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  1. I don't know if anybody mentioned this yet, but when you mimic a hero as Echo, you can get that character's achievements/trophies too. I thought that was interesting.
  2. The Invizimals game on PS3 was a fun platformer, and I think it's still on PS Now.
  3. I'm surprised there's actually a few @RatalaikaGames games on this list.... unless those games aren't released yet in those regions, like Disgaea 4 Complete+.
  4. The trophy pack file hasn't been published yet. The developer/publisher has to publish it to Sony's servers so that the one installed onto your PS4 by the game can sync with the one on PSN. I've emailed the developer to let them know since it's an odd step that a lot of first-time developers on PSN seem to skip, but they haven't replied or anything. I'm not sure if there's a way to uninstall the trophy pack file, so you might just have to deal with your PS4 trying to sync online and failing until the file is online...
  5. In case if anybody else is experiencing this... I can only reproduce this frame drop bug if I start a level right after exiting another level (i.e., I entered level 9-1, got the bee suit, then immediately left.) I think this can happen with any level, but it's noticeably worse when leaving and/or entering a World 2 level because of the massive snow particle effect in place. I'm assuming the resources aren't freed/unloaded after leaving a level, and do it a couple of times and you get: Just restart the game if you notice it and you're good. FYI @RatalaikaGames
  6. I have a really, really bad frame rate once the particle effect starts playing (playing on original PS4).
  7. I went from zero excitement to actually somewhat looking forward to this game.... Wow.
  8. I've only played the first act, but the hardest would seem to be Perfect Reaper (get perfect on all acts, aka kill everybody). I've played through the first act three times and keep on accidentally sparing a couple of people, especially by the pool. Seems like a timing thing that I need to get right (or just follow a guide).
  9. I only have ten Ultra Rare trophies, most of them from games that were free with PS+, so I guess that would have inflated their rarity. The easiest one would probably be the "Play 1000 rounds" in TowerFall Ascension. The only other "easy" one really is "Beat the game as Sideswipe" for Transformers Devastation..... I guess he's an unpopular character?
  10. I could be wrong on this, but the trophy could possibly be referring to the 150 items available when the game first launched and unlocking all of those. There's well over 200+ items now, so it's harder to count which items were part of the original 150. Have you unlocked all of the cars yet? If not, try that.
  11. Heads up: It's on sale for PS+ users for $11.99 (North American store) at the moment.
  12. In case nobody mentioned it yet, Wrecking Ball is going to be available starting 07/24/18, alongside these trophies presumably.
  13. I'm having a similar issue. I somehow got the [Volfred, Tizo, and Oralech] one, but the others aren't unlocking for me. Edit: Oh, nevermind. You just have to set it to default masteries, talismans and pyre health, as well as choose the characters in the order listed on the trophies.
  14. Has anybody let DICE know this? I imagine their QA team would've found this by now, but if not, it sounds like the source of the bug is a simple "if user.level > 25/50" to "if user.level >= 25/50".
  15. I'm slightly confused. Is it "free" as in, it'll be a patch that renders the original game with the original trophy list unobtainable, or will it be a separate download so that we could have both versions? The fact that it's a separate trophy list and anything new, if any, is not just patched on as DLC trophies makes me think it's the latter, but if anybody can clarify, that'd be great.