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  1. Hi to everyone who is still going for the trophies in AH3 . I am currently working through the character related trophies. I made good progress so far but like many other people I struggle with Lilicas trophy 😰: On The Streets and So Forth Ran the longest possible line off of a successful [Wall Step]. The problem is that I can't do the first inputs fast enough so I did it with pause buffering like it is suggested in the solution on playstation trophies and the comments. For those people who feel triggered now: Not everyone is equally good at fighting games. Please don't complain about pause buffering βœ‹. This is a trophy site and every legit way is allowed to obtain trophies unless it's manipulating and unlocking trophies by cheats. I don't intend to start such a discussion ❌. Back to topic: I followed this YT video considering the inputs and the right timing which is a general reference for this trophy I guess. Yesterday I finished the whole string three times exactly like it is shown in the video (or so I thought) πŸ€”. Nevertheless I didn't get the trophy. I don't think it is because of pause buffering because I read from different people they got it like that. What I did is changing button layouts on my Mad Catz fight pad during the combo in the pause menu. I constantly remapped - which is strangely enough the upper right shoulder button on Mad Catz fight pad - with A, B and C as I needed it for the current string. Like that I could easily input the movement with the d-pad, press the button for the corresponding move and immediately go back into pause menu by pressing with my thumb. EDIT: YES. I finally won the trophy using pause buffering πŸ†! The issue was indeed the remapping of the buttons during the pause sequences. I finished the strings one more time by doing exactly the same inputs like shown in the video linked avove while I was changing buttons in pause menu again. I didn't get the trophy. Then I mapped A, B and C to fixed buttons. This was my setup on my Mad Catz fightpad: A = (easy to reach for pausing after doing the motions on d-pad and pressing , gave me confidence for the first moves) B = (still OK to do the motions on d-pad, press this button and then pause on , slightly more difficult than ) C = (a little awkward to do the motions press circle and then fast enough, but I managed to do it) I am so happy that I got this trophy out of the way πŸ˜ƒ! EDIT2: Got Platinum. I keep this thread up in case it helps people with Lilicas On The Streets and So Forth trophy!
  2. If you want to play coop alone, just use a dualshock as 2nd controller. Set the reload setting for 2nd player to "release" in the controller settings. Like this the 2nd player is always in cover and can't be hit. Just put the dualshock aside and play as 1st player like you would normally. If you are about to die with the 1st player (one life left), you can switch to the 2nd player by swapping your gun controller with your dualshock and your reload settings so that the 1st player is always in cover: set his reload setting to "release". Like this you have twice the lives (from both players) to make it through the game. This is especially important for the Ultimate Duo trophy.
  3. Nice idea. I boost with some people and we switch wins every 50,000 XP points. When it's not my turn to win I use your trick and watch TV. I have a picture in picture TV so I still see what happens in the game in a small window in the lower right of my TV in case anything disrupts progress πŸ™‚.
  4. Hi I already got some trophies in the past but want to resume this game to finish it 100%. I have two Move Handguns. I don't have a couch coop partner though. I have read somewhere that it is best to play this game with two guns in both hands when playing alone for best results and more continues. Can you post your experiences? What setup is best for memorizing and replaying all the stages?
  5. Method is good but you only have to finish 100 coop quests (200 is for Solo quests). If you and coop partner want to farm for best Halomonas weapons you might as well finish halo orders together. Again 100 are required for a trophy (which is also obtainable solo by completing easy made to orders). Cheers 🍻
  6. For everyone who is struggling with Viper's trial 22: make sure you link s LK to s LP (linking = always wait for the move to end until you input next one). I think you can also cancel s LK to s LP (you input next move while current move is in motion). That would prevent you from pulling off High Jump Cancel after that as multiple cancels are only allowed between special and super moves (not when a normal move like s LK to s LP is canceled before). Keep that in mind as many normal moves can also be canceled to another normal move. Typically for a link you have to wait slightly longer before inputting next move which can be difficult for light kicks/punches.
