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  1. Dragon Age: Origins Dragonslayer Defeated the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes
  2. Dragon Age: Origins Elite Main character learned two specializations
  3. Dragon Age: Origins Easy Lover Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran Easy trophy too!
  4. Dragon Age: Origins First Knight Experienced the thrill of romance with Alistair Well that was a pretty awkward love scene. Ok...time to bang Zevran.
  5. Dragon Age: Origins In War, Victory Defeated the ogre that killed King Cailan ("Return to Ostagar" downloadable content)
  6. Dragon Age: Origins Last of the Wardens Completed Ostagar
  7. Looks good. 10/10
  8. Yep, Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulty trophies are disabled when you're playing a weekly challenge so don't even bother getting em' that way.
  9. Dragon Age: Origins Kinslayer Completed the Dwarf Noble origin story That's it for all the origin stories. Will stick with my city elf character since that was my favorite.
  10. Dragon Age: Origins Conscripted Completed the City Elf origin story
  11. Dragon Age: Inquisition Shaper of Stone End the earthquakes threatening the surface. I love the Deep Roads.
  12. Dragon Age: Inquisition Winter's End Dispel a myth of ancient days. One more trophy and then i can head to the Deep Roads to play the next DLC.
  13. Dragon Age: Origins Bloodied Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle This game's been on my hard drive for a while. Gonna complete all the origin stories to start.
  14. Dead Space 3 Axes High Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
  15. Assassin's Creed Unity Fraternité! Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once. They disabled co-op for a mission that wasn't really designed to be played solo. It wasn't pretty.