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  1. R-Truth making the 24/7 title look great with his funny and entertaining antics. He should probably be the longest reigning champ for a few months or so, since I wouldn't mind at all. I didn't know RAW champs could come over to SmackDown or vice-versa. Seeing Becky Lynch got me really confused. Maybe expect the Universal Championship debut on the blue brand soon. Roman Reigns really doesn't know how to pull off a loss in any match. Shane McMahon could've easily cost him the match and there were even several distractions that could make Elias win, but nope. That would've been better as it would add much more heat to Shane. Dolph Ziggler comes from outta nowhere. I think the feud will carry over to whatever is next after Super Show Down. Ali will get his opportunity guys, just wait and see. Not sure about who Seth Rollins will face at SSD, but I don't think Brock will cash in for that. Oh, and "it should've been me." 😂
  2. Probably the worst MITB PPV up to date. Rey Mysterio winning probably just has to do with him being grand slam and that's it (well, I hope that's the case). Brock Lesnar returning to win the briefcase and he wasn't even part of the match (the referee even rang the fucking bell as soon as he grabbed it). So what now, maybe he will go for the WWE title and finally put smiles on people who don't want or like Kofi as champ?
  3. Chrysalis Finish Episode 1: Chrysalis Image faded with the page color. Didn't see that coming.
  4. Savior Complete 12 levels of Paramedic. Rescue a Kitten Too? Complete 12 levels of Firefighter. Public Enemy No. 1 Reach 6 wanted stars. What the City Needs Complete 12 levels of Vigilante. Serial Offender Get arrested 50 times.
  5. :ps: PSN Level 15 

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      Level-up celebration time!  Whoo!! :yay:

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      Congratz! :yay:

    4. Honor_Hand


      Awesome, congrats! :D

      Now, the race for level 16 has just started. xD

  6. What happens in Las Venturas... Complete Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. Home Run Achieve 'sex' with any of the girlfriends.
  7. The Wildcard rule still isn't doing any good. Only good part on SmackDown was having Daniel Bryan and Rowan win the SmackDown Tag Team titles and the interview they had, where Daniel Bryan spoke the truth and facts. I don't know how the "Tag Team Evolution" will begin, but truth be told, no one has ever spoken about tag teams main eventing WrestleMania. I know it sounds stupid and all, but watching him say it as a heel was aspiring enough. The tag team division was lead by jokers over the past couple of years and wasn't (still isn't) taken seriously. What they were doing to The Revivals on RAW this week was disgusting. The Usos are still great though, but they're about to and they're gonna make them have a comedic penitentiary on Monday Night RAW.
  8. All Dressed Up for San Fierro Complete The Green Sabre.
  9. Just kill the brand split already, it doesn't matter anymore. Wildcard rule? Vince is a genius and brilliant? "SmackDown superstars may be invited to SmackDown?" "Monday Night Yard?" (Michael Cole, who botched multiple times in that night. Another one where he said AJ and Styles were officially legal during the tag team match). RAW will never be good, they always need SmackDown or NXT superstars and they even made the team blue guys main event RAW.
  10. Looking at all your completed Grand Theft Auto games I see San Andreas (PS3) completed in 1 day, 22 hours (rounding it off to two days). Much respect to your completion time. Don't know how you did it, but if you can, just let me know. My favorite in the series and I'm playing it at the moment. I still have to play IV and hopefully have a milestone in store for it. Also love that "GTA in my DNA" rank of yours that you used to have. Huge fan of the series too. :) 

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Thank you! 😊

      Before I started with the PS3 version, I had played the PS4 version. So I had everything fresh in my mind. (Also the PS3 version is slightly easier than the PS4 version due to the controls.) In addition, long time ago I had brought the PC version twice to 100%. So I knew pretty much about the game. 😇

      I did only what was absolutely necessary for the platinum. Everything else I have omitted. You can skip a lot of things. And maybe the most important thing I didn't try to be fast. It's much more relaxing without any pressure. 🙂

