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  1. Then tell us the truth, you made a mistake ... it happens, no shame to say it, we won't judge you ^^ But when you come with "it was buggy, i could solve it", then it looks like a real bug happened and you found a way to solve it, and so you should share it in case it happens to someone else !
  2. Please just tell us you found out how to solve it but don't share how you did it, just in case someone has the same issue then he will just have to find it himself
  3. You didnt make any other save in the various slots available ? So you can load one of this saves before the mission you are having trouble with ?
  4. When you got the 600 at first time, did you go out and inside again from a fortress to save your progress ?! Cause it doesnt auto save when you get it ... =\ If you just connect to the game, get your points and leave, it wont save and you will still be at 0 ><
  5. Great, i didnt care about a new store, so i didnt check before what they planned to do ... now i just discover they removed the wishlist .. Why ? ><
  6. They should add an extra show, where you can grab only in tail games Or even better, a show with no grab at all, and no more tail games neither (where people get your tails from 20 meters and you don't get one when you actually catch someone ... because of epic lag ^^')
  7. If you trade an item you don't get its current status, but go back to 0. So even if it's veteran already for the guy giving it to you, you will still have to put it veteran yourself
  8. Since last few days i keep getting this server error just before final or close to it, and i can't do anything, i have to close game and restart it ... Am I the only one having this issue ? It says to press "X" but nothing works, have to quit game
  9. Then you definitly need to read a guide for this one ... you don't need so much games =/
  10. Didn't play it neither ... but what is wrong with playing as a team ?!! I know it's a solo game, but how many games are supposed to be played for yourself only and you still play it with friends and so obviously you play together ... And considering this trophy you are talking about with the car .. that's gold ! They ban you for doing something they pushed you to do :') They should fix trophies instead of banning people for stupid reasons like this Ôô I didn't know if i would try this game (got it with PS+), looks like i will just avoid it ... already a lot to do in backlog anyway ^^'
  11. Thx for the list !
  12. This solo in veteran is one of the most harder in FPS ^^' You will probably have a hard time with it ... but i wish you luck and hope you big success with it Like others i need to go back to this game to do the 2 DLC packs ... will probably try to do most (if not all) trophies alone to avoid those auto-pop issues with hackers X_x Unless trophies unlock in private ? Ôô
  13. Glad to see it ! Hope to see the same with more Zelda games too ! But man what a lazy way to give us those games ... no remaster with new graphics ? What a shame
  14. Can't wait to have PS5 !! And still have a huge backlog on... PS3 ! (and of course it's worst on PS4 ^^')
  15. Finally worked for me too I used the EU code for me, here is the NA one : 3AGP-EDNC-XPN6 Please confirm if you took it for others