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  1. This is not true for me atleast, i got a win, a knife kill, 11 kills and a squad win without anybody dying and i don't have any of those trophies
  2. Looks like this one is bugged for me, well what a shame. I also tried getting another in game achievement to check if it pops but that didn't work either. Wasn't planning on going for empty pockets anyway so not a big deal for me. Hopefully you guys have more luck with it, it's weird tho since my friend who helped me get the requirement got the trophy no problem.
  3. This might actually be a major issue for some people since i still didn't get it after about 90 minutes.
  4. I'm currently experiencing it as well, i did the combo trophy with 2 other dudes and they both got their trophy but i'm still waiting after 10 minutes. I got the in game achievement tho so that's kinda weird. Am i supposed to wait even longer or do i have to do something specific to fix it?
  5. So we are complaining that we wasted our time but at the same time other people can't have the trophy because it has to feel like you actually achieved it? pick a side people, i personally got it legit myself but i've met plenty of other people who are just as determined as me but just aren't good at blackout and i'm really happy for them.
  6. Guys look at it from the positive side, somewhere around the world someone is having the best day of his life because of this. I know grinding the characters was a waste of time but i'm happy for the people why don't have to do the stupid missions
  7. No i don't think it will allow trophies but since they still have the mutations glitch in zombies there might be a change to do it in blackout aswell, this way it should be a piece of cake.
  8. TROPHY GUIDE OF THE YEAR: God of War Trophy Guide: This is a very informative guide, I found getting the platinum very easy following this guide for the trophies. EXCEPTIONAL USE OF ORIGINAL CONTENT Burly Men At Sea Trophy Guide: A very clear trophy guide that helped me get the platinum in around an hour. EXCEPTIONAL USE OF FORMATTING: Shadow of the Colossus - Time Trials & Items Guide: A very detailed guide for a classic game, I remember playing this on the ps2 and I want to play it now on the ps4, I heard a lot of bad things about the time trials and I was worried it would be a platinum blocker but after reading through this guide I am confident when I do end up getting around to playing and platinuming this game I'll be able to complete it with ease. EXCEPTIONAL NICHE GAME GUIDE Call of Duty: Black Ops III Trophy Guide: This guide is helpful for a few of the harder trophies of the game, it has a lot of detail for the game and multiplayer trophies which are a pain to get achieve. These are my picks for the Guide of the year awards.
  9. Pretty sure it's not fixed, people found a method to play digital games on the 1.0 version so i guess that that is how people managed to achieve the trophy.
  10. Just got the item for menedez, it requires you to get a melee kill and a shotgun kill in a single game.
  11. Alright i've been playing blackout for 3 days straight and i didn't get it once, i got plenty of burned dolls and even more pokerchips. It feels like it moves locations since a friend of mine said he got 3 of them in a row in 1 corner of the map yesterday but right now me and him can't find it anymore today. If you got any tips or any locations where you found it it would be appreciated.
  12. Just got prophet unlocked with the new update, you gotta find his item in a supply drop and then win a game with 3 perks active
  13. Do we have any information about ''Prestigious award''?
  14. No it will work i got the digital version aswell, i don't see why you thought it wouldn't work since it's all ingame.