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  1. Osvald, easiest choice of my life.
  2. My original Palace party: Denam - Berserker w/ Hammer, Hammer / Berserk / Sanguine Assault / Constitution II Vyce - Ranger w/ Fusils, Fusil / Siege (no Knockback, not pierce Rampart) / Lobber III / Constitution II Catiua - Princess, Spiritstone, 2x Fruit of Adept, Judgment I, Judgment III, Boon of Swiftness, after Palace 24 -> Wisplight I, Judgment III, Boon of Swiftness, Starfall Sherri - Shaman, Spiritstone, 2x Fruit of Adept, Earthen Crag I, Earthen Crag III, Cragfall I, Cragfall III -> Palace 24 Gnome I, Cragfall III, Earthen Crag I, Starfall Olivya - Shaman, Spiritstone, 2x Fruit of Adept, Water Direct I, Water Direct III, Acid Rain I, Acid Rain III -> Palace 24 Undine I, Acid Rain III, Water Direct I, Starfall Ozma - Support Witch 2x Fruit of Adept, Palace 24 Iceblast III, Avalanche III, Iceblast I, Starfall Rudlum - Support Warlock 2x Fruit of Adept, Palace 24 Word of Pain III, Meteor Strike III, Word of Pain I, Starfall Gildas - White Knight w/ Hammer, Hammer / Velocity Shift / Guardian Force / Constitution II Mirdyn - White Knight w/ Hammer, Hammer / Velocity Shift / Guardian Force / Constitution II Ravness -White Knight w/ Hammer, Hammer / Velocity Shift / Guardian Force / Constitution II Cleric x 2 - 2x Fruit of Adept, Boon of Swiftness, Exorcism I, Exorcism II, Ease, Clerics dropped once Starfall is gotten, except for Palace maps that require Clerics for Charms. Canopus - Beast Tamer w/ Hammer and Lobber as necessary Craft your Cudgel Enchiridion Wands asap for Charge 100 on all of them, I use Ozma and Rudlum to charge the others and let them nuke. Ozma -> Sherri, Rudlum -> Denam priority. Can drop Fruits of Adepts and just carry Spiritstone and Mending Essence x 3 on Casters after Cudgel Enchiridion.
  3. Law gets you 1-2 more White Knights, Vyce and Ozma for 2 less Shamans. I did Law first and went Palace before I beat the game since I was doing No Incap No Chariot and I was able to clear Palace no problem. I ran Ozma as a support Witch, for Charging Shamans and Catiua / Denam and Starfalls in Palace. Dex Weapons got heavily nerfed by enemies having higher baseline defense, some people will rant and rave about some Double Attack Mighty Impact nonsense for Ozma which is pitiful compared to a Shaman and Vyce will do more consistent damage with a Fusil. Running Ozma as a White Knight will benefit your party more than her as a Knight Commander. Chaos Princess is the optimal path, solely because Catiua got heavily buffed and Shamans are the single best Class aside from the Ultimate Challenge.
  4. Chaos Princess Path, recruit all Phoraena Sisters, skip Cressida. Do Heim to unlock Union Level 40, do Elemental Shrines then do Palace of The Dead. Beat game, do Coda 1, go to Law, get Law recruits if interested in Postgame, otherwise skip and beat game again on Law. Then do Neutral, *Chapter 3 when game sends you west *to Port Asyton go to Krysaro, then Qadriga Fortress, blitz battle to save dying units. Finish Neutral, beat game, Platinum.
  5. Union Level also caps how high your Weapon Skills can go, 1 point per union level. Weapon Skills are huge for everyone now, and your first Finishing Move is at Level 10.
  6. Anyone saying this Plat is easy is TROLLING. They made the game dramatically harder and capped out your Power potential. Hero King Unscathed was a joke on PSP, so much harder to do on this version.
  7. The only way this game becomes 2-3 is if you’ve done massive over leveling and have Cursed Weapons. Plus the effort required to do Palace of The Dead alone would be several 2-3 Platinums.
  8. Difficulty in Tactics Ogre is self imposed, such as No Chariot, never getting knocked out or killed, etc. There isn’t any trophy related to the most dedicated Accolades, still gonna go for Hero King Unscathed and the other no chariot Accolades.
  9. 11/10 Bait. PS5 is the best console of all time. Obviously mad that you can’t get one.
  10. Rise of The Third Power - JRPG inspired turn based rpg, second title from creator of Ara Fell Mercenaries Wings / Blaze / Rebirth decent line of strategy RPGs Riddled Corpses EX and Demon’s Tier, Twinstick RPGs, fun, fast, lots of unlockables
  11. The first Boss, Silver Hair and a Sword, he makes Clones. When you summon the clone, it swings multiple times and does filthy amounts of damage. You can pick to play as him from the main menu. Every single challenge in the game can be brute forced, and you can grind items to up your offense very easily with the survival game modes if you beast them down. You can drop a bunch of clones and then back up, so high chance to not get hit, put every Boss and enemy into a Blender of the highest DPS in the game, and he can do all the content in the game. New Game Plus and the Survival challenges are extremely hard, and the first Boss trivializes all of it.
