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  1. Well, I guess we have a different opinion about that. I thought Infinite was a lot better than 1. Columbia>>>>>>Rapture 😁.
  2. Yeah I know. But Doomsday is a standalone game where as the other three are a trilogy storywise, which was what I meant 😁. I’ll pick up Doomsday in the future.
  3. I’ll pick up Goodbye Deponia to complete the trilogy and maybe Danganronpa V3 or Fist of the North Star, although probably not as I got enough games in my backlog already. I only played 1 and Infinite but for me these are relaxed FPS with great stories. Not much RPG about these games. I think you’ll like them and at €9 it’s a steal. Edit: Hell, for €9 I might even pick it up myself to finally play Bioshock 2 😁.
  4. Final Fantasy IX. Not extremely difficult but this should have been an UR platinum. We all know why it isn’t. In terms of difficulty this game can be compared really good with Pier Solar and the Great Architects. Many missables, many battles and one minigame that ramps up the difficulty significantly. I played these games back to back and would say FFIX is slightly harder. Pier Solar sits at 1.04% and FFIX at 5.79%.
  5. A Way Out. That game is definitely on my wishlist.
  6. Blah Blah Blah Blah.
  7. Congrats, you got premium ✌🏻

    1. Arcesus7


      @BB-BakkerJ man, I don't know what to say... that's incredibly generous... 😶
      Thanks a lot, really! I appreciate it. Just wow... 

    2. BB-BakkerJ


      No problem. I like your profile and the games you play.

    3. Arcesus7


      Well, thanks a lot! Getting premium gifted is about the biggest compliment on my profile! 😀

  8. And the award for biggest piece of crap DLC goes to....


    Ni No Kuni 2: Tale of a Timeless Tome.

    Congratulations 👏🏻


    At least that’s over with. Please no more DLC for this game.

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    2. BlazikieronUS


      @BB-BakkerJ wait, it took you 30 hours on the solosseum? Is that anywhere close to a normal time?

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Yes, the DLC took me a little bit over 30 hours. That’s including the story but that was 2 hours max. I don’t know what a normal time is. The problem is you need some good gear to clear the Solosseum and the way to get good gear is to craft them with items that drop in said Solosseum that have incredible low droprates. Maybe I got unlucky...

    4. AlchemistWer


      I simply don't want play again FF XV, after earned the online comrades DLC I let it behind, so if I want get the 100% it's at least possible to do.

  9. This Solosseum is the worst thing in a DLC I ever played. The story part was quite allright. But as always, I ranted a bit and got through 27. They say that’s the hardest one. Three to go.
  10. Any tips for 27? So far it has been smooth sailing for me using the exact same gear and tactics. When I get to the big worm boss Cetus I have about 9 minutes to kill him, which I could do easily if he doesn’t summon some Ork miniboss. How can I stop him from summoning him? Until now when a boss does a powerfull move I just hit him with a big attack and that always worked. When that Ork thing gets summoned that completely destroys my chances of getting an S rank. I’m so tired of this DLC. I just want this to be over.
  11. I wish I read this sooner. I expected a fun trials game but this is terrible. Not looking forward to A ranking this piece of crap.
  12. Not a single trophy is missable. My advice is to just enjoy the game and go for trophies when you get to postgame.
  13. 100% Trials Fusion Difficulty: 9+/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Total Playtime: ~200 hours. Where should I start. In the beginning of 2019 I thought I would challenge myself this year by playing some difficult >1% platinums or 100%s. Initially I wanted to finish Wolfenstein 2 first but this game is so fun and addicting I kept going back to Trials Fusion. So I put all other games on hold until I finished this one. (Next up will be Sine Mora) Now this game has a difficulty beyond anything I ever played before so I’m really proud I could do this. Although it took me many hours and lots of practice. Because this game saves all your best replays I thought I’d share my video’s of me getting the top 3 hardest trophy requirements. 3. Anger Management. Really annoying skill game without any checkpoints so the only way to practice is doing it over and over and over again. 2. Redlynx to the Sword It’s for beating the best times of the developer on 10 tracks. Most of them aren’t too bad, but Elysian Skies, Seismic Activity and especially Sleepy Creek are really tough. Beating Sleepy Creek probably took me the most hours out of all challenges in the game. * For Extraterrestial I didn’t beat the time in this video. I’ve beaten the time with 8 faults so I don’t have it as a replay. 1. Is There Anything You Can’t Do? It’s for beating all 120 base game challenges and although most aren’t too hard some are extremely difficult. I think these are the 3 hardest challenges in the game. 3. Be One With The Bike 2. Pipe Phobia 1. Top Roach These 3 challenges alone probably took me anywhere between 20-40 hours. I guess that’s it, on to the next game!
  14. ‘Is there anything I can’t do?’



    Not a good run but who cares.

    100% Trials Fusion!

    Big post upcoming in the most recent 100% thread.

  15. Nooo 😭. So close. How could I screw this up at the easiest checkpoint.



    Muscle memory is starting to kick in for the second last checkpoint, so I can do this. I’ll try again tomorrow night.

    1. BB-BakkerJ


      Well, just got a 1 fault run. Almost there 😁.

    2. Arcesus7


      Dammit, that's unfortunate... But you seem to be patient enough, you'll get this! :)

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Thanks. I’m pretty patient. But this was and still is the first time I got past the 3 hard checkpoints, why this challenge is so infamously hard, with 0 faults. It’s the checkpoints at 22-29 sec. 40-49 sec. & the hardest at 1.14-1.18 sec. It looks easy in the video but is very hard to pull off 😁.