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  1. WWE SmackDown LIVE 10/10/2017 SD LIVE was great. The Usos finally rule the Tag Team Division, but Chad & Shelton might just ruin their moment. They should've given Breezango a chance, because I think it would be much more entertaining, but right now they're busy with Fasion Files, so Chad & Shelton are alright. I think it was a great choice for Corbin to retain his title as I think he can keep it and maintain it well. Hopefully he starts putting up US Open Challenges like Cena used to and as well as AJ Styles. I think Tye will hop in and continue his rivalry with Corbin next week. Sami and Kevin's little reunion wasn't so bad. If these two continue to team up and have unstoppable tactics, this would be awesome. It's about time Sami gets his moment. So glad Bobby and Dolph's feud isn't over yet. Looking forward to their rematch. I might be the only one, but I want this feud to get carried all the way to Survivor Series. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are finally back on SD LIVE and joined forces under the name "Bludgeon Brothers". Let's see what these two can do. Can't believe Neville is up for a release. I hope he ain't leaving, because his heel character built him up a lot and leaving WWE would be a huge loss. This is probably over the frustrations on the WWE Officials. Neville was better off in the main roster, but he made the CW Division more entertaining to watch. I hope this is just a nostalgic nightmare.
  2. WWE RAW 10/9/2017 The Shield Reunion had everyone in the arena going nuts. The moment that everyone's been waiting for has finally arrived. Now this'll only lead to a TLC match, which I'm excited for. This again went viral when Braun Strowman was attacked. Best thing happened on RAW, slamming The Monster through the announce table. Did he just join Miz and Cesaro & Sheamus? Is it a 3 on 4 now? The CW Division have a new champion. It was great to see it was a lumberjack match and I'm sure that Enzo would've retained if it wasn't for Mustafa Ali (maybe). Things are going pretty well and I can't wait to see The Certified G's reaction on 205 LIVE tonight. So it's Emma and Asuka at TLC. It was alright to see her get the victory, but she's gonna get squashed, that's for sure. Sister Abigail has to be Bray Wyatt himself. Don't you guys think so? Probably an Alter Ego, just Demon Balor is to Finn Balor, and Demon Kane is to Authority Kane. Although it wasn't an explicit reveal, we'll all find out next week, right before TLC. You could even see that face from Balor. Is he scared?
  3. WWE Hell in a Cell 10/8/2017 Short Review Well, what do we have here. The judges have their final results - SD LIVE's HIAC vs RAW's No Mercy. Hell in a Cell wins! Just gonna make a little review about this awesome PPV last night so I can prepare for RAW tonight. Hell in a Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match - Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens This was the best match of the night. Just like any other HIAC match, my favorite part is seeing the two on top of the cage. That moment when Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens shocked the whole WWE Universe. Not only did he turn heel, but now Sami is gonna be on the main picture of SD LIVE which is what we have been waiting for since his departure from NXT. I think someone in this very thread predicted that Sami would turn heel and help Kevin. @Jesaya815, You're a WWE genius! United States Championship - AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger I was so damn glad that The Perfect 10 ended up as another competitor in the match. The match was decent and I'm not too frustrated by the fact that Baron left Hell with the US title. I'm kind of excited to see what he's gonna offer as the new US Champ and I hope he doesn't disappoint anyone else. His feud will most likely continue with Tye. I'll edit the others later. For now, that's it .
  4. Correct! 👍 I might PM you my new set of WWE: Part II questions soon.
  5. @Deceptrox Another hint for my WWE question.
  6. I think you meant Chad and Shelton here 😂. Anyway, I agree with your point. I think it was pointless for WWE teaming them up when being solo would be just great. Yeah, Rusev will win this one and I was in a rush, so I just had to put Randy, but I edited that part now. Rusev and Aiden are a "thing" now? I've seen Aiden at Rusev's Bulgarian Celebration and I saw Rusev at ringside during Randy and Aiden's match on SmackDown, so okay. Randy wants a heel turn as soon as HIAC ends and I think it's best for his character (more or less), because he has been doing nothing much over the past few months, other than losing to Jinder in 3 PPVs in a row from BackLash (where the whole thing started), to Money in the Bank and then Battleground (I'm still wondering why The Great Khali didn't return on SmackDown after his appearance at Battleground). Randy was only wide awake when he won the 2017 Royal Rumble, leading to his split with Bray to WrestleMania and then that's it. Other than that, your predictions are great and thanks for posting them . I'm as well excited for Shane and Kevin Owens' HIAC match .
  7. You know, those moments when you create a topic or post a status update about a trophy glitching on you, then after a few minutes, hours (or maybe days) the trophy unlocks and you give it an alternate name when you get the platinum 😂😂😂.
