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  1. Star Ocean TLH Halo CE or Metroid Prime?
  2. World The Outer Worlds or Outer Wilds?
  3. Rules: 1. Check the first five games you see from the user above you's trophy log. 2. Pick which of the five you think it's the worst game. Simple like the other, nuff said again.
  4. Rules: 1. Check the first five games you see from the user above you's trophy log. 2. Pick which of the five you think it's the best game. Nuff said, let's begin.
  5. ICO - 90% As much as I love the game, just thinking about doing the last trophy (for speedrunning the game in less than 2 hours) already gives me stress.
  6. Gravity Rush and Steins;Gate. That's it.
  7. Is currently living in a pineapple under the sea. @Ayoama It went well.
  8. #70 Final Fantasy VII Remake Master of Fate
  9. Sans’s battle in Undertale Memes aside, I do personally think it’s a fantastic battle. It’s challenging, intense, memorable, his spoken dialogue is quotable (“you’re gonna have a bad time”, “geeettttttt dunked on!!!”), the battle theme (MEGALOVANIA) has become iconic at this point. I do think it’s one of the best boss battles in recent years, if not the best one in over 5 years.
  10. Final Fantasy 7 Remake - 8/10 The Last of Us Part II - ?/10
  11. Haven’t touched hard yet, been giving this challenge a few tries but every time I reach Bahamut his megaflare one-shots me even with Manawall on a character What is the best approach for this?
  12. Is getting into the platinum game, starting with Assassin's Creed and Spyro.
  13. That was a joke. To give a serious answer I'd say to go with something you really like, either a favorite game or a game part of a franchise you admire. If I had to throw a suggestion or if you'd ask me personally I go with games like: Shadow of the Colossus The Last Guardian The Gravity Rush series The Souls series The Persona series The Crash Bandicoot series The Metal Gear series pre-phantom pain etc That's just my preference though. If you really wanna save it for a very special game you're not aware off, maybe give Undertale a look.
  14. Knack 2 baybee!
  15. Spider-Man /thread
  16. I consider gameplay-focused games to be titles you can simply have fun playing or enjoy with your brain off (or on depending on how good you wanna try to be) without bothering any background interruption like listening to music, podcasts, etc. Some examples of this can be any multiplayer matches, games without a narrative or even narrative-focused titles at post-game after completing the story, basically the method you approach when you go for a platinum trophy. While narrative-focused games have a story you must follow in order to enjoy, the best example for this are walking simulators. Here is a good example of mine to add to this discussion: So The Last of Us Part II just came out, and from what I played of it the game bases itself mostly on it's narrative. When it comes to narrative-based games I approach them the same way I watch films (unless the game and story sucked), I wanna get the most enjoyment out of it as possible and have like no sunlight reflections on my TV screen, no other noises happening in the background, pretty much playing it at night time to get the best experience. But lately (even at nights) my family has been planning parties at the house and of course there's gonna be loud chatting and music I can definitely hear outside of my room. So that to me is a huge break of immersion, sure I could wear headphones while I play but these days I don't like to game while using a headset (wires start to get in the way, up to a point my ears start to hurt) From then on I don't wanna let my time go to waste since I have studies outside of gaming, so instead I put on another game to focus on gameplay instead of narrative, in this case I'm gonna play Final Fantasy VII Remake post-game (a game with a narrative I already finished, so I'm gonna focus on it's completion this time like finishing challenges, collectibles, grinding, etc) without minding the noise going on outside. So yeah how do you approach both ways when you play games?
  17. The idea of CD Projekt getting Studio Trigger to make an anime side-project for Netflix from the director of Kill la Kill and the composer of Silent Hill sounds pretty fucking awesome.
  18. Her favorite character was created by ALF.
  19. Demon's Souls
  20. Tony Starks's method worked, thanks a bunch.
  21. Sure, he probably stinks.
  22. Ass Liberation