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  1. I played through this game blind twice and as long as complete all side quests nothing is missable. I thought I missed a lot of character entries and affinity events but you can do them all in the final chapter. So keep an eye out for the sidequests and you should be good.
  2. Well we have to just disagree here then. I do think rarity and difficulty are correlated. And your few examples of Soulslike games can’t change my mind. It’s also not an epeen swing or an attempt to make you feel lesser. What a load of bullshit.
  3. Ofcourse I’m not saying that. Ofcourse those other games are easier. What I’m saying is the games you claim to be difficult, are not difficult. And actual difficult games are sub 1%. Kind of weird you didn’t get that from my post. Maybe this is a bit more clear.
  4. Those are not difficult games 😛. That whole Dark Souls difficulty meme is ridiculous. You can’t compare those 💩 games (Yeah, I’m not a fan) to anything like Crypt, Trials Fusion, SMB, Ikaruga, Nuclear Throne, Wolfenstein II, etc.. If you look at true difficult games, they’re always sub 1%. Ofcourse they’re also time consuming games.. 🤔
  5. You have 11? Clearly they’re not important to you. Right?
  6. Very good line up. I’m kind of annoyed I just bought Ghostrunner last Friday. It would have been cheaper to subscribe to Ps Now for a month. That way I could’ve played Ghostrunner and a few other games on Ps Now I’m still interested in. And a little warning on Ghostrunner because I just completed it. The game still suffers from game breaking glitches. It’s a fun game, but be prepared to get frustrated a couple of times.
  7. Well 2.5 years later and my opinion hasn’t changed much. I still don’t care about UR trophies. But since then I have completed a couple of hard games and it does feel good when you finally complete it. It’s fun to occasionally challenge yourself. UR trophy count is still the most overrated statistic on PSNP imo. With games like Zumba, Singstar, In Space we Brawl, and many, many more games that hand out UR trophies for free. What I find more interesting is: If tomorrow all trophy rarities would disappear, would you still be happy with the games you played?
  8. Alright thanks. I was planning on starting to practice again tomorrow. I’ll make sure to put some extra effort into Mr. Poison Bubbles and Mr. Centipede. Love the nicknames you have given these bosses. 😂
  9. Interesting. I had it crash once after 10 seconds into the Epona fight. 😂 The best I did was getting to Pictimos without dying. Lost, and then it immediately crashed in the continuation screen. Which is where over 90% of my crashes happen. Most of the time my first death is at Nygtilger, and most of my crashes did happen there. 🤔 I always feel I have to pull off a no death run to complete this garbage.
  10. Impressive stuff! Any new goal when you hit 1000?
  11. @zachhero Has given all benefits from Director’s Cut except you can also find the Wonder Weapons inside the Magic Wheel (Mystery Box). It’s basically easy mode.
  12. Zombies in Spaceland is the hardest EE to complete in Infinite Warfare. For every team member there will be a extra boss at the end. And with four players it’s really hard. We had a team of four and we all started a solo run at the same time. One of us made it, and then the others joined in the game to all get the trophy. The best way to go about this is if you just want the trophies is to find someone with Director’s Cut unlocked. Which you get once you have completed all Easter Eggs in the main game and DLC. This makes zombies a lot easier!
  13. Alright. Let me see if I understand this correctly. As long as there is no official trophy guide submitted any guide posted in the forums is fine? So why did mine get removed?
  14. Was this video submitted to the guide team? You mean the one person that upvoted the video? If that’s how you measure that people want this my ‘guide’ would be the more popular one 😁. Either remove both or nothing at all.
  15. You’re telling me my guide was not up to the standards? Damn. I put just as much effort into it as this ‘guide’. It took me a minute to write 😏. Seriously. I’m not bothered it got removed because it was ofcourse a joke. There is still another one from me you can also remove. But these one minute video ‘guides’ should be removed too. It just clutters the main page as for every one of these ridiculous games a video ‘guide’ also emerges. Nobody needs or wants this.