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      Oh thank you very much, I appreciate it. Hope the weekend shines bright for you as well. :) 

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      Yes, so far so good.  My partner and I played Divinity Original Sin 2 with another friend 3 player co-op.  We didn't get any trophies but enjoyed the game very much.  Have friends visiting today so will have to double my efforts for trophies during the week lol xx

  3. Finally got some spare time to sit and read this interview, and I have to say it was a great read with some background music from the OSTs as provided in the interview. I'm quite impressed with the origination of infamous username of yours too . I should also tip my hat to your knowledge and sparked interest in biology. I know a lot of people as well who aren't largely invested into movies and TV shows. This interview just had me insert some cool info I could look forward to considering. Fun read like I said. Another amazing episode in this Member Interviews series, thanks Dragon.
  4. I guess you're right about that. The IC title has lost its momentum months ago shortly after Finn Balor's second reign began after winning it from Bobby Lashley at WM. The title has since been rarely seen on TV and be defended as well. Coulda wished they setup a multi-man match (maybe ladder match at SummerSlam), where they could involve some guys, like Ali, Apollo Crews, Andrade, Bobby Robert Roode (damn, I even forgot about the name change and the point of it if he's just been utilized the same way), etc.
  5. An unexpected "What better way to start a Seth Rollins/Braun Strowman feud than to destroy the O.C" angle. I'm not mad at all, it's just that this kinda kills the division at large, I mean, you have two guys, who are inexperienced being a tag team as they still had to work on their chemistry, beating a seasoned tag team. Well, I guess I don't know a lot of stuff about tag team wrestling so I'm just gonna leave that there. It's quite funny how that'll start, just having the Monster of Men stare at the Universal title. Seth is now 5x tag champ, and his previous reign didn't go well. He's also become dual champ for the third different time in his career (WWE/US, IC/RAW TT, Universal/RAW TT), so looks like I'm starting perceive the whole Roman Reigns 2.0 push to the moon thing, lol. There are some disappointing results as well. such as the one stated above. I believe Sami Zayn could just be repackaged or just easily turn face and start helping Kevin Owens with the issues he has with Shane McMahon. The WWE doesn't have a problem bringing back old storylines, so why jump the rope with this one? 2017 we had face Shane and heel KO/SZ. It could be vice-versa for this year now as you could now have face KO/SZ and heel Shane. Pretty difficult to predict who'll win the KOTR tournament as there are a lot that deserve to win. Rumors say that Buddy Murphy appearing in the scene where Roman was first attacked was actually a mistake. Now you have this guy instantly becoming a star just after two awesome matches. They are now apparently building up sympathy and that's why he keeps getting beaten up backstage. These segments always crack me up, especially when the interviewers like Kayla run away before the attack. The same hilarious segment when Daniel Bryan presented the attacker who looked like Rowan. Roman's reaction was pretty much every one of us' reaction and this storyline keeps me intrigued to find out what's next. I respect how Bryan tried hard not to laugh because after that segment, I'm sure they all burst into laughter. The rise of Buddy Murphy keeps bringing me back to how Kofi ended up becoming WWE champ due to the demise of another superstar. The Kofi/Randy feud is fired up. I'm liking The Legacy 2.0 and I hope they keep it up moving towards the future with the feud. The Becky and Sasha feud is hotter than Bayley and Charlotte, but when Charlotte is involved, whether fans like it or not, she's a bigger star and can carry the division. She keeps the fans talking. It was quite quiet when it was Bayley and Ember Moon. I do hope they get Liv Morgan to interfere at Clash of Champion and then the next Tuesday, they can bring out other women, like Naomi and Carmella going for the title.
  6. You Won!You have completed the story. Half Million You have amassed a fortune of $500,000. Liberty City Minute You finished the story in less than 30 hours.
  7. Full Exploration You unlocked all the islands. Impossible Trinity You completed the mission "Museum Piece". Wheelie Rider You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike.
