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  1. Which part?
  2. Did you personally host the lobbies? If not then that is why you're stats/trophies are glitched. For every match you do, you have to be the host if you want them to count.
  3. These are not my words I got this paragraph from since I have seen a lot of people having difficulties with this trophy I thought I might inform those who need it. ******Credit to NightRusticDawn for creating the guide and having a solution to the problem, NightsRusticDawns' guide is the link above if you would like to take a peek.******
  4. Yes, for anyone in the future who chooses to get this platinum you can find the raccoon and quit. It will count as you picking it up when you quit.
  5. Does anyone else have this problem? I seem to only have issues in the campaign; Multiplayer and Exo survival are perfectly fine. I have asked for help from Playstation Support and what they told me to do did not work. Any solutions?
  6. I've been really thinking about buying this game but, I don't want to get it and find its dead and cant find anyone to play the heists with. So all I ask is the community still strong and you can find 4 people to play some heists with?
  7. This game is one my top 10. I enjoyed the story, the main protagonist, the collectibles, and everything else. This game all around was great. I still do not understand why people hate on this game.
  8. I have been wondering if there is another way to get the online trophies with the servers shut down?
  9. The servers depend on where you are located in the world. An example would be like I am in the US and I tried to boost with someone in Japan the likely hood of me joining their game is 1 in 1000 because of how bad the connection is. There are also people who join just to mess up boosting. They know if you are boosting or not somehow. I would watch out for them you will know what I mean if you boost the game. **Black_Bunny you only need 6 players. 2 controllers and psn accounts on that ps3 or just 6 players. I would just run with 3 people for the easier time.
  10. Yes you can because I achieved it back in November of 2015. It is a big time consumer you have to be very dedicated and it takes time. But I would go after it anyways since it is a fun and enjoyable platinum except for the multiplayer. I really enjoyed the campaign. There will be difficult times such as the final boos on Twisted mode but that is about it.
  11. So then how are people still getting the platinum after the servers have been shutdown?
  12. I am playing Borderlands. I plan to platinum it on the first or second playthrough.
  13. I'm going for Red Dead Redemption, Darksiders, Borderlands, Killzone 2 and 3, Jak 1 and 2, Battlefield 3, God of war 3, Dead Island, Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon city, and finally Mafia 2.