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  1. Its also possible the devs are testing it and one of them have unlocked it.
  2. There is a second one coming with an undisclosed release date.
  3. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/113270-a-special-thank-you-from-obsidian/ Story DLC is coming sometime next year, likely Q1 but that is just speculation. Cant say I am to thrilled about that, I found this game to be very dull, but if you liked it then more is on the way.
  4. So I have been asking some questions in the Discord for this game, which has Gunfire Games staff in it. It seems that they are working on another patch to fix more issues on PC. PS4 is one patch behind the PC, and instead of giving us two patches, they are going to roll the new patch they are working on, and the current one on PC into one single patch. Or so I am being told from someone who is saying they got that info from Gunfire. I don't want to read through two weeks worth of chat log to confirm, but I have no reason to assume he is incorrect. It makes sense, Sony charges a chunk of money for each patch and Gunfire is a smaller studio. All that to say it may be a while before this gets fixed. I have no idea when the new patch will be done, and then we would still have to wait for Sony certification which can take up to two weeks. May be until the end of this month.
  5. It was fixed on PC a couple of days ago. Sony certification can take up to two weeks. I dunno if they have said anything yet, but I imagine if they fixed it on pc then they will have it in the works for us. Could be a week though.
  6. Its coming next month.
  7. August 20th release date for all systems.
  8. Be aware, if you care about 100 percent as opposed to just the plat, the DLC for this game is significantly harder then the base game.
  9. Figured I would get some late night practice in, do a few solo runs. One Daredevil charm later and it's done. This is easily in my top three for most challenging trophy related things, right next to crushing survival on Uncharted 4 and the Plat for Path of Exile. Got both Dream Eater and Riphide, but I lucked out on the World bosses and got both Rhom bosses and the Ravager. Riphide was my tenth and my stomach sank when I saw that damn subway tunnel.
  10. Yes, they said they need to get it through certification with Sony/Microsoft. Which can take a few weeks.
  11. Bah, made it to the 9th boss and we got unlucky. So close.
  12. You're looking at the wrong hotfix, that is the one from May 5th, and is hot fix 1, aka the one that made it hard and the one we are currently on. This is the one from May 12th, and the one we are waiting to get on console. Reduced enemy health gain by 4% per world level increase Decreased boss health from 150% to 135% Added small exponential HP scalar per level DEVELOPER COMMENT: In the last update, we increased the base HP for all enemies by 4% and increased the base HP for all enemies as well. Players were having a harder time at early levels, so instead, we reduced the values and added a small exponential HP scalar per world level up. The scalar is small so that has almost no noticeable effect on enemy HP until about level 10. The values are also much closer to the original DLC release tuning for the first 10 or so levels. As players get into much higher world levels, this change will become more obvious.
  13. Congrats. Been playing with randoms today, starting to get a feel for it. Are you and your team still going to play for the fragments or are you planning to boost it. Im working on getting a team together, but in the mean time if you ever have a third slot I would be happy to join.
  14. No need to be an ass about it. He said pretty common, as in not guaranteed. Plus he is right, explosive shot is a nuke for that fight.
  15. Couple of questions for you if you dont mind, works killing me so I wont get to play till this weekend, and I would rather not beat my head against the wall anymore then I need to. Are you playing solo, with a team, or with randoms? I am debating on rather I want to try to get a group or just go solo. Any weapons or traits you recommenced looking for? Do you gain more hearts as you play or are you limited to 3 the whole time? What would your personal estimate be on the difficulty. I found the base game rather easy, once you got a few levels, but from what I am gathering this is really a nightmare. Good luck to you, hopefully you will have it by time I start.
  16. So the details have not been fully revealed, but it seems most of the old content for this game is going to be going away come September. All the old planets, raids, strikes, and events are being removed from the game. I have no idea what this will due to the the trophy hunt, but if you are working on this game it may be best to get things done now before its gets screwy.
  17. You can die and come back. It took me two tries on Scorch to get it. That said this one can be finicky, so if it does not pop then you may need to do it again.
  18. Has anyone made a PSN chat and added the folks on here to it, might be simpler to coordinate that way. I am getting the dlc today, likely going to be rusty as hell, but I am down to team up with folks if they are available.
  19. It does not seem to work if you join the same person over and over. I tried to boost it with someone, we joined and left 20 times, we joined server hopped and left 20 times, and then finally we closed the game fully and joined. Nothing. So I joined random games and invited everyone on the server. Once I got someone I would leave and then log in and do it again. 19 people later it popped for me.
