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  1. Broforce You're the disease, I'm the cure 0.47%
  2. So I've been trying to get all Dragon of Dojima abilities and I seem to miss one that won't trigger. It's the ability Finishing Hold Reborn. I know you can get it from a Mesuking battle but you need to get an email first called Watch Out Kiryu-San. It's the only email I'm missing and I think I should have gotten it a long time ago. I'm rank SSS and already finished all substories apart from the last one because I need all abilities. Is this a glitch? Anyone who can provide some help? Edit: Nvm, I needed to beat everyone's Idol Goro two more times, then the email came.
  3. When I was subscribed you could do that, it worked the same as ps plus, all accounts on my ps4 had access to ps now. This was a year ago though, so maybe it changed. I was afraid of that, thanks for confirming though.
  4. How? A year ago I bought ps now and played god of war, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it. Since you now need a creditcard for ps now, I can't resubscribe because I don't have one. So I'm planning on finishing the game on ps3. So how do I acces my ps now save and transfer it to ps3? As that would save some time as I did the challenges of the gods already and can just use a supercostume for the speedrun trophy.
  5. Great sale! Bought Yakuza Kiwami. Probably going to buy Just Cause 3 XL and maybe some good indies too.
  6. Woohoo! Victory! Trophies shouldn't be this hard. Still not satisfied about this though, let's make a new one so they set the difficulty to can I play daddy? (which has an extremely offensive picture next to it btw) Still not sure if I'll play this game with all that blood and violence in it, maybe they can change that too. Slowly getting there people! Vote! ✊🏻
  7. #169 Yakuza 0 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Total playtime: 150 hours My first Yakuza game and it was great. There is just so much to do that I just kept playing for hours on end. Nothing too hard, didn't have any trouble with the minigames, legend difficulty is just as easy as easy difficulty, the only trouble I had was with some annoying climax battles. I will definitely pick up Yakuza Kiwami in the future.
  8. You're right, I can't see anything wrong with this list. When you start the game you can choose very easy, easy or normal mode. Weird this was approved.
  9. I suggest you hide all your cheated games as I already found a few. It's a matter of time before you get flagged for them too.
  10. You unlock the upgraded knacks by opening treasure chests in the game. You need the relics corresponding to the type of Knack. 10 diamond relics unlocks diamond Knack etc... Edit: You can't unlock them all in one playthrough because there aren't enough chests. Also you need to keep playing on the same difficulty in your next playthroughs, otherwise you lose your progress. Good luck.
  11. Pffff... Yakuza 0 climax battles are harder and more frustrating than I expected.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. cckerberos


      Yep, frustrating pretty much covers it. Ultimate Two was probably the worst.

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      I haven't unlocked ultimate yet, need 3 more in proving grounds and 3 in melee. I spend an hour on proving grounds 6. So far the most infuriating for me.

    4. BB-BakkerJ


      Done. 😁

  12. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Looks fun, been waiting for a good pricedrop.
  13. Wow, that would save a lot of time searching. Nice that something like that is even possible. To answer your question, this can't be flagged in my opinion. You're just using in game exploits. Never seen a flag for that before.
  14. Perfectionist Get 100% on your completion list Decided to make this my trophy milestone #8000.
  15. Not 100% sure but I think you're fine. The Borderlands games trophies can all be obtained in weird orders/too fast and can still be legitimate, due to you the fact you can put in your own second user or something like that. I think these games are on some sort of not flaggable list, but if you want to be sure ask @MMDE.