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  1. I hope not. Mbappe isn’t a match for Maguire. In all seriousness. I’ll be rooting for England. Can’t stand France.
  2. Mbappe vs. Maguire. 😂
  3. Don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty hyped for an Argentina - Netherlands quarter final! Let’s goooo!!!
  4. Probably our best match but still not good enough to beat the top teams. Rooting for an Argentinian win for a classic in the quarters.
  5. 30% ball possession. 😅 We’re playing like France 4 years ago. This is not how I like to see us play but maybe this is how we need to play. Let’s gooo!!!
  6. USA have the better team, we have the better players. Let’s go Holland! 🇳🇱
  7. The snooker accolades are bugged indeed. But @det_gittes is correct. You don’t need them so nothing to worry about.
  8. Those couple of people did make a mistake saying no to Dragon’s Crown. 😏
  9. #340 Zombie Vikings Enjoyment: - Difficulty: - Playtime: 20 hours I tried to convince a couple of people on many occasions to play this game with me. And now in hindsight I’m glad they said no because otherwise they would also have suffered through this game like I did. What is Zombie Vikings? It’s a 4 player coop side scrolling beat ‘m up from the makers of Stick It To The Man (fun game). And I expected something like Dragon’s Crown (fun game). But this was just not good. So I really don’t want to say much about it. It has some good humor, but because the game was shit anyway I skipped through almost all cutscenes. Initially we were in a team of 4 but in a month time we only managed to meet up once for 2 hours orso. 😂 So I played most of the game solo and did the remaining coop trophies with @Dzware and second accounts and controllers. Thanks again! What’s next? Continuing with MW2 and finally play some online MP. I also bought Star Ocean: The Divine Force in a good Black Friday deal and God of War Ragnarok for only €10. Don’t ask me how, it’s a long story. So these games are more than enough to keep me busy this year. Although I’m thinking about going back to Hard Reset Redux and Crash Bandicoot 4, so that probably won’t happen.
  10. Finished TIER 1 with Zombie Vikings. Yeah, I can’t really recommend this game. In fact it was pretty shit. 😂 So my TIER 2 are all the games in my backlog that I still need to finish/start. Except for SMBF which I still need to buy. I also don’t expect to finish any of these games anymore before the end of the year so these games will probably all be for next year. And what’s a UR Clean Up event for me without DMC 5 in it. 😂 But who knows? I don’t plan games I’m going to play. Until then!
  11. Madison Williams is my favorite female gaming character. I have to ask. Did you already put some effort into it?
  12. Want a cookie? What that hell is that.. I have no issues with you either and me and AJ are not friends if you’re wondering. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy in your post, which was very obvious. And I don’t like hypocrites. I’ll leave it at this before I get myself in trouble again.
  13. Well.. I suggest looking at my profile before you start speaking nonsense.. When you say quit assuming things about people, when you yourself assume a lot about AJ, I call someone like that a hypocrite.
  14. I saw this post before it was edited by mods. And initially I didn’t want to respond, but at the moment I don’t care. The hypocrisy in the original post was mind blowing. 👎🏻
  15. I’ve never seen ‘us’ this poor on a World Cup. My prediction therefore is we’re going out Saturday. It doesn’t even matter who the opponent is going to be. Hoping for Wales though.. We might have a chance against them. 😅