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  1. Ahh, Fozzy. Forgot all about this song. Great band though, my fav songs are Wordworth Way, Painless, Judas, Capsized and then I Still Burn and Army of One from the new album.
  2. Why did Mrs Claus file for a divorce from Santa Claus? Too many ho ho hos
  3. I just saw someone get beat up by five guys across the street, so I stepped in to help... He couldn't stand a chance against the six of us.
  4. Congratulations to Messi and Argentina. What a final, what an emotional rollercoaster that was. Mbappe after 75 minutes said hold my beer. The goat debate is over but it kinda has been already years ago. As a Ronaldo fan I have already acknowledged that years before this world cup. Mbappe already has 12 goals just in 2 world cups, insane. Don't know why people compared him to Haaland but they're both young and will be future best of the best. Looking forward to the league matches now. I agree lol. How isn't there one already?
  5. Messi is the top scorer (with Mbappe) at 5 goals Top assist (with Kane, Griezmann and Bruno Fernandes) at 3 assists Most MOTM from each knockout game 11 goals in WC total Neymar was unfortunately knocked out in the quarter finals but at least he got his flowers. 2 goals, equalised Pele's record with 77 international goals. Mbappe has 9 goals in 2 World cups. He could be the one to equalise if not break Klose's record with 16 goals in 5 and also might become France's all time goal scorer in the future. I also gotta give it to Giroud. Definitely one of the most underrated strikers ever. He's won the world cup, serie a, ligue 1, ucl, uel, some community shield and fa cups. It looks like the PSG forwards are really having it. I see France going through Morocco, unless their guard's down. I thought Argentina was gonna go to extra time with Croatia, but that looked easy for them. The Netherlands game was far better. I wonder how Brazil got eliminated by this side of Croatia. Looking forward to the final on Sunday. Play-offs too, I guess.
  6. Over for Ronaldo? The media is literally all over him. Since that interview with Piers Morgan it went all haywire. It sucks but he really doesn't deserve all the hate. There was footage of a fan running towards him as soon as the game ended. I mean who in the world would think that was a good time to ask for an autograph or photo? Congrats to Morocco. First African team to advance to the semis.
  7. Why can pirates never finish learning the alphabet? Because they always get lost at C
  8. After yesterday's update I still can't sign in in my account to get to account management and change my Sign-In ID (E-mail Address) because of 2-step verification. Also been struggling to figure my way around getting a verification code from an authenticator app (just downloaded the Microsoft and Google ones) to sign into my account from the playstation website. 

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    2. DaivRules


      Which authenticator app did you first use when you activated MFA? Whatever worked then should work now. Seems like you don't have your authenticator apps set up correctly if you're not receiving the prompts.

    3. Maxximum


      @DaivRules I think it was 2FAS (or something like that) :hmm: could that be the issue?

    4. DaivRules


      MFA = Multi-factor authentication, 2FA = Two-factor authentication. Essentially synonymous in this situation. 

      However you originally set up 2FA when you enabled it is the same settings you need to use now.

      You need to contact Sony support and see if they can guide you to however you originally set it up so you can duplicate that.

  9. I'm trying to change my Sign-In ID (E-mail Address) via the PS3 PSN. It leads me to a screen with a QR code to scan (which is apparently "invalid" as I scan it) and a link to my account management on the PlayStation website.


    On the website as I try to sign in, it tells me that the 2-step verification is enabled and that I should open my authenticator app (which I didn't have prior to all of this), get the verification code and enter it on the box below. I downloaded an authenticator app called 2FAS (got a little stuck on there) and Microsoft Authenticator. Using the Microsoft Authenticator, I added my Microsoft account and there's a limited generated code after every 30 seconds. How do I add the PlayStation account? There's an option to scan a QR code, but as I mentioned above, it's "invalid". What do I do?

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    2. Maxximum


      @CelestialRequiem How? I need to sign in first to do that. Or is there another way?

    3. CelestialRequiem


      You should be able to do it through the website. 

    4. Maxximum


      @CelestialRequiem On the website it literally says I should sign in account management to turn 2SV off though. That leads me to the authenticator app issue I need help with.

  10. Am I the only one who still didn't get their Spotify wrapped? What's ironic is I got it last year with less streaming time compared to this year's. I tried everything. I logged out, reinstalled the app, etc. I tried everything.