  8. Retail TherapyYou unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob.
  9. I don't even know what to say. The SummerSlam card featured with single matches only. Most matches were average and some had no point. It's funny how Seth Rollins got to beat Brock Lesnar despite not being a hundred percent. Although the match was alright (Brock doing his usual good sells), it's still hard to imagine and actually now come to our senses in the reality (of course in the reality, because it literally happened) that the Beast Slayer did not only beat him "twice" now, but it made other superstars look like jokes. Whom am I referring to? The likes of Roman Reigns (who actually managed to beat him due to a "distraction"), Braun Strowman (poor monster who always got victimized) and many more. He is now 2-time Universal champ and 4-time world champ (combined). Looks like Vince set his eyes to someone else, lol. So what's next for him though? I hope he doesn't get Roman Reigns '18 heat. It looks like WWE went lowkey to make the MITB not look pointless by giving it Brock, cash in, and lose the title just in about 27 days. I guess they just wanted to sell those "Brock Party" T-Shirts. The Fiend stuff was okay, blah blah. TakeOver Toronto was pure fire. The I could've sworn a few weeks ago I saw the stipulation made a street fight and not another 2-out of-3 falls (well, it looked like 3 stages of hell at that point). It's also funny when you come to realise that this weekend only had one (yes, one) title change. I mean, it's no secret that these are the contributing factors of why this thread rarely gets replies anymore. Things just suddenly changed and sinked in the shallow wells.
  10. Lowest Point You completed the mission "Roman's Sorrow". Warm Coffee You were invited into your girlfriend's house.
  11. Driving Mr. Bellic You unlocked the special ability of Roman's taxi.
  12. Off The BoatYou have completed the first mission.
  13. 2017 wasn't too bad for music. After my reply in the 2015 thread, I'm gonna make another top 10 here. Top 10 in no particular order, and in each I'll list down the top tracks (ones I favored in no particular order), but the albums are good overall and I recommend them. #1 Album: One More Light Artist: Linkin Park Top Track(s): "Heavy" (feat. Kiiara), "Good Goodbye" (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy), "Battle Symphony" I was introduced to Linkin Park just a few months before Chester Bennington's death. I see this band has a large fanbase. Many grew up listening to their songs. This album was apparently the worst in Linkin Park's discography and everyone hated it. It probably has to do with how they changed style and went soft on this one. Looking at YouTube, the songs have quite a lot of dislikes, but fast forward a few months later after the lead vocalist's death, everyone started talking and listening to the songs. I had gone ahead and listened to the past songs, such as "Numb", "Burn It Down", "New Divide" and "In The End". They are pretty good. He'll forever remain in the hearts of the fans. #2 Album: Bloom Artist: Machine Gun Kelly Top Track(s): "At My Best" (feat. Hailee Steinfeld), "The Gunner", "Let You Go", "Bad Things" (feat. Camila Cabello), "Go For Broke" (feat. James Arthur) Kells stroke again with this amazing album. His lyrics are truly awesome and he had great and surprising collaborations with Hailee Steinfeld, James Arthur, Camila Cabello and some more in this album. It's definitely worth it if you like some good rap. #3 Album: Memories...Do Not Open Artist: The Chainsmokers Top Track(s): "Paris", "Something Just Like This" (feat. Coldplay), "Honest" The Chainsmokers left the world in absolute shock when they broke off 2016 with one of the best songs. This album is just as good and if you're into electronic and some good lyrics, this one's for you. They are indeed one of the best DJ and production duo in recent memory. #4 Album: Wolves Artist: Rise Against Top Track(s): "Wolves", "The Violence", "House on Fire", "Far From Perfect", "How Many Walls" Hands down one of the best Rise Against albums ever. The songs kept me going, loving the melody and the lyrics. One of the best punk rock bands out there. It has a good-looking album cover as well. It's really worth checking out. #5 Album: Evolve Artist: Imagine Dragons Top Track(s): "Believer", "Whatever It Takes", "Thunder" Never imagined (no pun intended ) this band being this good. They brought a powerful sense to their songs, both lyrically and instrumentally. It's just one of those that'll get you feeling amazing, shaking your head and just wanting to sing along. This is really worth checking out. #6 Album: Sacred Hearts Club Artist: Foster The People Top Track(s): "Doing It for the Money", "Sit Next to Me", "Pay the Man", "Static Space Lover" This is indeed a fantastic album @XMinusZero. Definitely recommended to those who love a good indie in their playlist. The songs are just so good and relaxing. #7 Album: Wolves Artist: Story of the Year Top Track(s): "Bang Bang", "How Can We Go On", "Can Anybody Hear Me" Looks like two different albums shared the same title in 2017 (Wolves - Rise Against, Wolves - Story of the Year). Anyway, this one is another good rock in the playlist. It's really worth it. #8 Album: hopeless fountain kingdom Artist: Halsey Top Track(s): "Alone", "Bad at Love", "Devil in Me" Pretty amazing album. Halsey's a good singer. Sweet voice, making the songs awesome. I like how the instrumentals were in the songs. They are mostly great during evening time, but maybe that's just me. #9 Album: Empty Rooms Artist: Halflives Top Track(s): "Burn", "Echo", "Mayday" This band has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most, if not the most, underrated one in recent years. They put yet another captivating name in the Alternative genre. I think Linda Battilani, the lead singer, also has to be one of the best females to be leading vocalists in a band. She has a really appealing voice. It is most notable in the song "Burn". I can't wait to see more from this band, because I believe they have a very bright future behind them. #10 Album: Ascend (EP) Artist: Crashing Atlas Top Track(s): "Savages", "I Know You Hear Me", "Ascend" Another underrated band. I am really looking forward to see more from them and I believe they have an upcoming album in the works, especially after listening to their latest song "Monster", which I think was super.
