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  1. 1. I don’t quite understand what you mean here but this game can be save scummed normally. Just make a back up save once in a while and if you die just download it from a USB or the cloud. There is no need to delete system data. 2. I’m 90% sure it counts as a game over. But it has been a while since I played it so I’m just not 100% sure. Although I did find a comment with a google search that states it counts as a game over. Good luck with the guide!
  2. The game is definitely good. But on Normal and not on Heroic. As I’ve mentioned I hate that difficulty. If you like FPS games I recommend playing it though. Yeah there is some weird insta death fall damage sometimes when you fall a little bit but that basically never happens.
  3. Baker's Final March Hello everyone and welcome to my checklist. I’ve had the idea of starting a checklist for a while now, and after I’ve seen a recent new checklist with basically the same idea, it was the right time to start my own. I’ve been on this site for many years so maybe you’ve seen me around. I play games I like and I complete them. That’s always been the only thing that’s important to me. This is what I did long before trophies existed, and how I get the most enjoyment out of gaming. I don’t care about Leaderboards, Trophy Rarities, Average Completion Percentage, etc.. When I had 200 completed games I had the idea to go to 400 completed games and than quit trophy hunting. Don’t ask me why but I just hate the number 3, so anything in the 300’s wasn’t an option. Plus there were just too many great games I still needed to play. So this will be the main goal of this checklist: 400 games played, 400 completed games and then quit. And I’ll be writing some reviews and updates along the way. At my current rate I expect to achieve it in about 1.5 years, so I’ll be around for a while. Currently playing: Shadow Warrior Pix The Cat Backlog: Wishlist:
  4. Sometimes I just need to rant a bit when there are some bullshit mechanics in a game or I’m not enjoying it as much as I expected. AJ style. 😂 In the mean time I’ve cleared chapter 7 already. Combat deaths: 0 Environmental deaths: 2 😡
  5. Shadow Warrior isn’t even a hard game. The difficulty will ramp up in later chapters with some tough battles but I expect to get through it pretty easily. There are even some complete and partial level skips. Every Ki attack, which is the sword attack in the video, heals you. You can heal yourself at any time too. Basically you will only die if you get stuck or cornered. Or if you fall from the stairs. 😂 Heroic just sucks because that’s all you do. Dash, Ki attack, dash, dash, Ki attack, charged crossbow shot, dash, dash, dash. For every battle. And these battles take such a long time when you have dozens of demons chasing you at the same time. Boring! 💤 Ridiculous right? It happened a few times in my Normal playthrough too. Once I dashed literally two steps of the stairs and still died. It doesn’t happen all the time but I don’t know what exactly triggers these deaths.
  6. Shadow Warrior A little update on this game. Played through the main story on Normal difficulty. Done all the miscellaneous trophies. Which was a lot of fun. The game was really good. So now I’m in Heroic difficulty. I hate this mode because it’s really boring. You’re just spamming the same attacks over and over again. Currently in chapter 7 out of 17. In Heroic there are no checkpoints and you can’t save so you need to beat every level in one go. I left the PS4 in rest mode overnight because I was tired, continued today and then this happened: This has nothing to do with Heroic by the way. It’s just terrible game design where you can fall to your death from 10cm high. And now I can start the chapter all over again. I’m thinking of taking a break from this game. It’s times like these that wants me to quit trophy hunting. Why am I even doing this when I have no fun with it whatsoever?
  7. Wow. You completed Super Meat Boy? But did you play this the correct way? Which is with sound enabled, standing in front of your tv, cheering for your bunny to win. Go bunny! Seriously. It’s also one of the worst grinds I ever did.
  8. To be fair I’m not too far into the game. I just beat the first boss so I’m at chapter 7. But there hasn’t been any tension because so far it has been easy. Although I did die once at the end of chapter 3 where I accidentally walked off the cliff. 😂 That was just an annoyance. The tension will probably come with the hard fights but that’s just another reason not to like this mode.
  9. Heroic mode is so.. boring! Gone is the fast gameplay when playing on normal. Switching weapons, using different attacks, etc.. You’re just dashing around using Divider of Heavens on basic demons while shooting the bigger demons in the head with a charged crossbow shot. And these encounters go on for way too long because every demon has become a damage sponge. 💤💤 Sorry, needed to rant a bit because I really enjoyed my first playthrough but this is just shit.
