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  1. This site will show you all stats for the trophies but combines it with situations,
  2. I saw a let's play of this game, the game is just a cheap platformer but the trophy list look pretty easy.
  3. I have the same problem, but i'm from Europe and sometimes Activision only releases themes for Call of Duty in the US sadly.
  4. It totally depends on how familiar you are with the mode, for me it was pretty easy but i can see where other people may find it hard to complete. All trophies are very easy except for the trophy where you gotta save Klaus. Some steps take some getting used to but once you get to know them they are not that hard. If it's your first time trying the easter egg i would recommend to do it with a team.
  5. i personally think this punishment is insanely brutal, if you play a match of multiplayer and randomly all trophies start to pop the first thing i would do is checking my trophy list because i had no idea what was going on. it was my first time it happened so i didn't think about it syncing with the psn network. if i would have cheated the whole game or other games it becomes a different story but it were only a couple of trophies. the rest of the game/games i have on my profile are legit with no cheating at all.
  6. okay so someone sent a message to me about bo2 hacked trophies, in the topic someone else had the same issue. but he did get unflagged because the rest of his profile looked legit. can this happen in my case aswell because i didn't do it on purpose and if you check my profile you can see that i have platinumed bo1, infinite warfare and modernwarfare remastered and that i normally don't cheat with games.
  7. okay question how do you hide a game because this is my first time?
  8. no that is not true at all, what i'm trying to say is that i will try anything that might work for getting the flag away, ofcourse i cheated a trophy but i didn't do it on purpose i just booted up mp and the remaining trophies popped while i was working on the campaign. if the picture might help me prove that statement why not take a shot?
  9. okay after some reading i found out that you need to have cheated 5 trophies in a game before you get flagged, you can read the whole conversation in the link i posted. if i'm able to proof that i did the other trophies legit with a picture, it should be no problem to unflag me then right? (i really want to keep a clean record on this site)
  10. that is true but i was working on it at that time, and the big league trophy is not hard to obtain at all. i was working on the campaign first. well rip... look where it got me is there anyway it can be fixed??
  11. stefant2002 Call of Duty: Black Ops II i shouldn't be flagged for this game because i got it by playing a match of multiplayer and the remaining trophies popped one after another, i couldn't do anything about it. i still kept the game at my profile because i worked really hard for the zombies part.
  12. Thanks turning on the game again fixed it.
  13. The problem is that i can't unhide it, Its not in the list of games.
  14. Hi everybody, I've hidden Lego Harry Potter Collection from my profile (I don't know why anymore) but when i try to unhide it at the privacy settings the game doesn't show up anymore and now i'm here. I hope that somebody can help me with this issue. Thanks
  15. i've been searching on the internet for this one i have the 2 scraps at the beginning i think i need the scrap that is stuck in the pipe of the puzzle with you bouncing from pipe to pipe but how do i kill him???? i tried a stone but it didnt do something