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  1. Damn i wouldn't expect DLC trophies for this game Ôô At least they are easy to do (if enough people still play the game ^^') The DLC is free i hope ? Ôô
  2. I tried a last time with their useless support, here is how they consider this problem : "Unfortunately, the trophy is not available on both platforms and therefore does not warrant a fix as there is no issue with the game." I insisted more telling them it's not an ok behaviour .. but no ... for them it's normal : "The trophy will pop on one console when played, there is no issue we are aware of where the trophy is not able to be achieved for example if played on PS4 solely, or PS5 solely. The trophy is not able to be achieved on BOTH PS4 and PS5. It is only available on one account on one console." So yeah ... that's great, an other impossible platinum for me because of a crappy studio
  3. VIP pass is not a thing anymore since F1 2013 (excluded) So last VIP Pass was for F1 2012
  4. Damn no "GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition" on PS4 ? ><
  5. And with a NA copy of the game + a NA account where you buy the vip pass, you can then play the game on your EU PS3 and EU account ? ^^' @thMeme ??
  6. If the announcement is true and recent, this is a pure joke Avatar ps3 ? Closed since 2014 ! 8 years ago !! Pure football ? This in my only unachievable platinum cause they closed it without warning in 2012 !! But hey thx for the headsup 10years later Ubi ! As usual ... take us for idiots
  7. You need to play with the gear values ... i had the same issue at first, couldnt be under 600 PP But put values on gear up and down, play with them by adding 1 or 2 points ... go back to main screen, open it again to put the good value and see if it works After a few tries, i could make it work
  8. A rocket can be destined to go to the moon, but just blow up at launch and ... do nothing
  9. Wanted to do WRC 8 and John Wick Hex with ps now someday, now i know i won't >_< Thx god i got ps now at half price, i'm really not a big fan of it
  10. Hope they didnt put it up to 100 millions and not 20 millions anymore, just to sell us cars with a price over the 20millions ><
  11. I can understand MTX for a free to play game ... you didnt pay for it, but obviously they need to be paid in some way, so in that case i think MTX is ok But GT7 is definitly not a free game >< So MTX in it is a huge shame in my opinion and I will never use it 😡 But i can understand people who buy those, if they have the money for it, and dont want to spend so much time in a boring grind .. why not
  12. On the other hand, i guess those who didnt finish it yet, will never be able to finish it now ... 1st trophy list is not playable anymore
  13. And not even a little free ticket or some credits for this epic fail ? I know it was offline for only 24 hours ... but still ! ^^' Many games give players a little something when things like that happen
  14. You can't play the game offline, need to be online all the time (that's why we can't play the game for now due to maintenance :/) And for being able to be online in the game, it needs to be updated ... so not possible to be back to previous situation where we could earn more credits
  15. Seeing this post .. i just bought Redout 1 ^^'