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  1. I used to be the closest on track towards the platinum. I can confirm that ALL time related trophies are glitched. As well as ranks. Don’t bother.
  2. None of you will be able to reach silver league. And or gold and possibly bronze. Ranks are horribly glitched and online has Disconnecting problems. I dumped so many hours into the game and I’m not mad just sometimes you really want to rep that plat but can’t ARGH!
  3. I don't know of this is just me but some of these trophies albeit easy are an incredibly annoying and somewhat luck based with the whole betrayals etc? It actually kills the entire fun of the game after the 400th time and idk about anyone else but i'm only finishing this because i have the original platinum and i feel obliged too, is anyone else feeling this way? mordor 9/10 this one 5/10
  4. Sadikoff. Good luck finding anyone. My group is dedicated but they’re highly not willing to start over. I don’t think you’ll be able quickly. Absolute bitch of a multiplayer !
  5. Game is atrociously annoying hard difficult and boring. Nooone. Litterally 0. Went for the platinum.
  6. I’m playing this now guys. Don’t bother. Gameplay is SLLLLOOOWWWWWW a couple missions takes hours even when turns are “sped up”. Game doesn’t teach you how to play. The armor trophy and I think one more is glitched and simple navigation of builds and menus are hard to find idek I don’t think they cared at all when porting this. Plus even on easy this game is HARD AS HELL. I’d say only play if you’re a hardcore strategy lover as this game has one hell of a challenge. It’s like chess each move matters
  7. Absolutely not easy. No sir.
  8. I just did 88% in one sitting whole paying little to no attention, gotta sweep up the multiplayer and a few left. this is DEFINITELY a 1/10. 12-14 hours
  9. I am currently working on quantom theory on the ps3 and it's unbearable and additionally will include 70 hours grinding multiplayer for 1 million xp ((
  10. Eh idk why you had to put "some arab dude" roll with Asian or arabian man ! Haha but I can tell you some of my recent plats just to give you an idea 1.) Sniper elite 3 (not too difficult if you're patient enough to sneak) 2.) Hardware rivals (kiddie car combat indie game) 3.) Wolfenstein the new order 4.) Plants vs zombies (grindy)
  11. Enjoying 3rd party games on ps3 and 4 but 110% of them having bugged trophies that make me quit games for weeks waiting for fixes!
  12. Just completed 2nd playthrough and broke EVERY sarcophagus, can't seem to get the "Got walkthrough?" Trophy to pop. Please any tips , it's such a shame sitting at 91% with no plat