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  1. [Rogue Legacy] Got Khidr and Alexander's obols so far and I was wondering if I should wait until I beat the final boss to take the time to improve my stats or if it doesn't matter at all? Also, I heard that NG+ is harder, does that mean that these Obol-bosses will be harder too if I wait for a NG+ to beat them?

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    2. Myu


      Thank you for the information! It's nice to know that I can try again and again without having to get a new heir each time. Do you think I stand a chance against those bosses with enough practice? This genre is not my usual cup of tea but Rogue Legacy is very enjoyable and it would make a nice plat milestone.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Yeah with enough practice it's possible. Most people have their own difficulty rating for the remix bosses. From easiest to hardest mine are: final boss -> Slime boss -> flame boss -----> eye boss -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> giant skull boss.

    4. Myu