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  1. :platinum: #23 - Magrunner: Dark Pulse

    Not the game I expected to be after all :lol: Gave me trouble at the mere end when I got robbed a trophy that I should've earned two days ago (technically this platinum included too). I clearly beat Act III without dying but I wasn't rewarded the trophy for it, only to have me replay the whole act again. Maybe I did die somewhere in the act and just don't remember. Well, what's done is done. Road to the elite 1,337th trophy milestone begins! :)    

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    2. ShonenCat
    3. Ala-Arska


      Great job, congrats :yay:

    4. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the Platinum! 👍


      Sure it's annoying when you fulfill the requirements for a trophy and they don't pop. Has happened to me more than once. :shakefist:

  2. #23 Magrunner: Dark Pulse Platinum Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked. Something I had on my PlayStation Store wishlist for a while and when I did an often check up on it I saw it was on sale and immediately bought it with whatever I had remaining. I'd usually be aware or take a quick glance at games I never played nor heard of, but in this case I didn't, and I slightly regret it. So I imagined it being a third person, free running type of game, but gosh oh gosh was I wrong. Not that I'm good at speed running games or anything like that, but I just had glimpse of it that way, y'know. It turned out to be some puzzle, portal-ish game with similar mechanics from Teslagrad (you know, the magnetic colors that attract and repel each other) and some Cubix game I played that came out with a NAG magazine (I think some of you know them) that I used to buy. I immediately wanted to finish this and move and I finally did. Just two days ago I was robbed a trophy that I clearly should've earned (including this very platinum as well). It required me to finish Act III without dying and I could I was sure more than ever that I didn't die. Maybe I did, but my intuition says otherwise. I had to use a USB to backup my saves after every level to avoid doing the whole thing again. Some levels were also annoying and had to look at Pen15Gaming on YouTube (props to that guy 💯). At least it has a nice platinum icon and got me some extra gold trophies too (I can say I've earned more so far than compared to the previous years). I'm on the road to the elite 1,337th trophy milestone. Next up: Goosebumps: The Game After doing a non-daily check up on my PS Store wishlist, I saw this on sale two days ago and quickly grabbed it. Looking forward to play it and most likely make it my new fastest platinum.
  3. Chosen of Cthulhu Pass Act III without dying The Outsider Visit all deadlocks in The Deep PlatinumAwarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.
  4. Servitor of the Outer Gods For completing the game
  5. Well I understand so many people want Cena to be Kurt Angle's opponent at WrestleMania. Baron Corbin is probably just there as his first challenger, then he'll ask for another challenge. No signs for The Undertaker yet and that sounds crazy because he should've retired years ago. Nothing to say or react to about this week apart from The Miz's amazing promo and maybe the whole KofiMania thing. Babyface or heel, Miz is still godly on the mic. Can't wait to see their match and then see where things will go from there. Kofi winning a gauntlet match and accumulating a longer time than Seth Rollins. It's just another work, considering hearing Daniel Bryan say he's nothing more than a "B+ player", something similar that happened with the Daniel Bryan underdog push in 2014.
  6. #22 Trine 2 hard Earn all Trophies in Trine 2 Fun, attractive, beautiful and colorful game. I enjoyed playing as all three characters (Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Archer, and Pontius the Knight) and the chapters were not as many as I thought they'd be. For a long time I wanted to increase my gold trophies since most profiles at my level usually have about more than or equal to 100. I saw Trine 4 and it looks amazing. I still have to play the first Trine and then 3. The moment I saw this game on sale I didn't hesitate but to get it. Next up: I have started Magrunner: Dark Pulse. It was on sale not too long ago so I decided to give it a shot. I'm kinda on a rampage of trying some of these rare games that only a few people played.
  7. :platinum: #22 - Trine 2

    Fun and beautiful game. Hoping I can get to play the first Trine and 3 in the near future. :)  

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! I have zero interest in playing another Trine game. Lol.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Congrats! Want to play that, but will wait until they release the collection with all four titles.

