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  1. I never knew that a thread I created two years ago could have this many pages and replies lol.
  2. I'm sure that whatever choice is more anticipated than the other will not be the chosen one in reality. Look at the recent Super Show Down main event Triple H vs The Undertaker. The Deadman had way more votes that The Game, but HHH ended up winning. Not sure if this has always happened. Another one I remember was Finn Bálor being a fan-chosen factor for Brock Lesnar's next Universal Championship opponent earlier this year. Something to do with him not being over enough or something along those lines. I really want the SmackDown Women's Championship to main event the PPV, but you know the poor decisions they make can go hocus pocus around us. I also find it sad how the NXT Women's Championship is on the bottom. It still would if the Mae Young Classic finals was up there too. Could it be that the NXT Women's championship isn't getting much hype or build up like other matches on the card as of late?
  3. SmackDown 1000 was amazing, despite being only 2 hours. I might be wrong, but I can't believe WWE tried to make Becky Lynch get some heel heat by roasting a retired Edge. Other good stuff, such as Rey Mysterio's return and the Batista/Triple H moment. Looks like a feud coming up, also quite reasonable for Batista since he was promised by Triple H in 2014 for the WWE Championship, which I may say he did tap out at WrestleMania 30. I thought I'd see Michelle McCool, maybe Taz, Teddy Long. I guess that would've been if it was another hour long. Or maybe I was blind? Evolution is coming up, and I think the only explosion is the last woman standing match. Seeing other opportunities, I say I'd like to see a one on one match, something like Bianca Belair vs Nikki Cross inside HIAC. I don't even know how many matches will be on the card, having so many women who'd want to participate. Is it over 50 or just 50? I think I misheard Stephanie McMahon (that dance break moment with the fam at Truth TV was cool too I guess). Also, The Big Show's another heel turn. Wow, that's a lot for the Giant. I will probably post the videos later. My favorite moments on SmackDown, one of them featuring Randy Orton burning down the Wyatt compound Edge spearing Vickie Guerrero Kane imitating The Rock The Big Show's collision on AJ Lee, having Daniel Bryan go nuts Drew McIntyre stripped off the IC title and then fired by Teddy Long Mark Henry pulling the trucks Triple H and The Great Khali's arm wrestling challenge Randy Orton and Mark Henry WHC contract signing And many more... I also remember during Sin Cara's matches were the arena used to be a little darker or with blue light or something.
  4. RAW was good, trying to be as good as what SD1000 might give us. Drew McIntyre was highlight of the night. His booking has been amazing. That Claymore kick to Braun Strowman was the best thing I saw so far this week and it's only Tuesday. Hope that feud will tear down anything past it. Dean Ambrose, on the other hand, not lunatic anymore, shows good stuff coming upon him. His movements with The Shield up and down (especially with Seth Rollins) will up bring a future match. He was in the same state with Roman Reigns back in 2014 before the first break up. Seth Rollins was the peacemaker and turned heel a few months later. Roman Reigns looks like the peacemaker now. I think people suddenly forgot he is the Universal Champion. Other good stuff happened, great to see Apollo (is it still Crews?). Looking forward to see what they got for him. Also good to see Tamina back. Time to tune in Friday night SmackDown 😂 Oh, and "The only door you knocked down, was the door to John Cena's bedroom." Ronda Rousey killed it.
  5. Heard a lot about this stuff all these days. Is the whole show cancelled or only the location of it?
  6. That would've been cool too. I just think they wouldn't allow Miz to do that since it may somehow bring up AJ Lee. The crowd pop would've been unbelievable had Miz roasted Bryan like that. Oh, and it was 18 seconds. AJ Lee's return at Evolution is something I'd like to see, but I just don't see it coming. Maybe do something like teaming up with Kaitlyn (who is now eliminated in the MYC), that could perhaps render some more crowd attention. Don't know what WWE's obsession with paring up is though. At Crown Jewel it will be 360 days of AJ Styles reign. I don't know, we'll see whether he'll keep it or not. Bryawn lol.
