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  1. It's likely Kevin_M_Tijerina (the third achiever) is just an alt account of either Roberobop or JoeMissael (or both, if they're all the same person). If you search for Kevin_M_Tijerina, you'll find a NSFW twitter account (also based in Mexico) that mentions this an "alt account" in the description. It's likely Kevin_M_Tijerina would just then be a name this user uses as an alt_account across multiple services (Twitter, PSN, etc).
  2. Holonboy's Nightmares Have Just Begun...
  3. As far as I could find googling this, this game looks like it's singlehandedly developed by Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. Interfectorem (which doesn't have a plat) was also made by 4 kids at a summer camp (Girls Make Games), and the difference in quality is very, very noticeable...
  4. Transformers Devastation has a trophy for beating the game, plus five trophies for beating the game as each character (one for each character). It's grindy to get them all, but pretty easy to get just one. All the individual character trophies are ultra rare (correction: Optimus Prime's is ultra rare on PSN percentages, but very rare on PSNP percentages. My bad.). The trophy for beating the game as any character is at 18.87%. The sum percentages of the other five trophies for beating the game as each individual character is at 21.97%. That means at most 3.1% of players completed a second playthrough as another character. I think the game being a free PS+ game a while back may have to do with it, but even the most popular character, Optimus Prime, only has a 8% rate on PSNP.
  5. Curious, could it be referring to the training room? If you joined that room as part of a squad, could you hurt each other and increment the stats?
  6. I won by hiding for most of the game, but kept a hammerhead and jetpack on me. When there was only one other person left, I flew over him and bombarded him. That being said, I was a bit lucky that the last zone in that game was on the rooftop. And it took me about a dozen tries until I actually won, so this was probably more luck than anything.
  7. Dumb question, but is there an official square and rectangle version of the Trophy Group icon in the backend for each PS5 trophy pack? For example, it shows the square version when you view the trophy list on PS5, but it will show the rectangle version when you view the PS5 trophy list on your PS4/PS3/PSVita? In that case, developers would have to make both trophy group icons when creating the trophy pack file? (Avatars work in a similar way where the developer has to upload six different resolutions so they can be viewed on PSP, Vita, PS3, PS4 and PS5). If so, is that how Exophase is getting the rectangle ones, and the square ones are just default at the current API endpoint or show up first in the payload.
  8. Looks like the patch is live. Also: nice, didn't even bother double-checking the formatting of the changeinfo.xml....
  9. On the pause menu, there's a toggle for Geddon Mode. After you enable it, a cube appears in the bottom-left corner that moves with the Dualshock gyro. Tilt it so that the cube is standing up, tilted slightly to the left (the reference is to the Goldeneye N64 tilted cartridge glitch) and stuff starts spazzing out.
  10. I don't know if anybody mentioned this yet, but when you mimic a hero as Echo, you can get that character's achievements/trophies too. I thought that was interesting.
  11. The Invizimals game on PS3 was a fun platformer, and I think it's still on PS Now.
  12. I'm surprised there's actually a few @RatalaikaGames games on this list.... unless those games aren't released yet in those regions, like Disgaea 4 Complete+.
  13. The trophy pack file hasn't been published yet. The developer/publisher has to publish it to Sony's servers so that the one installed onto your PS4 by the game can sync with the one on PSN. I've emailed the developer to let them know since it's an odd step that a lot of first-time developers on PSN seem to skip, but they haven't replied or anything. I'm not sure if there's a way to uninstall the trophy pack file, so you might just have to deal with your PS4 trying to sync online and failing until the file is online...
  14. In case if anybody else is experiencing this... I can only reproduce this frame drop bug if I start a level right after exiting another level (i.e., I entered level 9-1, got the bee suit, then immediately left.) I think this can happen with any level, but it's noticeably worse when leaving and/or entering a World 2 level because of the massive snow particle effect in place. I'm assuming the resources aren't freed/unloaded after leaving a level, and do it a couple of times and you get: Just restart the game if you notice it and you're good. FYI @RatalaikaGames
  15. I have a really, really bad frame rate once the particle effect starts playing (playing on original PS4).