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  1. Is the new rank system smart?

    1. DaivRules


      As in an artificial intelligence, learning about us to take us over? Or smart as in we can ask it questions and it’ll give us responses like a smart speaker?

    2. PL_Tomasz_G


      we are used to the old system. What makes the new one better? was it just made for hunters?



    3. DaivRules


      I don’t think it was made for hunters or there would have been a lot more points required to max it out. I think it was made for the great majority of people who don’t trophy hunt. It gives causal gamers much faster progression between levels and has a better chance of hooking them into the idea of pushing themselves to try to earn more points to earn more levels. 

      It was smart for Sony because trophies are Sony’s free advertising platform. People freely advertise games to the friends by showing off the trophies they earned in feeds and on media and induce FOMO, which leads to more sales. 

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