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  1. I went back to Okami HD a few days ago. I started that game 5 years ago and gave up after 10 hours of gametime due to motion sickness getting triggered pretty easily. I'm now following a walkthrough to avoid unnecessary movements and I stop every time I think nausea is gonna hit. So far I've managed to play up to 1 hour at a time but I'm making progress and I'm happy about it. I'm trying to do 2 pages every day. 12 pages done, 24 to go. The plat should pop right before the end of the month if I don't miss any trophies.
  2. I did everything on the same save. I repeated the level with the Malboro boss again and again, it's fast and there's lots of cactuars around for extra points. Don't forget to equip the Moogle accessory as it increases xp for the character wearing it.
  3. I just hope that, if they indeed put new trophies as part of a DLC, they won't do the same thing for Vita. I deleted my data after platting the game and there's no way I'll do everything over again for some DLC I didn't want.
  4. #122 FFXV Pocket Edition HD I had a lot of fun with this game, I'm glad I purchased it. It brought back lots of good memories without tedious amounts of side quests.
  5. I spent so many hours on this game! I'm glad it's coming back, I never got to see the end. I used to play with a friend of mine and we had a lot of fun
  6. It happened to me too! There wasn't even any red left in the Quetz's health bar, Highwind appears, Aranea does her thing, I'm already celebrating just to realize a couple of seconds later that the Quetz is still alive. Then Ignis decides to come and help, one little hit and bam, end of the fight. Let's just be happy that we only have this one trophy and not more because the Xbox version requires the same thing with Cor in a previous chapter.
  7. I've been trying to get that trophy for a few hours now. I don't know if you guys found any kind of strategy to trigger Aranea's ally command at the very end of the battle. I had a couple of battles where the Highwind command popped several times, just not at the end, but I have also experienced many more battles with not a single ally command, be it from Aranea, Ignis or Prompto. There must be some kind of way to make it work? Edit : as usual, when you come to complain on PSNP, the damn trophy unlocks! Btw, I tried to go back to the beginning of the dungeon, just to see if it would change anything. It did absolutely nothing. Then I tried to switch the language to English and suddenly, Aranea decides to spam Highwind four times towards the end of the battle. Go figure. I'm happy I managed to unlock that trophy. I hope people won't have as much trouble.
  8. Got it by using the Armiger too, the trophy description might be a bit off.
  9. I'm kinda disappointed by the trophy pics... I found the xbox list this afternoon and each chapter has a different pic. We have nothing but Nocto on the PS4 version...
  10. Found a list that worked for the Xbox achievement, it shouldn't be different with the PS4 version : Chapter 3: Lestallum (before Grotto) Chapter 3: Lestallum (after Grotto) Chapter 4: Wiz Chocobo Post Chapter 5: Old Lestallum Chapter 5: Cape Caem (before Grove) Chapter 5: Cape Caem (after Grove) Chapter 6: Altissia Chapter 7: Cartanica Chapter 8: Tenebrae
  11. I'm only in Chapter 4 but I can already tell you that you can choose to replay previous chapter if you've missed anything. I can't confirm that for the entire trophy list though (still have doubts with the Hidden Cactuars as I don't know if it's refering to side quests you can find in cities or mobs in dungeons).
  12. I don't play games on my phone so I wasn't aware the Pocket Edition even existed. It was a pretty good surprise to discover this when I logged in today. I immediately bought it because I love FF15 and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's the exact same story, that's true but it made me very nostalgic of the "realistic" version of the game. The battle system is similar to the previous version but it's also way more dynamic in my opinion. I played the first one in Japanese but was kinda interested in playing it in my native language too because the voice actors did a pretty good job but I didn't want to do the open-world roaming again so now I'm rediscovering the game and it's fun.
  13. I'm really excited about this game! The art looks a bit weird but I do love FFXV
  14. [FFXV Comrades] Ifrit is kicking my ass so hard, the imprint of his foot is probably engraved forever on my character.

  15. I don't know why but I've felt quite burnt out these past few days. No motivation to play, too many average games in my backlog that I still want to clear, a massive to-do list with games I actually like but that might end up in a grindy nightmare spoiling the fun. I've been going back to my backlog to scroll through unplatted games just to think : "don't wanna", "nope", "too difficult", "not interested" "easy but no thank you". And I don't feel like starting a new game either. I don't know.

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    2. The__High_Ground


      Just do what I do, play a game, get the plat, spend the next few days playing mindless fun games (for me that's fallout 4 building settlements, cod, or TLOU multiplayer) or watching anime or movies. Then when you are ready to go for trophies and try new games, do so! 

    3. mecharobot


      I sometimes play my platted games instead, might even do it today. I kind of know what type of games I should play to recharge, but they're not always easy to come by. There's just too many RPG-mechanics and hours spent browsing menus, looting, questing, looking up spreadsheets etc. in games that aren't even RPGs, so it's easy to end up with several grinds.

    4. Myu


      Thank you everyone! You're right, I need to step back a little. I'm going to focus on the Brothers Conflict guide I'm trying to write and watch some anime for a few days. I might go back to FFXV, that's a game I actually enjoyed a lot, there's things I haven't explored yet and I already know there's no way I'll get the 100% so the pressure is not very strong with this one.