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  1. I switch around. Usually between three types. 1. My hardest and proudest trophies/platinums. 2. One platinum of my each of my favorite JRPG series. 3. Something random. Like now I have 3 trophies that has two words that both start with the letter B. As a reference to my PSN name.
  2. Interesting. I didn’t know there was a Commander Video strategy for 20x. 7x is easy anyway, even if you use The Kid or Meatboy. I liked Meatboy more for that level. For me Zombie Boy was definitely a big increase in difficulty compared to anything previous. Especially the RNG of the angry Meat Boys in 9x, enemies not walking where they should in 15x, the randomness of the two missile launcher room in 19x and getting up the platforms in 20x where I could not always dodge the small sawblade launcher. But to put it in perspective. I’ve done all Iron Man runs within one day of going for it except for Zombie Boy which took two days. So I can’t say it’s really that difficult either. But yeah, luckily there are a ton of easy levels. I never even practiced 1-3x and 10-14x. They are very easy. So if you get through 4-9x & 15-20x it’s just holding your nerves together. Good luck!
  3. [SMB]

    Well I’m not gonna lie. This was tough!
    This took me a lot of hours, probably more than Missile Boy & Demon Boy combined.


    My final run before I was going to quit for the day. Pretty weird order as I saved 19x & 20x for last although for me they’re two of the hardest levels. Got a few close calls too. And 9x can go fuck itself. Terrible level that single handedly killed many good runs. I decided that it should be my starting point for the Iron Man run.


    Time for a break. I’ll continue in a month or two and finish this game.

  4. I hate 5-9x so much. It destroyed so many of my Zombie Boy runs already. Too much randomness for this game. When I start my run with it I have no problems, but when I’m deep in my run, I usually do 15-20 1-14, and 10-14 is really easy, it screws me over every time. Should have had this trophy hours ago 😡. Edit: Got it! 😁
  5. Thanks. With Meatboy I make it around 2/5 times and with The Kid 1/5 times. That’s just not good enough 🤔. Although I could start my Iron Man run with this level it feels like I’m missing something obviously easy here 😅. Edit: Aaah alright. I tried to jump around the sawblade but it’s easier to just jump to the other side. 5/5 in a row 😁. Edit 2: Alright got it now. EZPZ.
  6. Any tips for 5-5x at the final sawblade jump? For some reason I just can’t get past it consistently. In fact I have a better chance of succeeding with Meatboy than with The Kid, although The Kid should be easier...
  7. Sarcasm? I was dead serious 😏. 3 hours!? 10/10 confirmed!
  8. [SMB]

    Alright I couldn’t resist doing another Iron Man run. As I expected from watching a video before starting this was easy. Took me about an hour to do this. Now I can understand the trophy rarity of Demon Boy and maybe Missile Boy but that this has a 0.39% rarity blows my mind.

    I was still practicing the levels basically so here is a nice 1-20 run 😁.


    So the three hardest trophies remain. Curious to see how difficult it’s going to be.


    But first I’m really taking a break from this game. My hands are starting to hurt, it’s pretty intense gaming 😅.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Deluziion90


      Shame your taking a break. Really would like to see how fast you can get this platinum. :P 

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Currently ongoing for over 2 years 😂. Realistically I’ve played this game for about 2 weeks.

    4. Deluziion90


      Yeah I've seen you get those trophies rather fast. Total time doesn't say much on here anyways. :P 

  9. [SMB]

    It’s getting harder. This was the first time I had to look up some strategies in video’s. Still managed to do this in one evening. Lol at the almost choke in the final seconds. My hands were a bit sweaty...😅


    I hated the 4-5x with Commander Video. The height needed to get through the first sawblades seemed so random to me.


    As with my precious Iron Man runs after while I completely change my level order. I’ve done the harder levels so many times they have become the easier ones. And then I screw up in what should be the easier levels.


    Very happy with my progress in this game so far. Time for a break again before I go after The Rapture.



    1. ResoluteRock


      A few close calls there. Good work! :o

    2. BB-BakkerJ



      Just looks like close calls though. They are pretty safe strategies. The only close call is in the final level where I try the pick up the third key for the second time and miss it. I expected to die there. 

  10. It isn’t that big of a grind. Getting 650 kills with two guns takes around 45-60 minutes. There are 31 guns so you’re looking at around 15 hours of killing. And that’s a high expectation. Not bad at all... For Snipers, ARs & LMGs I used the infinite wolf spawn and all the other guns I used the infinite robot spawn in the final mission. Although I should’ve done the SMGs at the wolves too. Much more relaxing spot 😁. If you don’t know these spots look them up. There are some other good spots to do the killing but this worked best for me. Good luck!
  11. [SMB] 


    Well that was a fun session going for Brimstone Boy.

    Only 2 levels away it seems I lost internet connection. Now when that happens the whole screen fills up trying to connect and you need to press X. Unfortunately I was at the start of 4-3x. Insta death.


    And to make it even worse on the final level of my no death run my controller went empty. Insta death. What a run of bad luck.


    At least I’ve build the muscle memory. It’s pretty easy so I’ll get it tomorrow.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BB-BakkerJ


      I thought the same thing the first time I saw SMB video’s but up until now it’s really not that bad. I got every no death run I attempted in one gaming session, which ranges between 1-5 hours or something. So far I think the trophy rarities are way too low for the difficulty.

      Ofcourse it will keep getting harder so who knows if I still feel the same when I get to Cotton Alley 😅.

    3. HusKy


      Of course your batteries died. I'm not surprised. xD

    4. BB-BakkerJ


      The curse of playing far away from the tv 😁.

  12. Dragon’s Crown. Just bought the game myself. We could team up, do it in coop 😁.
  13. #274, #275 & #276 Spyro Reignited Trilogy


    Let’s start the new year where I left off in the old one. Some easy games.

    I remember playing two Spyro games back in the day, apparently they were 1 & 3. So this was a little trip down memory lane. 

    The controls and camera angles were from time to time infuriating. Left analog stick was for some minigames completely useless so I had to play with the D Pad.

    Meh, overall this wasn’t really that good, Crash Bandicoot Trilogy was way better, but still fun enough. And although not required for the platinum I 100% Spyro 3 too.


    Now onto Assassin’s Creed III. I wish I hadn’t started this game a few months ago. I’m tired of these generic open world games, but let’s just blast through it.


    Then it’s time to focus on the Ultra Rare Clean Up event. I’ll be playing a few UR games in succession after AC III.


    And Happy New Year!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Deluziion90


      Congrats! Guess I'm an old kid I really enjoyed the spyro trilogy but Crash was much better. You should give Crash 4 a go later on it's UR and really good.


      Also best of luck with AC3. It's the only AC game I'm missing in my 100% list but probably never going to start it. It's such a horrible game imo:P 

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      I’ll definitely play CB4 when it gets a big price drop. But that can take a while...


      As for AC III, I think Odyssey took away all the joy I had in the franchise. That game was so boring. AC III actually looks like one of the better ones to me. But yeah, I’m just done with these open world game for now.

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  14. Wow. After watching a video I agree this is a 9/10, maybe even a 10/10. I haven’t seen another difficult platformer that can compare to this insane challenge. Thanks for the heads up. I will skip this game.
  15. Nice goal! I’ll try to get to 800 myself this year. The problem is there are very few UR games that interest me. Should be doable though. Good luck!