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  1. [Sonic The Hedgehog]: These speedruns are gonna be intense. Luckily I already beat Green Hill in 33 seconds, which is probably the easiest of them all. 

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    2. starcrunch061


      You'll be fine. I suck at Sonic, but knocked out all those pretty easily. 


      Giving you congrats in advance!

    3. Alderriz


      Gotta go fast 😉


      And yes, the 40 min speedrun trophy may look difficult on paper, but in reality it's not that bad thanks to save states. 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Bets of luck with them classics. They can be pretty brutal compared to today's games, but I'm sure you'll be able to push through.





  2. Do you love memes? If so, which one(s) are your favourite? Do you play sports?
  3. Hey, there. This account of mine is now an alt. Would you mind re-following me at SirensSalvation? :)

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Ah yeah, sure! :)

  4. Closer Analysis Find all the hidden intel Double Whammy Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship. Sally Likes Blood Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.
  5. thanks for following the legendary saiyan from Universe 6 :)

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      I'm honoured ☺

  6. Burn Notice Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty. BLACK OP MASTER Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
  7. Not Today Complete "Crash Site," "WMD," and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty I guess I'll be posting on mobile until further notice 😕
  8. 5 years ago today, I joined and became a part of this wonderful community! 

    Happy 5th PSNPversary! ❤

    1. Condemned09


      Happy PSNPversary :)


    2. Honor_Hand


      5 years of glorious trophy hunting and happy gaming memories.


      Happy 5th Anniversary to you, Max. :D

  9. PSN ID successfully changed :yay:

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Probably a typo because MaximumOverdrive is long taken. :P I had to add a DX to my name because MidnightDragon was long taken.

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      @MMDE Yes there is. :P

      "MaximumOverdrive" is long taken, and I can't add that username has 16 characters already, so I can't add anything else to it. 


      @Honor_Hand Let's go! 😁✊


      @MidnightDragon That is pretty clever. :yay: Luckily your username had 14 characters before adding "DX". 

      @MidnightDragon If I may ask, is there any meaning behind "DX"?

    4. ShinigamiSensei-


      I like it! Nice choice :pimp:

  10. Sony killed it :yay:


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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      @ihadalifeb4this Pretty sure they will kill everyone when they say the price. It's probably better to wait a few years for a price drop. Saying that is kinda ironic since the PS4 here is still heavy expensive. 

      @Deluziion90 That tune will soon be catchy lol.

    3. MidnightDragon


      This is how you do it, Microsoft!

    4. Sigma999


      It killed me for sure , with that design 😅

  11. Just had a thought and something went down... 


    I would like to take a moment to apologise to everyone here for yet another turn of events that just popped up unexpectedly. 


    So this "new journey" I started pursuing about a week ago isn't working out, like, at all.  I thought it was the way to go, but oh wow was I wrong. 


    There wasn't really a problem with "ee28max" that got me to start a new account. I just got carried away with how I wanted to have a fresh new account with no stones to trip on or over. I feel really bad and awkward for not making up my damn mind. 


    So I decided (once again and final decision) that I will reclaim and return to ee28max. I'm changing the PSN ID though. I just need to know, is it possible to change it to the recently created account's ID "MaximumOvredrive" after changing the ID on that account or maybe delete the account? 


    Also, I figured that the link and signature to the other account was just all over the place and not as accurate. 


    On "ee28max", I will pick up where I left off. I guess that's cleaning up GTA IV. I'm sorry once again, but please readd me and resend friend request to "ee28max" to what I'm sticking to before changing the ID. I will readd you guys as well.  At one point I actually planned to let go of this account, even despite the hard work and effort I put in it, but I guess I'll take it from here. Might not be much active, but it will forever be here with me. 


    I think that's it lol. 

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    2. Honor_Hand


      It's okay, we all have our second thoughts sometimes. Good thing I still had your "ee28max" account added. 😅


      That's the thing with starting a new profile. Getting rid of your old account and achievements is not as easy as it looks. I know I probably wouldn't be able to ever get rid of mine. I know mine has a lot of shitty games and a ton of games that are not completed, but I rather take it as my own personal journey with all the things I've gone through, including both good and bad experiences alike.  :)

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      @Honor_Hand I don't even know what I was thinking lol. Anyway, as mentioned in my status, I will change the ID name. I think that's the only transition for my so-called "journey", lol. 

    4. ahmedelebiary


      I will resend a FR to the old ID cuz I deleted it too. 

  14. Hey guys, I finally created a new PSN account - MaximumOvredrive

    Go ahead and add me on this new account and maybe delete ee28max off your lists if we were friends before. 


    I figured I just wanted to start over fresh with a new name (one I similarly use on social media). As you can see there is already someone with the account "MaximumOverdrive", and it's barely active which annoys me 😒, so I just had to innovatively switch places of the letters "e" and "r". 


    I'm aware that there are plats from ee28max I won't earn again on the new account, such as the sports-related ones, those that are already unobtainable due to the closure of servers and those I may not have copies for anymore. 


    An idea to compensate those long gone plats on this new account is that I will purchase PS4 games from the PSN Store in advance, so that by the time I do get a PS4, I will already have them and just download them. At this point I don't even know when I'll ever get one, considering everything going on in my life but I will remain patient. 


    I can finally play games of my choice, go around milestone choices as well and so on. I didn't have that privilege on ee28max because it was mostly shared between by my brothers. 


    One more thing. I realised that on my last status update, it's not possible to link this forum profile to my new PSN account, so I just have to direct people to the new account or maybe request for the removal of ee28max from the site or something. That and maybe add a new signature with a link to my new profile, like I have seen with some users on here. 

    I tried to create a forum profile for my new account, but when it gave me the code I needed to put on the 'About Me' section, I got "The information you entered in your [About Me] cannot be used." Anyone who knows what's going on and what I should do? 


    I appreciate all. 

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    2. Emina


      Whoops I’ll re-follow your account on here then! 

    3. MaximumOverdrive



      Thank you so much! Really feels great to have supportive friends like you here on PSNProfiles! Literal day makers and mood changers ☺🙏👊

      A new PSN journey awaits! 



      No problem ☺

    4. Deluziion90


      ofcourse going to follow you! Been seeing you around my profile since I've started :D

  15. Quick, Important Question: Okay, so I know you can remove your profile from the site as per request. Alright, now that it's removed (for example), the PSNProfiles Forums account that was tied to it remains in existence, right? Now let's say for instance you've decided to create a new PSN account, replacing the removed one. Now the question is, is it possible to have that new PSN account linked to that same PSNProfiles Forums account?

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    2. BlindMango


      I don't think there's a way to do it - Sly told me something once like forum accounts are tied to a PSN account ID and there's no way to move it from one account to another unfortunately

    3. Masamune


      @BlindMango Really? I could've swore I seen where at least a couple people had theirs changed before. One of those may've been a special case though, because I think they actually had their old account banned by Sony because one other person found their name "offensive", or something like that. 😅

    4. BlindMango


      Now that I think about it, it may technically be possible but is probably a pain to do at this point with all the PSN ID name changing logic going on in the backend, but I don't think Sly does it almost ever. He'd have to be the one to confirm if it is actually possible though :P