  8. WWE Hell in a Cell 10/8/2017 Predictions SmackDown LIVE Exclusive Hell in a Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match - Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens Winner: Kevin Owens. The Prizefighter/Face of America he calls himself will take this one. He will beat Shane and will put him out of commission for a while. He will then move on to bigger matches or even go back to RAW according to some rumors. WWE Championship - Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: Jinder Mahal (c). You'll never guess right when it comes to The Modern Day Maharaja's Championship matches, because he ends up winning them more than you expected. I badly want Nakamura to win the title, so he can make the championship reign better and more exciting, but hey, as long as The Singh Brothers have Jinder's back, it's almost impossible to defeat him. That's unless Nakamura uses Roman's tactic he used this past RAW when he took out The Miztourage. SmackDown Women's Championship - Natalya (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Winner: Charlotte Flair. The Queen will take this one since she was damn good at last year's Hell in a Cell against Sasha Banks for the RAW Women's Championship (and maybe, I mean maybe) Carmella will cash in and ruin her moment. If not, then it was great to finally see Natalya hold the title after 7 years of inactivity. SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Hell in a Cell Match - The New Day (c) vs. The Usos Winner: The Usos. They will be 5 time Tag Team Champions! Really, I want them to win very badly because I love their title reigns especially after THE DAY ONE ISH came up. The New Day is good, but... The Usos should be taking their gold back from your hands. United States Championship - AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin Winner: AJ Styles (c). The Phenomenal One will retain this one. It would be great to see Corbin win, but he has wasted so many good opportunities such as the Money in the Bank. I think Corbin will prove AJ wrong here. Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler Winner: Bobby Roode. Hell in a Cell will be absolutely GLORIOUS after Bobby makes Dolph kiss his ass. Ziggler will show us how good he is the ring, because when he made his extravagant entrances back, he has been telling nothing but lies. Randy Orton vs. Rusev Winner: Rusev. He'll take this one if Aiden English happens to be by his side. The Viper took the Bulgarian Brute out in 10 seconds at SummerSlam and this feud will end right here. If there'll be another roster shake-up, then Randy moves to RAW, he'll be treated much better than he's being treated on SD LIVE. Kickoff Match - Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Hype Bros Winners: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin. After they win, The Hype Bros' friendship will end and they'll start beating the crap out of each other. Their feud will then begin and that's what I wanna see. On a side note, RAW was awesome. The Shield segment backstage where the 3 former members looked at each other eye-to-eye-to-eye was amazing. This is a "no doubt" sign that we'll be seeing a full reunion soon. It was a brilliant tactic for Reigns beating up The Miztourage before the referee even rang the bell. Cesaro & Sheamus and The Miz all looked like a prototype version of The Shield. We might be seeing a 6-Man Tag Team match at TLC. So glad that the Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt storyline isn't over. The mystery we're all looking forward to solve is who would be hiding under Sister Abigail's shadow. Braun Strowman looks like he's getting back up as he has defeated both Dean & Seth now. It has been 2 RAW shows after No Mercy, but we still don't know who Brock's next opponent is. So yeah, it's Alexa vs Mickie at TLC. Finally a decent storyline in the Women's division and I'm greatly looking forward to their match. There goes Enzo again . I thought Kurt's announcement was gonna be something vast, but hey, Kalisto is great too. At least someone will be kicking his ass week in and week out. I still wanted Neville to get his hand on him, though. SmackDown LIVE was amazing too. It was great to hear that Shane made his match against Kevin Owens a Falls Count Anywhere this Sunday. This might be the most brutal match we'll get to see. There goes the New Day . Just give the titles to The Usos already because your title reigns are so bad. I strongly hope The Usos win this Sunday to become 5-time Tag Champs. Hey, Mike appeared on TV again. Never thought I'd ever see you again. Time for Dolph to show us how damn good he is in the ring this Sunday. I wish Tye was in the Triple Threat. This show was pretty much a preview for Hell in a Cell. During the course of last week, Enzo got into a fight with Corey Graves on Twitter. Corey says Enzo's a disgrace and he fires back and wow, shit's getting real. These are the things that lead to real life conflicts and situations when they weren't supposed to happen. I wonder what's next for them.
  9. The glitch master strikes again and got the trophy! I'd want to be just like you when such thing happens.
  10. This list makes me so happy. Cool trophies to get such as "You just made the List", "Kingslayer", "Legit Boss", "Show-Off", etc. I'm glad the WWE Universe Mode is still here, 'cause I love it!
  11. @Deceptrox Topic: Deceptrox's Profile Part IV 10. I am the first 100% achiever of this game that lacks a platinum trophy. = Paranautical Activity Another hint for my WWE question on the SmackDown LIVE brand: He is known as The Lone Wolf and his initials of his name is BC.
  12. Welcome to PSNProfiles! It's nice to meet you. Have fun and enjoy your stay .
  13. Nice work on being the 22nd fastest achiever of Fallout 4 >> 👏. Just like Skyrim, I couldn't even go faster than a week or two.  

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Oh really?? I'm the 22nd fastest achiever?? Woah 

      really the trophy that took me the longest on that game was the dlc one with 100,000 tickets that took me like a day and a half I think (this is me without looking at my trophies lmao)


      but that's really cool :) thanks for the congrats 

    2. ee28max


      You're also the 12th fastest achiever on Dynasty Warrior 8 >> :)

    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      omg I didnt know that either ahah dynasty warriors 8 was such a huge pain took me foreverrrrrr
      All that time poured into one game drives you nuts lol

      Awesome :D thats really cool

  14. Correct on Strowman for RAW. The hint for SmackDown LIVE: He won the Money in the Bank for 2017 and his cash in was a huge failure.
  15. I assume you're a fan of WWE?