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  1. Multi-kill Perform 4 splash damage kills simultaneously. Chain Alpha Chain together 5 consecutive kills. The Crusher For completing operation 11 and 12 Rookie For finishing all levels on rookie difficulty
  2. :platinum: #25 - Goat Simulator (PS3) [1,337th Trophy Milestone]

    Hilarious and an enjoyable game that one could play. Flappy Goat was a road block and I was about to come on status updates again. Overall it was fun. :)    

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    2. Honor_Hand


      That time when you're about to come on a Status update is because you know things are serious O.O xD


      Congrats on the Platinum, Max! :)

    3. Temmie


      Damn good job on Flappy Goat.  Hail the goatborn!

    4. ee28max


      Thanks everyone! :)


      @Rewemarkt66 :lol: 



      It was frustrating though. You'd think you made it, but somehow you hit the ladder when it doesn't even look like it. You can always come back to it when you're ready. 29 trophies out of 31 and then have that one left you give up on doesn't sound right. 



      I had to apply rapid mathematical skills. Had to start this at 1,306 trophies. :lol:  

      I'll be sure that the next milestone will be better. :D 



      I know right? Last time it was that father scroll in Teslagrad. :D 


  3. #25 Goat Simulator (PS3) All The Goat! Unlock all the Goat Trophies! BAAAAA it is, my 25th platinum and also...my 1,337th trophy - elite milestone achieved. Good game, had another great moment with this game. A little glitchy here and there (in terms of the controls, not trophies) and its apex is incredibly hilarious. Different mutators with their own special abilities, making the gameplay unique. The game featured two cities/levels: Goat Ville and Goat City. Both cities were amazing to explore around, but Goat City was larger. Some challenges were quite tough, such as the wall run ones, but I managed to complete them. Moving on two feet (the manual challenge) was a pain as well. Courtesy of the slow-mo feature by pressing the button, it was a smooth ride. The goat's body is pretty much slender, which makes the landing unsuccessful majority of the time. Each had 30 collectibles (goat trophies). A few were well-hidden, but no so hard to obtain. Flappy Goat. What a mini game that was. It was indeed my runner-up trophy. Some guides recommend you tackle hard trophies fast, but I'd leave the challenge for last. This game is widely known for its similarity with Flappy Bird (a game I've never heard of ever) and an Android game for Lollipop or Marshmellow versions (going through the settings and then tapping "Android version"). It took me several tries and I finally got through it. The rage video on YouTube gave me a good laugh. Games that always have that one challenge. Great game overall. Next up: Heavy Fire: Afghanistan Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear
  4. Don't know how to sum everything up considering the mix. "Roman Reigns on SmackDown" has two sides: 1. Quite obvious he already is the star of the show and will probably be winning this year's MITB match, one he should've won in 2015 had it not been due to Bray Wyatt's interference. This probably also has to do with the involvement of FOX and I, myself thought Brock Lesnar would be the acquisition. 2. It almost looked he had a little heel adrenaline there when he beat up both Vince and Elias. That other mid 2016 Roman Reigns where he was more of a less talk guy. Looks like both main event champs Seth and Kofi still don't have next challengers and have only been in tag team matches for two weeks in a row. I sense Kevin Owens turning heel at some point on The New Day and snatching the spot for the WWE championship. Now that Roman is gone, now please, put people like Drew and others in the queue for the Universal title shot. I'm confused as well as now we have Becky appearing on RAW and SmackDown. I don't even get what the point was of having that winner take all match when Lacey Evans is only gonna challenge Becky 2 belts (lol, I even thought such words were banned from TV) for the RAW Women's title only. I'm guessing it's the end for Sasha Banks & Bayley. More tag teams at least, but then with all the claims, the division is slowly dying after that short reign of the titles. More prestige on the way? Maybe. Triple H indeed creates, while Vince is a buries. The Viking Experience? WTF. It's okay to look back how people were mad at the name War Raiders from War Machine, but this time we didn't need another name change. They are still NXT tag champs and are already getting ruined on their debut.
  5. Try Hard Find all the trophies in Goat Ville! I freaking love goats Find all collectibles on level 2
  6. One Ball Ride a bike for 60 sec GoatQueen Become the Queen of GoatVille Boulder of Death Hit the party with the Boulder of Death Dodge This Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again Alexander Goatstafsson Win the title bout!
  7. It would suck if you have to start all over. I learned my lesson to not use the crystals to buy spells. I only used them to upgrade my armor every time the enemies got tougher.
  8. Demolition Addict 500 destructible objects destroyed in total
  9. :platinum: #24 - Goosebumps: The Game

    Fun game. It was a refresher after my horrible experience with that Magrunner: Dark Pulse son of a game. Brings back the memories when I used to play Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret on Origin. That orange-haired dummy at the end was creepier than Slappy himself. :lol: 

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    2. ee28max



      Awesome, at least that one has online and boosting, so you won't have to pull another Gran Turismo 5. 😅

