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  1. OK no trolling / BS....


    Very, very sad day.... do what you can for the Las Vegas horror and the recent attacks and clashes around the world.


    I cannot express how truly sorry I am to be living among a human race that can allow mass shootings to not only be commonplace in 2017, but expected and normalized. And then forgotten with a toxic "news" cycle that only serves to eradicate any chance of having a proper or healthy attention span or focus.


    To anyone who is involved in any way with the recent tragedies, you have as much of my spirit/strength as I can try to send across space... I've done what I can financially and by giving blood, but obviously this is the bare minimum.


    When I say I what I said about living with people, I'm obviously hurt, angry, scared. Who knows what our apathy, our confusion, our lack of awareness will bring next?


    I'm  not sure what could have been done to prevent any of these attacks beyond what was already in place, but I can SEE one thing: body counts are rising and rising, while we (humans) are in some sort of moral freefall.


    Try not to forget these attacks so quickly. Try to do what you can. Please, just don't sit and watch your world become a Hell... you will be in part responsible for that tansformation.


    This message is to me as much as is is soapbox in to everyone. I'm not even close to doing enough. I hope you guys stay safe and vigilant today, and please... ASK QUESTIONS AND DO NOT FORGET ANY OF THESE ATTACKS. The risk of desensitization and normalization is too high to "get used" to this horror show.


    Love to all, you have my undying and unwavering support so long as you remain an ACTIVE member of the human race. I know there's more good out there; those people are meek and silent, but we need their strength in order to survive.


    It's quite clear there's not too much time left for a massive reawakening  or enlightenment.... or maybe not?

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    2. Nemmy_Wemmy


      Really at this point, most people are desensitized to this crap because it happens so often in western society. Which that fact in itself is absolutely horrible. 

      Makes me want to move to Japan, never hear about people getting mass murdered there by lunatics. It's gotten to the point where each month I'm like oh another mass shooting here in the US or UK. Which in my mind I know is scary that a lot of people are in that mindset now. There needs to be something done, granted I don't know exactly what, but this should be a higher priority. Peace

    3. Beyondthegrave07


       heard there was a giant line for blood donations to the victims this morning. The good is definitely still there. Don't lose hope my friend.

    4. CloudsInHead


      I'm trying to look at the positive moments in these situations... small things can be enormous gestures of selflessness and goodwill.

  2. Circular dicussion, really.
  3. Well, that is an optimistic way to take it. Either way, rally and ready up for Season 8.... in fifteen decades. The reason I don't enjoy this setup may seem like a small thing, but it is a big FU to intelligent audience members... TV viewers only knew Bran was being extremely strange with his sisters.... Why did he go from making everyone avoid him due to his completely unproven powers and horrible social skills to someone who was believed without question without establishing a semblance of cohesion (lol)? There is a massive disconnect and pothole with the Starks' reunion and scheme due to this rift that was made apparent more for the audience than LF. Guys, there have been way better twists and magnificent scenes... this one is by far NOT the worst.... it is probably the most convoluted due to relying on the audience to figure things out.... I'm fine that if you pull it off. D and D obviously hit the agree to disagree about that scene mark, hehe. Why couldn't they have shown the sisters having an inkling of what Bran was capable of instead of only showing complete strangeness and confusion? Or the Knights of the Veil and their Academy Award winning pretending that Arya is on trial? Also, convincing me and others that the sisters were arguing to the 4th wall, in situations where LF was not possibly present, on purpose is insane... the genuine conflict in this case must have been forced to a degree we have yet to see on GOT. We can assume they talked to Bran... doesn't do a bit of good for the sister's inexplicably quick alliance with each other and believing, without question, that Bran knows all.
  4. Seems like a lot of this thing going around..
  5. You wrote all of that for nothing. You had to mention a deleted scene and it looks like you forgot what you're talking aout. Basically, you think everyone thinks like you, interprets the same things like you etc.. As I've said, you've already nullified your position by mentioning a deleted scene and now using your own reasoning as the way it went down. Sure, one can infer many, many things..... unfortunately you're just defending bad writing. Anyways, you're not going to change anyone's opinion, it certainly looks like the majority feel that LF was removed abruptly. You can have your mental gymastics and your direct access errors, I'll just go with the truth. It's still a good show, so no need to get upset.
  6. Nope. It's widely accepted that the directors make ridiculous decisions and create plot sinkholes.... It's fans who fill in the blanks and use book knowledge which make a problem for those trying to understand Got from just the show.... again the setup here was, at best, rushed. Need I mention, there was a deleted scene that has been mentioned several times now.... and iiterally the one that would have avoided this. So.... this argument has no merit, unless everyone must now watch all deleted scenes and hunt for the actual story details/explanations. Also, no to the above.
  7. No insult intended, but I don't see how your justification has merit when you mention a deleted scene and only summarize the poorly explained plot/reasoning. Your version, however, is the only one to accept as it is the only possible scenario left and it is what happened. Anyways, this will be moot if they explain things in the beginning of S8.
  8. Drank the mental equivalent of Draino in order to start hacking away at "The Backlog."

  was successful.