  7. Yes it was. The Big Show returned (not sure whether he's a free agent as well) and faced off with Randy Orton for a spot in the WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel. Jeff Hardy beat Samoa Joe, thanks to referee stoppage and Joe's knee that was injured by AJ Styles at Super Show Down. Paige announced the "apparent" first ever Last Woman Standing Match (not the first, the first one was Asuka vs Nikki Cross at NXT TakeOver (some PPV I forgot about) ) which will be Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair. The whole Rusev Lana / Aiden English Milwaukee story is getting boring and I don't care much about it. Rey Mysterio will return to SmackDown 1000 next week to face Shinsuke Nakamura. Can't imagine the low blows he would get. Favorite of the night was the whole AJ Styles/Daniel Bryan/The Miz segment from Miz TV to AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin. I know AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan faced off before, but it was quickly ruined by Shinsuke Nakamura. Even at Crown Jewel when the two will break down the house once more, I doubt it'll have a proper finish.
  8. RAW was heeled up. About 3-4 heel turns in one night. I even thought Nia Jax would turn heel. The Shield and its on and offs are annoying, I mean, they should just pull the trigger once and for all. If Dean Ambrose is gonna turn, then what was the whole point of the reunion? Even the titles (upper and midcard) are just getting useless by the minute. Drew McIntyre stood up and showed his guts to Braun Strowman. He proved he ain't some show off weak link (not saying Dolph Ziggler is weak, but in the team, he technically is). Gotta love that hair flip too. He's been picking up wins for the past weeks, which is awesome. Hopefully he will become Universal Champion. I guess the two Evolution matches were merged and now it's one. I'm pretty sure Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella will main event. John Cena freely put in the world cup tournament, wow. Hopefully the DX return will be good. Shawn Michaels just doesn't look the same without his trademark hair. These guys tryna increase the viewership and ratings of their shows. Well done WWE.
  9. The match you were highly anticipated for turned out to be 3-minute bust. Nontheless I'm happy for Daniel Bryan (despite Miz being my favorite between the two and would've loved to see him win). AJ Styles and the Yes Man will tear down the house at Crown Jewel, but the crowd will not be as hype. Same thing at GRR earlier this year. I wonder what this World Cup thing is about though. Is it because Braun Strowman's GRR trophy broke? Super Show Down was amazing. I managed to watch it. The very first time a PPV playing during the morning (11am it was here and now it's evening 6pm). For the Americans I think they watched it at 5am early in the morning. I believe the Aussies are asleep now 😃 If anyone has an atlas they can just count the lines of longitude from their area towards the area they want and see how many hours ahead or behind. That's manually, so to say. Buddy Murphy deserved the win. The crowd was happy for the IIconics too. It's been a year since Cedric Alexander lost a match and now he lost. Looking forward to the Juggernaut of 205 Live's title reign. Might be the minority here, but I enjoyed The Shield and Braun Strowman, Dolph and Drew. They kept teasing the Dean Ambrose heel turn but never happened. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe also had the good stuff. Was disappointed when Joe tapped out despite being so close to the ropes. Don't know whether the feud's case is now closed, but I do see him being involved during Bryan and Styles match. I could be wrong though, I also don't want any interruption in the dream match. The first time didn't go well because of Shinsuke Nakamura (if y'all remember), Daniel Bryan's first match on SmackDown after his return to the ring. Fun fact: Every match that AJ Styles faced off with Samoa Joe, AJ Styles had some blood on the face 😆. In WWE. I appreciate what they did to Triple H and The Undertaker's match. The Deadman was super exhausted I could see it. When he attempted the dive I was afraid he would mess up his hips. Last time he performed the dive over the ropes was at WrestleMania 27 during his match with HHH. Good thing it was interrupted. HBK was doing all he could in the match. The ending just shows that all four will face off at Crown Jewel. If only Crown Jewel would be located in another country. I'm sure they'll cut off the PPV from the channel I watch PPVs, like how Greatest Royal Rumble was.
