any progress towards doing X challenges. That said there are more than enough, and the daily and weekly ones are infinite so you can still get the trophy eventually. Below is a link to the last inside the vault if you want to read it from Bethesda themselves. https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/7MJVLws9DRhH6OpzAXfLde/fallout-76-inside-the-vault-update-16-highlights
  2. If you mean in terms of trophies there is nothing hard. Its grindy, likely 100 hours to get all of the trophies, but nothing difficult. In terms of accessibility, it can be a little rough. DE likes to build the game sideways, in that once you get past the introductory stuff you will have a lot of systems open up to you. Open world, syndicates, pets, quests, k-drive, archwing, ect. Most of them only need a little bit of work to progress the star chart, its up to you if you want to dive into them or not. Consulting the wiki is more or less a must, as is build guides and the like. If you are looking to just get the trophies and be done then this is likely not the game for you. I have something like 500 hours on PS4, and another 1200 or so on PC. Its a game meant to be played forever, so it does not gel well with trophy hunting. That said if you are looking for something to sink time into then Warframe is not a bad option.
  3. When you clear the ones that are available your Lich will expand his territory and give you new ones. They may shift over time, but doing the ones that are up will immediately give you new ones.
  4. Yes. You have to shank him assassins creed style, but everyone else is free to damage him.
  5. Yes, it will happen. Warframe has several things in the pipeline they are working on. This game has shown steady growth since 2013, its not going away any time soon, so I would expect new trophies well into the PS5s lifespan.
  6. Yes, you need to do War Within to do most of the current endgame activities. It unlocks a new mode that you will need. I don't know why you would pass because of it though, it takes an hour, maybe two to finish the quest.
  7. Join a hunt from Konzu and set the game to public. Most people have the hunt on farm by now. You could literally stand there and do nothing and get the kill. Not the most team friendly thing, but it should be fine to do once or twice to get the kill.
  8. Other then a couple of spikes here and there Warframe is showing steady growth since it's inception. It's not pulling record shattering numbers, but it is slowly growing. It averages around 85,000 players monthly, higher when new content drops. https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#All Numbers Data.
  9. Not sure how many of you are still running this game, but I though I would start a topic so we can pool resources. A normal boosting session does not really work for this. My character has recently been moved to standard league and as I am sure all of you are aware the prices for things in standard are insane. Due to this, and the limited amount of things on sale in general, I thought it might be best to get some of us together to do things. Maps, breach stones, and Atziri fragments can be shared amongst players. Some of these are near impossible to get in any kind of normal time frame. Chayula breach stones for example are being sold for exalts, not even for a full stone but just a few shards. Likewise some of the rare maps are multiple exalts or simply not listed at all. I think that my character is strong enough to take on end game bosses, but I cant say for sure because I am to poor to get to them. If anyone is interested in pooling resources please hit me up.
  10. Drop chances are higher when there are multiple players, but the game gets harder as well. Maps can only be picked up by the current map owner. In terms of big ticket loot, you kinda need to work it out with your partner. Exalts, cards, ext are usually split, or stored by one person but shared when used. If you simply meant do each of you get your own separate loot drops then no, its free for all.
  11. Doing my weekly check in for this thread. I have run something like 100 maps, not a thing so far. This game hates me. Hope you all are having better luck. Im half way to a Chayula and have a Ull Netol. Im not fast enough to clear them on my own, so I am waiting to run them.
  12. I did not do much in blight. My main is in standard right now. Im guessing his is as well.
  13. Will do. Im sitting on about 24 maps at the moment. Will likely do them today or tomorrow depending on things.
  14. It's not, but the fact that the game kept giving the stimpack to the one being revived instead of consuming it was kinda funny.
  15. I took a bit of a break but im getting back into PoE. I will start burning through Ivory temples and see if I can get some cards. Im happy to combine them. I am also still intrested in coming along when you run Chayula and Uul if you have not done so already.
  16. I cant speak for multiplayer because I did it solo, but I can say it is one of the hardest gaming challenges I have done in terms of skill. You will need to practice sniping, because you cant afford to mess up. Anything up to 200 meters can be done reliably, after that there is enough bullet variation that you will miss as much as hit. Stealth is mostly useless. They can hear silenced weapons, and they can hear melee kills. I found the best bet for most levels was to set up a kill house and fight from there. Put mines down, make sure there are only an entrance or two, go loud and snipe them as they come to you. Take a normal pistol and a good smg, you will need the ammo. Bring as many healing items as you can. You cant see your health so you need to get a feel for how much damage you have taken. You cant use a healing items if you are on full health so you don't need to worry about that. Loot every corpse, know where all the items are, no the objectives as you wont be told where they are on the map. Be patient, when they are all dead there are at least a dozen more. Leave cover, make noise, hide, wait, wait more, keep waiting, oh look its 12 more guys. It can take them several minutes to show themselves, don't rush. Nothing is worse then getting gunned down by 3 guys because you did not wait. Expect to spend between 1 and 2 hours per level when all goes well. Expect to spend 10s of hours before all goes well. It took me near 2 months daily play to get this done. This is not on the level of games like super meat boy or necro dancer, anyone can do it you will just need the patience and the will to not smash a controller. If you can get a friend to do it co-op then that will make it a lot better, but I remember reading that the trophies could be buggy for the non host.
