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  1. here's the issues i'm having...


    i have tried replacing the HDD, initializing the PS4 and rebuilding the database...


    only thing i haven't tried is using an SSD...


    is my launch PS4 ready to permanently retire? or, is this something solvable? appreciate any input at this time...

    1. kingdrake2


      there's 2 options.... i would back up your save for either option. if it is your HD and you buy a new one and replace with it stopping the bad issue you'll rule out it was the HD if it doesn't fix it. you will want to remove the new HD and put in the old one and have to either (send it in) or buy a new ps4. either option is costly.

    2. Malice Flare

      Malice Flare

      thanks, for the advice. i already backed-up mys saves (being in IT ensures it's a habit). though, where i am right now, sending it in is much more costly than a Pro, so if it comes to that, i'll buy a Pro...


      i still have the option of trying a Samsung 250GB SSD i can borrow from work. if that pans out, a 500GB SSD is much cheaper than buying a new system...