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  1. The interactions between Joel, Ellie, and Bill. Both the cutscenes when Bill tells Ellie not to touch his stuff and in game dialogue. Ellie: So, why don't you fix one of these cars? Bill: Oh my God, you're a genius! I mean why on earth haven't I thought about fixing one of these cars? Ellie: Okay, don't be a dick... 😂
  2. Some of my favorites: Birdy the Mighty Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple Black Lagoon A Certain Magical Index: Baka+Test: D-Frag: Haganai: Kaze no Stigma: Princess Resurrection:
  3. Packers signing Amos away from the Bears. Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith, new edge rushers and young at 26. Nick Perry was made of glass and kept injuring his arms. I liked Clay Matthews, but looks like the Packers are moving on. Would've like him to back and playing inside linebacker. Billy Turner for possible starting RT if Bulaga can't stay healthy this season. Gute said he was gonna be active this off season. I keep hearing they're interested in Mark Ingram, but I like Aaron Jones and Jamaal WIlliams and hopefully just draft another RB instead.
  4. I dunno if it's been mentioned or talked about on here, but are you guys following what is going on with the drama surrounding Vic Mignogna? Basically he got accused(all allegations, no evidence) of sexual harassment and Monica Rial came out with allegations and Sean Schemmel and others came out to support her. But now they're back tracking on their comments and Funimation is trying to cover it up. Here's one of many videos discussing what is going on:



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    2. Redgrave


      I said it in another status but this whole ordeal has made me lose respect for some of these voice actors because of how quick they were to backstab and throw Vic under the bus despite working with the guy for as long as they have. Even worse is Monica and Sean have dug themselves deeper holes every day by saying something stupid on Twitter to where Sean made up some bullshit swatting story that sounds like it was taken from a Law & Order episode saying that whoever called it in said "I stand with Vic" before hanging up.


      And now it's come to where Vic has lawyered up in a case that is and better be in his favor. I barely knew who the guy was before all this but after hearing about it he seems like an alright guy that admittedly yeah he does seem a bit touchy but if anyone had an issue with it they should have said something sooner. Monica made some weird post that I have a hard time believing she made herself saying something like Vic grabbed her hair and did inappropriate things in front of a crowd of fans like what? It's hard to tell if her and Sean really are that dumb or if they think the fanbase is that stupid. Thankfully the people that do believe them appear to be a minority but it's still stupid that anyone can look at the stuff they have been saying and not think they are deranged. 

    3. black_coyote49


      Yeah when Sean and Monica saw that the fans were supporting them and were supporting Vic instead, they started backing off and now Vic is gonna take them to court. 



      Yeah I saw that swatting story too. Then it was later found that an employee from Funimation set everything up and the picture was fake(it was like from another tweet years ago) and the swatting didn't happen. Sean then admitted he was wrong and then set his twitter to private afterwards lol. 


      Honestly, you would think that voice actors would be like a fraternity where everyone supports each other and is happy when others succeed, especially when most of them work on the same anime/shows(I know, it's not a perfect world =/). I mean I understand that Sean must get frustrated being asked to voice the same character for like what. 20 years, and then see Chris Sabat and Vic do voice work for many shows/anime. I read earlier that there might've been jealously and egotism could've also played a role in singling out Vic. 


      I dunno, I just thought it was funny that Monica and the accusers(good band name huh? =P) piled on Vic, saw the momentum swing Vic's way when people starting searching and finding out the truth, and now they're like, "Oh, let's not take this to court. Let's not take it that far."


      If Vic is in the wrong, then he's in the wrong. But if he's found innocent(I'm not saying he is, but with everything that has been found, it looks like he's telling the truth), then there has to be consequences for the accusers. I mean you're dealing with careers here, can't just say "I was wrong, I apologized to Vic." and then act like nothing happened. This also applies in real life, I mean it could happen to us. And we're guilty by association before there's even any evidence of wrong doing. 


    4. thepeaguy


      I'm glad Vic has prepared a legal team to counteract this insanity. I hope it truly goes well for him.

  5. Fruit Stripe Gum, Ouch Bubble Gum, or Bubble Tape?
  6. A rule I try to follow is to play the game normally the first time. Take my time to enjoy the experience, enjoy the gameplay/cutscenes, just enjoy the game and not worry bout the trophies.Then after that, clean up and try to get all the trophies. If it takes me 2-4 playthroughs to finish, so be it(if it's a game that I enjoyed the first playthrough, even better for me because it wouldn't feel like a chore). There are games that I could've finished in faster times, but life happens i.e. work, don't have the time, wanna watch movies or do other stuff, too tired, or I just don't feel like playing today. Sometimes I get burnout from trophy hunting and I wanna take a break and come back later. So I like taking my time. I know other people have jobs/hobbies/kids/other interests and still have alot of time to play video games, but I like play at my own pace. In the end, to each their own I guess. I know some people rush through a game to finish that game because they got other games to play. I also know people speedrun through a game just to say they're "first". More power to them. But for me, I like to slowpoke through games, even if it takes me months to finish. My backlog of games keeps growing each year and I ain't gonna finish them anytime soon lol so at the pace I'm going I should be set for the next couple of years.😅
  7. Devil May Cry - Table of Contents - Unlock every enemy file in the status menu The devil's bible.😉
  8. Post Traumatic EP:
  9. I think the happiest person right now is Roger Goodell(after docking the Pats draft picks/suspending Brady) and not having to give the Lombardi trophy to Kraft again.
  10. Good job Eagles beating the "Cheetahs". Had me worried and when Peterson took the gas off the pedal at the end after that strip sack fumble and going with 3 run plays after being aggressive all game. Catch rule... I dunno, for me it looked like Ertz took 2 steps and made a football move and dove. Ground can't cause a fumble and he broke the plane, soo touchdown right? But then that Jesse James catch....:shrugs: I dunno lol.
  11. Who is your daddy and what does he do?