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  1. Count me in please ^^ I should find anything suiting those missions in my huge backlog and not even started games X)
  2. Thx a lot for the giveaway For the fish reference, i'm currently playing ManEater on PS5 (thank you PS+), and i'm nicely surprised by this game, i'm having a nice time with it ^^ Last time i played a game related to a fish (kinda fish... ok :D), was Ecco the Dolphin ^^' (yep, you need to be old to know this game ) EDIT : Just got an other reference, thank you South Park this time for this great joke
  3. 3 rounds with the jump final without the grabbing crap could be great ^^
  4. I did a topic to prevent glitched trophies on PS5 ... but people just don't read it X_x If you read it before starting your game, you would get your platinum just fine
  5. Congrats ! ^^ It's the kind of game which look very hard at first, but after a few games when you get how it works, it's actually not that hard ^^ I think most people don't give this game enough time to really mastering it and enjoy it
  6. @Stedde Nice challenge you made here ^^ Is it possible to join it lately (i lost a week but will do my best X) ), or is it too late ? :/
  7. Same happened to me just now :/ But after only 1 win i got the green arrow so hopefully will be in div 3 in 3 days
  8. No cause when you just restart the game, all events are already unlocked ... so how could you reproduce the event making the trophy pop ? Maybe if you know exactly which race made the last showdown unlock ... then you could retry to win this specific race and see if it unlock the trophy ... but i didn't try myself so can't say if it could work ^^
  9. Hello, I already put this advice in the "Glitched trophies" thread, but i keep seeing people being screwed by this game because they didnt know what to do to avoid glitched trophies ... so here it is ! Just follow those steps to be fine and get your platinum ^^ => When you are supposed to get a trophy and it doesnt pop (for example when you finish a chapter), just close / restart game and do the requirement again, trophy will just pop fine For example, if you didnt unlock a chapter trophy, after close / restart game, just do on of the last race of chapter again, and the trophy will just unlock fine => You should make a backup save on cloud (PS+ required ! Sadly for now you can't put your save on an usb key on PS5 ..) when you only have 1 locked showdown event left. So if trophy doesnt pop when last Showdown event unlock, you can just reload your save and try again ! It's the only way i found to get the trophy !!! It glitched on me at first, and even if i did a backup, i thought i needed to do all those Showdown events ! After winning all fo them ... i DIDN'T got trophy -_-' So getting my save back and unlocking last showdown event again was what make the trophy finally pop for me ! If you didn't get it when it should ... and don't have a backup save, you have to do the game again from 0 (or hoping for a patch ... which will unlock it retroactively) => About the 1000 miles trophy, because once again you can't track how many miles you have done, here is how i got it : I did ALL events in solo part to unlock main trophies ... then when everything else was done (except the 1000 miles trophy), i just went to Arcade mode, took first Arizona race (the oval track), put the race to 50 laps, with no IA, and it took me close to 30 full races to unlock the 1000 miles trophy !!! 1 race takes a little more than 10 minutes to be done (if you drive yourself ... you can use rubber banding of course, but it will take more time if you bump into walls ^^'). So you still need A LOT of grinding before it unlocks >< Hope it will help people unlock the plat even if trophies are still not working as they should on PS5 ^^ Have fun and good game
  10. Hum ... GTA V platinum can be easily explain why it is an UR plat : - you need 100 hours to get it (50 hours solo / 50 hours online), which is a lot for most players !! - some people play it ONLY for the solo part - some people play it ONLY for the multiplayer part Considering all of this, it's the perfect game to be an UR platinum
  11. Yep sadly thats the only trophy i see for which you cant just redo something to make the trophy pop ... you really need a save with 1 event still locked to make trophy pop... =/ But if you dont want to play the game again just for it, then you should wait ... patches will coming in the future ... hopefuly with this trophy fixed and making it pop if already done
  12. I started it saturday, and yes there is still issues. BUT, you can still have the platinum ! (got it myself) When you are supposed to get a trophy and it doesnt pop, just close / restart game and do the requirement again, trophy will just pop fine You should make a backup when you only have 1 locked showdown event left ... so if trophy doesnt pop, you can reload your save and try again ! (it glitched on me first try, thx god i made a backup and got trophy on second try )
  13. Close the game, restart it, and finish an event, it will probably unlock ! I had the issue with many trophies for this game, and stop / relaunch game and do requirement again always fixed the issue and unlocked trophy ^^
  14. I made a backup of my save when i only have 1 locked throwdown left Yesterday i unlocked last one, no trophy .. so i will try again today going back from my backup save.. hoping it will unlock this time ! For your issue with the 30k points in Gymkhana ... i did it on first event in chapter 1. I didnt got trophy first time .. i just closed the game and retried it directly after, and it unlocked fine
  15. Ok so because it looks like i couldn't unlock any trophy anymore, i just tried an easy one : rate a playground => it didnt work ! So i stop the game on ps5 (closed the app), restarted it, and tried to rate a playground again => trophy unlocked ! I did one lap in the next race i needed to do in chapter 3, i unlocked "Complete 10 clean laps" When race was over, i DIDN'T unlocked trophy for chapter 2 ! I already did 2 of the 3 races at the end of chapter 2, so i tried to unlock the 3rd race for chapter 2, and won it, and trophy finally unlocked !! So if you are supposed to get a trophy, and nothing happen, just close the game and try again, it worked for me ... at least for now ^^'