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  1. A few tips: 1. Don’t try this in Ryukyu but do it in Kamurocho. 2. Pay the 50.000 and keep a low rank, 26-30. So make a save before trying this and if you go to rank 25 or higher just reload. At rank 26-30 you will get all the tiles you need to win consistently. 3. Set the settings to Half Game. Kuitan off. Two Han Minimum on. Red Dora on. 4. I would advise to definitely do steal tiles. Although I always skip Chi. Took me around 2 hours before I got 65.000 points but you shouldn’t have too many problems if you understand Mahjong. Good luck! Edit: Congrats. 😂
  2. How was Pantsu Hunter? Any good?

    1. Mori


      I expected .. more? :D It's a visual novel with some point and click stuff. I started skipping everything half way through.

    2. HuntingFever


      The Prologue and Chapter 1 are great but the last couple of chapters and the Epilogue are a slog to get through, plus the story never really goes anywhere so ultimately it's a very disappointing game :(.

    3. kingofbattle8174


      The mini games are horrible, even more so on vita.

  3. That spot has been reserved for TorqueL ofcourse.
  4. #321+100% Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Playtime: 150 hours Payday 2 is a 4 player online coop game where you basically play as a team of bankrobbers. There are normal missions and stealth missions to complete. The difficulty of this game is in the stealth missions as it’s heavily based on RNG. The normal missions were very easy to complete once your character has a decent build. In fact it was so easy you’re basically just waiting around half the time for the mission to end. This is because you can convert enemies to fight for you and they are very OP. So we were just sitting in a corner waiting for the next drill, you need to drill into a lot of vaults and it can take 6 minutes, to finish. Very boring.. What can I say.. In theory this could have been a very fun game. Unfortunately this game is a technical mess. From in game glitches to game crashes. We did many missions where at the end of a 20+ minute mission we couldn’t interact with an objective and had to restart. It was pretty bad. If Payday 3 could work out these bugs and the RNG of the stealth missions it could be a great game. Let’s wait and see. Once again thanks to @Mori, @Koro249 & @Exhuman1988 for playing this game with me. I’ve been playing coop games with Mori & Koro for almost 2 years now and as I’m getting closer to my goal of 400 games I think this could have been the last one. Unless I can convince them for some other awesome game like Zombie Vikings. Hey Dallas! Over here!!
  5. Finished Payday 2. It was a fun game but suffered from way too many glitches and crashes. Also the game can be very boring at times because there is just a lot of waiting to do in the missions. There is no real difficulty, it’s just time consuming. Thanks to @Mori, @Koro249 & @Dallas for being awesome teammates.
  6. It’s actually very easy once you realize you put unwanted side on the white ball if you use R3 normally. Put your thumb in a straight line on R3 and you will never miss again. I went from ‘what the hell is this shit, how can I ever win’ to winning every match on my first try after that.
  7. That’s weird. Two things I can think of. 1. You can give some gifts to multiple party members. Have you done that? 2. I gifted both programs to everyone. Have you done that? I’m not sure but it might count as a gift also. Otherwise I have no clue.
  8. I just got the 100% in Pure Pool myself so I was expecting that this wouldn’t be that bad but holy crap. This pool mini game just makes no sense to me whatsoever. It’s ridiculously bad. 😂 I can aim perfectly but it doesn’t even matter, the white ball has a mind of it’s own. So any tips? As I see you cleared it. Or is it just Pure Luck? Edit: Okay, so I didn’t realize you can actually put unwanted side on the cue ball if you just use the R3 button normally. What works for me is first just aim with the Triangle button and then put your thumb in a straight line on the R3 button and slowly move it down and don’t shoot the balls too hard. I don’t even miss a ball anymore but I never play with any sort of spin on it so position on the next ball is just a bit luck based. Still enough to win against the AI though. What a terrible minigame. 😂
  9. #320 Scarlet Nexus Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: - Playtime: 50 hours I played the demo a while back and I thought it was alright but nothing too special. The game turned out to be great. The story was very good although a bit hard to follow some times, to the point where I looked up additional info after I cleared it. It’s a post apocalyptic story involving time travel. 😍 What more do you want.. This game also looked gorgeous to me. The battle system is very fast paced and every character has what’s called a psionic brain which gives them a special kind of power. Your two main protagonists, you have to clear the game as both to view both sides of the story, can use these powers of your teammates. Think of Invincibility, No Damage, Extreme Speed, Teleportation, Duplication and a few others. This makes the game a lot of fun as every enemy and boss fights you encounter is easily beaten by a specific power. It makes for fun, fast and addictive gameplay. Other than that it’s just your typical JRPG. Highly recommend it if you enjoy these types of games. What’s next? The plan is to trade in all my games tomorrow and get a few new ones. Specifically Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. I also might pick up NEO: The World Ends With You and I’ll grab some PSN cards to buy the Ghostrunner DLC and save the rest for future use. I also tried to launch Yakuza 3 remastered for the first time and it took me a few attempts to launch the game. I’m getting a bit fed up with my PS4 not reading discs anymore, I gave up on Crash Bandicoot 4 for now, although I had no issues with Scarlet Nexus. So I might trade The Yakuza Remastered Trilogy in too and grab it from the PS store as it’s currently on sale. I would lose some money there but at least it saves me the frustration of trying to launch the game.
  10. You need to find it in the big supply stashes that are already on the map. It’s not in the smaller ones. Also it’s not in the supply stashes that drop from the sky. Good luck! Because luck is what you need.
  11. Well I have to say that with a lot of shots I’m really not too sure how the white ball is going to react exactly. Many times, and especially with backspin the white ball doesn’t travel at the same speed as I think it would. Sometimes it would travel like I think it should, and then I do the exact same shot and the white ball thinks it’s Usain Bolt and travels with insane speed across the table. Also the blue ball pot where I want to travel the white ball behind the low colors back to the other end of the table, a normal shot snooker players do, is impossible in this game as you can’t generate enough speed. And there is a change if you play a ball at max speed, you will miss, even though it’s going at the heart of the pocket. I just tried to get decent position with top and backspin shots. @rjkclarke Thanks man!
  12. Thanks man. Yeah I was sure I wouldn’t hit the other red as I played it with topspin. Playing with topspin straightens out the white line angle. If I would play it without I would’ve hit it even though the white line indicated I would go past it on the other side. That’s what I meant that the white line is very deceiving. I’m still more perplexed at how the ball at 6.26 went in. I played that all wrong and it was just because of the pace that it went in. Those balls close to, but not on the cushion are terrible to play, especially at an angle. Fun fact about the free ball start. I hit it way too hard. I always play it much slower, pot the blue ball in the bottom left corner and then the white travels to the bottom right. Pot the black and open up the pack from the back. The way I played it now isn’t really good as you’re usually already snookered on the black. That’s why there is a pause after the first shot as I wanted to restart already. 😂 Yeah you should try going back to it. It’s just learning how the balls behave. What I liked about this game as it’s very accurate to real life playing. It took me a while to get an 80 break too, but it gets easier the more you try it. Good luck!
  13. I finished Pure Pool! With a whopping 0.03% completion rate this game was very difficult and time consuming. There are now only 13 100% achievers and I managed to grab the fastest time by quite a distance. 😁 If you want to know more you can read it in my checklist. On to the next game! Edit: And to @Copanele. I would like to see this game as a future Most Wanted entry. Can I put in a nomination? It deserves it.