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  1. Two old friends meet up in a bar. Time, unfortunately, hasn’t been good to them. One of the friends grew a hump on his back and the other one lost his leg due to an accident and now walks with a wooden leg. After a night of drinking and reminiscing about the past it’s time to go home. It’s almost 2am and the the hunchback promised his wife to be home at 2am so the friends say goodbye and made a deal to meet up again in this bar next week. Having to hurry to get home before his wife gets mad the hunchback has the idea of taking the shortcut through the graveyard. Pretty intoxicated he can’t believe what he’s is seeing. It’s a ghost.. ’I AM THE GATEKEEPER OF THIS GRAVEYARD’. ‘WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?’ Still thinking he is imagining things the hunchback stutters: ‘B-B-Baker’. ‘WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR BACK?’ A-a hump. ‘GIVE ME THE HUMP!’ Out of nowhere the ghosts rips off the hump of Baker. Waking up the next morning, thinking it was all a dream, the hump was gone. He couldn’t believe it. Next week the two friends meet up again in the bar and Baker tells the story about the ghost and how he cured him from the hump on his back. The man with the wooden leg can’t believe it but decides it’s worth a shot to maybe get his leg fixed. Drinking some beers to find the courage he also takes the shortcut through the graveyard. And sure enough. There was the ghost. ’I AM THE GATEKEEPER OF THIS GRAVEYARD’. ‘WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?’ ‘I’m Troz and I’m here to get my leg fixed. ‘WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR BACK?’ ‘Huh? On my back? I have nothing on my back.’ ‘HERE! HAVE A HUMP!’
  2. Is it just me or is the spoiler tag not working? I’m interested in watching that documentary. Since I learned the speedrun trophy in The End is Nigh can be save scummed (right?) I’ve put the game in my wishlist.
  3. Alright I’ll join in too with one game. Which I can nicely combine with two other events. The UR Cleanup Event and Trophies to Fight Cancer event. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - 5 DLC packs. I might also play Days Gone before the end of the year. If that’s the case I’ll add it in later.
  4. Yakuza 0: Tough choice as I played a couple of very good UR games but I’m going for Yakuza 0. Having never heard of Yakuza this game was recommended to me by someone. Can’t remember who exactly.. And this game blew me away. Everything from the characters, story, music, humor, minigames, etc.. It’s all so good. When I completed it the rarity was 2.70% or something and now it’s at 4.16%. That’s a good thing. More people should play and complete this masterpiece!
  5. I’m back. As promised. I’ll be back next year at the one year anniversary.
  6. Thanks. I also got it at my 26th gun.
  7. Hello my friend. 😁 Maybe you can answer this question for me. I have 25 maxed out weapons. They’re all in the armory. The only one I’m not too sure about if it counts is the Ballistic Knife. Do you know if that counts?
  8. I’m going to look for another ‘I told you so’ meme. I’ll be back tomorrow.
  9. Great cause! I’ll join. Unfortunately I only have three games in my backlog I could use. (I think) Pix The Cat (Orange) I’m two trophies away from completion so this should be doable. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Orange) I have no illusions of completing this game within two months but I can give it a shot. Code Vein (Orange) If this even counts. I see an orange glow in the thumbnail. 😁 Good luck everyone.
  10. Nice review. I still can’t believe the guy that eats tough fighting games and hack and slash games for breakfast has trouble jumping from one platform to another. 😂 Do you want to play Unravel Two in coop? 😛
  11. I would recommend playing them both. Shadow Warrior is also a good game. I just hated Heroic difficulty. Shadow Warrior 2 is just very different. But in a way I really enjoyed. Shadow Warrior = Wolfenstein Shadow Warrior 2 = Borderlands Not an exact comparison but this could give you an idea about how different these games are.