  14. I reckon this is very strange reviving a thread that had its last reply from 4 years ago and that its title would not correspond with the time we're in right now, but the content will and that's what will make sense as a result. Every now and then it's okay to just take a little stroll down memory lane and share different experiences. It's pretty good to just reflect back to the past, let alone make a cameo in it. I acknowledge the fact that music has changed by a large proportion in the last decades. Sometimes I feel like the modern era of music does not receive much attention that the ones back in the day got in comparison and in some cases (or in most cases anyway) they are regarded as "trash", and I don't blame anyone for that - We are all unique, we like different things, we see things from different perspectives and I guess that's just how things are. It's very difficult to adapt to a change or accept it, and that's a fact. Anyway, I was checking the forums out as always, and decided to visit this Media Room section. I wondered if there's ever been an "album of the year" thread created, so I found this for 2015 as well as 2017 (which I'll be posting in later). I feel like this should've been an on-going series since the year this site was established. There could've been an "Album of the Year" 2011 - current year threads and as a matter of fact, I'm not even sure if I should create them right now. Maybe a couple of thoughts from you guys would be great. I basically enjoy giving my input and sharing what I like with this community. The intro should've been short, though. Let me get down with this. I have a hard time selecting just one out of all favorites, so I'm gonna list the top 10 albums which represented 2015 for me in no particular order. In each album I will list down their top tracks (my favorite ones [in no particular order, again], but the entire album is recommended), because, c'mon, every album has a top track(s) despite the overall quality. #1 Album: Blurryface Artist: Twenty One Pilots Top Track(s): "Ride", "Heavydirtysoul", "Stressed Out" The album that introduced me to Twenty One Pilots, courtesy of the song "Stressed Out." I love the Alternative/Indie/Hip-Hop/Rock style this band has. The songs are lyrically good and the flow keeps everything going. This album is definitely worth a try and a shot. I've already seen a few posts from the "What Are You Listening To?" thread, where I saw YouTube links/videos of the song "Ride", which is awesome. The album is great overall. #2 Album: Every Open Eye Artist: CHVRCHES Top Track(s): "Leave a Trace", "Never Ending Circles", "Clearest Blue", "Empty Threat", "Bury It" A great synth-pop band. The exhilarating style and the flow of CHVRCHES' music is extremely relaxing. The other albums are just as good as this one. Lauren Mayberry is adorable and cute, and her voice will leave you in tears. I definitely recommend this album. #3 Album: Human Artist: Three Days Grace Top Track(s): "Fallen Angel", "The Real You", "Human Race", "The End Is Not The Answer" So it seems like the "Fallen Angel" was stolen by Thousand Foot Krutch, and they turned it into "Lifeline" I don't know a lot about 3DG, but the songs are pretty much good. What I do know and have heard about is that there's been a new lead vocalist that replaced the previous one that everyone loved and preferred. The new 3DG songs are not well appreciated, but it's still okay to the majority. One of the older 3DG songs I like is "Never Too Late" from the "One-X" (2006) album. #4 Album: Threat To Survival Artist: Shinedown Top Track(s): "Thick as Thieves", "How Did You Love", "Cut the Cord", "Asking For It" Good album, but "Amaryllis" (2012) is frankly better, in my opinion. Always loved Brent Smith's vocals in the songs as that brought the energy and power to the songs. Shinedown is a great band. I recommend this one. #5 Album: Into the Wild Life Artist: Halestorm Top Track(s): "Apocalyptic", "Amen", "I Am the Fire", "Scream", "Mayhem" Halestorm! This might not be their best album, because I think "The Strange Case of..." (2012) was better, but this one still rocks. Lzzy Hale proved that she's one of the best female lead vocalists there is. Her voice is just powerful and controls the pitch, changing it often throughout the songs. Go ahead and give "I Am the Fire" a listen, where