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  1. Eh who cares? Ps4 is boring af, remaster after remaster....it has no good games.
  2. Wonder how long it'll be before we here of a Infamous 1 & 2 remaster?
  3. I can dig that. To me it's a hobby, when i'm not doing life things I plat games, it's enjoyable and a challenge at the same time.
  4. Could not agree more.
  5. You knew this was old news seen as you posted in the thread that was made 3 days ago that damon just gave us a link to.
  6. Only people with more money than sense have 100% in this game.
  7. The fact remains it's the same game people, add better graphics and a few tweaks here and there and suddenly it's a 39.99 game? Smfh For sony to have the audacity to charge $39.99 is exploitation at it's finest.
  8. Street fighter fans. On topic: I'm so excited, I really hope it's blanka!!
  9. Rubber band it, drive round in a circle.
  10. I guess we'll know the results in about 1 year? Ha ha anyway my money's on wdjat...good luck.
  11. The visuals are nice but eh I played this on ps3 so i know what to expect in the story, i don't share your enthusiasm. For people who never played a GOW game though you'll love it.
  12. Really tho? People care about leaderboards & stuff? If you go to fastest achievers on most games I bet you atleast 5 used hacks or some shit.
  13. Wow I wish i saw this before I started killzone2 up, I played 4 straight matches and nothing saved!! Dafuq? Uhh I actually really enjoyed playing this game aswell, so i'll stay dedicated & will post if I find a way around it.