  20. No, they didn't. They said it would be a full game unto itself. I clocked in 45 hours on my first play through. Seems like a full game to me.
  21. "Seven seconds to the end. Time enough for you, perhaps. But what will you do with it." The implication being that Cloud has an opportunity to do something. Him killing Aerith is not seven seconds, neither in the cutscene or in the game. It takes 8 seconds in the cut scene and it takes 1 or 2 in universe. Also I cant find the names of the tracts playing, but they do not sound the same to me. Killing the whispers does not change what has already happened, because as pointed out their prior actions still exists. So Zack being alive is an active change, and Cloud is the only one in the position to do something like that. The rest of the changes come from Zack being around.
  22. People keep saying that, but it makes no sense. They show you the fall from multiple camera angles, plus he is falling in slow motion. Otherwise he would have moved from where he started to where he stabs her in less then a second or two. In universe that does not take seven seconds. Plus if you want to get really nit picky on it, he actually stabs her at the 8th second. The blade makes contact with her back at 7, but when it appears through her it is 8 seconds.
  23. That is entirely possible, we don't really know enough about how they are doing time travel to work out the exact rules. It could be they are pulling a Days of Futures Past, and Sephiroth now just has the knowledge and more or less is his future self. With him being a part of the life stream, and the life stream being existent across all timeline, since both it and the whispers are agents of the planet, it could be that he is simply casting is knowledge into his physical shell in the timeline we play. I agree that it is in Cloud's mind, but I do think that it is also a real place, and it is likely where the core part of Sephiroths conscience is residing. The seven seconds of change is only possible in such a space, and since we see that things do change something has to have happened. I am in agreement that Sephiroth was hoping to manipulate him into working with him or mind controlling him. The fact that he calls Cloud in for a chat the second fate is put down shows that he was hoping to immediately win, but while Cloud is not recovered yet he is a lot closer to being Cloud and not Zack then he was in the original game, so he does not fall for the manipulation. This is because Cloud actively made that change in his seven seconds. Its not so much that the whispers are beaten, its that with out them there Cloud can make this one change, and from that change everything else changes. It is really going to depend on how they handle the time lines, but I can see it going two ways. If there are two time lines, the one we played, and the one in which Zack is alive, then you can assume that nothing in our timeline will change. Zack is still dead, Biggs and Jessie are still dead, ect. How they plan to work a second non connected timeline into the narrative I don't know. Some people are saying that them showing Zack alive is fan service and is used to illustrate that there are multiple timelines, but that they don't intend to work it into the larger narrative. I don't buy this, because showing Zack off and making everyone think he is coming back just to say he is not and it was all just a metaphor is disappointing. They know we will want more, so they have to be doing something with it. The other option is that with Zack alive our time line shifts to reflect this. There are now a series of events where Zack is doing things. I think personally that he does not go on the bombing run, Cloud does. His story shifts from I am 1st class, to we are 1st class, or some variation. He still sells the mercenary line. Likley he is not using the buster sword, but some other sword or weapon. He still has all the jenova cells and still heard all the tales from Zack, so combat wise he should still be the same. Zack stays home, he is injured from the fight with Shinra. You can see he can barely stand and is really struggling to carry Cloud. He skips the second run as well, so Cloud still falls and meets Aerith. He is there to defend the tower and by then he is back on his feat. He kicks the crap out of Reno and Rude, but fails to stop the tower dropping. Biggs and Jessie are not as hurt, they live. He never runs into Aerith, but he does find out she is taken captive so he goes with the group to storm shinra. This is all off the top of my head, but I can see something like this happening. Now the games timeline shifts to reflect these changes. Cloud recalls what happened with the seven seconds and in the game we played, but he also recalls the events of the Zack timeline. I am not sure if the others would or not, but I think Aerith would. My question in all of this, if this is true, is where is he at the end. He should be with the group overlooking Midgar but he is not. I know this has a lot of holes in it, and I don't expect to be right on all of it, but something like this is what I expect to see happen if they plan to make him front and center in the next game. I think it is the second one. Assuming that they do not go with the Zack is alive merged timeline thing, then this was done to show that Aerith is aware of the timeline changes. I personally am inclined to think she has full knowledge, or at least a lot of knowledge, of the original game. She knows cloud is a merc before he says so, she knows who Marlene is and where she is before Tifa mentions her, and the talk she gives Cloud in the garden about not falling in love with her shows that she knows she is going to die, and does not want Cloud to become the depressed loner he is in Advent Children, and that she knows him more then she lets on. She says she is thankful for all the memories and the time spent together, which struck me as odd. They have only known each other a few days, but if she remembers all of the original then this makes more sense. Her seeing Zack just further shows she can see the changes.
