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  1. #202 Devils Never Cry. Enjoyment: Game: 9/10 Platinum 2/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Total Playtime: ~80 hours First off I absolutely suck at hack n slash games, or any game that requires button combo inputs. So I expected this to be quite hard, but it never really was. You can spam the best moves over and over and get through the game easily. The game itself is awesome, going through it with Vergil and his supercostume was amazing. I think this is the best hack n slash game I’ve ever played, gameplay wise. The platinum is a chore however, with 7 difficulty modes that won’t stack, of which 5 of them you need to S rank it becomes extremely repetitive after a while. You also need to beat Bloody Palace with all 5 characters but that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Quick thanks to @andrehunter, unknowingly his post about beating Bloody Palace with Trish on the first try gave me the motivation to finish this game, as I had taken a break from it for about 2.5 months due to do it becoming too boring. I hope DMC5 has a better trophy list.
  2. 100%! ✌🏻


    Wow, after a long time I finally managed to get my long time gaming goal. I decided to go for this somewhere in 2015, rebuying old PS3 games to finish their DLC. I finished this about a year ago with the completion of Black Ops 2 but today, for the first time ever I hit 100% completion on my profile on PSNP. Pretty happy about this.





    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.


    Awesome game, terrible platinum.

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    2. Crispy_Oglop
    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Thanks all. I’m going to try to maintain it ofcourse but I was planning to go for some hard difficult games. Let’s see how it goes. Although I’m going to postpone it for a month as there is a deal to resubscribe to PS Now for a month for only €1. Can’t pass on that. So I’m going to play some easy games on PS Now first. Recommendations are welcome 😁.

    4. Spyro



  3. I was planning to finish DMC4 today but instead I’m going to watch some snooker! Go O’Sullivan! One of the greatest sport personalities of all time!

  4. Filled With Light. Clear all Bloody Palace stages with Trish. House Of Pain. Clear all Bloody Palace stages with all characters.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I had this same offer only a few months ago, so I didn’t expect to get it again anytime soon. But it seems I did. I’ll probably make use of it this time.
  6. I tried this game on PS Now for about an hour and I got stuck in the appartment too 😁. Luckily there is a great walkthrough online, you just need to pick something up that has multiple spawnpoints. Didn’t have enough time before PS Now expired to actually play more, but this game is pretty good.
  7. [DMC4] After a 2.5 month break from the game I just beat Bloody Palace with Trish quite easily. Pretty happy about this as now I’m only 2 easy trophies away from a 100% profile. I never had that before, apart from maybe 3 games into my profile but that was before PSNP even existed. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Lol best hack n slash but boring? :lol:


      Jk yea I get it. For some reason Capcom loves to make you play games on mutliple playthroughs and modes. Bayonetta was okay for me but it got boring quickly and that was on the same playthrough xD. Couldn't imagine doing 3 >.<


      I'm hoping that nier Automata will manage to capture my interest. 


      And speaking of DMC, the new one actually looks very fun but idk even know if I'm going to get it because I'm the type of guy to play all games or most games in the series before I jump into the latest one. We'll see

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Well after 12 playthroughs, doing the same missions over and over again it gets pretty boring 😁. I already played the trilogy on PS2, maybe I’ll play them again someday. But only DMC3 was a good game, with DMC1 being mediocre and DMC2 just terrible.

    4. PooPooBlast


      12?!!! :jaymon:


      What did you put yourself into xD


      I think the maximum number of times I played a story was probably mirrors edge 1 but this is arguably one of my favourite pastimes so to do this for trophy hunting is just mad! Haha. 


      You got this though! You're almost done

  8. Thanks for the tips! Did it 2nd try. I actually put it on automatic mode last night to see what it was, got to stage 50, put it in rest mode as I was getting too tired and finished it without issues today. Now only those boring S ranks remain.
  9. So just to be sure, I’ve been trying Pandora cancel but just like in the video my DT won’t increase. So there have to be enemies around right? I’ve been trying after a round to see if I could start each round with a full DT. Just played the game for the first time in 2.5 months and on my first try I got to round 67. Even though I still have to get used to the game mechanics again. Doable 😁. Edit: Also, should I put on automatic in the game options? I remember switching to off but I don’t know the benefits anymore.
  10. Yeah, you’re right, thanks. I got the trophy already, although I had to do another playthrough for it. Followed a treasure guide this time and got it without even playing chocobo hot ‘n cold. It wasn’t too bad, only took around 8 hours.
  11. I’ve heard about Pandora cancelling, but I can’t find much info on it. Can you explain how to do it? Congrats on your eventual platinum. Decided to go back to this game tomorrow. I still need to S rank SOS and DMD, but I’m already at mission 16 in both. The repetitiveness after doing the same mission over and over again was too much. I really hope in DMC5 all difficulty and S rank trophies will stack.
  12. Just run circles with charged guns (basically all you need to do) with the enemies out of view so they won’t attack you and spam ex streak against the easier enemies. I have to say that I failed with Nero my first time too, against Angelo Credo (?) (stage 80). For me the toughest boss in Bloody Palace. But I forgot to put my Super Costume on. Congrats on beating Bloody Palace with Trish. I still need to do it myself (haven’t tried it yet, taken a break from the game) What was your strategy? Edit: Note to self. Finish this game!
  13. You definitely do not have to earn a trophy. Just change the color, sync your profile and update it on this site. I sometimes switch between orange and blue depending on my current background/avatar. So @Alystera I think your doing something wrong. You need to change the colors here. If you have been doing this, I don’t understand. Good luck.
  14. I guess it was 😁. Update: Finished FFIX. That brings my total to 10. Don’t know if I’ll play WOFF, unless someone really recommends it. Definitely won’t play 14. So I guess I’ll wait for the FFVIII port or FFVII Remake. So my next post here will be in a few years time 😁.
  15. Well it seems I screwed myself on this playthrough, I rushed through it too quick I guess. I also somehow missed the Octagon Rod for Vivi so I can’t even learn all abilities. A new playthrough it is! This time I’ll take my time, playing without the boosters. Thanks for the replies. Edit: The maker of the trophy guide should classify this trophy as missable.