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  1. Rhaaaaaaa i never learn my lesson >.< Should have done it to 100% when i was playing it at first ^^' If they fix it, definitly will finish online, just to be safe
  2. If you find something to glitch "Overseer" too, you will be a god for many people (did it legit, was a pain to do even with a strong team >.<)
  3. I don't think it's possible to get 100% trophies for driveclub if you don't put brake assist to OFF. It make you sooooo slow when you activate it, impossible to get a good time. Turn it OFF and it will change your life ^^ (of course some time trials keep being hard, but not impossible anymore :D)
  4. If he needs a group to set it up, count me in, still need that one too ^^'
  5. It wouldn't bother me if we had more trophies + a platinum for Disc Jam I really appreciated this game ^^
  6. @CraigyXO And don't forget that if you have PS+, you can just put your save on cloud and get it back on your new PS4 Pro without having to use an external HDD
  7. To put your account primary on a PS4, from your ps4, go to Parameters => Your account => Activate Primary (i say it by head, i'm at work so can"t check, but it's something like that ^^) And as Sir_Bee said, a psn account can only be primary on 1 ps4 at a time !
  8. @Varhur In addition i think you need to put account B as primary on your PS4 for it to share the PS+ If B is not primary account on your PS4, it won't work
  9. I would love it just to delete "Pure football" from my trophy list, just because Ubisoft closed server without any previous warning about it ... =/
  10. @RyanRat98 Maybe i'm wrong but I think you need to have the game on your profile to be able to create a session. I just checked your profile and your trophies are private, so no game are shown ... so maybe PSNP consider you have 0 game, and so you can't create a session =/
  11. Nice list @levigames ^^ You did some on PS3 AND PS4, i didn't put it that far If only i could go to the past and did those old DLC ^^' But server are closed for good now =/ I recently got PES 19 plat, so just need one last trophy for PES 18 and will get the platinum football grand slam @charlijaen Did you check recently fifa 19 for climbing the ladder ? Cause they lowered the points need for div 4 like a month ago. Now you "only" need 1250 ranking points instead of 1600 ! Looks like some others try the same kind of thing on other licences, good luck to keep going for next years guys
  12. It's hard to play every single game (need money and a lot of time) So most (if not all ?) players need to make a choice on which game to play BEFORE buying and trying it ... and that's why having some feedbacks can be a huge help
  13. First Fifa with trophies was Fifa 09 on PS3 Now we are at Fifa 19 on PS4 Did you get at least one platinum every year for FIFA ? ^^ I did the Grand Slam for platinums, but sadly in the past I didn't do DLC so I will never have 100% for all of them :'( Did some of you managed to do better ? And maybe did the same for PES too ? (I still need to finish PES 2018 + do 2019 for 100% on this one ^^) Here is my fifa list
  14. Finally got the plat, Uplay says i played solo part for 90 hours With some time spent AFK, let's say it took me 80 hours I'm not a trackmania noob, nor a trackmania veteran, let's say an average trackmania player, and still 80 hours ^^' Fun to see that old topic saying "looks like an easy plat" .. o waaittt
  15. For me the hardest one in that serie was 178, then 175 and finally 180