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  1. Hi! I can't seem to earn this trophy... I've been checking on the Internet and found that it should pop if Wolf is impeached and the boss keeps it's position (aside of supporting BetterBuzz and don't putting the blame of suicides on anything/anyone). But I can't get Wolf impeached withou my boss getting fired, no matter how I try not being too hard or soft on Wolf: or he declares war or he fires the boss. Any help?
  2. You can just load whichever save file you have that you could go back to the shop
  3. Hi all! Do you know which combination is needed to unlock the secret level in Wrath Temple? I constantly hit the 5 crystals in random order and never solve it... Thanks!
  4. Well, I finally got it... I started a new game with a new save file from zero collecting them all without going back to any episode. My recommendation for whoever starts the game and would try to be as sure as possible that the trophy does not glitch on them: - Go through the game COLLECTING ALL the cactuars (follow a guide to know for sure on which chapters and areas they are). - Go through the game WITHOUT REPEATING any past episode for whatever reason, until you have obtained this trophy. Hope it help others so they don't have to repeat all the game from zero as I had to...
  5. Sadly, no; there's no way to ckeck them :-(
  6. Also, what I did so I didn't have to replay the chapter, once the result screen appears DO NOT PUSH "X", wait for the trophy to pop; if it doesn't, go to PS Menu and close and reload the game. That's useful as sometimes, even if you are able to cal for Highwind, the final hit is done just before or just after Highwind by Prompto or Ignis; so better to be save and wait for the trophy to appears... If not, reload through PS Menu ;-)
  7. Hi! I'm having the same problem. I did two runs collecting all the cactuars and nothing... Anyone knows how to solve this trophy not popping? @groundzero1992, I see that you ended up obtaining it... How did you do it?
  8. I'd try to keep always saving on the same slot, never quit the game and if you're killed, always load (never push "continue"). It worked for me that way... Courage!
  9. For anyone still interested in this, still working, I just got the Platinum.
  10. Hi, Finally, at my 4th try, I obtained the log's trophy and the Platinum! I tell you what I did so it could (maybe) help others... I'm not sure which of these things helped me to obtain the trophy, neither if any of them helped or I finally obtained it by luck... Anyway, in case it could help to anybody, here you have what I did to finally obtain the trophy. - I put my PS4 language in English (all the previous obtainers where from English countries, so just in case...) - I erased all the saved data and the game data - I reinstalled the game and the patch from zero - I played pretty straight: I always went direct from one objective to the next one without exploring or collecting anything which was not on my way (except the logs) - I collected all the logs following the exact same order that appears in the Youtube guide ( - Once I collected all the files from the video, I collected the "extra empty logs" of the PS4 version in Deck 1 and then in Deck 8. - I do not obtained the password for Deck 2 Prospection Room checking the computer in Deck 4 Security Office, but just from the log #32. - I always saved in the same slot. - I never used the "Continue" option in the main menu (neither continued from the "auto-continue" in game when you're killed) but alway used the "Load" option in the menu. - I never went to PS Menu and then continued the game. - I never suspended the system. Regards!
  11. Hi! I played this game from zero three times, collecting all the logs (following the Steam guide) and the trophy does not pop, no matter what... I tell you what I did in different playthroughs so everybody can see what I did different and try to see if any of the players that has obtained it could give us some advice on what they did. First playthrough: it was pre-patch. I collected all the logs except the buggy one in Deck 2. Once the game was patched, I collected the log but the trophy didn't pop. Second playthrough: post-patch. I collected all the logs following the Steam guide, and also the two logs with no text that do not appear in the video. Third playthrough: post-patch. I collected all the logs following the Steam guide, but did not collected the two logs with no text that do not appear in the video. In all the playthroughs I saved during the game in different save-slots... The only thing I could think is to do a new playthrough saving always the game in the same slot... But after three playthroughs I'm not sure on doing a fourth one not being sure that I would plat it... Also, I played it on disc.
  12. Better than my 1%! I just decided to play it (I had it in my pending list) until the shut down (in December 31st?) and just when the first trophy pop, the server has gone down :-(
  13. Same thing here... Casting the rod is kind of awful; when I do it I already count with it being more based on luck than aim... I think it's not well implemented in the game; and hope they launch a patch to improve it... About the sit or stand, same opinion: I began playing sit; then I realized it was more comfortable playing stand, but suddenly I was too tall in the game in the scenes the character is sit... BTW, I had the camera over the TV; now I put it under it because of the cinematic mode drifting more than usual with the last update... I haven't played it yet with the cam under the TV.
  14. I totally forgot to add mine when I achieved it one month ago... I had no plans except that #100 had to be something special from a game or saga I really love. So when I was near #90 and decide to go with RE7 (which I had since release date but saved it for when I had time enough to be 100% on it); I plattered some games I had half-way-there and some easy ones I had in my collection to kept RE7 apart until I had the #99 and then... So, at last; #100 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Biosplattered
  15. I think that there should be a trophy for beating Scavengers Odyssey without throwing up I clearly won't be able to continue with that game without getting sick will focus on the rest... Anybody else suffering seasickness just with this particular game?