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  1. Booing him wouldn't be a bad idea after all Imagine how huge the crowd pop will be when he announces retirement and Triple H taking over. I'm still curious to what he will do to shake things up. Also quite surprised they advertised his return to RAW when TLC isn't over yet, which may lead to some new speculations. I do understand though, the things will be completely fresh after the PPV so advertising this early is a good call. About the predictions, I noticed that too. According to what I think there have just been bad PPVs one after the other. The last predictions we made were for Super Show Down. Crown Jewel was shit, Evolution was better, Survivor Series was awful. I'm quite glad I skipped Survivor Series predictions because I would've been really wrong, especially after that disgusting clean sweep. I do regret for not doing TLC since it's one of my favorite PPVs. The latest best TLC PPV was 2016. Some people are also busy and all, so maybe Royal Rumble will unlock the predictions. I also enjoyed reading the predictions. The TLC curse returns for the second time. The illness going around. Last year it was Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. This year it's Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose and Finn Balor. Hopefully no match gets cancelled at TLC. Drew McIntyre as Finn Balor's opponent/rival is better than the crap Baron Corbin fued to SummerSlam was. Fun fact: The Universal Championship was never defended at TLC PPV since its debut in 2016.
  2. I'm guessing everyone here wants to see Drew McIntyre take the spot, me included Honestly with all reasons combined here, he's the full package. He's got the mic skills, the heel heat, the look, the size, etc. He took Kurt Angle out and that added much more value to his character. A comparison of his current character with the "Chosen One" character is overtaken by a lot. Second option or if possible could be first along Drew McIntyre is Finn Balor. Same reason as @GoodbyeBread. I wanted him to win the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania 34 this year, but Seth Rollins got the victory. Even if the reign wouldn't have lasted long, at least he got the midcard title to make it up for his Universal title that he never lost. If this had happened I think the Dean Ambrose return would've happened the night after SummerSlam only (that would've been much better, right?) If Finn Balor ever goes to SmackDown, at least in his history it would include him winning the Universal and IC titles. These are some things the creative team would've considered. Things got weird - taken out of MMC at the last minute, didn't show up on RAW. I don't know what's going on back there but we'll soon find out. A match with Drew might be pointless but despite his recent loss doesn't affect him. Oh, the title that Seth Rollins never got to go single with is the US championship, let's not forget that. I don't see any of the MMC finalists winning the Royal Rumble 2019 but never say never I guess. What I'm sure of is that the winner of the Royal Rumble will choose the Universal Championship this time. You know I really thought Dolph Ziggler had turned face and I wish he damn did. Right now he's like "I didn't need Finn Balor's help, I'm Dolph Ziggler", etc... This just brings him back to being the other Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown where he copied everyone's entrance and was just stuck there. A face turn would've been cool. I enjoyed him in 2014 especially at Survivor Series when he was the sole survivor (one of the best moments of his career) throughout and some 2015 and 2016 feud with The Miz, etc. Where he was like that underdog, you know. That's just my opinion. After watching that TLC match on RAW which I think was just too much at that point, I am now convinced more than ever that Heath Slater will be the referee during Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman's match (that's if he shows up) and things will get even more uglier than they were before. TLC's card must be one of the biggest ever this year, with 12 matches. You know what that means folks, there'll be a squash match somewhere.
  3. It does work. It glitched on me before so I deleted some friends and got under 50. The trophy popped automatically at the menu. Good luck
  4. Got a notification about that. I knew that name was familiar and kept thinking, until I ran into this. RIP Larry Hennig.
  5. SmackDown was alright. Great way for Sonya & Mandy to win over Charlotte and Asuka, so I believe their WrestleMania rematch will probably be good but may end in a chaos, so I'm not excited much about it. The new Daniel Bryan is amazing to watch every week, including his actions, behavior and attitude. From having a custom plateless title, to insulting Byron Saxton, to adding fuel to the fire on AJ Styles' leg as the show was going off air was pure fire. I'm glad they included Miz in the story, never say never about getting himself involved at TLC as well. Excited for next week's rap battle. Would just be as crazy as last year when they brought up Xavier Woods leaked sex tape. It will be triple threat this time around, so I'm positive it will be just as good. Wale as the host would even be appreciated.