  10. I swapped Shadow Warrior back in for Devil May Cry 5. Let’s go!
  11. I want to share a story of something disturbing that happened to me last night. At exactly 03.00 am my phone suddenly rang. Still a bit sleepy because the call woke me up I picked up the phone. At the other side was voice that I could not recognize at first. It talked English but it had a Asian accent to it. It was just cursing at me continuously. Finally after it got quiet I picked up some courage and asked him who he was. ‘Me am Lo Wang’ he said and then it hit me. Lo Wang was mad because every swap I made in the UR clean up event so far I swapped out Shadow Warrior. I can’t leave that poor Wang hanging any longer. I finally started Shadow Warrior. I’m going to swap it back in for DMC 5, which I booted up but the thought of having to play that game 5 more times.. 🤮. Let’s hope I don’t get a call from Dante any time soon. In the mean time I broke 1.5 million in Pix The Cat’s Main Grid, unlocking the Desert Grid. The Grid is harder but the trophy for scoring 1.5 million on the Desert Grid shouldn’t cause to much problems. But that 2 million on the Main Grid is just tough because of the controls. I think this game was made to be played with a keyboard. I’ll just play this occasionally from now on, so it could take a while before I finish this.
  12. I already popped the 9 trophies. The problem is getting 2 million points is tough to do. I haven’t even reached 1.5 million. So to get it consistent would require a lot of practice. Now I just need a lucky run. But that can take a while. This game is a combination of speed, reaction time and quick puzzle solving. The latter isn’t a problem but speed and reaction time are not my strengths to say the least. 😅 Great game though. I recommend trying it.
  13. You know where the controls remind me of? Well more the timing of when to take the turns. Eternal Slip. And I’m serious here. 😁 The problem is you can’t roll with your thumb across the D Pad to make turns. The inputs just don’t register like that half the time. It’s going too fast to really press left or right too. So I feel I need to play this with the analog stick. This is Eternal Slip on steroids while trying to quickly recognize puzzle patterns and then perfectly solve them. That said I think I’m just going to unlock the trophies. I would need to put in a lot more time and effort to get the fastest 100%, then if I would play this normally.
  14. Are you talking about this? 😏
  15. Pix The Cat A short update about this game. First I got the two online trophies on my secondary account so they are still achievable which is good news. So I started playing this game while avoiding the easiest trophy for getting 10 perfects in a row. I unlocked the Daily Grid, which is needed for the online trophies, by scoring 1.2 million. Then I played the Laboratory, which are 100 puzzle levels which you need to beat within a specific amount of moves. You can just follow a guide for this. I completed 99/100. Then I played the Nostalgia levels. Which are short levels with some gimmick. You need to beat them in a target time. There are 70 of these and I completed 69/70. The last puzzles of these modes are very easy. So I’m at the point of easily unlocking 9/11 (never forget) trophies, while the two hard ones remain. And they are hard. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I like it, but the controls, I feel sometimes don’t respond too well. I wanted to play this with the D Pad but that’s pretty much impossible for me, so analog stick it is. And now to the point of this post: I looked at the PSNP fastest leaderboard for this game and it’s 1 hour, 1 minute. And I thought it would be fun to try to beat this. I’ve never done something like that before. What I would need to do: - Beat 1 million points 5 times in a row while avoiding the 10 perfects in a row and get 2 million on my fifth attempt on the Main Grid. - Then beat 1.5 million on the Desert Grid. - Set a score on the Daily Grid. - Finish the two remaining puzzles. - Boom! 100% Every Grid run takes 5 minutes. So in theory it’s possible to get 100% under or around 20 minutes. I’m not good enough yet to score 2 million on the Main Grid and haven’t even unlocked the Desert Grid yet so I would need to practice this a lot on my second account first. Shall I go for this? Or just unlock the 9 trophies and play this game normally?
  16. You’re playing a FPS @Arcesius? 🥳 Titanfall 2 is a solid choice. It’s not as good as the Wolfenstein games imo, but good nonetheless. The difficulty of Becomes The Master reminds me of certain other games that are referred to as difficult but are just a meme. You will get that within a few tries. Next up Black Ops 4?
