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  1. Rules: 1. Check the first five games you see from the user above you's trophy log. 2. Pick which of the five you think it's the best game. Nuff said, let's begin.
  2. I didn’t mean to start a thread based on a topic that might’ve been tackled already but from what I’ve seen, the other threads haven’t been too clear for me so I’d appreciate a proper explanation on this. So from my understanding, creating and playing other dreams gives you EXP but more so when you create, particularly when you sculpt. But do you actually have to create a proper sculpt to earn XP or can you really just spam the X button even if you’re not stamping anything? And does it need to be created and published, or you don’t have to save anything when you quit and you can start over and continue on? Also not related to sculpting but can you also earn EXP when you watch AudioVisual shorts through Autosurf? Apparently there’s even a software that automatically does the job through Remote Play? But that’s as far as I know pretty much on that. I’m still working on miscellaneous trophies at the moment but eventually I’ll have to work on this one, so any form of tip and advice would be appreciated.
  3. Rules: 1. Check the first five games you see from the user above you's trophy log. 2. Pick which of the five you think it's the worst game. Simple like the other, nuff said again.
  4. Small Note: Do NOT watch Lux Æterna if you're photosensitive to epilepsy or are easily triggered to seizures, my eyes still fucking hurt from the film's experience as I'm writing this.
  5. After months of holding it off I finally caught it and I can happily say that the hype this got at the time was warranted. It may be a bit rough around the edges, but overall I found it genuinely effective and in a way brilliant as a deconstruction of the superhero genre which nowadays it's pretty oversaturated. I'd give it a 4/5 (or an 8/10), and also the reason for posting here was because it didn't had a Letterboxd page.
  6. Even if it's the last one, I genuinely doubt this roster can ever be topped. It's the ultimate smash bros for a reason.
  7. So game director Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed the next DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be the last fighter to be included in the game. I thought I'd be fun to make a speculation thread on who should be the last fighter. Of course characters who are either assist trophies or mii costumes already are pretty much deconfirmed, so characters like Dante, Cuphead, Geno and others alike are sadly not guaranteed. However, other characters who's chances are still up in the air like Sora, Master Chief, Fortnite Guy, the Knight from Hollow Knight and many more, can still get into Smash if fate decides otherwise. As for me, I already have my personal pick on who should be the last fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Crash Bandicoot Crash to me has always been a childhood gaming icon with his games, if not more-so than Mario. So him used to being considered as a PlayStation mascot back in the day, makes a lot of sense to be paired up alongside Mario and Sonic in the roster. And also Snake and Cloud are already in Smash and they were also characters who were iconic to the PlayStation 1. So to me that is why Crash Bandicoot is the perfect addition for Smash Ultimate as the last fighter. As for you, what is your fighter choice? - 10/05/21 EDIT Sora from Kingdom Hearts has been unveiled as the final fighter, so this thread has served its point.
  8. As I'm currently going through Persona 5 Royal, one thought came to my mind: Will I manage to beat this before Crash Bandicoot 4 comes out? Of course having spent more than 100 hours with the original game and being hella busy lately, the answer was an obvious no. The other thought that came to mind was how long of a game Persona 5 actually is, and probably even longer with Royal which is a great thing for it's value and makes me wonder what other games have a similar length to it, if not longer. What's the longest game you've ever played? Which by the way I'm talking about single player games, not multiplayer games. I have a feeling Open-World and RPG titles will fill up most of the answers.
  9. Watched Belfast during the last day of TIFF21.
  10. Saw Titane at TIFF21. A strong contender for best film of the year, which makes me glad to say given how lukewarm I was with Raw.
  11. Getting back to writing short reviews for stuff I'm seeing onwards, feel free to drop a follow here if you think my take on film is worth noting. Also watched Inu-Oh and Drive My Car at TIFF21, don't expect me to watch much else from the festival.
  12. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery lol Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Psychonauts 2?
  13. Attack on Titan 2
  14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution