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  1. I'm definitly not proud of it, but it worked like a charm X) Thx for the tip (and to @QQ_Liu_Xin_Rui too ^^)
  2. Does everybody got this "25%" discount code by mail in EU ?!! I'm from France, and never get those kind of things .... >.< (maybe i need to change a parameter somewhere in my psn account ? Ôô)
  3. First achievers 12th september 2009 ... until 3th september 2019 ... ok ... not 10 years .... for 9 days i allow myself to round it Hope you allow me too ? ^^
  4. It's hard to complain about it, those servers are UP for more than 10 years ! And they warn people about it ! When i see some others shutting down after just a year -__- Or those shutting down without any notice ! (i'm looking at you "Pure Football" >_<)
  5. No it's not just you, it concerns everyone ! I have this captcha too ! Everyone does Maybe a lot of people are doing updates lately, or maybe some king of attack making servers more busy than usual ... or maybe some tests from dev You didn't do anything specific to make it happens, it's just a general measure to prevent servers to overload ^^
  6. If I remember right it happens when servers are used more than usual ! You can't do nothing about it, it will just disappear in a few days
  7. You should organize a boost session to get all what you need
  8. Thumbs up for you my friend ! Even if you couldnt find help, you came back to give us the solution It's killing me when someone search for something, find it himself and just comment with "never mind i found the solution" Ok bro good for you but SHARE IT >.< So .. for that .. thank you I didnt got this trophy yet, but looks like MK11 as some trophies taking forever to pop ! The trophy to crounch 100 times didnt pop ... i thought i wasnt in a good game mode to do it so i just keep playing the normal way. And 2 fights later my trophy popped ^^' So if you have a trophy which should pop in this game but doesnt, dont leave game, just keep playing ... it should pop a few minutes later
  9. Looks like a long grind after everything else done ... but definitly not the worst ever ^^ Try some Gran Turismo ... or KillZone Mercenay But yeah it's definitly a problem in some game about trophies, you have done ALL what the game has to offer ... but still you need useless kills / coins / upgrade => Fully upgrade your character so when you finally have it you just .. don't need it anymore
  10. I love the vita, and it definitely didn't get the success it should have ! It really worth it considering you have all this "free" time. And even more interesting if you have PS+ since a long time ago, and took the vita games even without having one => Now is the time to finally do them for "free" ^^
  11. As I said, you don't need all blue rings to get S rank ! You need close to all the thumps (sometimes if you miss 1 or 2 you can still have S rank). The difference to get it "easily" is to focus to not just press "X" on thumps, but try to fly from one and go down on the next one ... doing it in succession give you a lot of points, and make S rank easier ! Of course try to get as many perfect turn as you can ! And as much blue rings as you can, but you can miss some of them with no problem ! Really focus on those combo is the key for this game EDIT : Not sure if it's easy to get what i mean so here is an example => in this video, just check the beginning, the guy fly from first thump and go down on second one, this is the key on this game ! Do it a lot in a row without failing will give you huge points And when you do it against a boss, if you touch the boss at first try, you have a bonus thump, but if you do it with this combo, it will grant you 2 thumps ! And with those thumps, you can do the combo again => Maximum points ^^ @DysectorZA If you really have issues with level 4 S rank, try to watch a video ! If you don't find one, i can try to do one from a dummy account
  12. It's better to master the combo thing, where you "jump" and go down on an other "button" which make a little explosion and make the track move (don't know how to call all of this, but you should get it if you played the game XD) After doing a few in a row, there is like a multiplier applied, and it give you huge points, and then you have S rank even if you miss some "buttons" ^^ When you fail and loose your wings, doing those combo will give them back btw
  13. @AiManiaTrophyhunting " with this curves I have to fly though I had so much trouble with that " => If you talk about the curves where you need to be up and take them perfectly to keep being up to get this blue curves at top, those are not needed to get S rank Obviously it gives you a little extra if you can get them, but definitely not an obligation to S rank the game
  14. Didn't play it yet ... but maybe this can help you :
  15. Walking dead season 2 has no plat, is easy, but not free ^^' Or just to make it easy, simply play what you want, platinum or not, and just leave an easy trophy not done so you dont get it right now and can wait until your goal is done