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  1. Saw Titane at TIFF21. A strong contender for best film of the year, which makes me glad to say given how lukewarm I was with Raw.
  2. Getting back to writing short reviews for stuff I'm seeing onwards, feel free to drop a follow here if you think my take on film is worth noting. Also watched Inu-Oh and Drive My Car at TIFF21, don't expect me to watch much else from the festival.
  3. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery lol Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Psychonauts 2?
  4. Attack on Titan 2
  5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  6. Edit: Changed my rating for Synonyms to a regular 4 stars upon further thought, still a great film overall. Also as a side note, Space Jam 2 was entertainingly bad.
  7. #86 Spyro the Dragon Gnasty's Demise Fuck Activision.
  8. Everyone talking about how this thing will be able to run modern AAA games on the go alongside the already large library of Steam games and Steam sales, meanwhile I'm thinking how you'll be able to emulate older Nintendo games Nintendo didn't bother to add on the Switch.