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  1. This was definitely possible in the past as I did it. I don’t know if maybe that has changed. And my accounts were from the same country. Start streaming on one account, so the game is on the homescreen. Log out and just play it on an alt account and you can earn trophies there. It’s basically the same as playing a Ps Plus game on an alt account.
  2. Ready to unlock the Just Cause 4 platinum but it would be my 250th. I really don’t want to have this as my 250 milestone but I need to delete this game ASAP to free up space for CoD: WWII. Dilemma 🤔.


    Speaking of CoD: WWII. I bought a year subscription to Ps Plus! Never done that before, but it’s on sale right now for €42. Initially I wanted to grab the 3 months deal for €20 but the 1 year deal is ofcourse much better. 

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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      I wanted to use Wolfenstein 2 for my 10.000 trophy (Mein Leben), my 225th Platinum and initially my 250th Platinum 😂. I just don’t know where to start going for ML. I should look up and follow videoguides but I hate doing that so I just keep postponing.

      I thought of going through Matterfall real quick because I like the Platinum name and image of that one. But screw milestones 😁.

      Unlocked JC4. Deleted JC4. Downloading CoD: WWII.

    3. Deluziion90


      Good luck on the zombie stuff tho :D

    4. BB-BakkerJ


      Apparently WW2 zombie Easter Eggs are shorter and easier than Black Ops 2. So I’m

      not worried. I’m actually pretty hyped to play it. 

  3. Why are we debating about a guy who left this site ages ago? Let’s close this and worry about it when he decides to come back.
  4. Does anyone else have trouble keeping a 2x multiplier? I’m at 100% and still need to get from Chaos Level 9 to 14. But with every method I try I lose all enemies within a minute. I kill a few, leave a few so hopefully they send in reinforcements but nothing happens. Even on the bridge exploit the enemies just go away after a minute orso. Any advice?
  5. [Just Cause 4]

    Not the best JC but the campaign was alright. If they didn’t put in those 400+ ‘challenges’ it would be a lot better. Just put in 50 challenges that are actually challenging next time please. That was just mind numbingly boring.

    But now I’m playing the DLCs and it’s terrible. Here is a mission, now complete that same mission 7 times. Can’t wait to be done with this crap. I’m hoping the last DLC is a bit better but apparently they’re just races. (I’m playing them in reverse order)

    1. XchocomanX


      Thanks for the heads up! 

    2. BB-BakkerJ


      It’s official. Los Demonios is now the worst DLC I’ve ever played. Dethroning the terrible Tale of a Timeless Tome from Ni No Kuni 2.

    3. Mori


      Just Cause 4 was a huge disappointment in comparising with JC3. The DLC's there added so much to the actual gameplay, like the Wingsuit or Weather Gun. 

      I dont even remember what the DLC's in JC4 introduced... probably nothing even worth mentioning.

  6. This is exactly what I meant. @Starcade_Legend Sorry, could have used another word instead of stupid. Let me give an example of what I actually mean. This week a exploit was discovered for DB FighterZ to get the 20 million Zenni in around 5 minutes. And look. Not a day later there is already a dispute because someone reported someone for this exploit. I just don’t understand that at all. I have a question for @B1rvine. What is the percentage of false reports compared to legit reports. I’m really curious about this.
  7. Most stupid thing I’ve read today. And this is why I think either members shouldn’t be able to report at all anymore or at least give some sort of penalty if you report someone wrongfully. Like not being able to report for another year. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I have the feeling many people are just reporting based on a hunch or don’t actually know enough about the game. You should always be absolutely sure if you’re going to report someone. An absolute lowpoint was in a recent dispute where the game reported was questionable and a member asked ‘well should I just report some other games on his profile’ and than a Mod came in and said yes, just flag away. Fucking ridiculous. And about the poll. Voted no ofcourse. @Thropy_Croissant said it well. I’d also rather see a couple of cheaters get away instead of someone innocent getting wrongfully flagged.
  8. So this new exploit of farming 20 million in minutes only works until May 28th?
  9. Finally finished another UR game. Action Henk! This was the most fun I had with a game in a while. I highly recommend it. I’ll give it an 8 for difficulty as getting a Rainbow Medal on the last two levels was really tough. Bought Jotun so I’m adding it to the list even though I’m not sure if I’m actually going to play it. And Ikaruga goes back on the wishlist. That’s really a game I still want to play this year. Despite of the annoying local coop trophies.
  10. [Action Henk]

    Now I understand where the 0.58% difficulty comes from. So far it has been challenging but nothing a bit of practice can’t overcome. Until now. This was really hard. After 4.5 hours I thought I finally had it but missed the Rainbow Medal by 0.02. Luckily this run came 5 min. later. That last CP is just bullshit.


