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  1. No reset if you don't spend the 1500 points to enter the playoff If you win 300 points now, and come back in 6 months, you will still be at 300/1500 ^^
  2. It's probably the next one ! Be patient I'm more wondering why we have GTA 5 on PS3, PS4 and PS5 (soon), but nothing yet about GTA 6 >< No new GTA at all on PS4 generation, what a shame :/
  3. Only the prize money for a tournament count ! So all the money you get with bonus objective doesnt count for the 50K coins in carreer mode
  4. The only problem is when you want platinum on both ps4 AND ps5 If PS5 only, you are safe
  5. Would be great if it was possible ! Never played it, so obviously i prefer playing the better version which is the PS5 one, and auto pop on PS4 ^^ Anyone knows if possible ? (most of the time it's only PS4 => PS5 sadly :/ )
  6. The reset happens once a week, on mondays if i remember right
  7. Just start a game against IA => forfeit it => played game counted for your 11 player Just play game #200 with at least one of your player at 199 games played (or over) => Trophy Boring to do ... but way faster than playing full matches if you dont care about FUT ^^
  8. It's called PS+ ... not PS4+ ^^' I'm personnaly glad to have a PS5 game each month You don't have a ps5 yet, but just grab the PS5 game with PS+ and you will eventually play it someday ^^
  9. I got 3 notifications from today ... maybe check your wishlist to be sure everything is ok ?
  10. Good find ! I didn't know that neither ! Will definitly save some grind time Thx for sharing !
  11. The bonus coins you get while doing specific tasks during a match dont count for this trophy. For the 50k coins trophy, only the prize money for tournaments count
  12. Unless it comes to PS+
  13. It's the reference for tennis game for most people ! You should definitly give it a go
  14. You mean Top Spin 4 right ? ^^'
  15. Congrats man it's impressive ! I don't have any numbers, but i don't think there is a lot of people over 1000 UR trophies ! When i see all those "top" players with over 1000 platinums but close to no UR trophies.. i have more respect for your 1000 UR than for the 1000 easy platinums ^^ (obviously we (almost) all do easy platinums ... but just not only easy ones ^^) Good luck for the 100% completion ! (you are lucky to still being able to get it )