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  1. Speedy Fast Beat the Record Time on the Gorge Green Thumb Cure Dark Eco Infected Plants Catch as Catch Can Catch the Flying Lurkers
  2. Purple Pain Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings De-Klawwed Defeat Klaww Zoom Zoom! Reach the End of the Mountain Pass The Orbetrator Collect 1000 Precursor Orbs Power Chords Collect 50 Power Cells
  3. February 17, 2019 Predictions Kickoff: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match - Buddy Murphy vs Akira Tozawa Winner: Buddy Murphy Another edit for competition. Buddy Murphy is really going well with the title. He'll probably drop it at WrestleMania. This reminds me of what's Asuka's next move after this PPV. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush vs Finn Balor Winner: Finn Balor I still hope Finn Balor wins the IC title on the grandest stage of them all, where she should've won last year, to enlighten the moment. One of the few titles that have been on the constant change of hands, just like the RAW Tag Team championship. Last time those belts were defended was at Hell In A Cell 2018 and since then, they were often defended on RAW. Dean Ambrose deserved a longer reign and I even wanted to witness a dream match between him a Balor for the title, but it never happened (and maybe it never will sadly). No Disqualification Match - Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman Winner: Braun Strowman I don't care either. Drew McIntyre shouldn't even be part of this. This should be his year and he should stop aligning himself with people. WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match - Shane McMahon & The Miz vs The Usos Winners: Shane McMahon & The Miz Great segment it was on SmackDown. McMiz will hold on to the belts a for little longer before dropping them or when one of them turn their backs on each other, just when the time comes for the end of the random best team in the world. WWE RAW Women's Championship Match - Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott Winner: Ronda Rousey Ruby Riott got to face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship around this time last year, specifically at Fastlane. While we saw a great match there, I believe she can pull off another great one. The two PPVs between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are indeed a curse. Elimination Chamber - WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match - Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan vs Nia Jax & Tamina vs Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Carmella & Naomi vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville Winners: The IIconics I'm probably wrong, but I think it's about time we see these two win something. Their win at Australia in October didn't have much effect, so this will. Also a bright side for SmackDown having these titles first because that's where the tag team division rises more (maybe not for women in this case, but we'll see). I'd also like to see Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville win. Elimination Chamber - WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe Winner: Daniel Bryan Had to put him there because he's obviously the most favored one to win. I hope this isn't the end of Kofi Kingston as I'd like to see him face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania for the title. They should probably put up a No. 1 contender's match somewhere in March which he'll win. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton also needs to begin shortly after this.
  4. Shiny Happy Steeples Connect the Eco Beams
  5. Glad they finally let Kofi Kingston do his thing because he really deserves it. Becoming the iron man for the gauntlet match and being in the Elimination Chamber match. Just hoping Edge doesn't appear from outta nowhere to beat him up and replace him 😂 The only title he needs for Grand Slam and I hope it isn't over for him yet. Kinda hoping he gets to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, while AJ Styles faces Randy Orton (last time I saw a great match between the two was in 2017 to determine who was gonna face Bray Wyatt at WM33). The PPV looks quite simple and then we still have Fastlane after that. There are already some matches we can have for WrestleMania, like Bobby Lashley vs Finn Bálor. I hope these things don't get lost in the shuffle. Let's not forget that Asuka still doesn't have an opponent. Just hoping she doesn't become inactive like how the US title was (I understand right now because there was a gauntlet match and SmackDown is only like 2 hours).
  6. Of course The Revivals won the RAW Tag Team Championships so they won't leave for AEW. Like it isn't obvious. They're probably gonna drop them at WrestleMania to Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. Some writers are just high. Already knew Charlotte Flair was gonna be added in the match. Thinking about Asuka not having a challenger for Elimination Chamber, and Charlotte was the only one who wasn't involved in the women's tag team match, she was obviously going to be added. Now just waiting for another one of those underdog turn ups stuff. That Dean Ambrose lowkey support to Seth Rollins could be teasing something coming up. Since Brock Lesnar had to lose the title to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2018 due to a "distraction" and hitting himself with the chair (stupidest way to lose ever, especially as a beast like Brock Lesnar), I don't think Vince will be capable of letting Seth Rollins beat Brock by himself. If Dean will leave after WrestleMania they might have him be a help in the victory and maybe Roman Reigns will appear to congratulate Seth Rollins as he spins and swings the title around his head. This leading to the fact that Seth Rollins to be the only Shield member to have beaten Brock at WM and only Dean Ambrose to never have beaten Brock Lesnar in his career, leading to another break up with a reason of "The Shield makes me weak" (when in actual fact it's the booking) because Vince is a mad old man.
  7. Tonight's Featured Event Defeat Lurker Ambush in Arena Power Lunch Collect 25 Power Cells
  8. :platinum: #19 - Guacamelee! (PS3)

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      Lucha, Lucha, Lucha! :D Congrats on the plat B)

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      Thanks guys ☺


      @Jesaya815 Great reference for WWE and the game background, thanks for the laugh 😂👍


      @Honor_Hand I had to use Google Translate for that 😂😂 

      I went offline while you were playing Gran Turismo 5. Good luck again 👍


      @ihadalifeb4this Looking forward to have FIFA 16 for #20. I have two trophies left, but only one of them can enable me to move forward, otherwise I guess I'm just gonna have to stick to Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and make that #20. 