  9. Is the Explorer version the 75 dollar early-opt in buy? I didn't pay attention to the exact name when I bought it (guess I can check it)? I'm just curious if I need to buy the Season Pass.
  10. So here's the thing.... Big fan of GoT; read some additional lore books (actually had all the relevant information), but have only previewed the books so far (they're decent, but get bloated as the series goes on). I'd say I'm more knowledgeable about this universe than the majority, but I'm sure I'm missing some details. Anyways, Littlefinger... the season finale death that was promised. Was his death appropriate? Poetic? Ironic? Humiliating? ABSOLUTLEY. He was admired for his cunning, political maneuvering, and underhanded dealings/alliances..... but he was a loathsome coward of a man who used woman (primarily) as tools of chaos. Perhaps the most misogynistic, pedophilic, creepy, and obsessed character on the show played perfectly by Aiden Giillen. Very happy he is dead /end explanation to people yelling "Littlefinger Apologist! Sexist!" lol ISSUE: The setup of his guilt.... everyone has heard about this "deleted scene that would explain everything" which is really stupid considering that scene could have replaced a dozen considering it's importance to explain things to show-only audience member... INSTEAD, the whole season we watched Arya and Sansa play US, the VIEWERS with all that "acted hostility." Littlefinger is not supernatural and it's safe to say Arya's situational awareness is off the charts at this point (blind training)... he doesn't stay outside the with an ear on the door, he's not under the bed, he's not in the closet... so why all the theatrics? For who? It would be EXTRAORDINARILY simple to show Littlefinger and the audience this conflict from a more realistic, believable angle. That was LFs whole strength. Knowing what was going on behind closed door (including people desires/wants/needs) without using anything supernatural and the ability to navigate his "chaos ladder." There's NO WAY Arya/Sansa were playing for LF in those scenes (logically).... the writers/directors made the ENTIRE setup ridiculous and corny (especially with such a perfect end to LF) by showing how LF would have any idea how deep the "conflict" was supposedly going. The whole arguing and murderous glances, the Arya on trial fake out, the LACK OF ANY SCENE WITH BRAN WHERE HE MAY HAVE TOLD THEM EVERY SINGLE THING NEEDED TO KNOW IN THEIR UNIVERSE (lulz) and, of course, the whole "trial scene." Another case of D+D thinking they did something clever and then forgetting a sinkhole like this; let me remind everyone: Arya and Sansa were essentially just faking US out, as in almost talking to the viewer. Immersion annihilator and also corny AF. Guess they needed to really rush his death, huh? TL;DR Version The sendoff for LF was perfect, HOWEVER, the setup in the season and the way it was explained/shown/put together was literally amateurish given the huge immersion breaker explained above. Did they really not understand that most people would realize that Arya/Sansa arguing in a room, by themselves, could look strange if it was all just for an unmentioned ruse later on? Please, I beg someone, explain, why did they need to show PRIVATE interactions where LF could not use his CIA/NSA of Westeros skills? No bugs. No corny ear to the door BS. Sansa and Arya tricked us.... didn't know it was that kind of show and it isn't.
  11. Chaos is a leaderboard.... Also, the people at the top are: 1) Playing in teams 2) Playing crap/quick plat games (not judging, I have 4 or so I CHOSE to buy :] ) 3) In possession of all the free time 4) SharePlaying/glitching/cheating etc.. There's obviously more, but this is why I don't look at any of this competitively. It just falls to chance... like others have said, there will be always an upper echelon; in a hobby where money + time = trophies, the equation makes things very simple. Then it just comes down to who of those speed platters will desperately try to keep a meaningless position. I say meaningless, because the games are impossible to all be quality, there is no fame/$$$ involved, and even if you make it to the top enjoy your obsession to stay there =/ Don't forget about the fun/entertainment part of all this.
  12. Major props to @bduarte1 for the amazing banner!


    For those who've read Redwall in their youth... tell me your brain didn't just go into Jacques' universe for a moment...

    1. hugglebunn-e


      Looks great.

    2. bduarte1


      glad you liked it, enjoy :)

  13. What an amazingly surprising start to Sunday morning!! Not only did you pick this "cold case" up you provided a whiskey shot of nostalgia and it looks amazing. Wish you could give more than just one like If you are willing to make any changes, the ONLY thing I would ask is to make "The Apex Badger" on one line and (PERHAPS) making "Apex" in a sort of different, unique font. Anyways, awesome sig of your own and great work! I'm glad you chose to take this on. =D
  14. How was your run and beach volleyball?


    Did you impress a lot of people outside?

    1. CloudsInHead


      Do you go by galactic balls in real life?


      Also, do you wear a helmet?

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      This is way more interesting, respond back in 2 weeks.





    3. CloudsInHead


      Yo, there's a place with cats and they have pics of us :0


      Your two week update.