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  1. Grand Theft Auto V A Mystery, Solved Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.
  2. I've got the plats for Metal Gear Solid 2,3,4 and Peace Walker, so sign me up for Venom.
  3. I'd send em' all to the nearest chinese restaurant. If life gave you immortality...
  4. The doors are closed during a combat alert. Ya gotta take out all the guards and UAV's or find a good place to lie down and wait until one of the guards calls off the alert.
  5. Dragon Age: Origins A Dark Promise Defeated the Archdemon and, through a dark ritual with Morrigan, spared your own life
  6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Assert Yourself Next Time Fail a mission. Nothin' i could do.
  7. Dragon Age: Origins Dragonslayer Defeated the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes
  8. Dragon Age: Origins Elite Main character learned two specializations
  9. Dragon Age: Origins Easy Lover Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran Easy trophy too!
  10. Dragon Age: Origins First Knight Experienced the thrill of romance with Alistair Well that was a pretty awkward love scene. Ok...time to bang Zevran.
  11. Dragon Age: Origins In War, Victory Defeated the ogre that killed King Cailan ("Return to Ostagar" downloadable content)
  12. Dragon Age: Origins Last of the Wardens Completed Ostagar
  13. Looks good. 10/10
  14. Yep, difficulty trophies are disabled when you're playin' a weekly challenge so don't even bother gettin' 'em that way.
  15. Dragon Age: Origins Kinslayer Completed the Dwarf Noble origin story That's it for all the origin stories. Will stick with my city elf character since that was my favorite.
  16. Dragon Age: Origins Conscripted Completed the City Elf origin story
  17. Dragon Age: Inquisition Shaper of Stone End the earthquakes threatening the surface. I love the Deep Roads.
  18. Dragon Age: Inquisition Winter's End Dispel a myth of ancient days. One more trophy and then i can head to the Deep Roads to play the next DLC.
  19. Dragon Age: Origins Bloodied Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle This game's been on my hard drive for a while. Gonna complete all the origin stories to start.
  20. Dead Space 3 Axes High Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
  21. Assassin's Creed Unity Fraternité! Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once. They disabled co-op for a mission that wasn't really designed to be played solo. It wasn't pretty.
  22. Thanks. Btw i'm expecting you to mash the shit outta the F key when i beat FUBAR difficulty! 😇 Assassin's Creed Unity Curtain Call Complete Memory Sequence 12. Time to grab my free trophies in the Dead Kings DLC.
  23. Spec Ops: The Line The Devil's Disciple Complete game on "Suicide Mission" difficulty. Ok, that was pretty tough...
  24. Assassin's Creed Unity An Old Internet Meme Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions. I've got a much better meme in mind...
  25. Killing Floor 2 Trepaning For Fun and Profit Collect all the items (skulls) on "Nightmare" I think this recent update fixed the freezing glitch when you join survival matches. Keep them updates and maps comin' Tripwire!