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  1. I'm pretty sure you will be able to visit this island in free roam once the story has been finished.
  2. Anyone know how to unlock number of the beast trophy?
  3. Someone will probably have the platinum before it's even released which is pretty sad
  4. This game looks sweet, definitely gunna buy.
  5. What F1 cars are even in the game, is there a licensed car or is it fictional. I don't like the fact that qualifying is done on a track by yourself, I would prefer it if it was done all cars going round the track at the same time like normal, you never no if you have done a good time or not.
  6. Really enjoyed this game, definitely worth the £7. Has anybody played any similar games to this they could recommend.
  7. Cheers pal, that's exactly the ones I was missing 👍 need to pay more attention
  8. Thanks, I got it that time, must have missed doing that :(. Is there any other requirements for killing all the angels other than blowing them up? I don't get it I have done it on 3 playthroughs now and still not got the trophy. Also the dead piles of bodies I have burned all those and not got that trophy either.
  9. Anyone kow do you unlock the CAT PERSON trophy? I have hacked all the cats and it's says completed under all 3 of them yet I didn't get the trophy.
  10. I have probably put a couple of hours into this game so far, whilst the artwork in this game is really very nice I am finding the gameplay abit dull, the guns literally do nothing and once you start getting further through the game the enemies start teleporting and dashing all over the place and it all becomes a little messy, I just find myself dashing around aimlessly, I doesn't seem either fun or tactical just a mess.
  11. I believe there could be a couple of glitched trophies. EXPOSED requires you to collect all secret key cards which I have done and haven't got the trophy. RAINING LIMBS requires you to get 50 explode kills, I must have over 1000 of these and still no trophy
  12. Have this on pre order, the game play is remenisant of mother Russia bleeds which I really enjoyed, there is a nice lot of trophies aswell. Should be pretty fun in co-op
  13. So as we speak 6 peaple have got 3 condors or more, I find that amazing, so far I would say I have spent 2 hours trying for one and the nearest I have got was 5 foot away.
  14. Doesn't mega cups make the course unofficial though? 3 condors is abit ridiculous, surely one should be enough
  15. Anyone know how you unlocked more VS characters once you have watched the credits? It says Today's Special rank Revenge VS Character with a question mark