      You liked my "GTA in my DNA" slogan? You know what? I'll change it back. 🙃

  11. :platinum: #28 - Zombie Driver HD

    What a fun action-filled car game. I enjoyed killing and running over the zombies on the way, destroying multiple objects, and so on. The story was straightforward, I'm glad I defeated all the boss zombies with ease and no need for a guide. Slaughter Mode was amazing, (and quoting Captain America) "I could do this all day" indeed. It's 50/50 that I regret or not buying the Apocalypse DLC for the Auroch, just to soften up the challenge. Blood Race turned out to be a mega challenge as soon as I reached the final tournament, Zombie Drivers. Glad I managed to pull off 6 gold and 2 silver trophies, rewarding me gold for the overall performance in the tournament. Good plat, good plat. :)  

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      I'm late to the party, but congrats on yet another cool platinum :)

  12. #28 Zombie Driver HD Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies. What an amazing action-packed car game. The icing on the cake is without a shadow of a doubt the zombies. Had fun killing and running over them whenever they were on my way or an enormous nuisance during my go. Used different weapons, such as the flamethrower, rail gun, machine gun, rocket launchers, etc. The story mode consists of 31 missions. Great line ahead, mostly about rescuing the residents from the zombie attacks and secondary objectives which are optional; some needed for trophies, alternatively you can go for them as you choose mission select after you beat the game. Only 3 zombie bosses across the story, they are easy to defeat without the guide. Blood Race is another mode., consisting of a total of 36 events, divided into 5 difficulty-related tournaments, namely; Beginners', Rookies', Drivers', Pro Drivers' and lastly Zombie Drivers' (the hardest one). Luckily in the first two tournaments you're allowed to have at least two silver trophies or one bronze trophy. In the last three, you're allowed to have three silver trophies or one silver and one bronze. The races were frustrating. Had many attempts and surprisingly won gold on all in the last tournament. Slaughter mode is another mode. Here you given countless waves of zombies coming at you and all you have to do is kill them and survive. They were pretty easy for me, but the Paradise Island and the City were the hardest, and this made me buy the Apocalypse DLC which has the Auroch, making it easier. I kind of regret wasting about $2.99 (plus additional tax ) on a DLC just for that. Great game, I had lots of fun. Many guides say the super car was the best vehicle in that game, but I had trouble controlling it well, it looked as if it was always hydroplaning every time I navigated it or made it turn. I used the maxed out police car for the final two races in the Zombie Drivers' tournament and won with gold. The super car was only useful in the story, I guess. Next up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas So excited to revisit Los Santos after so many years, and this time with new additions (trophies). Looking forward to the full display of nostalgia!
  13. Find your own race track! Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode. I just can't get enough! Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode. Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies.
  14. [Zombie Driver HD] Just restarted the tournament in Blood Race and it turns out it only redirects me to my current tournament (Zombie Drivers). So relieved, since I thought I'd start all over from the Beginners tournament. Had to restart due to the fact that I knew I screwed up with a silver and bronze at the beginning. Hoping I get about three silver trophies or a silver and bronze at the events that I'll consider difficult, such as the races. Good luck to me.   

  15. [Zombie Driver HD] Event #6 (Eliminator) in the Zombie Drivers' Tournament is so frustrating. How do you get 24 kills in 2 minutes? Been trying for a long time! -_- 

    1. lordguwa


      maxed out railgun, if they're behind let em through while giving the business end of the railgun in zombie driver HD. and then drive fast it takes multiple tries but it can be done.

    2. ee28max


      @lordguwa Lifesaver. Thank you so much, I completed it!!!


      Now I'm at Event #7, the race. Wow it's tough. I can conclude that the only way I can get through first place is by miracle or luck. Been trying for over an hour now. I'll probably continue tomorrow. It's the second last one before the final one and finally get my platinum.