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  1. I really don't know what's happening with fifa this year ! Like you i have 2 ps4 and the game digital so i could boost myself to div 4 to get the trophy. And then it's just a terrible travel to lowest divisions ... i ended in div 7 ... and i still play teams where the worst player is Neymar regulars ! And all teams have multiples icons players .... where on my side my best player is Werner ^^' I don't think i'm very good at fifa, but i'm not a noob (i have all fifa platinums ... 2009 to 2019 ... did div 4 trophy for fifa 19 without boosting). But looks like EA is giving a lot of opportunities to easily get killer cards, so when you just play it for trophies and don't want to spend your time playing only fifa, you just get crushed -__- Now i just need to motivate myself to get those 2000 points and i will be done, but still boring to play only against those crazy over 190 teams in very low div ! >< (even if you can win most of the time because they don't know how to use those powerfull teams X) )
  2. Buzz is when you say something to make people react and talk about you no ? What is this topic about man ? With this cancellation, all video games related websites talk about it ... and so sony is currently under the light (definitly more than microsoft with xbox) And does cancelling this event help in any way to fight racism ? As I already said ... i hardly think so ! They (Sony) want to help ? Then make a donation ... do some commercials pointing out how bad / stupid / idiotic racism is .. i don't know ... But cancelling this show ? Only buzz ...
  3. I'm not 100% sure but i really think you can't do it in online versus ... =/ But maybe you can try to do it using shareplay, the other player could be player 2 so you can unlock the trophy ? You should try it
  4. I dont think it's a good move from sony. Dont be mad about my phrase, the situation in usa is terrible, and i cant believe that in 2020 we still see people being molested / murdered because of the color of their skin, or because they love someone with same gender ... it's pathetic and it shouldnt exist anywhere ! But how does it help if sony dont make this show this thursday ? Does it help the situation ?? NO ! This is just marketing to make people talk about them ... If they really want to help, just make a big donation to associations to say no to racism ... that can help ! But cancelling ps5 presentation ?? How does it make any difference / help ? I dont get it ... =/ They just take advantage of this terrible situation to make some buzz, and its a shame !
  5. Very generous ! Thx a lot Sir I voted Ghost too ... and i'm also surprised there is more people for it than for TLOU 2 Good luck eveyone PS : Currently 43 members have voted / just 15 likes for grimydawg's post / and only 10 people putting a message to say "Thank you" (and on those posts ... not eveyone say "Thx" ...) ... i love our world ... I know he doesn't do for it, but it's just common good manners no ? Ôô
  6. I'm surprised to see all those very good feedback ... I never played it, but they closed server for this game very fast ! Why did they close it that fast if it was such a good game and success ? Ôô
  7. The season pass give access to all trophies ? (question can look strange but more and more games have season pass which don't give access to all DLCs -__-)
  8. Yes you can, check my previous post in this same page
  9. Ok just got a copy of the game, and trying the glitch on a dummy account ! I saw all the steps from @Orphioon, but when you are playing the game for the first time, when do you need to log off ? I tried to disconnect when the cinematic starts ... but when back to offline mode, i'm still at 1000 zenis When i go further in online mode, i have to choose lobby and nickname and a lot of stuff ... then i'm online with "only" 8.646.000 zenis It's great, but would like to get 20M directly Any one who tried with a dummy account can let me know when you disconnect internet while loading online mode ? Thx ! PS : @NekoRave removed his video so i followed this one but didn't work for me : EDIT : Ok nevermind i figured it out, you need to go until you accept your online nickname, then when the blue loading circle appear on top left, remove internet and follow the steps, it works well This blue loading circle is the key to know when you have to remove internet
  10. @Molvira PES servers are up less than 2 years ... it's a shame =/ PES 2018 servers are closed since august 2019 And PES 2019 servers will close in august 2020 ... ><
  11. You have to complete the first world before being able to play DLC ! Then just follow what @GraniteSnake says, and you will be able to play DLC stories
  12. I know i want to do this game, sooner or later ... It was on sale last month on ps store for 15€ ... i told myself to wait and buy it later because huge backlog ... so maybe could be a little cheaper. Now i hate myself and really regret to not have this game so i can use this wonderfull trick to avoid the pain part of this game ><
  13. Just a little typo in your article, i think one of the game you are talking about is "Medievil"... not "Medieval" right ?
  14. I will answer with an other question : Do you plan to get a PS5 fast ? I think there will be a new VR headset with PS5 (maybe not day-one with PS5 ... but should come pretty fast) So if you plan to get a PS5 day-one (or close to it), maybe you can wait an other year to get one ! (if you can't afford this one and the next one when it will come out) If you are good with PS4 for now, and will wait for a lower price for PS5, then you will have plenty of time to enjoy current PSVR, and you should go for it ^^
  15. This game is hard to master, you need to practice a lot ... and i don't think that comparing it to Crash Bandicoot is a good thing. Crash is more a game for kid (if i can say it .. don't want to be rude here ! I like Crash games ! ^^) Wipeout is more elitist, you really need some skill to be good at it and being able to platinum it ! And you don't talk about it, but are you doing barell rolls ? THIS is one of the most important thing in this game ! You need to master it to be able to win races ^^ And about weapons, you need to keep it and throw it at the best time, and not just use it directly when you have one .. it's not Mario Kart If you take a break from it, and come back to it in a year ... you will probably lose all the skill you already achieved and will have to restart from scratch ! Practice is the key here ! Watch some videos to give you example on how to do well in races, where you can do barell rolls to have those extra turbo, and you should have better results fast ^^ Good luck man PS : I barely played the Omega Collection (i need to start it ... huge backlog and not enough time XD), but I did 100% on both wipeout on PS3 / Vita