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  1. More excited for this than FFXV Now if they can only pack FFVII crisis core in with the FFVII-Remake ..
  2. No, Death Blossom kills do not count. Just shadow step to low health characters headshot for max damage, they're dead and you get the trophy.
  3. 7/10 (Killed by Suppression--) would sound pretty cool
  4. Oh my so many URs (I'd be happy/sad because I'd miss my psn buddies)
  5. Thanks! I got the trophy using this method. Any tips on unlocking "Thie Floor Is Lava" ?
  6. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Game Rating: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 (Barely looked at the screen) I don't understand, this game was a lot more fun on my phone. I guess trophies can't make every game more enjoyable. I swear the last game I played that was this boring was ... well I can't think of anything, that's how BORING this game was, but whatever the trophy icons are pretty.
  7. I heard about this some time ago, It is true though Mcree is OP and I think they're making adjustments to Reaper as well. Friendly Reapers get different color or something like that.
  8. All Telltale games. I don't like "clearing chapters" trophies.
  9. Aha, now, how exactly do you suggest doing that? I also have been wasting my time head shooting flying Pharahs and jumping Junkrats.
  10. Oh, I never noticed that.
  11. You must damage him to the point where his helmet falls off in order for the triangle prompt to appear.
  12. Overwatch Waste Not, Want Not Get 3 solo kills with a single clip of Reaper's shotguns in Quick or Competitive Play. Reaper is the best.
  13. PERSONA 4 DANCING ALL NIGHT RATING: 8/10 DIFFICULTY: 2/10 FAV. TROPHY: Senpai, You're So Cool! (because Rise ) This plat was long overdue. I was actually surprised when the platinum popped because this game was so enjoyable that I wasn't even keeping track of the trophies. Next up: Finish Kingdom Hearts
  14. KILLER IS DEAD Difficulty : 3/10 Enjoyment : 8/10 Very fun, but the gigolo missions and money trophies are very tedious.
  15. I was against buying Hitman Go, but this trophy is so pretty. I must have it.