  24. You can see Jessie's gloves n the table next to Biggs when he wakes up. They cant show blood because they are trying to avoid an M rating, but Biggs 100 percent was as dead as Jessie was. I am not sure if we have two timelines, one where Zack lived and the one we played through, or if the games timeline is retroactively changing things to account for Zack being alive, but in either case the scene where Biggs wakes up is in the same timeline as Zack being alive. Having the gloves next to him has most people thinking that Jessie is alive as well, due to Zack wrecking Shinra. Even Reno and Rude would be little challenge to him. You actually get a line from Aerith where she outright states he is lying when he says he wants to protect the planet, but I cant recall exactly where it is. I think, and this is pure theory, that he is kinda hoping to dupe Cloud into trusting him. Cloud is still mentally broken at this point, he has no idea what is going on, and Sephiroth can exert some control over him through the Jenova cells. Why fight the one person that you KNOW can put up a fight when you can talk him around to helping you. Its the same thing he did in the OG game in getting the black materia, he is just trying to be diplomatic about it instead of going full mind control. As for the Whisper realm thing, I think that has to do with Sephiroth being at the edge of creation, which is where I think the OG sephiroth is. We have the clones hanging about most of the game, this is who we see when Sephiroth appears before us in the game, then we have the one who is in the lifestream in the northern crater, just like in the old game. But I think we now also have the Sephiroth from the first game who is at the edge of creation and has all the future knowledge. The name edge of creation implies that he is in a realm outside of what fate can control, fate being tied to the will of the planet. With his foreknowledge and location outside of fate, and his original conscience still being a part of the life stream, I beleive it has given him the ability to manipulate or exert his will over the whispers. So when all of them gather at the end, including the big one, he is able to cut a hole and enter their domain. Total theory, but that is how I am looking at it for now. As for the planet becoming a part of the edge of creation, he is saying that one day the planet will hit a point beyond its predetermined destiny. More or less that the results of what choices he and Cloud make for the planet are still to come. They are beyond the edge, but eventually when they come to pass they will become the edge, because the edge is expanding as new events unfold. He is being really wordy in saying that actions now have consequence. As for him and cloud not ending, this is a multi part statement. First it alludes to him being immortal as long as Jenova is around he can come back. Whenever he does Cloud is always there to stop him. Secondly I think it is a wink to the player base as well, saying that it may have been 20 years, but they are still here and still relevant to the gaming world. I am of the opinion that the fight with the whispers is more or less mental. Midgar is not wrecked. You can see when the tornadoes are sucking things up, they are taking copies they leave the original. Like when the highway gets ripped up, but it is still there as well. I also don't think you really fight Sephiroth in the whisper void. He cuts the hole and steps through, and then I think he goes away. His goal is to have you fight Destiny. If you go through and do that then he wins. You either die or kill Destiny, he is happy with either. I think the Sephiroth we fight in the end is actually the whispers final last ditch effort to stop you . All of the whispers rush into him when you start the fight, like he absorbs all of them and meteor, and a lot of people think it is him taking them under control, but I was more of the impression they were condensing what power they had left into a form for you to fight. When you kill him he explodes into a cloud of small whispers, and I think that is what he really was. The real Sephiroth is at the edge of creation, and as soon as you kill fate for him he immediately mind jacks Cloud to have a chat. When Cloud refuses to work with him and attacks Sephiroth kicks his ass, Cloud is fighting harder right there then he has anywhere else and he still never even comes close to beating Sephiroth. This can explain why they are able to beat him so early in the story, it is the whispers not him, and they are no where near as strong as him. I think the burst of light shows the things that Cloud changed with his 7 seconds. Zack lives because the whispers are gone. Also it is only a month maybe between Zacks death and the start of OG FF7, not 5 years. You see other bursts of light on changes, such as Biggs and the seventh heaven sign, which has different damage then it does in the actual game. Beyond that it is unclear as these things are deliberately left open for speculation and I don't think we will know until the next game.