  7. Hey guys, I have finally finished SSFIV and I am very proud to have such a rare plat in my still very small game collection on PSN (I am working on that 😁). I think the trials were the hardest obstacle in this game and I couldn't have done these without the help of the pause trick for the harder ones (see my post in another thread on the SSF IV board here). C-Ranking was also a major pain in the ass but not very difficult if you have a boosting partner (just very time consuming). Now that I have finished the game I thought it would be interesting to qualify the different characters' trials via a tier ranking. I got the idea from the forums on This list might be a help for newcomers to get a good start into trials (avoiding the harder characters at the beginning) but I am also interested to hear opinions from SF veterans on the board. Of course a ranking like this can only be an estimate as every person has different character preferences and it's also skill or even luck-dependant how you get through the trials. Anyway this is my personal ranking beginning with the hardest character (35) and going down to easiest (1). I also made short comments about my experiences in trial mode or just difficult trials which were a hard nut to crack God Tier 35. Sakura (1-frame-links, 2 in #23 and #24!) 34. Honda (Insane HHS cancels) 33. Ryu (1-frame-links, especially in #24) 32. Ken (Strict Lv. 2 FA timing, Airborne Tatsumaki link in #24) Top Tier 31. Gen (Full Gekiro timing in #24 = Hell!) 30. C. Viper (Nasty HJC timing from trial 13 onwards and Thunder Knuckle cancels…) 29. Chun-Li (Difficult charge and mash moves combos) 28. Rufus (#23) 27. Abel (#24) 26. Dan (Annoying Legendary Taunt links in #15 and #16, strict timing in #24) High Tier 25. Seth (Unconventional air moves with somewhat difficult timing) 24. El Fuerte (Habanero Dash loop) 23. Balrog (Nasty trials overall, also early ones, #16 took me a while to figure out) 22. Zangief (1-frame-links, especially in #24) 21. Vega (#18) 20. Sagat (A lot of Focus Cancels and precise Ultra timing afterwards) 19. Cammy (Special timing for her ultra finishes, #22 is strange) 18. Juri (Fuhajin buffer) 17. Gouken (Strict timing in his later trials) 16. Adon (High speed cancels in his later trials) 15. Rose (Huge timing differences on some combos which might be confusing) Mid Tier 14. Ibuki (Fast speed for target combos, #24 = HJC) 13. Dhalsim (#24 = Two Lv. 2 FA in one combo) 12. Guile (Some difficult charge combos) 11. Blanka (#24 = Hard 1-frame-link) 10. Makoto (Fukiage finishers are annoying, #24 is her hardest trial by far) 09. Akuma (Some difficult jump moves and tight links in his later trials) 08. Fei Long (Unique timing alternations) 07. Cody (Difficult ultra finishes) Low Tier 06. Guy (Overall easy, some issues with the timing of his Bushin special moves) 05. M. Bison (Overall easy, some tight link timing in his later trials, no FADC though!) 04. Dudley (Easy, ultra fast and hard cancel from a Light Short Swing Blow in #19) 03. DeeJay (Easy, some issues with charge move cancels) Lowest Tier 02. T. Hawk (No comment πŸ˜‚) 01. Hakan (No comment πŸ˜‚)
  8. I have started the game way back in 2015 but came back to it just recently to knock out the time consuming trophies like doing all trials. So far, I've only completed all 24 trials of 4 character's but I started a lot of the other character's trials and made some good progress while also playing through Arcade mode on hardest (17 chars so far) and C-ranking (11 chars). So I will come back to trial mode later and concentrate on it when the other stuff is finished. My advice for newcomers is: If you really struggle with the harder trials from number 13 to 24 and especially the last ones, you can use the so called Pause trick to jump from frame to frame and inputting your next button or command while the game is paused. When you unpause, this will be registered by the game and effectively processed. Try it with a simple command as the Hadoken: Press down, pause, hold down right, unpause, pause again, hold right AND punch button, unpause, Hadoken comes out. Alternatively you can hold right and pause again and then only hold the punch button - when you unpause Hadoken comes out as well. This also works with charge moves (when you pause and unpause several times and always hold back, it will keep registered), I've done it on several occasions succesfully with Chun Lis first 16 trials which involved the nasty cancel into a charge move like Chun Lis Spinning Whirlwind Kick. You can also use the turbo function of the Mad Catz or Hori fightpads or any arcade stick to bring out the button mashing moves on spot like Hondas EX HHS (I have the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV fightpad and despite the many critics, I think its a good pad and its fastest turbo mode is enough for Hondas HHS to be canceled into). At first I had to get used to pausing the game so much but it definitely works well for the harder combos! You have to practice it a little bit. The whole thing is explained here in detail: Still you have to know your timing and you should absolutely know the basics like the difference between linking (waiting for a move to end, then quickly input the next move) and canceling (inputting while a move is performed to effectively cancel it into another before the 1st move is finished). You should also know what a FADC is and how to pull it off fast (again pausing helps). All move chains are perfectly explained in this great FAQ: Additionally you can watch the youtube videos of a guy named "VesperArcade" who not only does all the trials but also shows his hand movements in a small window in the bottom of his videos. If you have problems with the correct timing of a move, like when Dan is in the air and you need to FADC and pull of an Ultra, you can pause this guy's videos as well to compare when he inputs something and where Dan is at the same time. To tell you the truth: The pause trick is a great help but even so, the harder trials are no cakewalk. Especially 1 frame links are hard to pull off. Sometimes its necessary to unpause, then press the button (e.g. d.LP/LK) and immediately press pause again before the move actually hits. You have to be so fast for some trials, like when you cancel Hondas EX HHS from a crouching hit. But don't give up, stay persistent! Sometimes it requires more tries! As long as you keep at it, you'll get it done eventually! P.S.: One last thing, please don't come with arguments that this method and the turbo function are lame and require no skill. Might be, but we are on a trophy boosting site here and the game gives you this "legit" opportunity to do it so everyone who is not OK with it save us the complaints! EDIT 3rd april 2017: Using the above described method with a Mad Catz SFIV fightpad I finally managed to finish all character's trials! Good luck to everyone else!
  9. Do Rotten Eggs count as a weapon for the trophy where you have to carry each weapon in your inventory? Solution on site says so but in other guides/FAQS the rotten egg is not mentioned. I ask because I got one, got the "All 4 eggs" and "Kill a Majini with a rotten egg" trophy and sold it afterwards... EDIT: Found it out myself, rotten egg is not needed in your inventory in order to get the trophy
  10. The story is decent. It is the dumbass moron NPC partner AI which is terrible. I am playing through the campaign on Elite now, In my casual difficulty playthrough I did not notice it because it was really a breeze. But now I see how dumb the AI is. Rico runs wildly into enemy fire without taking cover. But when I need to be revived and he is standing like 5 metres away, he tells me that he cant reach me... And do NPC's ever kill an enemy? Their shooting skills are so terrible. I have to kill every enemy and when the AI runs into my line of fire, they accuse me of friendly fire! WTF? Why are you running straight into the bullets, Rico? Rico and Narville also don't melee enemies standing right next to them who are focusing on me. These all-out platoon battles had so much potential if it weren't for the lousy AI. I more and more feel like killing Rico or at least shoot some bullets into his ass when he pisses me off again... Luckily only 3 missions left on Elite difficulty.
  11. As far as I am concerned I began my second playthrough and got a lot of the items for the item book I missed on the first one (customized and buyable equipment, Pink Pearl Ring, ...). I also got the "Friendship First" title for Colette. I did not manage to get "I hate gels" for Genis despite 2x XP. I will do that in my 3rd playthrough with 10x XP. I will also do Niflheim and Coliseum in my 3rd run (for the Monster Book). So far, my highest affinity characters are Zelos, Colette and Raine. After the Flanoir doctor scene I want Zelos and Raine in the first 2 spots as they are both missing their swimsuit titles beside Sheena who I choose freely as 3rd character this time, then only Regal is missing it. He will get it in 3rd or 4th playthrough. I will also get the "Dinner Party" title for the remaining 4 characters in this playthrough. At least I remember that you can choose 4 party members for it (if not there are 2 more opportunitys...). Also I aim for the Chosen Orb you get from Zelos after the doctor scene in Flanoir. I just unlocked the ability to change freely between both worlds which means I am pretty close to the Flanoir events. I only have to kick out Colette from second spot of affinity ranking. She is 80 points ahead of Raine and 220 points behind Zelos. Should be manageable with the next few decisions. In the 3rd playthrough I will go for Kratos in Flanoir and bring every character including him to Lv. 100 which should be easy with 10x XP. I've got all the cooking titles except for Kratos. He has mastered 14 of the 24 meals so far, I will carry this data over and also finish it in 3rd playthrough. In my 4th playthrough I need to build up high affinity to Genis and Regal in order to get the last titles for them and Presea. I will pick Genis in Flanoir, reload and pick Regal then to finish all the titles. Then I will also aim for Lloyds "Gung Ho" title, the hardest in my opinion... Any tips how to get this one? I thought of killing of Genis at the beginning and going with a party of three (Lloyd, Kratos/Zelos, Raine) with normal experience??? P.S.: I play too much Xbox 360, really need to concentrate more on these PS3 exclusive RPGs
  12. Ok, I just checked my savefiles with the link you provided and I can confirm that you have to "gigolo" every town in one go. It seems that I have missed Palmacosta and Ozette because of this and I am too far in the story to go back there. I am really pissed now... Invested so much time in the gigolo title for nothing... Ok, I will clear that on my second playthrough. At least I got the dog lover title and I am on my way for the treasure hunter title. I have opened every necessary chest so far and only 2-3 dungeons left... So I will get this soon. But I wanted the gigolo nuisance out of the way to rush through the game in playthroughs 2-5... Oh well. Seems that I have to rebuild Luin again... Or is there any chance to take over the gigolo title data to the next playthrough? That would be OK... *EDIT: There seems to be another possibility. The old glitch of talking to Sebastian at a certain point of the story was fixed but there seems to be a new glitch: I will check that out soon!* *EDIT2: It worked! I made a list and spoke to every of the 210 necessary female characters in towns with Zelos but I did miss some towns because I did not clear them in one go. I checked that with the save file checker posted above. Nevertheless I got the title by speaking to Sebastian after obtaining the Derris Emblem AND the Vinheim Key (seems to be possible with only the Derris Emblem too, but no need to teleport back too early). This should also work when you have not talked to all females with Zelos. I don't know what triggers this or if the title solution is false from the beginning. Perhaps you only need to talk to 80 % or so and then you have to go to Sebastian later than in the GC version. Just speculation from reading the above.posted GameFAQS forum thread but I am happy to have this title now and the treasure hunter title for Sheena as well . Now its grinding gald for the Casino and getting to Lv. 80 for fighting Abyssion .*
  13. Hey, first of all thank you for the link to the save file checker. I will try that as soon as I am back from holidays . I have never read in any guide (be it in Kratos guide, the trophy guide on psnprofiles which is also very good and other guides) that you have to speak to all people in a city in one go . An example: I started with Meltokio after getting Zelos but at this point of the story I did not have access to the coliseum. I had to fight in the coliseum as part of the story much later with only one character and I chose Zelos in order to speak to the 2 women in the waiting room of the coliseum... Does it mean that I have to "clear" Meltokio once more? I don't think so but I will check on that in like two weeks. I am pretty sure that I have spoken to all women except in rebuild Luin. I still have to get 150000-200000 to fully rebuild the city. I read that the gold dragon in Treant Forest will drop more than 10000 Gald with a blue sephira equipped.
  14. Kratos15354 has updated his guide for the PS3 Version in August 2015. If you follow it closely now, you probably won't miss anything. I am doing fine on my first playthrough until now. The only thing I seem to have missed is the sidequest for the Pink Pearl Ring which is needed for 100% of the Item book. The time frame for this quest is very narrow. But I still have like 3-4 playthroughs waiting so I will do that in the next one. I already got the Dog Lover title and I am also working on Zelos's Gigolo title and Sheena's chest title. Is there any way to check the progress on these in-game? I just cleared the Tower of Salvation one last time and will go to Heimdall now.
  15. Still want to play a lot of PS3 games :)

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      Make your PS3 dreams come true!

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      Yosh! I'll do that. Had a PS1 and PS2 before but switched to a PS3 pretty late. Now its time for some awesome games and platinums :D.