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  1. How is life going friend? ^_^

    1. Myu


      Quite good! What about you?

    2. Nelson_Otaku


      Lot's of hard work but at least can buy my stuff xD

  2. I need a Japanese PSN account really really bad.
  3. Exist Archive (PS4) A Person Obsessed 2.93% Rarest platinum up to this day too
  4. Level 60, 2400 STR and about 400 VIT. Three katana (I forgot their name) and the Dragon-something spear as my main weapon with the Sigil that improves aerial fighting and 100% resistance on all elements. I didn't use the weapon buff though. Warp-strike, combo, warp away again and again.
  5. [FFXV Comrades] Finally got the last trophies. I wonder if SE will create a new trophy list for the single player version or if it will stay the same.

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    2. eigen-space


      @Myu, I think I have about 4 or 5 "urgent" missions left, and the final mission as well. I'm going to do some materials grinding to get better weapon builds and hopefully that'll help a bit with some of these missions, but I think I'm going to need help with the Deathclaw hut guarding one... that seems nearly impossible with AI...

    3. Myu


      I sent you a friend's request :)

    4. fabmorais_2011
  6. [FFXV Comrades] I'm currently doing the 4 Hammerhead quests. I'm already done with Prompto and Ignis but I still need to do Gladio and Nocto. If anyone is interested, I'm waiting ingame for someone to join me (I'm playing Gladio right now). It's easier to get the trophy that way. :)

    1. MidnightMoth


      Gladio and Prompto were my favorites to play as although you don't really have any opportunities to counter as Gladio in that mission.

    2. Myu


      I died after two hits from the final boss with Prompto and the guy I was playing with didn't bother helping but I had fun the second time :D

    3. MidnightMoth


      Aww, I hate players like that. They were probably farming the rare daggers from the Behemoth and don't understand that you do more dps when your teammates are alive even if you have to stop attacking for 2 seconds to help them. T_T

  7. Just got the plat for Arslan Senki November 2018: Arslan : the Warriors of Legend [1 year, 3 months] I bought this game because I loved the anime even if musou games are really not my favourite genre. I liked playing as characters I appreciate a lot but it got grindy real fast I first played Arslan as part of a KYC event and I had trouble finding some kind of motivation to finish it. I'm glad this backlog event exists. I hope to get under 500 unearned trophies and get my completion rate to 90% one day
  8. #127 Arslan : the Warriors of Legend 5.78%
  9. I have the EU version and it's glitched too.
  10. After reading the trophy list I can't tell if the PS4 version is going to be even grindier than the Vita version. The go-home club character episodes are now regrouped into a single trophy but each Ostinato musician has his own. The 21 mysteries are also under a single trophy despite some of them being quite grindy. Getting 100 friends to max affection might take a while too but you only need to get to lvl50 with your MC this time. I think the plat is going to need at least two playthroughs, maybe three if you can't switch between male and female MC before the final boss. I only hope they improved the battle system.
  11. I feel like it would be kinda cheating because these games' plats are being held back on purpose Arslan is surprisingly easier than I thought. Got the "S rank on all missions" trophy yesterday. Unlocking all the limited skill cards might end up being more challenging though and there's an RNG trophy too. But so far so good
  12. Ray Gigant is easy and grind-free. I think it's a good dungeon-crawler for people who are not particularly into the genre but still want to try it. You don't even need a guide to get the plat (having the detailed maps of the last dungeon is still nice though). I really enjoyed it
  13. One of Gieve's skill cards. Fits very well with his personality :D



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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Ok, thanks for the info. Looking forward to your thoughts after platting the game. It sounds similar to Bladestorm then (another game from the same developer). That one took place during the 100 year war between France and England. Missions had a time limit of 10 minutes.

    3. Myu


      I only have two trophies left : one with only one recipe left and the other one that requires brainless grinding.

      All in all, the plat is easier than I thought, especially for someone like me who has close to zero skill. I can't deny that I lost my temper several times over objectives that needed just another couple of seconds to succeed. I don't even know how many times I cursed the game and pretty much every single character (especially the one I was controlling...).

      Some skill cards and S ranks really require a good strategy. Sometimes you have to use that little amount of extra time between two objectives to get to the next place and be ready. The hardest skill cards were the one with a fleeing character you have to stop while getting 200 or 300 ko at the same time. 

      You have to use and abuse the interim save because you'll often have to do some parts of the battle over and over again until you get what you want in the required timeframe.

      I used Elam for pretty much every S rank but I later switched for Daryun since he also has a bow and better stats. Alfarid was probably the best for building chains against a single enemy.


      I can't say it's a bad game. I really like it, I'm just not good at it :D

    4. Dragon-Archon


      Ok, thanks for taking the time to write this. Sounds like a fun game, except for some skill cards. Decided to get it.

  14. @Gretchen27 I'm saving up some Vita games for the 7th anniversary event in February. I want to keep working on my PS3 backlog but I still haven't decided between Tales of Symphonia / Tales of Symphonia 2 / Arslan Senki. I'm probably going to try my luck with Arslan Senki, realize how shitty I am at this game and switch for one of the Tales of games.
  15. Chaos Child needs to get off my backlog (even if I still think it's pretty mediocre). I need to add more enjoyable games on my list, Vita's birthday deserves better! Could you move the Caligula Effect to the Western date? I want to keep games I played in Japanese for the Japanese birthday and all the others for the Western one. Thanks in advance! I have the Japanese version of Conception II Children of the Seven Stars but I don't know if I'm capable of doing a whole dungeon crawler in Japanese... @Leon Castle @Izul since you are also planning on popping this plat for the big day, do you mind me asking for your help if I get lost?