    The last track seems even more difficult. Let’s save that for tomorrow.


    Bonus video:




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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      Unfortunately not 😔. 

      In the meantime I finished that last Bonus Level. Man what a pain. It’s not hard, just tedious. The game could have done without it. I also swinged through world 8 in an hour! That was either really easy or I just became better at the game. So I only need to beat 90’s Henk and than it’s time for my victory lap through world 6 😁.

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Alright. It is done. This was fun and challenging. Ofcourse I beat Mori again 😁.

      Onto world 6 and the 100% ✌🏻.



      I’ll stop bothering you guys now with these videos.

    4. Mori


      GJ! :D 

  11. My experience with the game was one I will never forget. Epic. After the opening cutscene I got to control the mysterious hero. I already know, this is a friendship that will last a lifetime. The upcoming adventure will be one people will talk about far into the future. After carefully climbing upwards I make it to the open world to find my first Colossus. With my trusty stallion I ride and there it is. Towering across the field, not knowing that death will become him soon. I raise my sword in the air to find its weak spot and than I perform the now legendary button combo: Homebutton, Options, Down x7, X x2. Sigh... What a journey.
  12. I’ve been playing with a broken controller for over a year now and for the last couple of months I’ve been waiting for a pricedrop for new controllers. To no avail. But...

    My local gaming store has a new deal on controllers. You get a free game if you buy one. Not just any game ofcourse but you can pick between these four games. 


    1: Spider-Man

    2. Gran Turismo Sports

    3. Dreams

    4. Predator Hunting Grounds


    Although I’d rather wait for a deal where the controller is €40 I might go for this as this deal lasts until the end of June and is in a couple of game stores in my country. So a new deal will probably take another couple of months.

    But what game to choose?

    I already played Spider-Man so I won’t choose that game.


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    2. Mori


      I dont think you like SIM-Racer, do you? In addition, GT:S is a massive grind.

      Dont know about Dreams and Predator, but if I had to chose one game, I would have picked Predator.

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      I played GT 1,2 & 3 back in the day and actually really liked it back than. That was also the last time I played an actual race game until Trackmania Turbo. If it was an offline game I would pick GT Sports, but it’s online and it takes way too long to complete. I don’t want to risk a server shutdown.


      I think I might just get the game with the most trade in value. Buy the controller and immediately trade in the game and get something I actually like. 

    4. Deluziion90


      GT and predator are huge grindy games to even bother 100%.

      Dreams just takes some time and is a free UR. I'm still considering that one myself when the price drops. Not really my cup of tea except for spiderman tbh :P 

  13. [Action Henk] 


    Pfff. Brutal.



    This took me around 2 hours and is now the hardest Rainbow I’ve done. Looks easy, but it’s not. Slowly getting there...

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    2. Mori


      I spent a few hours on that level. At some point you have the layout burned in your mind. Check some videos and try to learn one path and stick to it. I paused every few meters and continued watching, then played again and so on. 

    3. BB-BakkerJ



      Well. That’s the first one done. This was surprisingly easy. Maybe took me around 15 min. But I expect those last two levels to be really hard. 

      Do you mind sending you a friend request? I like playing against friends on the leaderboards 😁.

    4. Mori


      Sure, go ahead. :) 

      GJ on the level, I struggled way longer. :D It's a weak excuse but I pulled an all-nighter that day and played that chapter until it was done. Last level took me probably around 3-4 hours.

  14. You’re just speculating now. I remember when I completed this they were already busy patching a lot of stuff and make it indeed a little bit harder. The only exploit I used was in stage 8, were you could line up the warlord in such a way you could push him against a wall and beat him to death. Which is exactly what I did 😎. Yeah, that was patched a little bit later. But later they found an exploit were you could just let him fall through the map, making the hardest stage really easy. I don’t know if that still exists or about the current state of the game. I highly doubt it became much harder.
  15. Well. We strongly disagree here than. I love the Uncharted series and I think everybody should try it. Nobody should avoid these games. Especially if someone might think this is too hard, because it’s not. But I’ve seen you ranting about Uncharted before so maybe these games aren’t for you. You know this topic was about difficulty right? Not about if the games are fun. Which ofcourse they totally are 😁.