  12. #305 Shadow Warrior 2 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: - Playtime: 45 hours ’Did anybody call for a Wang?’ Lo Wang is back! And so are the ‘terrible’ jokes and oneliners in this game. Once again I skipped the story so onto gameplay. Having heard this game wasn’t good by two individuals that I won’t name again I started this game with low expectations. But I immediately liked this game. Instead going from level to level, you now have a central town as your base from where you can undertake missions. Story missions, side missions and bounties. Making this game very different. It’s a looter shooter and has more RPG elements to it. Enemies and chests drop cores which you can inject into your weapons giving them different benefits. Think of more damage, more critical damage, critical chance, etc.. If you ever played the game Alienation, it’s almost exactly the same. I love that kind of stuff! This game improved a lot of things compared to Shadow Warrior. Infinite dashing and running: In Shadow Warrior you had a stamina bar that would drain if you run or dash. In Shadow Warrior 2 they left it out. You can dash and run infinitely making this game much faster. No fall damage: Remember the video of me falling to my death from the stairs in Shadow Warrior? Well, that’s gone too. You could jump from a mountain and nicely land on your feet. Great improvement. Loot system: It’s not for everyone but I like it! Weapons: Over 70 different weapons compared to the 5 in Shadow Warrior. I tried out most of them to see what they were like. But I played the entire game with just the Katana. It’s so overpowered. Improved and expanded skill system: You now have access to a lot more, and a better variety of skills. You get skill points for completing missions, side missions, bounties, and leveling up. You have so many skills to choose from that you cannot get them all. When I finished my first playthrough on Normal I wanted to do another playthrough on Easy just to collect the skill points from the mission rewards and really build an OP character. Unfortunately in consecutive runs you don’t get skill points anymore, but Orbs of Masamune. You can use these Orbs to power up your weapons even more. The only way to get skill points in NG+ is by leveling up. No more Heroic mode: Thanks for that! You still need to beat the game on Insane difficulty. But you can do this in NG+ that carries over everything. And because there are very few story missions and can run past every enemy encounter until you have mandatory fights, I did a speedrun of this mode under 1.5 hours. That’s less than it took me to beat chapter 13 on Heroic in Shadow Warrior. 😂 Two annoying trophies in this game. The first is finding 50 very well hidden collectibles. In story missions the level layout is set so there you can find about half of the collectibles easily by following a guide. The other half you need to find in the side missions or in free roam. And this is where this trophy became a pain. These levels are build in blocks, and every time you load into these levels they are build differently. Even so that the collectible you’re looking for could be in a block that has not loaded in. And these levels are huge, so you’re running around looking for that point of reference until after 30 minutes you realize that block hasn’t loaded in. Very annoying! The second is grinding to 10.000 Orbs of Masamune. Quickest way to do this is go into NG++ on the highest difficulty you can manage. In my case I played Insane + 4. Then complete the first two story missions and make a back up save before turning in the mission. Which got me 82 Orbs. Turn in mission —> Collect Orbs —> Quit game —> Load back up save —> Launch game —> One minute loading time 💤💤 —> Turn in mission. Rinse and repeat. Over 100 times. Overall a great game. Bring on Shadow Warrior 3! Which by the looks of the trailers goes into a different direction again. Reminds me of Darksiders, where for every game they did something completely different. That didn’t end up to well..
  13. Shadow Warrior 2 ✅ I went into this game with low expectations. I asked two persons about this game before I started and their responses were, and I quote: ‘We really disliked it’ and ‘SW2 is not worth it tbh’. I don’t want to name these two individuals. They were definitely NOT @Mori and @Koro249. To my surprise this game in my opinion improved on Shadow Warrior in almost every way. To name a few: - Infinite dashing and running. Making the game much more fast paced. - No fall damage. You don’t have to be scared to fall to your death from the stairs. - Over 70 weapons compared to the 5 in the first game. - Improved and expanded skill system. - Loot! This is more of a looter shooter. You can inject cores with different benefits into your weapons. Reminded me a lot of Alienation. - No more boring Heroic mode! This also made the game a lot easier. The only reason this is UR is because of two annoying trophies. The first is finding 50 well hidden collectibles in levels that are build with RNG blocks. So the level is never exactly the same. These levels are huge and it’s hard to follow a guide for this. The second is a boring 4-5 hour grind for Orbs of Masamune. Really enjoyed this game!
  14. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim for the win! Such an amazing game. I want to pick up something from this sale too and narrowed it down to two options. The first is World of Final Fantasy. Can’t go wrong with this one I think. The second is The Lost Child. It seems like a first person SMT clone with absolutely no information on it and only 5 platinum achievers. This could be a fun challenge. I still got a few days to make a decision.
  15. I won’t let this rest. Until we meet again. When you post your review.