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  1. Yeah, it is. But not for long anymore, because EA is also looking into that issue and will update the Match Day Challenges ( Challenging) and Be A Pro challenges ( On My Own). It is also being discussed here >> If you want you can also jump in and click "Me Too" on the Original Post. No worries, mate.
  2. Apparently the Pro Clubs and Co-op Seasons trophies are unobtainable in the NA/EU region. No need to worry though, because it's just a server issue and EA is working on fixing it. It's being discussed here >>
  3. Yep, disconnecting from the internet and PSN helped me a lot. Good thing I finally 100%'d it.
  4. SmackDown LIVE (20/6/2017): Good show. So glad Daniel Bryan's back and there's gonna be a Women's Money in the Bank rematch next Tuesday. Although Carmella really deserved to win the MitB, she didn't win it by herself and that's not acceptable. Looks like someone should really teach James how to shut up and not stick into businesses he doesn't belong (Like Big Cass for example ). So, I don't know who'll win anymore. I'm just gonna watch and find out. Nakamura is going up! Defeated Ziggler twice now. Long time since I've seen an Open Challenge for any championship. Kevin Owens finally tucked his boots in and opened one. I think AJ and KO's rivalry has started/continued. My favorite part of the show was the match of Jinder Mahal and Luke Harper. I loved it when Baron came out to warn Jinder. Would be great to see Baron as the WWE champ. Randy came out like a monster! Whatever SD LIVE's next PPV is, I think Baron will cash-in. Side note of this week's RAW: I'm so happy that my favorite superstar Seth Rollins is on the WWE 2K18 cover! Dean Ambrose is trying to destroy Miz and Maryse together. I love this parts on RAW. Broken Grandfather clock, bear fights, etc. I wonder what will go on next week.
  5. RAW (6/19/2017): I thought Roman's announcement was gonna be something big and mind-blowing. Good to finally see Braun Strowman back on RAW. Rumors broke the internet, saying that he would be back in 6 months. So, we might see a Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman match at Great Balls of Fire. The only thing that left me shocked was the fact that Big Cass has been Enzo's attacker this whole time. Come on! They were a great team, and would've become great WWE RAW Tag Team Champs! Still left me puzzled about Seth and Bray's story. What's the point of it? Excited of SmackDown LIVE tonight. Maybe that will be a better show than this week's RAW.
  6. I'm also "not so good" in CoD MP. It really just depends on the game mode you're playing in, your class and the type of players you're playing with. Also knowing the game mode very well can also increase your chances of becoming good.
  7. @marvelboy10 It was awesome last night. I enjoyed it a lot. wwee28max looks like a nice touch as well.
  8. 4. How did The Rock used to call The Hurricane? (Hint: One word, starts with H, ends with R) = (I used Google for this one) Hamburglar?
  9. 10. Order the following syllables. We are looking for a wrestler’s ring name. TELTER TAVON POR VIOUS MON = Is it MVP? Montel Vontavious Porter
  10. Would also love to see this come back. I want my green back!
  11. Amphibia... 9. Besides the fact that they are/were all wrestlers, what do Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero, and D-Lo Brown have in common? = Frog Splash finisher? I know Eddie had a Frog Splash finisher and also RVD. Not sure about D-Lo Brown, but if the hint was "Amphibia", then that might be it.
  12. Ah, no. It's an issue with the Google Chrome browser. It's so annoying that my posts keep getting merged together. Even when I reply to status updates.
  13. Woo hoo! WWE Trivia - I'm also a lifetime fan 1. Match the items of both columns Wrestlers Nicknames A) Edge 1) Mr. Monday Night B ) Kane 2) The Cerebral Assassin C) RVD 3) The Excellence of Execution D) Triple H 4) The Rated R Superstar E) Bret Hart 5) The Big Red Machine A = 4 B = 5 (Also called The Big Red Monster) C = 1 D = 2 E = 3 7. What was Umaga’s ring name when he was a member of 3-Minute Warning? = Jamal 9. Besides the fact that they are/were all wrestlers, what do Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero, and D-Lo Brown have in common? = They were all WWE champions?
  14. Well, no I don't have a PS Vita. I just played it on a friend's PS Vita and I loved it. Just thought I could say something about the game here. I'm a lifetime FIFA fan!