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  1. Are you sure? Wasn’t it after Tier 1?
  2. Yeah thanks for the reply. Got the platinum myself a few days ago. I could only do local coop with another dummy account so I wasn’t sure that would count so I just did 5 quick playthroughs. Luckily you can start at the halfway point at lvl 15 so it went pretty quick. Took me around an hour per playthrough. Thanks to some OP Asian NPC accounts I picked up and could use 😁.
  3. Forget expert mode. I hate this game in general. Crappy controls. Way too much RNG. For me this is a terrible game wrapped up in some nice artwork and some decent music. I can’t play this longer than 30 min. before I get frustrated. Worst buy for me in the last couple of years.
  4. Man I just get jealous when I read stuff like this 😂. Did you have any game crashes during boss rush at all? How many times did you die in total during your successful boss rush? Do you have a physical or digital version of the game? Am I the most unlucky Ys Origin player ever? So many questions... Congrats though!
  5. Many good games mentioned above but I always recommend Klaus if someone is asking for Platformers. It’s a precision platformer like SMB with some puzzle elements in it. It only has 1200 game owners so I consider it a hidden gem. I really enjoyed it. It also has a demo you could download and see if it’s something you like.
  6. #290 Dragon’s Crown


    Awesome. A 2.5D Looter/RPG made by Vanillaware. They never disappoint.

    I played through most of it solo. I tried to play online but unfortunate it was pretty dead because it’s an old game. Which is a shame because it is in coop where the game shines the most. Too bad I couldn’t convince some of my PSN friends to join me for this.

    Enjoyment: 8/10

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Total Playtime: 60 hours.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      I want to play sometime. Too bad I wasn’t interested when you were playing.

    3. Arcesius


      Sorry man 😅 but very glad to hear that you enjoyed the game! 

    4. Baker


      I think you would have liked it 😏. It’s also not nearly as long as the trophyguide says.

  7. Wait what!? If that’s true it’s the most ridiculous thing the CRT have ever done.
  8. I... can’t find it? I see the DLC, but I can’t find the main game anywhere.
  9. ‘Who left the fridge open?’
  10. I’m about to fight the Ancient Dragon and I remembered you could use local coop to unlock multiple trophies at once. So I got a few questions. - Does that actually work if I played the entire game as the Knight only and now I’m hooking up a second controller to play as Sorceress just for the last boss? - How do I even play Local Coop? I see it in the Inn but I can’t get it to work. I probably have more questions later but for now this will do 😁.
  11. You still haven’t tried Anger Management the legitimate way huh? 😏 I don’t think it’s the hardest DLC trophy, that goes to Redlynx to the Sword, but Anger Management was so incredibly frustrating to me. I know exactly what you mean.
  12. Thanks. Never heard of this one. Ys IX is at the very top of my wishlist. Together with Trails of Cold Steel III & IV. They’re just too expensive at the moment. I played The Witch and the Hundred Knight demo on PS3 a long time ago. It was alright. But with the revival edition and part 2 on PS4 I should look into those games again. Never heard of The Alliance Alive so I’ll check it out. I don’t think the other two games are for me. Thanks.
  13. I’m looking for some good obscure JRPGs too. Preferably games that take a good while to complete. At least 100+ hours. I’m not interested in Strategy JRPGs so no Disgaea or Mugen Souls or something similar. Also no Sword Art Online games because they look pretty shit. I’ve played a lot already but there must be some good JRPGs left that I haven’t heard of. I’m well aware of all the big franchises so no need to recommend those. Thanks.
  14. Sigh* The amount of misinformation on this site gets worse every time. I see people claiming VI and IX!? A famous professor came up with the equation a long time ago to settle the debate about what’s the best FF. Ofcourse closely followed by X, VIII, VI, IX & XII. @Arcesius Spot on review. I felt exactly the same.
  15. Even at the current sale I think this is still overpriced but the Data Battles are great. If you have beaten secret bosses on critical on previous KH games don’t even worry about the difficulty in this game. It’s much, much easier than that. That is if you play on Beginner difficulty with the Pro Codes in NG+. I recently got 100% myself and I thought it was a lot easier than I expected it to be. The 8/10 difficulty in the trophy guide is not accurate imo. It’s more of a 5/10. And I am not good at the KH battle system at all. I mostly just mash the X button.