  17. I usually don’t even bother joining boosting sessions anymore, especially when there is no limit on people who can join. Setting one up yourself is even worse, because I always think nobody takes it seriously and you get a lot of no shows. It always ends up in disappointment. It’s better to look up some people here on the forums and ask them directly. So here we go: I’m looking for two or three people to do the Blackout trophies in Black Ops 4. If you’re interested, let me know. 😁
  18. According to exophase. Which I never take seriously but there is no way to track your time in this game. But 100+ hours seems about right. I did a marathon on this game. How people can complete this in 2 days blows my mind. Maybe some AFK grinding with macro’s.
  19. #303 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Playtime: 100+ hours Another trip down memory lane and once again it did not disappoint. What a great game this was. There isn’t much to say about this game so I’ll keep this short. The game was harder for me than I expected. Some of the Hard Get Theres were tough to do. There are also a couple of challenges that are way above my skill level. The Hard Combo’s, some of the Forbidden Connectors, and I did not even attempt the Secret Scores that every level has. That is just insane. When I just got the lvl 100 grind left I was at lvl 72. Instead of doing the fastest way to grind, which is doing a 1 million combo and then repeat over and over again, I did all the solo tours in the game. Which means I beat this game 24 times, and I put in some marathon sessions to do it. Much slower but more fun. I still was only at lvl 97 at that point, so I did the 1 million combo for the last few levels. I saved a few clips of my hardest Hard Get Theres. 1: School II. 6 hours. This took me by far the longest time. It’s so hard to keep your balance after a while. 2: Streets. 4 hours. No clip of this one. This was the first one I attempted and it took me a long time to do. After this I thought it was going to be a nightmare to do all Hard Get Theres. 3: Venice. 2 hours. The first gap, Ramp 2 Roof, almost never triggers. And the final Touchdown gap just breaks for no good reason. Or so I thought. Apparently there are a few humps that break your combo on the final manual. Most of the others I did pretty fast. Nothing took me longer than 30 minutes. As a bonus clip I also have.. Bullring. 10 minutes. If you read the forums this is considered the hardest one, but for some reason it only took me 10 minutes. Which makes it one of the fastest I did. 😂 I got a bit lucky it seems as my grind balance was almost too far to the left. One more second on a rail and I would have bailed. And I made a final screenshot. There is a skater or a brand called Baker. So there were a lot of Baker boards to choose from which I thought was nice. I liked this one the most: This is your brain on Baker. 😂 Great game. I highly recommend it.
  20. Finished Tony Hawk. Awesome game that was a bit harder than anticipated. One Hard Get There took me 6 hours to do. But then again, I suck at games that require combo button inputs. Luckily you don’t have to finish all challenges as that is above my skill level. Also an annoying grind at the end for me. Now if you’re good at the game you can just do all the hard challenges and cut down grinding time to lvl 100 immensely.
  21. Well, me getting a few metres further was also just pure luck. I wanted to end with a front flip like I’ve been doing that entire skill game and then my back tire perfectly hit the top of the ramp and I could continue. 😂
  22. Before DMC V I’m first going to do the Tony Hawk grind. I expected it to take a long time but I went from 72 to 90 over the weekend by just doing the pro tours with every skater. I have done it now with 12 skaters. I just do a 1 million combo every run so I get 600xp every two minutes guaranteed, plus all the challenges. It’s not the fastest way, but it’s more fun to me than grinding the 900 over and over. I should be done within the next 2 or 3 days. Awesome game indeed. I really hope there will be THPS 3+4 some day. As for DMC V, I’m going to do one mission at a time. I’m at mission 2. So I will S rank mission 2 on all difficulties before continuing to mission 3. That way I know once I’m done with a mission I will never have to play it again. 😁
  23. That’s hilarious. 😂 I think the big difference is I played Anger Management when I wasn’t good at the game. That’s why I struggled so much with it. The plus side to that was that after I finished it I was a much better rider. I hate Hill Climb too. In Fusion and Rising. I think it‘s the only base game track I don’t have a gold medal on, apart from the third extreme track, which I just didn’t bother with.
  24. Another jumping ball game? Awesome!
  25. Pfff. Amateur. You couldn’t even beat my distance. 😛 GG man. That’s really quick! I’ve spend close to 20 hours on that annoying skill game. I was so bored by it at one point I just started doing front flips everywhere to keep myself focused. Maybe you seen it if you watched my replay. Close to 100%. Keep going. 💪🏻