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  8. Tech Wiz For completing Introductory Jumper in less than 5 minutes Natural For completing Introductory Cube in less than 2 minutes Quick Thinking For completing Introductory Platform in less than 5 minutes
  9. SmackDown was good. Randy Orton and AJ Styles' segment on SmackDown was Batista and Triple's segment on RAW. Technically what Randy Orton said was really true. AJ Styles firing back was also savage. Calling the RKO a "Diamond cutter ripoff". Their match will tear down the house and I do hope Randy Orton brings back the punt kick, oh please. What Shane McMahon said was also true and I hope their match will be just as good as it should be. Vince McMahon going back to 2011 saying the fans don't deserve anything lol. In my head I was just imagining CM Punk coming and telling him to apologise 😂 The gauntlet match is a stupid idea. Especially including Samoa Joe and Randy Orton in it. Obviously if he wins he'll get some help from AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Mustafa Ali and the other New Day members.
  10. Didn't preview Fastlane, but it was alright. I'm guessing "decent" is the term to use for RAW. I'm curious as well to find out who Kurt Angle will be facing at WrestleMania. This actually reveals that this year's WM will possess the biggest PPV card in history. Batista and Triple H's segment was amazing. A few memes and jokes here and there, like how Batista's Theme song goes "I WALK ALONE!", but he brought along security guards to protect him 😂. Also reference of Guardians of the Galaxy and other cool elements making the segment really entertaining. I'm excited to see this match, WrestleMania 21 rematch. I hope we get something like this for AJ Styles and Randy Orton on SmackDown. Braun Strowman to have another pointless WrestleMania. Looks like he's gonna beat up those two guys, which one of them failed to sell and react to getting choked on the wall last week. Already saw it coming - Finn Bálor not having a decent title reign. I would really like to see the mid card titles have big matches, like maybe ladder with 6 participants at WrestleMania. The best part of the show was the falls count anywhere match. At least they showed us Drew McIntyre is still who he is than what he's been for the past couple of weeks siding with Corbin and Lashley. There are rumors that he might face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and I agree it will be a captivating match, but kinda obvious that The Big Dog will be victorious. He returned too soon, so keeping him out of the Universal title picture for a while will be what's best. The best part of the falls count anywhere match was that Renee Young's commentary actually sold the hell out of the match which made it even more intriguing.
  11. Happy for Samoa Joe winning the US title. He's been stuck ans struggling getting a title and he finally has one. Nothing much more to say, but the beating Becky Lynch received from RAW was then pointless when she appeared on SmackDown. The beating was brutal enough to have her arms or arm on a cast, considering just 24 hours after the incident. It's best if the injury angle is just dropped. We saw her selling it a few times, but then sometimes she doesn't sell at all. I do hope we get something like a 6-man ladder match for the US title at WM, I mean, lately we've only been seeing IC title ladder matches (WM32, WM31, Greatest Royal Rumble, etc). The AJ Styles/Randy Orton feud is getting bitter! That savage roast from outta nowhere made headlines.
  12. So things get beyond their respective descriptions of action. Becky Lynch joins the list of Roman Reigns (who faced Daniel Bryan for his spot in 2015), John Cena (who faced CM Punk for his spot in 2013), I think Rey Mysterio faced Randy Orton in 2006 somewhere at No Way Out, and a couple of other Royal Rumble winners who had to fight for the spot they automatically earned. Different fans may look in a different perspective as how she was actually just a substitute for Lana and not a full entrant. So Ronda Rousey just turned heel which came from outta nowhere, lashing out on Becky Lynch and earlier she even begged for her to be included. We already saw this coming and we even have the same story on the WWE Championship. When you choose Brock Lesnar for WM35, you get a Shield reunion. Not saying it's a bad thing, although this happened so many times which is annoying, now this kinda makes everyone forget there's even a Universal title on RAW and a Royal Rumble winner who's Seth Rollins when we're still on the Road to WrestleMania. I'm guessing Roman Reigns will remain undefeated at Fastlane lol. The internet is now exploding with questions on whether Dean will be leaving or not. This whole time I've been on the side for "it's a work."
  13. Good luck, hope everything goes well.
  14. Bouncy Bouncy Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds Hammer HavocKill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill Oh my, what a beautiful game. I'm definitely gonna pick up Trine when I get the chance in the future.
  15. :platinum: #21 - Teslagrad (PS3)

    I nearly posted a status update to hand out thoughts about the :gold: Protective Father scroll in a form of a filed complaint, sending a message to the wizards of PSNP status updates to cast a spell and have mercy on me. 😂

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. Ala-Arska


      Congratulations :yay:

    4. SarDarniTron


      Brutal , annoying Trophy of all :comp: