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  1. Hollow Knight
  2. #83 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Be Yourself
  3. Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 6/10 Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - 7/10 As smooth as the 2018 Spider-Man game was on PS4, I have no clue why Miles Morales had a harder time running. It's more buggy, clunky and so. I don't care if it was aimed to run on the PS5 first, if it worked the first time on PS4, it should work the second time. Also I wasn't that invested in most of the characters, in fact I found some of them unlikable, particularly Phin Mason (aside Miles, which I thought he was alright and with more development than he had in the 2018 game). As for gameplay, it's just more Spider-Man 2018 which is what I expected. It could've been a more solid counter-part to the 2018 game if the PS4 version didn't ran like kinda shit (before you tell me the PS5 version is better, I don't have a PS5 so fuck you), overall I'm still having fun with it till I reach 100% completion. I've been a Crash Bandicoot fan since I played the original trilogy on PS1 and as for the N Sane Trilogy on PS4 even though it wasn't perfect, I still enjoyed it a lot (mostly due to nostalgia). So with Crash 4, I honestly wasn't too crazy about it since it felt like a new entry developed by a whole different team with a whole different mindset. So I'm glad to say that Crash 4 so far is a better Crash game than Wrath of Cortex. The linear level structure remains intact while also feeling bigger and wider, some levels take advantage of each new mask's mechanic in a great way, other level make you play as different characters with different play-styles adding more variety to the mix, it's also the most difficult Crash game to date so it'll please those looking for a tough challenge in their completion and so on. So as far as I'm liking the game, the reason it isn't higher for me is because the original trilogy had a more charming tone and aesthetic which Crash 4 tries to reach but it doesn't quite get it, also I liked the more simplistic game approach the original trilogy had and even though aiming for more isn't a bad thing, it can get a little bit overwhelming. Still a pretty fun Crash game.
  4. Nop In preparation for the remake next week (Not counting Gestalt).
  5. Golden
  6. As long as he's been around, he's only earned 12 plats.
  7. VII Remake Muramasa being close second
  8. FFX-2
  9. Shadows of the Damned Fortnite or Family Guy?
  10. #82 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tier 1 The installation process for this game is the worst shit I've ever seen, the game itself is pretty alright. In a way it brought back that 2007 feeling I had when I played the CoD4 campaign for the first time, but only slightly. It had it's moments, some may stick in my mind, but now I'm moving on to other things.
  11. For everyone upset at Days Gone being on here and saying it was already “free”. Be considerate of all PS4 owners who don’t own a PS5 and don’t have access to the PS+ Collection. So with that being said, I don’t really care about Days Gone.
  12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) - AwfulFirstImpressions/10 So I have a physical copy of the game, upon using the disc you're required to download a 100GB patch. Upon downloading and installing the game with the patch, I boot up the game. I'm required to create a Call of Duty account in order to get access to the game and so I make one. Now upon getting access to the game I have to download the "Data Packs" which means I can't have access to the campaign and multiplayer unless I download the various data packs. I mean I would've assumed it already comes with the disc since the campaign and multiplayer are the two main elements of this product I purchased, but instead it's all replaced with Call of Duty Warzone, a separate game that's free-to-play that happens to use the application of the disc rather than being it's own separate thing. So I download the Data Packs, now with the access it should've come with in the first place. A day later, patch version 1.34 comes out. I download and install patch 1.34. Upon booting up the game again, it so happens to uninstall the campaign and multiplayer I downloaded a day ago. So in order to regain access to this product once again, is to download the "Campaign Pack" and "Multiplayer Pack". Even though Warzone still remains intact and the stuff that came inside the disc isn't. I...see.
  13. Today got me in sort of a bad mood just thinking about the current state of video games.
  14. I love these games but also fuck you.