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  1. Well, it still takes a lot hours of grinding. But you can choose not to max the roles out, so it's perfectly possible to get all the trophies in short succesion. (Although I think he cheated it too anyway)
  2. This is perfectly normal. You just got to have a lot of experience to master all roles together. I have done almost the same thing.
  3. Well he basically starts the game with the supreme being trophy. That's leveling all 6 roles to level 99 with Noël and Serah. That takes hours upon hours of grinding. And yes FF13 looks strange to me too.
  4. It looks to me this guy uses savegames in multiple games. Don't know if it's good enough to flag in some cases. Just check out his FF13-2.
  5. Get it now! As a long time fan too I can say this game is pretty good and €30 for the complete edition is a great price. I just paid €20 for the comrades dlc alone.
  6. Once, on this stupid trophy: Dishonored - By my hand alone. I tried this so many times but couldn't get it. Not because it's too hard but mostly because it's luck-based. So I took a year long break, came back to the game and got it eventually within a few tries.
  7. This is now on the frontpage of the number one main stream media in The Netherlands. To translate: Are loot crates in the new star wars game a form of gambling? It basically says that the belgium and dutch authorities are going to investigate loot crates, that it's addictive and pay to win. Let's hope this will lead to it being illegal my country, maybe that will change something somehow.
  8. I know about this trick. I just wanted to point out that everything he is saying contradicts with his trophy timestamps. Like him beating the game or close to beating it before starting to collect the shards.
  9. This doesn't make much sense since you got all shards and then the 50% shards before beating Alden. Which means you didn't even get to the historic district, so you could never even get all the shards as you hadn't gotten to final district/end of the game. You're clearly just lying here.
  10. Wait! There is actually a sequel to Okami? I first thought it was a typo. Why have I never heard of this. Okami is in my top 3 favorite ps3 games so I would love to play this game. Let's do what seems to be a populair trend right now, let's start a petition.
  11. Good point, I feel the same. Bought them seperate too. I really expected this DLC to be €9.99. Guess I'll also pick up the season pass as I want to get episode Ignis too. Thanks for posting as it hadn't even crossed my mind to buy the season pass.
  12. Lol I'm not sad. I just think this DLC is way too expensive to buy on release. But since you need ps plus it's better for me to pick it up now instead of waiting for a sale and rebuying ps plus. Anyway thanks for confirming.
  13. Since the Comrades dlc is out now, can anyone confirm that you need ps plus to play this? Even if you play solo with the A.I.? My ps plus is almost expired (not renewing) so I'm a bit curious about this. Thanks.
  14. FF IX please. I don't wanna do 1000 rope jumps. That is tough!