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  1. Here is a trick how to avoid autosync: Start your console without auto sign in. Start the game you wanna play. When the game reach the menu you can login and enjoin online gaming without autosync
  2. Batman Arkham Knight😍
  3. One of the best Multiplayer imo. Time Crisis Razing Storm. Arcade Mode and Sentry Mode are awesome and the Multiplayer is absolutily pointless
  4. 7,5/10 for your complete profile. But very big respect for Assetto Corso. Keep goin
  5. Would be nice to see a vid from you when its not" much" difference
  6. OK. I only wrote what i think about to complete VVVVVV with all trinkets. VENI VIDI VICI is hard enough to get for V Ranks IMO. We talk about hundredths of a second to react at the right Moment.. The second thing is your own nerves. But sure i dont play the games you mention above so my reply wasnt properly in this case. At least a Run with all trinket would increase the difficulty to "Not possible" for me self
  7. One thing i wanna say about hardest Games ever. I think beat VVVVVV without death and collect all 20 trinkets is a 20/10 in difficulty. We can be glad it is not a trophy Never played Crypt of the Necrodancer but doubt its harder
  8. Leo's Fortune. Never played it but heard its not a cakewalk
  9. At least wrong Challenge If its possible Coop. So VVVVVV should be your Challenge 😍 Im sure you can beat it
  10. VVVVVV - this Game remembers me back on my childhood. Every second i enjoy of this Game and not really many played IT. So my reply is here right in this thread. I owned a Commodore 64 which this game is made for. 64 means 64 kilobyte RAM Lol. Incredible how fast the time changes the technology
  11. I start this topic to experienced your opinion about the new rank system. IMO its useless. What do u think about this
  12. Is the new rank system smart?

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    2. PL_Tomasz_G


      i hope its ok to make a topic about this

    3. LancashireLad87


      Rank means nothing in my opinion as long as you enjoy the games you play nothing else matters.

    4. DaivRules


      There are already topics about this here 

  13. Hello together, i wonder why psnprofiles dont ban hacked players. I know a guy who is hidding his hacked trophies. For example he showsthis hacked games so he will banned from PSNProfiles. But after hidding this games he is again in the leaderbords. Is it ok for all legit hunters? Wanna know the opinion from legit hunters. And what is about , why they accept this action
  14. No matter the trophy from Army of Two 40th day to create a mask is since years unattainable. T Ok than the thread should be closed after i become the solution
  15. So flagged games are allowed to hide? Isnt it close the same. How its possible to hack trophies without a hacked console .
  16. After showing up his profiles without hidding trohies he will be removed from the LDBS. After he is hidding it again on psnprofiles you can listen that he will be showing up in the ldbs soon
  17. OK my mistake only removed
  18. ok thx for replies removed from ldbs and set to 0
  19. OK why the guy got banned after showing up the one game he hacked? Is there an explanation for this?
  20. So at least its legacy to hack trophies. Like i said not in games maybe like GTAV or BOII where the servers still up.
  21. That is the truth. Thats why open this thread And unbanned after hidding his trophies. That confused me on psnprofiles.
  22. How its possible to get this trophy except hacking. This cant be done randomly or ? why the guy which i mean always get banned after he published his trophies?
  23. GTA V and maybe Black Ops II can happen idk but im sure Army Two cant happen because the website to create the mask isnt available since years
  24. So there is the possibilty for example to show a trophy which is 100 % hacked like Army of Two: the 40th day DIY PMC which is known as unattainable . But after a person hide this again so he will count on the leaderboards on psnprofiles?