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  1. Although technically it's maybe a 2016 game, since I played it in 2017 I'm gonna vote for Ardyn Izunia from FFXV. Awesome villain.
  2. Glad we don't need an S rank 😁. Congrats.
  3. Well, I did it and combo is the key. This time I got a 32 combo and did it in 11 minutes and got 1.058.957 points. A few tips: First half of the fight just rush in with fire blades and counterattacks and go for a big combo while he is in stasis. Second half of the fight just dodge and attack, dodge and attack. When he uses Armiger, use your jump special ability. Good luck to all, so far the hardest trophy of FFXV. (Edit: This actually took me a lot less attempts than the Cor fight, so don't know which one is harder)
  4. Yeah thanks, I just compared it too. But maybe that's just luck based? Some fights I can get a lot more consecutive hits than others, in which he just dodges all attacks. Ah well, let's try again.
  5. Well I just beat him and got a B grade. Combo score: 25 281,250 pts. Evasion score: 155,296 214,704 pts Battle time 14:05 247,500 pts Total score 743,454 pts I thought I did pretty good, and beat him quite easily. So what did I do wrong?
  6. I don't think that's what he means. In the centre of the room, so to the left of the giant bug, is a black hill with a secret entrance which will take you to the room below, which has the tetris piece. The giant bug has nothing to do with it.
  7. I watched a video of someone beating him, basically just hit and run strategy. Also used all items but he still got A+. Don't think that will be a big issue. It annoys me Noctis is a damage sponge and he takes you out in 1 or 2 hits. Taking a break and will go for it tomorrow.
  8. Any tips for the fight against Noctis? Best I did so far is getting him to about 1/3 of his health left. This is way harder than the Cor or Aranea fight.
  9. You need the disguise upgrade, press R1. (I think) 😁 Supershield is just more powerfull than your normal shield.
  10. You're ready to finish the game. The room with blue torches is for collecting artifacts. Check the map: You need to go to the top of the map, the diamond shaped room. This will unlock one too many dimensions. Go through this room to get the end? and finish the game. You can find is that? in the top left of the map, second room from the left. It's at the bottom and you need the teleport upgrade. You can get the end trophy for beating the game again (just going through the portal in the diamond shaped room) after finding all 50 artifacts. Map of the game:
  11. Look harder 😁. I had the same thing, finding all collectibles was the hardest part in the game for me. Look for some secret entrances in black walls. Also flowers give some sort of sound when you get near them. You'll find them eventually! Good luck.
  12. Bloodborne. Not sure if I'll like these western style rpgs, I'm a jrpg fan, but maybe I should give it a go someday.
  13. It seems I have 2 periods of earning 0 trophies for good while. I blame CoD MW2 and CoD BO2 multiplayer. Back when CoD was still fun.
  14. Are there still any glitched trophies? Or has it been patched? I see there are only 12 platinum achievers. Also approximately how long will it take? Thanks