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  1. DamnedValkyrie Call of Duty: Black Ops II Reason disputed: Reason: A lot of trophies in a pretty odd order.... Got a trophy in the die rise dlc and Only 20 min after this got the EE on transit and then 2 min after got "don't fire until you see" trophy what's super hard even if u only focus on it ,and there's no time to do these 3 trophies in this order this fast and all of this without even get "you have no power over me" trophy........ Joined an easter egg run. The group I was with included several high prestige zombies players with a lot of cash in the bank who ran through after and unlocked the rest of the doors for the don't fire until you see me trophy while I sat in a corner. There are also videos of people completing the easter egg in well under 20 minutes.