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  1. I tried to contact Team17 support about this issue 2 weeks ago ... and got an answer. Hope they really look to fix it and not just gave me a useless answer giving hope but without doing anything ^^'
  2. "Boxtop ability increased duration" Half of my playtime for this game is trying to get "Instant Service"trophy, the last one i need, with still no luck cause it doesnt register well the hits you do >< Finally able to get it ? Will give it a go tonight ^^ Thx for the heads up ! ^^
  3. Pes go F2P because they just can't beat FIFA anymore ... so they give up on this "nEw game every year" model and try something else For FIFA, it works great for them, so why change anything for now ? If people stop buying fifa, they will probably do the same ... but will this happen ?
  4. You are exactly right, very not an hard thing to do to easily fix this ! Sometimes i go to their tweeter and try to annoy them by putting the same message again and again by asking to fix this, with some easy solutions to do it They just answer "not possible on both console, no plan to fix it" Maybe if we were more people to post on each of their new tweet, they would eventually consider to fix it ? ^^'
  5. Congrats bro, but sadly it's too late for me (and many others...) and looks like Team 17 really don't care about fixing this :/
  6. Jin + Seppuku = No possibility for Ghost of Tsushima 2 Thats it ^^'
  7. New patch today : Worms Rumble – New Arena and Out Now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox & Epic! | Team17 Group PLC Don't know if they fixed trophies (no word about it, but at the end of patch note just a lazy "General bug fixes and improvements" But i guess trophies are not fixed, cause they would probably put a word about it Don't know if we will eventually get this fix some day .. they really don't care at all about it :/
  8. @Kamil1987pro @Tezzet_Senpai I checked their tweeter yesterday, everytime they put new content, someone ask about it, and the answer is always the same : If you did the plat on PS4 already, you can't get lvl 50 trophy on PS5, and they are not working on it :/ It's killing me, but they really don't care, the game is out for 7 or 8 months now, they just launch it on switch ... so I think we are screwed with this one ><
  9. You made my day :')
  10. Yeah ... i'm not against a GTA 4 remastered ... but .. you know ... i'm more for a GTA 6 ^^ GTA 5 is out since 2013 on PS3, we got a PS4 version, now a PS5 version is coming ... ok cool ! But 10 years between 2 new games is too much >.< So stop giving us a better version of old games, and please make new ones more often as it used to be on PS1/PS2 ^^
  11. I have a french account with PS+ and got it free too, so it's probably available for all EU accounts with PS+ ^^ Thx for the heads up @Stevieboy !
  12. This What you need to remember : - A PSN account can be primary on only one PS4 - A PS4 can have multiple primary accounts ! In addition, a psn account can be primary on 1 PS4 + 1 PS5 ! So you can keep your primary on PS4 and share your PS4 games on a PS5 too ^^
  13. This ^^ It's a bit boring, but the fastest one
  14. The game will be ruined with all those people wanting trophies but not needing wins so just staying AFK ^^'
  15. I'm really surprised ! It has pretty decent graphisms for a PS1 game ... oh wait !