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  1. WWE just released Big Cass. I kinda saw this coming and I'm sure it all has to do with him going off script. Kicking that little midget and Vince McMahon making him lose to Daniel Bryan at Backlash and Money In The Bank. It was an uninteresting feud anyway. Looks like they won't mention anything about him and Enzo Amore ever again. Also by the looks of the SmackDown preview, the whole AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura feud is over. I don't know who'll be facing him at Extreme Rules, the possible winners of the gauntlet match may be Samoa Joe or Big E (the big push people are talking). I feel bad for Shinsuke Nakamura and all the heel turn stuff. He might feud with someone else, I guess.
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  3. Dolph Ziggler winning the Intercontinental Championship looks like a tease to Drew McIntyre's singles push. Something like a "I'm using Drew McIntyre to get to the top" scenario. Looking forward to what's next for the two and Seth Rollins. I personally think a "Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley" match at Extreme Rules will be amazing, as it may be for the #1 contender for the Universal Championship, one of them win, face Brock Lesnar, have Braun Strowman cash-in at the beginning of the match and win. Glad they finally brought back Bobby Lashley's super Spear, it looked superior when he performed it on Dash Wilder. A "multi-person" match would do good as well, I guess. Looks like we'll be reliving the Fatal 5-Way match for last year. I was expecting Finn Balor and Kevin Owens to come to the ring after Bobby Lashley to claim for their Universal Championship rematches, but we'll see. I plead to see Sasha Banks vs Bayley in an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules. Finally the feud is not being paused like it was before, so hopefully they'll go all the way to SummerSlam or Hell In A Cell.
  4. Congrats to the winners. Great giveaway.
  5. Another click bait (if that's the appropriate word) PPV we all saw. Another loss from both Japanese superstars. Making both Royal Rumble winners look stupid and not deserving. Braun Strowman may have won, but how sure are you, are we, am I to say he really is gonna cash in on Brock Lesnar? After all, Brock Lesnar may as well just beat his opponent at SummerSlam and relinquish the title the next day. It is possible, isn't it? Let's see where things go on from Money In The Bank.
  6. 18 June Belgium 2 : 0 Panama (4pm, BBC) Tunisia 2 : 2 England (7pm, BBC) 19 June Colombia 0 : 0 Japan (1pm, BBC) Poland 3 : 2 Senegal (4pm, ITV) Russia 2 : 2 Egypt (7pm, BBC) 20 June Portugal 3 : 0 Morocco (1pm, BBC) Uruguay 3 : 0 Saudi Arabia (4pm, BBC) Iran 1 : 3 Spain (7pm, ITV) 21 June Denmark 0 : 1 Australia (1pm, ITV) France 2 : 2 Peru (4pm, ITV) Argentina 2 : 1 Croatia (7pm, BBC)
  7. Germany 0-1 Mexico Congratulations to Mexico! Didn't expect a win. You got 3 points!
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing a 60-minute Iron Man match or an "I Quit" match for these two. The Street Fight is so far the best match in NXT TakeOver this year, next to it is the North American Championship Ladder match and the Extreme Rules match for Adam Cole vs Aleister Black, the Sanctioned match, etc. After seeing the PPV last night I even forgot the main roster call-up existed. Triple H needs to show Vince McMahon how to handle things. You're right however about hoping Velveteen Dream doesn't turn into a jobber when he goes to the main roster, because I feel like Vince McMahon doesn't like those sort of superstars. Adam Rose, even No Way Jose, but I don't know. Oh, about the Super Show Down PPV on October 6, 2018 at Australia, it looks cool and I'm a excited to watch it. Hopefully more or equal to the entertainment the Greatest Royal Rumble gave us. Just to confused about this "Final Match" between Triple H vs The Undertaker. Then what was the point of the "End Of An Era" HIAC match at WrestleMania 28?
  9. Unbelievable show of TakeOver: Chicago, I enjoyed every second of it and all the matches on the card were a top notch. Vince McMahon needs to take a brief look at what Triple H is doing. We shall see if Money In The Bank will overtake TakeOver: Chicago. I enjoyed the Street Fight most. Best rivalry ever.
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  11. WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago June 16, 2018 Predictions NXT Tag Team Championship - The Undisputed ERA (Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Riley) (c) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch Winners: The Undisputed ERA (Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Riley) (c) I don't really know who'll be walking out with the Tag Team titles, but there's a possibility that the British guys will win as they may enter into the Royal Albert Hall as champions. Just looking forward to this good match. The Undisputed ERA may win as well and continue to the mock the British guys all the way. Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream Winner: Velveteen Dream I'm positive Ricochet will lose here so this feud will be prolonged. I enjoyed the build up during the past weeks and so I expect this bout to be just as amazing. Daredevil front flip over the rope, ruthless exchange of words over social media, etc. This will be The One And Only's first singles PPV match and it's kinda hard to believe he'll be losing, but it's not impossible, so we'll see. NXT Women's Championship - Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Nikki Cross Winner: Shayna Baszler (c) The insanity of Nikki Cross gives me chills and goosebumps, co-ordinate messages to my brain that this feud will continue after this PPV and possibly end at TakeOver: Brooklyn, I guess. Any probable distractions for this match? I don't know. Match ending in a No-Contest? Maybe. Match ending in a disqualification? Most likely, so The Queen of Spades will retain. Chicago Street Fight - Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa Winner: Tommaso Ciampa After losing in a Sanctioned Match at TakeOver: New Orleans, The Blackheart will be victorious here tonight. This has proven to be one of the best rivalries in the history of NXT. I don't know whether the feud will come to a halt here, but then we'll all be puzzled about what's next. Can the fed up Candice LeRae play a role in this Street Fight? I believe so. NXT Championship - Aleister Black (c) vs. Lars Sullivan Winner: Aleister Black (c) After back-to-back weeks on falling into the Freak Accident, and failing to fade him into the Black Mass, I'm not 100% sure that Lars Sullivan will lose clean to just one Black Mass. I think it should've been a No DQ match instead. The possibilities of the outcome ending in a No-Contest is very high. Total annihilation will occur, for real. Let's see how Aleister Black's title reign will go.
  12. Oh yes, thanks for the correction Do you remember Ronaldo 3-2 Ibrahimovic?
  13. Argentina 1 - 1 Iceland Great match, but was surprised when Messi missed that penalty and the last free kick. He does those magical injury time goals with Barcelona, but not Argentina 😂
  14. Thanks for updating the scores @Smzthy I somehow managed to screw up my prediction of Russia vs. Saudi Arabia as it appears twice. I don't know how that happened, for real. Really sorry. Now I don't know whether I should edit and remove one or not.
  15. Argentina 2 - 1 Iceland