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  1. sorry Stranger, you are no match for block, parry and strafe... #GodOfWar

  2. well, i did say "Give me a Challenge." heh...  #GodOfWar

  3. Charlie, i learned  from Bear that "hurdy-gurdy" is a musical instrument... #MindBlown...

  4. time to get off Youtube, PowerPyx now has guides for God of War...

  5. Platinum Get...

    The Iron Crown is mine...

    thanks @RedHookStudios for this amazing game i followed since the Kickstarter...

    i'm ready for The Colour of Madness, bring it on...

    DbDRulfUQAAItje.jpg:large#PS4 #PS4Share

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      thanks. glad to get this out of the way before #GodOfWar comes in...

  6. finally, Platinum Get...

    very replayable game, and very challenging...

    thanks, @edmundmcmillen and @nicalis for this game...

    onto the Afterbirth and Plus... #PSVitaShare #PSVita


    1. Fidel


      Nice work!

    2. Alternatewarning


      Nice.  I've never played BoI but it's a really fun game to watch other people play.  Glad you liked it

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  7. so, basically, i need to complete the Collections page, too. thanks...
  8. to clarify, the Stats page tell me i've unlocked all 341 items for Rebirth, the Collections page only show me what i've picked-up during a normal run (not a challenge and not seeded). does the game consider just unlocking the item for the trophies, or do they need to be picked-up as well? this will simplify my portable gaming life since i'm still completing this game, and Darkest Dungeon on the side...
  9. i have the ff. things left on the Secrets page to unlock: 69) Platinum God 84) Real Platinum God 144) You Made a Super Meat Boy on the Collections page, i haven't picked up the ff. items: 1) Missing No. 2) GodHead however, my Stats page says i have 341 Items, so my question is: do i need to complete the Collections page along with getting Super Meat Boy to unlock the last three Trophies? or, do i just need to concentrate on getting Super Meat Boy? this is just Rebirth, i plan on getting Afterbirth later... thanks in advance...
  10. not Platinumed yet... 😢
  11. still waiting for a release date on PlayStation...
  12. hmm. didn't think about Crimson Court areas, i'll give that a try. thanks...
  13. "Watch Your Step..." and "Blocked from Life..." are sure hard to get intentionally. these two are the only trophies hindering me from a new ultra rare Platinum... makes me wanna wait for the The Colour of Madness DLC before continuing...
  14. i do not like that for Star Wars to move forward, the original three would not have happy ends...

    1. Yadilie


      Disney didn't buy Star Wars to continue the story. They spent all that money just for the Star Wars name. The faster they get rid of all characters from the original series the faster they can focus on pushing their shitty poorly written mary sue of a lead for all the current kids.

    2. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      true. i still don't like that they did it that way...

    3. Yadilie


      Trust me, I understand. While I was never really a fan of the mainline movies of Star Wars the Extended Universe had some really awesome books that were great reads. When Disney bought and then killed the EU it was when I knew they didn't give a shit about the series at all beyond that name and dumb children.

  15. hello, hope you enjoy your visit...