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  1. I did it in one sitting, i was fighting to not fall asleep ... it's boring very fast =/
  2. They didn't synch =/ When i try to synch troph on ps network, i have an error message :/ But if i disconnect myself from psn and check my trophies offline, i can see the game ... so i guess it just need to be ok on sony's servers too ! There is probably a little issue with this game, as it is shown here on psnp as a vita only game ... and I think they automaticly get new games from sony's servers. So probably an error about the ps4 version trophies that should be corrected fast
  3. Did plat in 3 hours on ps4, and the game crashed twice ! But didnt loose any progress, when i relaunched the game, my score was still there
  4. Just unlocked "Jack of all trades" trophy (100k points with each class) and can confirm that, if you already had progress BEFORE the bug happened, this progress is NOT lost ! ^^ I played before bug ... and not during tje bug, and unlocked the trophy exactly when all 4 classes were just over 100k points. For information, all classes where under 100k points (it was like 10k, 35k, 50k and 75k points) After patch 4.4, i put all of them to the 100k points, and trophy unlocked as it should So i didnt lost progress i already had before the bug happened ^^ Hope it can helps some of you Now need some more points for the 500k points trophy ^^
  5. Considering post #596 here : Looks like it's fixed BUT you have to earn it again So if you already have 400k XP ... you need to have 900k XP total to get the 500k XP trophy (the previous 400k XP won't count for the trophy)... but at least it doesn't have to be done in one sitting on same server anymore
  6. Update planned for tomorrow !! Source : Hope it will be fixed this time ! Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™
  7. Very nice ! And you did DLC too so you will have full 100% ! Well done
  8. The only part i took care of was platinum 100 and 200 to be both version of GTA V (ps3 and ps4 ^^) Platinum 300 is not so far, considering to maybe do one of the older GTA plat (3, Vice City or San Andreas) to keep the same theme
  9. Very generous man ! Thx a lot Like many others I voted for Borderlands 3 ^^' Good luck to everyone and thx again for your giveaway
  10. @ONUOsFan In my experience, there is A LOT of people who play COD games for the online part only ! They just ignore the campaign part, never start it, or barely look at it. BO 4 is full online, so those people can get the platinum even if it's hard, just by playing the way they like. But they will never platinum BO3 because of all the shitty things you need to do in campaign mode ! It can explain why BO 4 rarity is "so high" (per say X) )
  11. So everytime a server shut down, they should just give the trophies without doing anything ? Then no more point to do hard stuff if you just need to wait =/ I know it's a pain when you can't 100% a game because server closure ... but I won't be happy to see some trophies beeing awarded "for free" when I spent a hard time to unlock them ร”รด For example Uncharted 2 and 3 will close pretty soon on ps3, i got both 100% which took me a LOOOOOOT of time ! I won't be happy to see it becoming an easy 100% just because they give the trophies with the server closure ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. I'm definitly not proud of it, but it worked like a charm X) Thx for the tip (and to @QQ_Liu_Xin_Rui too ^^)
  13. Does everybody got this "25%" discount code by mail in EU ?!! I'm from France, and never get those kind of things .... >.< (maybe i need to change a parameter somewhere in my psn account ? ร”รด)
  14. First achievers 12th september 2009 ... until 3th september 2019 ... ok ... not 10 years .... for 9 days i allow myself to round it Hope you allow me too ? ^^
  15. It's hard to complain about it, those servers are UP for more than 10 years ! And they warn people about it ! When i see some others shutting down after just a year -__- Or those shutting down without any notice ! (i'm looking at you "Pure Football" >_<)