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  1. I hate that trophy. Took me a year to get. Dies Irae. Only 24 achievers. Sine Mora EX is not as hard as the rarity suggests. I’m surprised there are so few people who got this.
  2. Just to be sure I’ve reported Trackmania Turbo too. You’re off the leaderboards.
  3. Been thinking about picking up Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise in the Ps Store sale for €25. But I just found a physical copy for the same price. Ofcourse I couldn’t resist. It’s already shipping. Really looking forward to play this game.

    1. starcrunch061


      I love that game. The plat is a bit of a grind, but honestly, I didn't even mind it, because the combat is so stylish in it. 



  4. Transcendence. #227 WipEout Omega Collection Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Total Playtime: ~50 hours? My first ever WipEout game. Although I have a faint memory playing WipEout on PS1, maybe it was on a Demo? Anyway, as a free game from Ps Plus I had a lot of fun with it. It’s a collection of WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD with the Fury expansion. I think 2048 was the better game, it just felt a lot easier controlling the ships, wider tracks and lots of shortcuts. The zone modes were hard for me to do, with insane speed and hippie colors I had a hard time following the track. It basically came down to muscle memory for me. In HD the Elite AI got me really frustrated at times. Now everybody says the AI was toned down in this version so I can’t imagine how hard it was on the PS3 version. They relentlessly attack you all the time, pushing you of the track all the time, but as soon as I got into first position it was smooth sailing as just following my racing line was enough to win. Nothing too difficult in Fury as it seems the AI was weaker. The Zico trophies were pretty easy to do too, in fact the 2048 one was harder for me than the HD one. To sum up: A fun, fast, sometimes frustrating game with a decent challenge.
  5. Rayman Legends. Nice one.
  6. #227 WipEout Omega Collection.


    This was pretty tough for me. The zone modes in 2048 and especially the frustrating elite AI in HD were not easy. The final gold medal I needed was the tournament in Meltdown. I started with 5 wins, so easy victory I thought, but I was wrong. In the last 3 races the AI brutally slaughtered me, no escape possible. But a shared first place with 40 points was luckily enough. Not really comparable but this game was harder for me than Sine Mora Ex. It was fun, but glad it’s over.

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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      @Arcesius I will. I made a schedule for the next games I want to play and put TMT in November. But I think you’ll enjoy WipEout. It’s a fun game to play in short sessions.




    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂
  7. The hardest platinums or 100% are on PS4. I feel the difficulty of AAA games on PS4 is about the same as it was on PS3. So that means gaming has gotten harder? (I’m just ignoring the EZPZ trash that’s out there)
  8. Transformers: Devastation is really easy and it’s even at 0.96% right now. The power of Ps Plus.
  9. Have I mentioned how much I hate the Elite AI in WipEout HD? Ofcourse I have, but I’ll mention it again - IT SUCKS

    1. BB-BakkerJ


      I need to stop playing this right now before I smash my controller. 

    2. dertswa687o


      I found that I had to play pretty aggressively to win during the last couple of events. Still don't recall having that much trouble outside of Chenghou Project which is just a generally tough track.

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      @dertswa687o Your times and ship choice actually help me when I see you on the leaderboards. It’s a good estimate how fast I need to go. I usually pick the same ship too. Anyway, I was getting really frustrated with the Vineta K race. The AI kept hitting me and pushing me all over the place just when I was about to go into first place. I’m already dreading the tournament.

      I need 10 more golds on Meltdown for the platinum btw...

  10. Got a few. The Mysteries of Little Riddle. Back when I first started going for trophies I thought this was offered for free on the Ps Store. But it was an episodic game and only episode one was free. I didn’t like the game but I spent €20 on it anyway just to get 100%. Knee Deep. I expected a fun, short and easy story driven game. That was true, except for the fun part. Man this game is terrible. Trials of the Blood Dragon. Worst piece of shit I’ve played. It was pretty difficult too, because of those terrible controls.
  11. Only a few of the Al Bhed Primers are missable but I do suggest doing the following things: Minor spoilers btw. 1:Learn the Jecht shot at the first possiblity. I think the first chance is on the boat to either Kilika or Luca. (It’s been a while since I played this game, but it’s pretty obvious when you can learn it) It makes Blitzball a lot easier. 2: Complete all Cloister of Trials and get the rewards of every destruction sphere. Otherwise you have to get back to them at the end game but some are blocked by Dark Aeons. (Which takes a lot of leveling your characters to beat) 3: Follow a guide to get all Al Bhed Primers. Apart from this you should play the game blind. It’s more fun to explore things on your own instead of following a guide. Good luck!
  12. [Wipeout Omega Collection] 

    Wipeout Fury ✅.

    Gold medals needed in Wipeout HD: 19.

    4 in Dropzone, 15 in Meltdown.

    Time until Ps Plus expires: 2 days.


    I don’t have a lot of gaming time in the next 2 days but I might pull this off. I really don’t want to resubscribe for 1 trophy. Well it would be 3 trophies actually.

  13. Good buy! It’s my second favorite FF, nothing can ever top FF7, but it has aged the best. Always pick the standard grid. It’s bigger so at the end game you can build a stronger party than with the expert grid. Enjoy!
  14. Ah well, guess I was wrong than. And although paying others to do hard games for you is extremely gay, it still isn’t cheating. So unless there is proof he used CFW for SMB, this should still be lifted. But I really don’t care anymore tbh.
  15. Just my two cents but I believe him. He is on the in game leaderboards for games like Trials Fusion, and after watching some replays, he got the skills to complete these hard games. Not being on in game leaderboards shouldn’t be a reason to flag someone. As is playing multiple games at the same time. So unless there is some hard proof for CFW use this should be lifted.