  10. "Pain event", ha ha nice one. 👌 You are right about Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins not carrying their titles around anymore. It was kind of annoying during live events when The Shield would do their trademark fist bump and see Roman Reigns lift up the Universal title and not see the Seth's white title anywhere. They both had their titles last week though, when Dean Ambrose was issued an ultimatum between his brothers and "the pack" or whatever the hell they call themselves. R-Truth's been killing it since he had travelling issues. Hope he keeps that up. Shelton Benjamin goes on and off TV frequently. To be honest I don't even know where the whole US title thing is heading to. The fans are still on Becky Lynch's side, but yet at SD1000, she'll be teaming up with The IIconics. Wow, never saw anything like that. Also, I like Carmella's face run. She delivered well as heel and is doing the same as face. That must be the best reversal move ever this month or something. In terms on Super Show Down I won't watch it, but I will keep up with the content on Twitter, same as how I did it with Greatest Royal Rumble and I will do the same with Crown Jewel. I'm pretty sure the reason of putting up Mickie James vs Lita was that they have unfinished business from Survivor Series 2006. With Sasha Banks missing, she might or might not get a deserving spot on the show. Hopefully she comes back. Yes I heard about The Undertaker, Edge, Evolution, Rey Mysterio, Michelle McCool, Teddy Long, etc appearing at SmackDown 1000. The episode will be good.
  11. There are also rumors of a possible tag team match at Crown Jewel. DX vs Brothers of Destruction. Pretty sure people want to see him face AJ Styles, maybe Dolph Ziggler, etc. Elias and Kevin Owens were indeed the best things on RAW this week. Of course they are gonna lose to John Cena (who was hilariously regarded as the worst tag team partner for Bobby Lashley by Corey Graves after the beat up). The IC title is nowhere to be found to be fought for by these guys. You are right about the mid card titles just up in thin air. The full build up for the Evolution will begin after Super Show Down so I guess and hope we'll be seeing more women stuff on the show other than just 2 matches. The Moment of Bliss started out weird with the 7 years old autograph story. I also think Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair feud will go on to Evolution. Currently 3 matches on the card. Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler will be awesome. There are rumors of the Mae Young Classic finals already leaked, being Io Shirai vs Toni Storm. Guess we'll have to find out. SmackDown is indeed the show to watch. Maybe making it 3 hours long would up bring the flop that RAW has today. How long will SmackDown 1000's duration be though? I'm afraid next year's shake up will ruin things but I would like to see Finn Bálor go to SmackDown and hopefully get real and better feuds like with Daniel Bryan. I'm looking forward to The Miz and Bryan's match this Saturday. If Miz wins then beats AJ Styles or Joe at SD 1000, that would be history making. Miz won his first IC title and became Grand Slam at RAW 1000, won it back from Roman Reigns at RAW 25. Daniel Bryan would then win the title from Miz at WrestleMania 35 and then feud with Finn Bálor from there, etc.
  12. The fact that neither RAW titles will be defended at Super Show Down is just weird. At least the Intercontinental title could be fought for by guys currently like Jinder Mahal, Elias, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, etc, instead of having it lost in the shuffle. So that makes The Shield better than the titles or what. Then we have Shawn Michaels, looking like he was about to get out of a legendary retirement. Why did he have to cut his trademark hair though, now he just looks strsnger. Money deals and WWE these days, just unbelievable.
  13. Looks like we're on the same boat here. I don't need to get there as quick, just plan on what it'll be. It's only now that I need to get to #20 but will also plan for that. 😂 The #25 may not be a milestone anymore, but I will consider it being one.
  14. The "Champion vs Champion" match Ricochet vs Pete Dunne has to be the best one on one none-PPV match so far this year. I loved every second of it. Also a clever booking for not having any of them lose. If Hell In A Cell main event was something like this, then it would've been much better.
  15. Wow, didn't know the Super Show Down PPV already has 10 matches on the card. At least in our country it'll play in the morning (11am) and I think most European countries that fall in the same timezone. Tired of watching the PPVs late night lol.