    I DM'd the support account on Twitter and they said I'm not "eligible" and "it's something we can't change on our end". They stopped right there without further elaboration as to what they meant by that because time I checked, I checked all the boxes for "eligibility":

    Listen to at least 5 artists, stream for at least 60 minutes and create a spotify account before November 1. 

    Is it my region/location? Is it my email? I guess I'll never know with lack of information and updates. 


    I just wish I was provided with more information on this issue instead of being left hanging. It would also be more reasonable if the support account would publicly tweet out any updates for those who share the same issue or those who are unable to access support to see what's going on, instead of "DM'ing" individually.


    Smh, the one time I'm anticipating something and it just doesn't come out. Way to go expectations. I didn't even know about spotify wrapped last year when it came out and it attracted me to start using spotify more. It's just good to know to keep track, you know, to know how many times you've listened to an artist or song, your top genres, what all that says about you, etc. I'm guessing with this type of service and care, you might not wonder why there'll be some users canceling Spotify and switching to Apple Music. 

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    2. Slava


      I use for song tracking. Spotify was available for only one year in our country 😁. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Have you tried using a VPN or proxy? Not sure how Spotify and the Wrapped thing even work, but I found out that, for a lot of things that are "not supported" or just fail to load on my end, it's due to my geographical location. I then use a VPN in the US and it works.


      No idea if this is the case here but I thought I might point this out to see if it works for you. Like, get a VPN app for your browser and then try loading the Spotify Wrap there to see if it works.

    4. Jeanoltt


      Yeah, I see you are from SA, sadly companies do not support a lot of countries outside the Europe/NA sphere when it comes to new content, we are used to it 😔.

      Probably a VPN could help, although not all VPNs work with spotify.

  11. Mbappe with 9 goals in 2 world cups is insane. Already surpassed legends that played more world cups to get to like 6, 7, 8 goals etc. So far he's equalized with Messi, who's playing his 5th world cup right now. Who's the world cup's all time goal scorer? Last time I checked it was Germany's Miroslav Klose with 16 goals. Also played 5 I believe. Anyone with more?
  12. Wow, I was right. I've seen some memes around, saying Triple H has an infinity gauntlet and so far has collected 5/6 stones, of which the 5th stone was Johnny Gargano. Who's the next superstar wrestler to return? Trips is so goated for this, and what he's done since taking the lead of creative role. Also like where the Dexter Lumis attack/kidnap Miz thing is going, and sending a letter to Indi on NXT, acknowledging their marriage and it being picked up where it was left off before he was released. I'd like to see Candice LeRae too, but maybe later if not possible right away. The Way as a faction as well, or not, idk.
  13. Idk man, but with all these previously released superstars coming back, I'd say the returns of Braun Strowman, Johnny Gargano (with or without) Candice LeRae, Bray Wyatt, etc, aren't unlikely. I'd like to see The Way on the main roster too, if possible. Theory looks so lost with the MITB case at the moment (Roman Reigns was right). Also, the fickle dub dub E fans. Turning on Liv just a mere month after winning the title. They've cheered, rooted at the top of their lungs for her and it all comes down to that. Am I surprised? Of course not, I mean why should I be...
  14. Just finished Game of Thrones. I've had it on my list to watch for about two years now and it just hit me "If I ain't gonna start watching it now, then when will I ever?" Great show overall, definitely landed in my top 5 tv shows/series of all time. Had a great display of characterization, visuals, quotes, etc. The only thing I knew about it before watching it was the overall review/rating of the final season when it premiered in 2019. In my opinion, it was the final episode that was underwhelming. Once again, goated show with a goated cast, story, intentions, etc. Top 5 in my book. 

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Whats interesting is Matt whatever, the dude who played Dr. Who. Is in House of Dragon. He said he didnt realize the show had so much sex and nudity. He must be crazy or never seen Game of Thrones.


      Nothin wrong with tits and blood 😂

    3. Slava


      Nothing wrong indeed. I'm just mentioning what people said about the show. Don't remember what was said exactly, but it was either "Boobs and blood is the only thing it's known for" or "Boobs and blood is the only reason people watch it". Or both. 

    4. Maxximum


      I don't even know if House of Dragon is worth watching. Not even sure if its intentions will be any different of the finale of its sequel.