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  1. Hannibal Games of Thrones
  2. About 9 so far.
  3. Desktop Computers FTW!
  4. Try using a PlayStation TV and might make it look like a little better.
  5. Minecraft, The Swapper, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.
  6. I downloaded the game, but I don't if I should play it yet because I'm working on alot games so far, might play it next month.
  7. Me at school.
  8. I voted for Assassin's Creed IV because its the best AC game in my opinion, lets see if AC: Synidicate can top it.
  9. Tear Grant from Tales of Abyss and Nel from Blazblue.
  10. Naughty Dogs Rockstar Namco Bandai Bethesda Atlus Rocksteady Sucker Punch
  11. My advice is just keeping on playing until you get alll the death mode down, or you can purchase the add on bundle to get pretty easy 55 silver trophies could be even more if you have mutiple consoles like about 165 for all 3 consoles.
  12. Sound Shapes, and Rouge Legacy
  13. Might get it, but i'll look more into the game later.
  14. No my PlayStation Plus membership ended a minute ago, now I have to wait till morning to get renew one.

  15. Only thing I might play is Grow Hme because everyone keeps saying its good but it though hasn't even come out yet.