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  1. Platinum get...

    thank you @insomniacgames for this spectacular game...

    can't wait for what you do next for Mr. Parker...

    #SpiderManPS4 #Playstation #PS4 #PS4Share


  2. #SpidermanPS4 

    whoever suggested that chasing pigeons would be a fun addition to the game, or would make the game more fun should have their knees batted...

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    2. Nitroman65


      The pigeons weren't that hard to chase.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      @Nitroman65 I agree, sure, at first a little frustrating, but once you get the hang out it, they were rather simple, getting the right speed, getting close enough to catch them.

    4. Spawn


      There's a couple of side stuff things I don't like and I agree with the pidgeons. Not too bad, but totally unnecessary and later on in the game you get a much more interesting variant with drones.


      @Spaz nah, there's only twelve in the game and they're marked on the map.

  3. any chance the site can give users the ability to update them manually, even if it's not reflected on PSN? just to stop things like having a gap of 48 years in the trophy lists... even adjusting it so that the list uses the earliest trophy with a timestamp as the start point of the gaps would be appreciated...
  4. re-playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma + on Vita. how did we ever play this game without a lock-on feature on XBox? you tolerate a lot of things when younger...


    also, i miss the PSP Go's ability to sync with an external controller, something Sony should have included on the Vita, i should have no fear of ruining a portable's buttons on a button-mash heavy game like Ninja Gaiden...

    1. Elvick_


      Maybe they planned it with that stupid port on the top of the 1000 which does nothing...

      A lot of things PSP did better, like save data/content management.

  5. loved the cosmic horror story in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. now, if only the walking was a tiny bit faster...

    1. Elvick_


      1000x faster.

  6. Platinum get...

    @Deck13_de improves what they learned from Lords of the Fallen. very good game...

    too bad for the pictured NPC at the end of her quest, trophy had to pop at the moment of her demise. poor woman...

    looking forward to the sequel... 

    @TheSurgeGame #PS4 #PS4Share


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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congrats. :)

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      thanks. with the trophies out of the way, i still need to finish NG+ before i move on...


      i hope they flesh-out the story more in the sequel. this game is barely a prologue...

  7. just started The Surge, i like it so far, however the finishing moves are quite unpolished, and as of yet, there's not much variation to it...


    also, it's a QTE, which i would not be surprised the people may not like it...

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Paleblood you're damn right about the story being almost non-existent xD.(let's hope you're also right about BB :P ).  I said this before but the intro made it look like there'll be great emphasis on the street story and I was hyped. Atm I'm 10 hrs in and I no longer know what's going on... Btw there were no cutscenes whatsoever after the intro just saying and all of the dialogue was basically telling me to help this lady and to get to her. 


      Atm I shelved this game and I may or not return to it. 


      Not to rain on op's parade! If you like it that's fantastic! Hope it stays that way. 



      Edit: there'll be great emphasis on the story* ( lol I've no clue how tf did street make its way to my post xD)

    3. Phil



      I was following you all the way up until your edit....then it went all to shit.


      I think I'll just play the game anyway. The more criticism and hate a game gets, the more I want to play it. 99% of the time, I end up loving the game too.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Phil  I wanted to say that the intro of the game  made it look like there's going to be great emphasis on the story because it was actually great. But after playing it for about 10 or so hours the story is pretty much non-existent. 


      My edit was there to remove the word street from my sentence lol. 


      And yea definitely. I always tell people anyways that you shouldn't avoid a game you're interested in just because some person on the internet said they didn't like it. Try it out first then judge it. 


      Who knows you might like it

  8. just give a burning retort to all the people who just won't shut-up throughout the game... special malice to that first Militia guy in jail, who somehow has the latest intel while incarcerated... one reason why i like Terry McGuinnis. a sharp tongue to go with his almost-Batman mind...
  9. Platinum get...

    very good game, and a competent end to the series (i only wish Hush was the main bad guy along with the Knight instead of the strawman, since he had a set-up in Arkham City)...

    congrats, @RocksteadyGames ...

    #PS4Share #PS4


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    2. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      thanks, guys. so, which game should i try: Salt & Sanctuary, or The Surge? i'm in the mood for a Souls-like game...


      well, after i finish Manny Calavera's adventure first...

    3. PooPooBlast


      Woohoo! Congrats! 

      So you won't be going for the AR challenges eh?