  6. Not much to say about this week's RAW as I'm not sure if it resembled last week's episode, but I guess this week's episode improved. Finally a team/friendship ending in a logical way like it was mentioned above. I'm now not sure if Dolph Ziggler has turned face and perhaps become a helping hand of Finn Balor and Elias or become the underdog again. Two new matches added on the TLC turn out to be a little pointless, so I guess we'll just have to see them. The Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins feud gets worse by the week as all we're seeing are just attacks. For the past 2 weeks or so Corey Graves badly looked like he wanted to expose what Renee Young could possibly be hiding and maybe being a protected subject in the story, which I doubt. Obviously RAW will be the same until the year ends and hopefully 2019 will give us huge improvements. The only thing I enjoy on RAW is Corey Graves' commentary. That joke he made about Charly Carusso being a Jedi killed it honestly.
  7. Nowhere To Hide Complete 'Laying Low' on any difficulty. Hand Of God Complete a Story Mode mission without dying once on any difficulty. Baby Be Safe Complete 'Coming Home' on any difficulty.
  8. Great method, thank you for this. Could this be applicable in FIFA 16 as well? Do you know how to transfer coins from one account to the other?
  9. Testing the Waters Win all 4 matches in a Single Player Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team
  10. I believe TLC (one of my favorite PPVs ever) is going to be another good PPV (at least better than last year which only featured one title being defended), especially after watching SmackDown. I was badly afraid that TLC was going to be cancelled this year (after announcing Super Show Down and Evolution in the same month). I'm glad to see whoever made the changes were smart enough to keep TLC active this year and remove Clash of Champions instead. The godly mic skills of Samoa Joe got his rivalry with Jeff Hardy kick-started with fire on the stove. Even though Joe hasn't gotten himself the WWE championship after opportunities in the past few months, this feud is already interesting than tapping out or losing to AJ Styles numerous times, despite being so despicable during his feud with Styles. Bryan and Styles will have a good match. He's not WWE champion anymore but you have to admit his promo was good and looked ready for the rematch. I'm glad Randy Orton wasn't done with Rey Mysterio and I was actually expecting him to leave the arena with another mask in hand. This could be another great match on the TLC card (let's say, Chairs match or something). This whole Miz/Shane "Best in the World" story is getting really boring. The rumors of Miz turning face kinda looked not real by judging his actions during his match with Kofi Kingston. The Usos are back, but I'm afraid we're gonna see Big Show turn face yet again. That beard cut looks like a sign in the works. I'm glad the US title is back and hopefully Rusev will keep it going. The SD Women's Championship Triple Threat could be the main event, but I think we'll have to wait for Vince's "approval" first. While Asuka could be used as the pin bait in this match (wait, it's a TLC match. Shouldn't the winner capture the title by climbing the ladder?), she could as well be used to turn heel here. If Vince has a problem with her mic skills (which are of course a huge obstacle to her success), she could easily avoid the talking by turning heel, just like Nakamura, don't you think? Only this time, she becomes an absolute demon with maybe a face paint or something. Io Shirai had Funaki to talk on her behalf during interview sessions at Mae Young Classic, which I think was great. Everything there is correct regarding the creative team's objectives across the brands. With some superstars not on RAW, everything loses its touches. Brock Lesnar not available (actually making it two years in a row that the Universal title isn't defended at TLC), people don't seem to yell and complain about this anymore. I never hated Brock Lesnar at all, I just didn't care about the title. 3 hours of pain and 2 hours of gain every week. RAW adds more repetition matches to use up the time, everyone's aware of this behavior. NXT and 205 Live are amazing, I watch them every week and I do have to agree with @itachi-destroyer that they do feel like indie shows, especially NXT. I recommend it to any wrestling fan who needs more better entertainment. I want to ask you guys. So let's say any team in the MMC in which one of the teammates are already booked in the PPV get to the finals - will they have to perform twice or what? I've seen something like this before (actually this year when Adam Cole won the inaugural North American title at TakeOver New Orleans, and then later that night he was in the Dusty Rhodes Classic final for his team) and it kinda makes the whole tournament more or less predictable. Do you also think the number 30 for Royal Rumble would actually work? I'm very curious.