you'll hear her powerful voice, giving the decibels a piece of her. It's not like one of those death metal notes or tones, it's just amazing I simply can't put it in words. Holla at me what you think. Go ahead and try it! #6 Album: General Admission Artist: Machine Gun Kelly Top Track(s): "A Little More" (feat. Victoria Monet), "Till I Die", "Spotlight" (feat. Lzzy Hale) One of my favorite rappers. Not too many people like him, but I enjoy his songs. One thing I love about him is that he stays close and loyal to rap. Hip-Hop has changed over the years, but he's the one I still look up to. He is well-detailed with his lyrics and the flow is just great. "A Little More" (feat. Victoria Monet) is my favorite in this album. Great album overall. If you want to give this a shot, here's your chance - Kells. #7 Album: That's The Spirit Artist: Bring Me the Horizon Top Track(s): "Throne", "Happy Song", "Run", "Drown" Probably not the best band out there, but this album was such a hit in 2015. My love for Alternative rock introduced me to this one. I also like the album cover art - it looks pretty simple, lol... but I love a damn good album cover art. Yeah, this album is good. It's worth listening to. #8 Album: Delirium Artist: Ellie Goulding Top Track(s): "Love Me Like You Do", "Something in the Way You Move", "On My Mind" Ellie Goulding is one of the best singers I know and listen to. Her songs are a top notch, both lyrically and instrumentally. I remember one of her songs with Calvin Harris, and then I was eventually introduced properly when her 2013 hit song "Burn" reached the highest of highs. This album is worth it. Her song "Love Me Like You Do" has that nice sensation to it. #9 Album: Beauty Behind the Madness Artist: The Weekend Top Track(s): "The Hills", "In The Night", "Can't Feel My Face" I really enjoyed this one. I started listening to it in the last quarter of 2015. The Weeknd definitely had it all in this album. I could feel the power provided by this album, especially when I listened to those top tracks above. He later released a remix of "The Hills" (feat. Eminem), where his rap lyrics fit the song in every way. Eminem's also one of my favorite rappers. Oh, and the song "In The Night" brought a good vibe every time I played it. Dude had a powerful voice in that song that spiced things up. #10 Album: Know-It-All Artist: Alessia Cara Top Track(s): "Here", "Seventeen", "Outlaws", "Scars To Your Beautiful" This debut album of hers killed it. It's really worth it. The songs are filled with purely equipped lyrics that just never cease to amaze and please. Those top tracks are definitely worth checking out. "Here" is what I first listened to and kept hitting the replay button. The lyrics are just so good, it's like she's telling a story about a party she ended up at, without any knowledge of how she got there. YouTube has everything, search them up. "Seventeen" is as well as beautiful song. "Scars To Your Beautiful" has an appealing and inspiring message to those who look down to themselves in terms of looks and attractiveness. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Recommendations: Zedd - "Transmission" (feat. X Ambassadors & Logic) Wiz Khalifa - "See You Again" (feat. Charlie Puth) Melanie Martinez - "Pity Party" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That was my top 10 (in no particular order) for 2015. 2015, the year I joined this wonderful site. I surely enjoyed posting this. Going over my thoughts about music and sharing them, publicizing them in the process. I appreciate the posts above me and I certainly enjoyed some of them. Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, Justin Bieber's Purpose, and many more above me, for example. They helped enlarge my music library and here's hoping you enjoy some of mine. I'd really appreciate it if you ever let me know what you think about them. I guess my favorite Disturbed's albums are "Ten Thousand Fists" (2005) & "Evolution" (2018). The one song I'm stricken and can't let go of (no pun intended... well, maybe ) is none other than "Stricken". One of the best songs I've ever heard! The "Immortalized" (2015) album is not that bad, just not my favorite and it didn't make it to the top 10, probably because I listen to way too many songs than everyone here. I'm gonna give Breaking Benjamin a go very soon.