  17. They would have to rework all of the old raids to basically have no mechanics. I don't see it happening. Destiny has been this successful so far and only something like 10 percent of the players do raids. Most of the player base just does not care that much. I think it would be nice if going forward they designed other activities that used the raid space so that people could still play around in it, but raids should stay as they are.
  18. Likely because they don't want to have to take time to make sure trophy tracking works across Ps4/Xbox/PC now that you can cross save. Simpler to just use the in game triumph system and be done with it instead of having to fiddle with it every time there is an update. Dedicated trophy hunters number in the what, thousands, maybe? We just are not a big enough demographic for them to care about.
  19. There is technically a thing called guide games. As a group of 5 you can match with 1 other players, to guide them through the raid. As a solo you can match with a group of 5 to be guided. Thing is it takes around an hour or more to get matched as solo, and the couple of times I have done it I got put in with a group that did not want to teach and was just hoping to pick up a sixth who knew what to do. Full matchmaking where it just makes a group of 6 will never work. You have to know what to do and be willing to talk, even one person being mic less or new will make a run all but impossible. There are several ways to find groups though, reddit, DestinyLFG, discord, ect. Your best bet is Destiny Sherpa, they know you are new and they are willing to take x hours to get a group through. LFG will more then likely want you to have X clears and X gear before they will invite you. They want to be done in under an hour, as its mostly just people doing the weekly clear. Discords are a mixed bag, some can be really cool and will take you through no issue, some want you to be an active member and have no interest in helping someone who is going to be one and done. If you look for a group I would not mention you are doing it for the trophy. A lot of Destiny mains will assume you are hot garbage and just want a full carry. Hardcore Levi is not that bad. Gauntlet is still easy you just need to have everyone run, which is simple enough. Dogs are more or less the same, they move different and there are two more but you can still down them easy enough. Baths has some new movements that need to be done, but nothing big. Only thing that gets rough is the Calus fight. Everyone has to know every mechanic in and out of the shadow realm and be able to adapt quickly as roles constantly change. Mechanically its not that complex, you just need good communication.
  20. I am definitely one sales lost. Shadowkeep looks really cool, but I have been wanting to be back away from destiny for some time now. To many other games I have an interest in, and since most of my irl friends have quit the game I think it best to just move on.
  21. I wont even be that upset if they do more trophies. I just dont want to see any flawless raider or some such trophies.
  22. Honestly none of the Destiny raids are that bad. maybe 5/10 in difficulty. The real issue is getting 5 other people that know what they are doing. Finding groups that want to do it just for the trophy can be rough because most don't have the experience and it becomes a strugglebus. LFG and the like are not a lot better because most people on there main destiny and want to be done in a little over an hour, and so are not wiling to teach. Your best bet would be to hit up reddit for a sherpa. It will likely be a slow clear, but you have the best odds of getting it done. People do still run them, but not as much. As was said above this may change in Shadowkeep as armor 2.0 will be an incentive. It is unclear how shadowkeep will impact the runs, as it will all depend on what the new guns do.
  23. See but that's not what you said. What you said was: It defeats the purpose buying/receiving games and constantly looking at guides and methods from other people in order to get passed and/or obtain task/trophies. The whole point in the (trophy hunting) process is to use your own skill to get pass/conquer the challenge(s). You also said: Any kind of unintentional/illegitimate exploits that makes getting the platinum easier should be discussed/mentioned in an entirely isolated post, line, or note. I've seen both people and websites do that, and it's best and proper way to do it. That has nothing to do with people earning trophies and everything to do with you stating as an objective fact that the way you view trophy hunting is the only correct way, with the implication that people should not use guides because it "defeats the purpose". That is an opinion, to act like it is a fact is arrogance, hence why I called you arrogant. I'm pretty sure you are just trolling though, so I think I will leave this conversation from here on out.
  24. I never said anything about bugs and glitches, so I dunno why you are bringing it up while quoting me. What I said was that there was more information available, so people are able to be more efficient. That's great I'm happy for you, but you sound pretty arrogant deciding for all of us what the "whole point in the trophy hunting process is"
  25. While I agree overall that games on the PS3 had more difficult lists, I don't think it is entirely based on the games themselves and more the way developers approach trophies. A lot of early ps3 games, and for me at the time 360 games, had really tedious lists. Non stacking difficulty trophies, long grinds for multiplayer, ect. Most of those I would not qualify as hard, they just take forever and a half. Im honestly ok to see these kinds of trophies go, spending 10 hours in multiplayer or 60 does not reflect my skill, just my free time. Likewise if I can beat a game on super hard I should not need to prove I can do it on hard/medium/easy. Devs were not sure what to do with them, so they just kinda made it up. That's why you would get lists with insane numbers requirements. The other issue that I have not seen brought up is how much the internet has grown since 2006. When achievements and trophies were new YouTube had barely become a thing, Gamefaqs was still the go to place for game guides, and most people were not focusing on trophies. This made information a lot harder to come by. You could not just go watch a video on how to get all the collectibles, or if you could it would be super low quality, just some dude with a video camera and no organization. Trophy guides were not a thing so you had to figure it out on your own, now Powerpyx has a guide out day one for most major games. It makes it a lot simpler when a plat only needs 20-30 hours of dedicated play instead of 60-90 of just faffing about till you figure it out.