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  1. Not sure if it's just me, or did Dean Ambrose get better? Everything was alright excluding the hair, I thought he'd return with some type of fade or something. Renee Young's commentary was amazing too, she was absolutely silent during her husband's return though.
  2. Thanks for the giveaway #ee28max Lvl. 13
  3. RIP Jim Neidhart.
  4. Well yeah, that's what I heard from other people. EA actually saw the petition and fixed the issue. Shocked, I know.
  5. LOL, that's ridiculous. The other matches are fine, but Hell in a Cell is a sort of type of a PPV where The Demon Finn Balor needs to emerge. Especially for a Universal Championship.
  6. That can happen as well. You never know. If WWE is capable of having at least one match in a PPV that doesn't last a minute, like for a example recently at Extreme Rules where Shinsuke Nakamura low-blowed Jeff Hardy before the bell rang and then just one Kinshasa for the finish. Or even when Randy Orton defeated Rusev in about 10 seconds last year SummerSlam with one RKO. Kevin Owens, alongside The Miz and others are very smart superstars. We shall wait and see.
  7. Here it is: If Braun Strowman can't control himself for just one night, then say goodbye to the one-way ticket to the Universal Championship.
  8. Of course, anything to do with Paul Heyman can happen. Though for me I see the cashing in happening at SummerSlam, but RAW is good too. Sometimes you just never know if Brock Lesnar will lose his title because there are reports of Vince McMahon letting Brock bring the UFC title in WWE and probably a contract expansion for that matter. If Paul Heyman joins forces with Roman Reigns I just hope they don't turn him heel. I got no valid reason, but I just hope he remains face for a while as champ and see how things go about. Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman together would just be brilliant and smart. Both are damn good on the mic, they're both villains, etc. A cash in on RAW would be simply amazing as well. WWE posted the unaired version of the Paul Heyman/Renee Young interview where he claimed that Roman Reigns won't stand a chance with the sudden changed Brock Lesnar and then said "unless..." before walking away, leaving Renee Young confused.
  9. The SummerSlam card is so far filled with repeat matches, but I believe it's normal as we've seen this before. RAW is always the same with matches like @itachi-destroyer said. We just saw another Sasha Banks/Bayley vs The Riot Squad (glad to see Ruby is back), where they lost this week, but won last week. The whole storyline of Sasha Banks and Bayley confused the hell out of me. I'm calling it - next week if Bobby Roose and Mojo Rowley have a rematch, Mojo will win. There goes "the bully and the man standing up for the roster" story. Concerning Finn Balor and Baron Corbin I don't know why they're still fighting. Something dumb for being called "little". I think WWE is doing the same thing putting Finn Balor in random feuds like the one of Bray Wyatt last year from around SummerSlam to supposed TLC if it weren't for the mumps. I have no idea if they're gonna bring back The Demon just for that to make the PPV better. Not sure about rumors of the relationship between Vince McMahon and The Demon being strong. Charlotte Flair returning and added to the SD Women's Championship got fans crying so loudly. Tagging with her friend tonight and I wanna see if the two will feud at some point. Same thing goes for Bobby Lashley not being able to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and apparently how WWE is not letting a black person hold the title. SmackDown always goes around with sense-making stories. I even wonder what's next for Aiden English/Rusev/Lana story. By the way, I'm back after a little while. Internet connection wasn't that good on our side for a few days.
  10. Originally I think it would've been a triple threat if Brock Lesnar had returned to beat up both Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns during their #1 Contender bout. Now RAW will be quite boring next week when Brock Lesnar returns and jump up and down as always (not at least even say "Suplex City, bitch!" on the mic) as the "adfakate" talks and gives a long speech, until Roman Reigns' theme song hits and Michael Cole's infamous "THE BIG DOG!" quote strikes. See another numerous Superman Punches and a comeback F5 from outta nowhere. If Vince McMahon wants to make this build up much better, at the very least try to make it a little bit more like the Roman Reigns/The Undertaker feud last year, where we heard the gong during the matches, etc. Just please, no more suspensions, cops getting beaten up for nothing, etc. If they go on that route for playing tug of war with the red title, make them tear it apart in half and have them share it. 😂 SmackDown was awesome. Even though James Ellsworthless was fired, he can still interfere at SummerSlam, so don't get your hopes too high. I'm happy that Becky Lynch is finally on the title picture. This can however start a feud with Asuka if she also gets involved. Samoa Joe as AJ Styles' opponent was frankly predictable, but I was expecting a good surprise, like Rey Mysterio. I mean, he's even being featured in WWE 2K19 (or what AJ Styles likes to say "2K Nah-teen!"). The Tag Team division on SD is finally awake after The Bar returned. Hopefully they don't cause upsets. The whole Rusev thing is interesting me. The Miz was really smart with the fake Monroe Sky. Looks like SummerSlam will be a great PPV. I saw Tyson Kidd after The New Day took over the interview. Is he actually retired?
  11. What does Roman Reigns have to do with this? Anyway, after watching RAW I haven't gone online on any social media yet to see how many people are raging at Roman Reigns' victory against Bobby Lashley. Some options: I think people would've been happier if Brock Lesnar returned and laid waste on both Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley, forming a triple threat match. This makes people forget that Roman Reigns lost to Bobby Lashley at Extreme Rules before "Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley II" happened. Kevin Owens is another option leave the arena as Universal Champion if he manages to get the briefcase from Braun Strowman. Pretty difficult for Braun Strowman to get out of this because Kevin Owens will use his tactics to get around. Just look at how he won at Extreme Rules since he was thrown gosh knows feet high from the cage. Brock Lesnar might retain his title and continue with his 1,000 day reign goal. Roman Reigns finally win and see how he takes things from there? We would see him lose the title just in about 2-3 months (since that's his average title reign span) and of course make the "Face Of the Company" project a waste. Braun Strowman to become more monstrous as he wins the title and avenge his loss at No Mercy 2017. The whole Bayley-Sasha Banks story is getting even more confusing by the week. I don't know if they're holding this off for the Evolution PPV?
  12. Hoping to get this platinum because I love FIFA so much, I play them during my free time and always keeps me happy. Might also use this to help me get over the due FIFA 14 platinum (42/44 Trophies) because of EA Sports's selfishness. They closed MatchDay Live for that game without even announcing the closure. So I played FIFA 16 back in 2015, ready to get all the trophies. Not much to say about this. I just never finished God of War II back on PS2, so I think I will now. Also using this to increase my trophy stats.
  13. Play Beautiful Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch 2 years and 7 months later, got this back. Hoping I can get the platinum for this since I love FIFA so much, also to maybe wipe all my tears for the unforgettable FIFA 14 (42/44 Trophies earned) thanks to EA. That was going to be my first platinum and now I can't earn it ever. I still had hopes before the servers were shut, but now I guess it's impossible forever. They shut down MatchDay Live without even announcing the closure.
  14. The NXT Women's Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat match was amazing. I wonder where this whole Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa's feud will go on from then towards Brooklyn. I even wonder why they announced the match 2 weeks ago. I'm looking forward to seeing heel Randy Orton as much as the new Johnny Gargano (correct me if I'm wrong).
  15. Been there dude. For me it was FIFA 14, which I currently have 42/44 trophies of. Without any notice they shut down MatchDay Live so the trophy I'm left with is unobtainable. There was a huge petition which didn't work, but worked for the FUT issue on FIFA 12 and 13. Those guys are selfish. I wish they at least announced the shut down. I don't have the game, but I'm willing to support