  12. An interesting competition, good thing I missed the cutoff to keep it fair hue hue hue.
  13. Will be an interesting race. Is the game actually releasing on the 28th? The PS5 store keeps listing a different day every day.
  14. Sir Alonne puts way more pressure on you than Malenia, especially as a Caster. Waterfowl is very telegraphed, Sir Alonne can gap close and stay in your face easily.
  15. Go to your network settings and see if you’re on NAT type 3, that’s the most restricted one. I saw occasional ghosts and messages in 1.03 with Type 3 but couldn’t invade across entire world. Didn’t try summoning.
  16. The Mimic is definitely weaker and more fragile, but the support potential for Bleed / Scarlet Rot / Frostbite and Dark Moon is still there. Mimic can tank two Waterfowl Dances in 1.03, and still does respectable damage with Blasphemer’s Blade. I haven’t tried the new Rivers of Blood yet, but Blasphemer’s Blade is one of the best builds now since it stayed strong while others got nerfed. Powerstancing Sacred Relic Sword and Blasphemer’s Blade is hilarious, Sacred Relic for clearing trash and levels, swap to Blasphemer’s with a fire cracked crystal for Bosses.
  17. Pending your internet setup will determine your NAT type, you’re likely a type 3 which is the most restricted. I wasn’t able to invade a single person on Type 3 across the entire world for my PS5 playthrough because of it, had to get to Mohg’s Palace through the front door. :*(
  18. Mimic Tear can tank two Waterfowl Dances after the nerf, at least with my 51 Vigor. Malenia is critically weak to Blasphemer’s Blade, she can’t do a damn thing once she gets hit by the first blast, and if she even does manage to touch you, you life steal it back. Champion Gundyr is way worse than Nameless King. I’ll never forget the circular area right in front of his fog gate being completely covered in bloodstains. Shame I lost the picture of it.
  19. The update didn’t nerf Red Mage / Cyclic Warrior, Chaos trophy stills pops off of one Mission. For Anime Crystals: Do first Main Mission, then first Side Mission to get enough Anime to unlock The Greedy. Spam The Greedy for leveling and gear. Was able to get my second Plat in this game blitzing Story on Casual and then The Greedy farming for Anime.
  20. You’re welcome. IBadDriverI has a video of all the hidden orbs if you need it. There’s six Orbs.
  21. Terra Tortura Orb: Face the Boss room, go left and up the rope through an archway. Kill the trash there and look down the holes to see the orb and drop down. If you haven’t dropped the rope, start at the beginning of the area and take left archway until you drop the rope down, then turn around and do the above.
  22. Playing on favoring Resolution makes it much much much easier to navigate the maps and see enemies in advance.
  23. This game needs a serious graphics, lighting and aesthetic overhaul. Max brightness and lumens and most areas are still a PITA to navigate and find the paths.
  24. You can look up the dates on my Demon’s Souls trophies. I mistakenly said NG instead of one playthrough, but DS2 required NG+2 for Wrath of the Gods, you couldn’t Bonfire Ascetic Lothric Castle, at least not originally if it changed.
  25. The Key word of the core of Elden Ring is “Rebis.” I seriously doubt we’re in the rabbit hole of a painted world, especially considering the context(s) of the Lord of Frenzied Flame and setting the world on fire. Alongside that, a painted world is too limiting for the volume of Old Gods that are contesting The Lands Between. Dung Eater having the potential to be Solaire or another prominent Warrior of Sunlight is an interesting degredation. Ranni’s coup, and the eventual creating of the moon as a counter to the Age of Dark is an interesting, yet simple and potent guard against the Age of Dark. It depends on which timeline / ending ends up becoming canon. Every game has had multiple timelines / paths, but Dark Souls 3 showed that the Chosen Undead linked the Fire. There’s something weird about Radagon as well, he does not honor the wife he sacrificed for the sake of (Golden) Order by using Sorceries in his fighting style. His fighting style being only Miracles and reflecting his obsession with (Golden) Order and fixing the Elden Ring in imprisonment. It got me thinking that potentially that Sorceries are inherently antithetical to (Golden) Order, in Demon’s Souls the Talisman of Beasts proved that the True God was a Demon, and Miracles being the Powers of a Demon. I believe it’s the Radagon Icon that talks about Radagon studying Sorceries to complete himself, and that may imply that Queen Marika is related to Sorceries. If she is, then that would explain Radagon refusing to use any Sorceries. Outside of Renna, I can’t really speak to the motivations and actions of the R children, but it was quite satisfying becoming Renna’s Radagon.