      As for selecting the next game, I can't comment on salt and sanctuary since I didn't play it but imo the surge sucks..


      I've put a solid ~10 hrs but it's just not to my liking. Initially it was really fun and the intro made it seem like there's going to be an emphasis on the story but there's just almost none.. the environment and the tasks that you need to do become quite repititive. 


      That's just my opinion though and you may end up liking it. I started it at the same time as @Hemiak. I stopped playing it for now but he likes it so he can perhaps comment some more about it

    4. Honor_Hand


      Congratulations! 👍

  10. update: after finishing the story, my game is still glitched and i won't be able to 100% on the current save to get the true ending. so, i started a new save on "Easy" difficulty to get the Knightfall trophy...


    my conclusion: the glitch NEVER WAS FIXED!!! BAD, ROCKSTEADY, BAD!!!


    once i get the Plat here, i'll just complete the story DLCs, and skip the AR challenges. the Bat-car requires superhuman reflexes to handle the extreme over-steer (so extreme that the car steers while airborne, too) and i'm glad the DLC AR challenges counts toward the Absolution trophy...


    then, i'll calm down and finish Grim Fandango...

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    2. PooPooBlast



      While everyone got sick of the Joker, I personally loved his symbolic presence as an entity in Batman's head.Loved it! And since you'll be going for the 100% on another playthrough I wont talk about the 100% ending just yet :). All I could say is that it was reaaally good :D

      And haha oh my goodness nothing worse than trying to do a freeflow combo only to get a lousy punch on you landed by some nooby thug xD. The dlc challenges were quite tough but I actually had lots of fun completing them. If you ever plan on completing them or some of them and you're having trouble let me know and I can hopefully provide meaningful tips!



      And I dont blame you about that Firefly and even the arkham knight boss fights. I had trouble completing them but eventually I got figured out how to handle the batmobile. And lol honestly, I might be the only one here but I was caught off guard by the former Robin being the Arkham knight. Then again I avoided the trailers and any other info about it on the internet leading up to its release.

      As for the tracks, it boils down to just memorizing the placements of traps/ shortcuts . And me personally, I wouldve preferred that they didnt count the dlc challenges towards the main game. 

      I bought the season pass for approx $10 a while back and so the different batmobiles and skins made the races still feel fresh. I personally stuck between the Christopher Nolan's batman outfit ( the dark knight), batman beyond, and the 1980 Batman outfit ( the one where batman has to move his body to turn to other directions since the onesie restricts his neck movement xD). 

    3. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      i don't have a problem handling the Batmobile in Battle-mode, there my twitchy fingers work in avoiding getting hit, but in Pursuit-mode, it meant scraping walls, running into unbreakable walls & barriers, and missing corners. i make Batman look like a poor driver... 🙃

    4. PooPooBlast


      Hahaha I know what you mean xD. I found that pressing the drift button and then once car is aligned in the direction you want to go, press the boost button. It'll make you go straight in that direction which makes tight turns manageable. 

  11. i appreciate their version of Arkham Knight's Fear Multi-Takedown. can't wait...
  12. great...

    enjoying Arkham Knight, then i find that i met conditions for an unfixable glitch and have to start over...


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    2. PooPooBlast


      I'm not signed up for Warner Bros( unless you meant steam) which I'm also not signed up for! Lol.


      Try this maybe

    3. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      much better. thanks...

      patch fixes scanning bomber and taking him out without being on the pad. but, with me, the marker appeared after the fight with the Cloudburst and i'm sure i haven't scanned anyone in that area yet...

      maybe, i'll try later when there's less dead bodies on the street...

    4. PooPooBlast


      Ohh ok. Well if anything develops let me know. Just don't want you restarting for nothing!

  13. Give Me #GodOfWar complete...

    a much more frantic ride...

    now, if only there was a New Game Plus mode... 😉

    #PS4Share #PS4


    1. Glowbugg


      Did you unlock anything for beating it on that mode or was it just for the thrill of it? 

    2. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      i unlocked two new skins for the shield, but other than that it was for the thrill of it...

  14. you know how good a game is when you play the hardest difficulty without the incentive of a Trophy. Give Me God of War is now manageable now that Kratos has better gear and boy! has all his abilities... #GodOfWar

  15. okay, started a new game on Give Me God of War. Kratos turns into a Level 1 character going into the Tomb of the Giants... 😅