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  1. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Completionist. 1.45% A bit weird as for a JRPG this was really easy. Now this is my rarest platinum of the year, although I expect to finish Trackmania Turbo before the end of the year, my rarest 100% of the year and by far the hardest game I’ve completed is: Trials Fusion. Is There Anything You Can’t Do? 0.11%
  2. Now that’s a great idea!
  3. Well. I just got gifted a 3 months Ps Plus subscription 😁. This kind of messes with my plans to subscribe to Ps Now, but Ps Now can wait. This is the reason I play 99% of the time in Offline mode on PS4, my real life friends who only play CoD, Battlefield and games like that always throw me in their chat parties. So when he saw me online he wanted to play Trackmania Turbo with me and gifted me Ps Plus. Nice, I guess. This makes me considering buying Modern Warfare and for old times sake just play CoD online with my friends.


    So @Arcesius, I’m ready for Alienation for the next 3 months 😁.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      It's good twin stick shooter. Have fun.

    2. PermaFox


      Great story!  Love that subscription.  Watching the Black Friday sales for a good PS Plus deal to stack on my existing one.

  4. Ys Origin Next time it’s on sale I’m buying it. It has been on my wishlist for too long.
  5. [Trackmania Turbo] Pfff, I finally unlocked Black Valley. I struggled quite a bit with Black Canyon. 169 & 170 with those damn loopings in the end took me many hours already. Ofcourse I also screwed up many times in the Multilap in the final lap, but what else is new. So Black Valley, this will no doubt be the hardest thing for me. If (when) I get past this I know I’ll get the platinum.

    1. dertswa687o
    2. Arcesius


      Exactly, it's not if, it's when :) Good job so far though! On 170 I kept messing up the transition from the first disconnected loop to the narrow street over the lake 😂 Just couldn't get the angle. 


      Not all Black Valley tracks are harder than 170 though. Only three or four, so you should be fine.


      But don't underestimate Lagoon! After getting all Valley gold medals I thought the hard part would be over, which caused a lot of frustration when I then got stuck on 186 and 190... 😅

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Thanks guys. 


      Yeah that walljump part at 170 was also annoying. But I quickly found a way to get a good angle, it was drifting left as soon as I hit the shadow in the bottom right on the ramp. This game gives a lot of visual hints were you need to start turning/drifting. Those 2 loopings in the end were far worse for me and it’s where most of my gold medal attempts ended. And than you have to go through the whole track again which became very annoying. I think I’ve spent at least 5 hours (very low estimate) on 170 alone 😅. 


      I hope I can get a few gold medals today. As soon as I got to the Black Series I wanted to get 1 gold everyday. I think I’m close to that. But I’m kind of burned out by this game, so I haven’t been playing much at all, it’s too long...



  6. I did the same thing in the past. Rebuying a lot of PS3 games to complete the DLC. I actually achieved my goal, which was also a 100% profile, in december last year. Although I started a few hard games in january to challenge myself, my goal is also once again to get 100%. That will be tough though 😅.
  7. Good luck man. You can do it!
  8. I’m still proud of this one.
  9. The Witness That’s game I know I’ll enjoy. I should pick it up sometime when it’s on sale.
  10. I can’t help you with this. I’ve played this game many times but the last time has been a few years ago. I never used the Don Tonberry trick. I think I just used a few triple AP weapons and ran through the Omega Ruins. Good luck!
  11. If I understand correctly you only completed the part of the sphere grid that’s tied to a character? If that’s the case, complete the whole sphere grid. Not just the part of the character. You need 100s of sphere levels for that. So use your lvl 1,2,3,4 key spheres and fill it out as much as you can. You’re way too underpowered right now to defeat the monsters in the arena, which is where you can farm all the strength, defence, agility etc. spheres. It would also be a good idea to start going for the celestial weapons, as you need to have the break damage limit on your weapons for the arena too.
  12. Trials of the Blood Dragon. This game made me throw my controller against the wall for the first time ever. The bike only levels were fine, but the running, shooting, grappling hook and all the other unnecessary stuff were horrible. Stay far away from this game. The Witcher 3 I bought this game over 18 months ago now, played through the opening hour a few times, but it’s still collecting dust on my HDD. I know I should give it a good go and play for at least the first 10 hours orso but the game is just too boring for me.
  13. #229 Deponia Doomsday.


    I like these point & click games and with this one I finished the Deponia series. One very annoying trophy though, 1001 Jackalopes. Yesterday I’ve decided to bite the bullet and it took me around 4 hours of following a videoguide to get it.


    Now, I’m still waiting for my Kingdom Hearts collection to drop in the mail. Getting a bit tired of Trackmania and not really in the mood to play Prey: Mooncrash so I’m getting a little bored here. Thinking of subscribing to Ps Now and tackle some games I’m interested in.

  14. I guess I was extremely unlucky than 😁.
  15. Nice video, but I really don’t see any new strategy here. This is how everybody does this trophy. I did this same thing for weeks with no succes. This is just a lucky run, as there were plenty of opportunities for them to kill each other.