    4. Ala-Arska


      Congrats, mate:yay:

  9. #19 Guacamelee! (PS3) Guacamelee! Platinum trophy Your luchador mask is in the mail That luchador mask in the mail is indeed the platinum trophy as its symbol. One of the few platformer, hack 'n' slash games I played. Just found out I'm not too good as these type of games, so I should try not to stick around often. They are fun, I admit, but they can get really hard at times. I can relate a lot in this very game. So, I got this game from the UK January Sale that occurred last month for £3.11 since I wanted to give it a shot. One of the first games I actually played on digital and I'm looking forward to play more that I purchased. Fun game. I couldn't have gone this far if it weren't for the second player, Tostada, of which both her and Juan have a captivating chemistry together. I had thoughts and doubts about not able to get the platinum without the DLC (due to the costumes and other additional content that may put the game at ease) and I'm glad I was wrong. Most enemies were really brutal, especially those jaguars, chupacabras, and many more. Some climbing were a headache too, using the swap dimension power to get through some places boiled my blood. The boss fights were a mere threat for my pursuit to the end. I experienced a tough time with Jaguar Javier, but he turned out to be a piece of cake on hard mode (don't know why though). Collecting the orbs were a huge pain, most especially the one located in Sierra Morena where there are platforms that disappear. That was actually the last one I got before getting the final one from defeating Calaca (for some reason if you get this orb earlier before others, it won't register after you click "continue" from the main menu as soon as you complete the game, which is why I had to beat him twice again). The trickiest orb was the one located in Tule Tree. So many things to climb on and frequent swap dimensions had to be in action. There's no way one could get this without having unlocked every power. I came across a very clever and well-thought of trophy name from the trophy list ( Boom-Shack-Calaca) and I admired it, considering the reference of other aspects in reality. Also one I admired from another game (Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Main Avent) as a reference to the real word "Main Event" from WWE and other sports-entertainment industries. Up next: For a few months I have been deciding on what I should plan for my 20th platinum milestone and made a decision (tough one, but I'd like to get it) FIFA 16 - I really want this to be my 20th platinum milestone. In honor of my FIFA 14 (failure to be my first platinum, which will forever remain 97% for 42/44 trophies), EA Sports shut down MatchDay Live without any announcements to the closure or any warnings, thus blocking me from obtaining the platinum. That's what made me hate the developers of the game series. I enjoy reading different trophy titles and choose the best ones to be on my milestones box. "Platinum", "Platinum Trophy", and many more are less-effort made trophies, but they don't bother me that much; it's just that I wouldn't consider putting them up or having prior plans for them (unless it's a game I really love and would make it a milestone). My 10th platinum (Battlefield 4) and my 1,000th trophy (WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2010) happen to be a few, but I enjoyed the games so much, so I'm still happy with them.
  10. Who put these here??? Collect every chest in the game That was Hard Mode? Defeat the game on Hard mode El Savior Access the alternative ending (collect all orbs) Guacamelee! Platinum trophy Your luchador mask is in the mail
  11. Gumshoe Complete the Chicken Thief quest Poncho'd Out Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever) Lore Master Complete All Side Quests Three more trophies and the platinum is mine. I know I'm gonna get my ass handed to Jaguar Javier, but to prevent that I'm gonna have to collect all the chests (since I'll be having all powers available before fighting him) and of course the orbs. Only collected one so far which was located at Juan's house. It's gonna be interesting collecting them considering the places I haven't been to, and to admire how and where they are hidden.
  12. Up Close and Personal Defeat Calaca using only melee attacks Boom-Shack-Calaca Defeat Calaca Catch the Rainbow! Connect with all six special attacks without touching the ground They hit really hard Defeat 5 arenas in Hard mode Delicious Complete the World's Greatest Enchilada quest
  13. Rocketman Soar through the air for 12 seconds using "Goat Fly" Licking his Wounds Defeat Jaguar Javier Cleaned Out Buy all the items in the shop Got to catch them all Find an orb Nooks and Crannies Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area Just started this game yesterday and I already have earned 35 trophies in it. Have to say that was some good progress. I'll probably have a hard time getting the orbs and chests, and of course, hard mode. I just patched it right now and I don't know what to think.
  14. Got this for $14.99 from the US PSN Store.
  15. Glad they cleared up that Mandy Rose/Naomi feud. Now that's a long term feud. It all looked nonsense at first including a married man and such. Only weird thing is how they had qualifying matches on RAW for the Women's Tag Team Championship, but Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose just got in automatically. I'm guessing the next teams are The IIconics and maybe a surprise. Samoa Joe buried everyone on the mic and you could see Randy Orton's reaction lol. Same as how he reacted when Batista roasted Triple H during the SmackDown 1000 episode. Great EC match coming up. Hoping there'll be a multi-man match at WM35 as well.