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  1. Just got this game and its fun, but I notice there is a lot of horizontal line screen tearing when playing. Does anyone else see bad screen tearing when playing this or is it just me? I don't notice it with other games.
  2. Anybody know if TMNT Mutants in Manhattan PS3 servers are P2P? I am thinking about getting this for online co-op, but don't want to if Activision is gonna shut it down.
  3. You definitely want to get 1) "Warhammer® 40,000®: Space Marine® Ultimate Edition" It includes the digital full game plus all DLC and is 5.94gb. The other bundle only includes the DLC and is 1.27mb.
  4. Damn. Anyone tried to connect recently? I don't have the game yet but was planning on it working online.
  5. I was just hoping to play Gatekeeper games in splitscreen with 2 players but the game wont start since there was an update to 4 min players. I think I remember it was a weird update that might have installed directly to the digital game file not game data. Anyone recall?
  6. Anyone find a way to get the games other than prospector to start with only 2 players? If I delete Starhawk Game Data will it allow games to start offline with only 2 players in splitscreen?
  7. Would the online trophies unlock if someone made a custom server? Or did they need the official Sony servers to pop? Just wondering if I should delete this game since I don't have enough space to re-download it.
  8. What do you unlock after level 50? I'm going to try and get some tier 3 vehicles like the racing truck and muscle car. I found it is easier to get wrecks with the perk that makes wrecks more effective. Then the falling down slow first jump glitch will get the air points and then just drift everywhere for drift points.
  9. I'd say keep it for exclusives, trophyless games, Backwards Compatible games and games with servers still up on Xbox but shut down on PSN,
  10. “Against this rising shadow… stand those who do not seek glory… who do not seek power… those who fight to stem the onslaught… to protect their people… their lands… and all of Middle-earth. Three bright flames of courage… to challenge the darkness.” - The Lord Of The Rings War In The North
  11. Quote 3 "Spaceship!" - Benny from The Lego Movie Videogame
  12. Entry 2 "Captain - Assault support pods were dropped in this area." - Warhammer 40k Space Marine
  13. "Gettin pretty fancy with the driftin' there, Cupcake." - Modnation Racers
  14. Hi I am interested in this game on sale. How many different camera views can I choose from while racing? Can the camera be behind the cars while racing like in NFS/Dirt?
  15. With the servers closing in a couple months I would like to download and save as many of the best tracks as possible to play in the future. How many community tracks can I download? Is there a limit or a number I shouldn't download past for the sake of the PS3 running properly? I was thinking about getting all the top, highest rated, and most raced but that might total around 2000 tracks. Is that too much for the PS3? Anyone know any great community tracks / creators to look into or recommend any awesome tracks? Please don't ask for downloads if you need the XP trophies as they are fastest achieved by publishing downloading & unpublishing with multiple accounts. Also is there any way of backing up user creations to a usb drive or something since they are saved to game data?