      Good progress on the PS4 games. Steep looks really fun. I wanted to buy and try out one of those Shaun White Snowboarding games, but I was late and sold out. I enjoyed playing snowboarding games online years ago. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ShonenCat
  10. #24 Goosebumps: The Game You Can't Scare Me! Earn every Trophy. Yep, I was getting goosebumps along the way. I enjoyed this game. Better than my previous platinum and I even decided to make this my fastest platinum (finished in 2 days, 9 hours) and I know I could've been faster, but there were so many interruptions here and there which prevented me from moving forward. Shout out to @Miles_Warren for his detailed guides. Could not have done it without them. I loved the puzzles and items you pick up in the game. There was a part I messed up which cost me a whole playthrough, but it didn't bother me at all. After defeating Slappy, that orange-haired creepy dummy made the ending similar to any other horror scene. That Officer Murphy guard at the mall was also creepy. The shadows shown in the background would give me little fright and I had fun with that. Next up Goat Simulator My road to 1,337 (Elite milestone) trophies is still on! Ewe are gonna have bleat-ful ride.
  11. It's Only a Nightmare Complete the game without ever using the cell phone. Danger Time Complete the game after draining your phone to 0% battery.
  12. Looks like Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre will be going to SmackDown during the shake-up, so they won't have to be "shadowed by Roman Reigns", same reason that got Samoa Joe on the blue brand due to a push he was gonna receive, but come a year later, he only won the US title (which is better than what he's been months before) and still hasn't beaten AJ Styles in a singles match. One month Drew McIntyre is all solo and a pure monster heel, the other he is with a team. He was partially in the match anyway, only Sheamus and Cesaro did most. Maybe the shake-up will do wonders but I still doubt it. So far I'm loving The IIconics as Women's Tag Team champs. They are already better than Sasha Banks & Bayley, I never thought so myself until it all came into fruition. I wonder who Paige will be bringing next week. Absolution? AJ Lee and Kaitlyn? LayCool? I also never knew Shane McMahon's heel work would be amazing. He was the type of guy who would always praise the WWE Universe every time he would go on screen or say something on the mic, and now it's something else. Don't know if it's over with The Miz, but this whole "Best In The World" thing keeps playing with my head. One day I say he'll come using CM Punk's entrance to troll the fans, and the other I say CM Punk appears and confronts Shane for stealing his catchphrase. Imagine the pop he'd receive. I wish Randy Orton won at WM. Looks like his routine on SmackDown is just RKO'ing everyone after their match from outta nowhere and then you have Kevin Owens botching the Stunner, but Rusev sells it perfectly. Are we about see the debut of Team R-KO? And Sami Zayn as heel, while the crowd still singing to his theme song was one of the highlights on SmackDown.
  13. Slappy's Nightmare Discover Slappy's secret shame. Not the Living Dummy's Night Survive the game to completion. How I Learned to Fly Finish the game in 175 turns or fewer. All-Day Nightmare Finish the game in 300 turns or fewer.
  14. Boring #RAWAfterMania RAW just can't be any good as they have to take superstars from SmackDown or are they actually spoiling the shake-up? I wonder what it would've been like if The Bar didn't interrupt the match. Could we have seen Seth Rollins become the first superstar to hold two titles twice? WWE & US titles, Universal & WWE titles. I saw the Sami Zayn return coming and I don't see good things for him to come in the near future either. Just look at how bland Kevin Owens' return has become. Maybe the shake-up will have something refreshing in store for us, but still. Bringing The Undertaker on RAW after the Mania he wasn't part of for the first time since 1991 had me with mixed reactions. I mean, yeah sure, the segment was alright when Elias said the next person who was gonna come out would be a "dead man" and not "Deadman". I just don't know where all that'll go. Lacey Evans finally did something great and I bet those who know nothing about her or those who don't watch NXT think she can't fight. Still not sure what the future of the Women's division will be like considering both branded titles on one person. Just hoping there won't be another Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair feud. Alexa Bliss beating Bayley is 2017 all over and that made me chuckle. She'll probably be back into the title picture, but we'll have to wait and see. Sensing another story here. I'm glad Bobby Lashley brought up Renee Young into the whole thing when Dean was about to leave. I don't want to hold Dean hostage in WWE, I mean, if he wants to leave, I respect his decision. His return lead to a joke, his heel turn shattered him into many pieces and his IC title reign wasn't even that good. The "Moral Compass" gimmick died out instantly and a random babyface turn came from outta nowhere. So this is what I see; Bobby Lashley will be bothering Renee over the week(s), maybe a couple of videos being posted outside WWE or a Twitter confrontation, which will lead to Dean Ambrose having that urge to return. He'll go one-on-one with Bobby: if he wins, he'll re-sign and be reinstated in the company. If he loses, he'll be gone forever. I miss such storylines.
  15. WrestleMania 35 was pretty much an enjoyable show. I'm not going deep into detail, just a few things. Okay, so the Universal Championship match kicking off the show was the most surprising thing up to date and as far as @Dr_Mayus goes, that's probably the reason why it started first. It was rushed and also not too serious and concentrated, like Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX. Well I can say congrats to Seth Rollins and ending the reign of terror as we can finally have a decent title run on RAW. That technically made last year's match stupid and Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series match stupid, because Daniel Bryan could actually go along with many low blows to put the Beast down, but Seth could just hit one and 3 curb stomps. Does that make him stronger than Roman Reigns now? Too bad Drew McIntyre lost. I really hope that didn't kill his momentum, but it probably did, I mean, why did he have to feud with "Roman Reigns" in the first place? *"You can't bury me, John." * Becky Lynch finally did it, and that probably ended the feud. Now I wonder what will happen. I actually expected things to go on, such as the 4HW coming out to help Ronda or something similar to causing a havoc in the first ever women's main event. Well done Kofi Kingston! I agree it was the best match of the night. Other matches would've easily gone on top of this, but they were rather rushed (well that's what you get when you have such a huge match card). I feel bad for The Miz losing, I mean, that was his moment. The ending looks like the feud isn't over, but who knows. So much for the build up. You know what happens, when Triple H puts his career on the line at MetLife Stadium? He wins. First at WrestleMania 29, and then 6 years later. The mid-card championship matches were all short. They looked nothing more than fillers, but I'm glad Samoa Joe retained and Finn Balor reclaimed his IC title. I hope gets a better reign and better opponents. I hope that ended the repetitive Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor matches. For the kickoff show, congrats to Tony Nese. It was finally his moment. I do wonder if there'd be any 205 Live main roster call-ups for the superstar shake-up.