  11. RAW gets even more terrible than it already is every new week. I like Baron Corbin, but his abuse of power makes the show boring, especially when he abuses it really bad. I don't even know how he'll be if he does get to be the permanent GM. The cringe-worthy promo from Nia Jax - trying her damn best to get some heel heat, using that disgusting fist every now and then. It was a pointless segment. No Way Jose comes from outta nowhere. These are one of the matches that the creative team just adds to kill time. Hopefully SmackDown will have something in store for us. Who am I kidding, it will have something.
  12. Just for inspiration Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in FIFA Ultimate Team No hard feelings, right? Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team Friendship test Finish an Online Friendlies Season Shout out to @StioSm for the help of these trophies. The Friendship test trophy is one of the first trophies to ever glitch on me. While I was aware of how glitchy that trophy is, I tried testing to get it a normal way. After it didn't work, I decided to delete some friends on PSN as the solution had stated. I had to have less than 50 friends, so it unlocked on the menu after having 49 friends. Some were either not active but it's no big deal really.
  13. Didn't feel like posting anything today, until I saw a new one. SmackDown was alright, but I as well expected some changes from Shane McMahon or at least some reactions to the clean sweep. Looks like they just threw it all in the garbage bin. That's what we've known the SmackDown vs RAW feuds carrying over Survivor Series - they just end all of a sudden as if nothing happened (except I think Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair aren't over with their business yet). Wished Becky Lynch showed up as Charlotte Flair was getting attacked by the IIconics, but I guess she's still stuck in doctor jail. The main event was alright. Randy Orton continues wiping out as the heel. I don't think it's over but at the same time it could be. Hoping there will be some specific stipulations at TLC for the matches that are currently on the card. I enjoy ladder matches a lot, so hopefully we get something like that for the Intercontinental Championship and/or RAW Women's Championship. A chairs match or tables would work too. So glad TLC didn't get rid of after some dumb PPVs for this year. Clash of Champions would've been cool if it weren't replaced (maybe for those who want to see Brock Lesnar defend the title ).
  14. Nice to see a another fan around. I saw you recently joined the site and yes I've seen your first post before. Unfortunately he is out fighting leukemia and he will return, just have faith. We all have opinions here, we all like something, hate something, etc. Feel free to post anything related to WWE here. You are in fact not the only one who found Survivor Series a complete waste and disappointment. 😂 Let's just share opinions and not lash out at each other with insults, causing a disband, like recently... Well that's in the past, let's hope nothing like this happens again. It's very weird in a world like this where little things can cause and become big things.
  15. I like what Dean Ambrose has been doing on RAW - mind games, getting the Los Angeles heat, etc. Not that they feud is getting better, but I mean, Vince likes putting up real-life situations into storylines, be it death or sickness. They could just have a clean feud between Seth and Dean alone and things would be great. Also, let's not forget that the recent heels have the low blow fever. First Nakamura, then Daniel Bryan and now Dean Ambrose. Couldn't we have just different characteristics in heels now lol. The 205 Live manager turned into a meme and joke and I can't say much about that either, Vince planned it all. It was probably just a bag in Drake's pants and squeezed it. Everyone could even see how long it took. I can't deny it but I was actually laughing at that segment. Can't say much about the Braun Strowman/Baron Corbin match at TLC. Both men have advantages on their sides if either get the win. Lars Sullivan coming to RAW is the worst decision ever. Yes, everyone knows he will get some local competitors at the beginning, win a lot and then eventually become a jobber. That's the main roster for you, let alone Monday Night RAW. Looking forward to SmackDown tonight. The changes that Shane had mentioned on Twitter he'd make, what's next after Charlotte's hell turn, Becky's reaction towards that. etc.