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  1. #134 Resident Evil:Revelations
  2. #133 Crysis 3 That bow was fantastic
  3. It was a while since my last i have some new ones... #128 Remember Me #129 Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City #130 Assassin's Creed III #131 God Of War:Ascension #132 Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance
  4. Sony Xperia Z!
  5. RE7 back to the roots? I think i heard that before...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. GRpixel


      Not exactly but you have some right in that opinion.i think the situations in the game are responsible for the horror touch...AND of course that stable camera that all we veterans loved.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Oh yes, and darkness with 1 flashlight! xD

    4. GRpixel


      the levels of darkness in the resi games were too good so you can see where you going...but in silent hill games that darkness is annoying.

  6. RE Revelations soon!

    1. Yoshi


      Revelations is awesome, i'm definitely getting it.

    2. GRpixel


      all the fans (and not only) should got it!

  7. #126 Dead Space 3 Brave New World Obtain all trophies. Nice scenario and enjoyable co-op but that evade roll is COMPLETELY USELESS!!!
  8. #126 Far Cry 3 Mastered the Jungle Obtain all the Trophies. incredible game!hope for a sequel!
  9. #125 Battlefield:Bad Company 2 Bad Company Elite Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies
  10. 47
  11. 10/10 for Cloud Strife!
  12. 7/10...keep it up!
  13. 10/10 because it's Raiden!!!
  14. obviously the ps4 will have trophies! i want a small change to be done when you're going to get the platinum trophy...i was thinking a woman voice saying " Congratulations you've obtained the Platinum " or something like that. am i asking too much?