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  1. How many players are needed to start a game ? Could be a great time to boost some hard trophies if we can be only 4 people (for example) in a game ^^'
  2. Maxed out is still glitched or im just unlucky with this one ? ^^' Im level 50 but trophy system still thinks i did 54% for it
  3. Finally 1 step done, with Xenon Racer platinum I'm a bit scared about Destruction All Stars, looks like online is not very active anymore (a shame for a 100% online game and which was released 2 months ago xD)
  4. New double XP and currency weekend ^^ @Sim_Racer_97 @unCorey If you still need some lvl boost
  5. Congratz Leewor and thx again Stedde !
  6. Let's go for an other one Here is my list : 0-20% - Xenon Racer (0%) 21-40% - Moss (Base game at 21%) 41-60% - Crysis 3 (base game at 41%) 61-80% - Destruction All Stars (65%) 81-99% - Alien Breed: Impact (82%) Thx Stedde
  7. Ahhhh i didn't know that, that make sense then, thx for the information
  8. I don't get why it autopop trophies .. ? At first i thought you already did it on PS4 ... but looks like it's not the case ... so how can it autopop anything in the DLC part for you ? Ôô
  9. You have 199 UR trophies for 249 platinums I have 720 UR trophies for 402 platinums Who do more easy games ? Looks like it's not me 😁 Even funnier, we have almost the same number of common and uncommon trophies, but i have twice more rare trophies, and i have 4 times more in very rare and UR Sorry bro, you are the one with 90% easy games
  10. Love people like this, not understanding that you can take advantage of something to get quick plat ... "spending money on it is stupid blablabla i'm better than everyone else" and then you check his profile, and for example you see he used the autopop on a game like Sound Shapes multiple times Funny isn't it ? Keep thinking you are over it, but like most people here, like you said, you got this plague too X)
  11. Count me in for an other month ! Thx Stedde
  12. Looks like a very (verrryyyyyyyy) old game & watch game ^^' (but ... even worst and less fun to play of course ^^')
  13. Never got any problem before (and i use psnp for years now), but since 3 or 4 days i keep having this problem .... =/ Anything i can do about it ? ôÔ
  14. Don't be afraid man, you are not alone ! I bought Darksider on PS3 a few days after release date, and didnt start it yet ^^' (so it's like what ... 10 years ago ? ^^')