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  1. [Ghostrunner] 


    This game. It can be fun, but it has so many annoying glitches. Currently stuck at the end of level 10 because I just can’t press a simple button. And it’s not the first time it happened. Can’t press buttons, platforms just disappear, and other weird stuff. The only solution is to restart the entire level. The levels are pretty long. Raaaage! 😂

    1. Baker


      So I restarted the level and it fucking happened again! Piece of shit game.

    2. Baker


      I was about to rage quit. Luckily I found this video. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      How's the game? I've had it on my radar for a while now but my interest later died when I learned how buggy the game was. Are those issues fixed?

  2. Ghostrunner is fixed? LET'S GOOO! I always forget to clear my cache so I'm always super surprised when it updates. Haha.

    1. Baker


      It is. Thanks. The US version could still need a region tag though.

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      It's a worldwide release list afaik so it's pretty much the catch-all list for NA and anyone who isn't EU and JP. Therefore, marking it as NA would be deceiving since you could probably buy it on other stores too.


      Unless, the JP should be AS, but I'd need someone else to confirm that for me. 😅

    3. Baker


      Well I don’t really care tbh. I did see people from Brasil also play the ‘US’ version, so you’re probably right about it being for multiple countries. 

      At least it shows the correct banner now across all versions. Which is what I wanted 😁.

  3. Comrades is completely separate from the main game. It really doesn’t matter what you start with. But if I were you I would start with Comrades, get the online trophies first, and then play the main game plus story DLC on the latest version.
  4. I only use this site on my phone but clearing all web history and cookies fixed it. Thank you. Closing this thread.
  5. It’s because @Beyondthegrave07 fixed it. Thanks. This is what it originally looked like. What’s weird is it still shows purple to me when I’m signed in. If I visit the site logged out it now also shows them all in red. A case of earn a trophy and sync?
  6. This game looks like a mix of Hyper Light Drifter (awesome), Furi (awesome) and Dark Souls (💩). That’s 2/3. Tempted. Trophy list looks challenging.
  7. 4. Realistically 3 as I just started a new game. But in my mind it’s 2. Does this make any sense? 😂 Ghostrunner: Just started. Devil May Cry 5: Worst trophy list ever, so I took a break. Easy to finish, but I need to find some motivation. Wolfenstein II: I haven’t put any effort into Mein Leben, but after watching a few streams, it seems very doable. Ys Origin: Screw this game with its horrible crashes. 😭 I hope to reduce it to 0 within the next two months.
  8. Yeah I understand. Looking at your list you have at least another 50 hours to play for the platinum. I guess that’s why I also skipped it for so long. I know if I put a lot of time and effort into it, I can finish Boss Rush. I’d rather play something else though..
  9. Nobody cares about Americans. That’s why the game doesn’t have a region tag for them. 😛 Nice purple profile pic btw.
  10. Did I need to post this here? Can this be changed to the correct red banner?
  11. Maybe a stupid question but why is the game picture of the EU and JP version in purple, and I guess the US version (no region tag) in red? Which is the correct version as it also shows the red one on my PS4. I’m asking because I prefer the red one 😁.
  12. Love the Ys review. Too bad you didn’t enjoy it that much. The whole uncover the map and all harvest points and treasure chests trophies were so annoying. I’ve run through that entire map multiple times. From the bright side. You have now played through the two ‘worst’ Ys games. I still enjoyed them a lot, but Ys VIII & IX are definitely the better ones. Have you given up on Ys Origin?
  13. Great job on the three video guides. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Keep providing us with that awesome content.
  14. I would start with the same entry I did. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Conveniently it’s on sale right now. Just as good as Monstrum Nox, maybe even better. As for the easy game. I’ve narrowed it down to two options. 1: Bite the bullet and finish DMC5, even though I really don’t want to at the moment. But I can do this in a week. 2: Buy Ghostrunner. Seems like a fun game. Not too easy, not too hard and it’s under 20 hours. I can finish this over the weekend. Leaning more towards 2 at the moment. Edit: Screw Devil May Cry 5. I bought Ghostrunner.
  15. #298 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: - Playtime: 60 hours I ❤️ Ys! A new adventure set in the world of Ys where once again you play as series protagonist Adol Christin. The game starts when Adol gets to the city of Balduq, and immediately gets thrown into prison for committed ‘crimes’, your adventures in previous games. As you break out a woman named Aprilis shoots you with a magical bullet giving you special powers. You have now been cursed and can travel to the world of Grimwald Nox, a shadow world, to fight monsters to protect the city. The curse also prevents you from ever leaving the city again. A short while into the game a cutscene comes and you see another young man being locked up in prison and it’s.. Adol. Wait.. Two Adols? From here the story picks up and you meet your party members along the way. The story was good, but nothing memorable, and has a couple of references to previous Ys games. But Ys is not really a game I play for the story..’s for the battle system. Ys has the best battle system in any JRPG I know that’s not turn based. It’s so fast paced and with an amazing soundtrack that really complements it I can play this 24/7. Let me explain real quick how it works. Your basic attacks build your skill meter. Skills do more damage as basic attacks. Using skills builds your special meter. If you use this you can use your special attack, which is the most powerful, and it builds back your skill meter again. Very simple, but very good at the same time. You also have flash move and flash guard, dodge and block. Flash move slows down time for a short while, and flash guard grants critical hits. If you’re planning on playing this game on higher difficulties from the start, this is really a mechanic you need to master. Otherwise you get destroyed. And it has some really good Boss battles. There were a few returns of some Ys Origin bosses in this game. Even though every Ys game has a standalone story it does play in the same world every time. Sigh.. Nygtilger, one of the bosses I hated in Ys Origin. No surprise in this game it was the worst boss too. I quickly looked at a guide before starting because most of the time these games have many missables. But it stated it was the easiest Ys game to get 100% in game so I decided to play without any guide for once. The guide turned out to be correct as nothing is missable as long as you complete all side quests. And that’s were I screwed up. I missed the very first side quest in the game 😂. Not that it mattered much because I was going for two playthroughs anyway. One on Normal, and one on Nightmare where I carried over all my gear, skills and levels making it just as easy as a Normal playthrough. I don’t play Ys for difficulty but for fun, and Nightmare is normally the highest difficulty in an Ys game. It’s pretty challenging. This game also had Inferno and Lunatic. Now that would be tough! This game has everything I look for in a action JRPG. 10/10! Now that I’m close to 300 platinums I really have my mind set on doing Ys Origin as my milestone platinum. As it will be my last platinum milestone, let’s get my White Whale in there! If I manage to do it, I’ll jump straight into Wolfenstein II, as I’m also pretty hyped about attempting Mein Leben after watching many streams from Koro und Husky. Now that I’ve seen most ML strategies, it would be wise to start this soon. I’m only going for it if I can finish Ys Origin though. Now to find a game for #299. I want to get it quick, but I have no idea what to play. My entire backlog are either long or difficult games that would take a few weeks to complete. I’m looking for something short, under 20 hours, and easy, so I can start working on Ys Origin. I went through the current Summer Sale a few times now but I can’t see anything at first glance.